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Iranian views on US nuclear report
Four Iranians comment on a US intelligence report which concluded that Tehran halted its nuclear weapons programme in 2003.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hailed the report as a "victory". The US, Israel, Britain and France have all said they want to put more pressure on Iran.


I never believed what the West said about us building nuclear weapons. I always believed our own leaders instead.

People in the West are influenced by just one school of thought - which comes from Israel.

Iran has been unfairly treated by the world

I have nothing against the people of Israel personally, but it appears the whole world is kept in ransom by them. Anyone who stands against them becomes a pariah.

I don't think Iran needs a nuclear weapon.

I also always thought it was very unlikely that the US would attack us.

I don't really know if this report has strengthened Mr Ahmadinejad. His actions have always been very controversial here - I'd say the majority don't like him although I don't mind him.

However, the report does prove to the world that Iran as a country has been right.

I am always happy to defend Iran's position, it has been unfairly treated by the world.


This report depressed and worried me.

I doubt very much the US will do an Iraq in Iran. But what worries me is that Israel might do it alone, because they are very concerned.

I don't believe our leaders when they say they are not trying to make nuclear weapons.

They were secretly conducting nuclear activities for 20 years - and then they were caught red-handed.

Quite possibly they did stop in 2003, because of the pressures. But that doesn't mean they won't start again.

Even conservatives are concerned about the gaffes Ahmadinejad makes

When Russia offered us a deal on enriched uranium, Iran said no - why? Why do our leaders want enriched uranium? This is a country swimming in oil and gas.

Iran doesn't need a nuclear weapon - you don't give a two year old a box of matches.

Even if Israel does have nukes, how many times have they used them in the last 30 years? The argument that because so-and-so have them, we should too - is a load of rubbish.

I'm not sure if this strengthens Mr Ahmadinejad. Even the conservatives here are concerned about his policies and the gaffes that he makes. He makes people nervous.


I think the report marks a turning point in relations between Iran and the West.

the nuclear issue is just an excuse for the West to try to contain us

There would now be absolutely no justification for US military action against Iran - not even for sanctions for that matter. The issue should go back to the IAEA.

I believe our leaders when they say it is not in Iran's strategic interests to have nuclear weapons.

But we are unhappy about the double standards imposed by the IAEA, the UN and the West on different countries in the region.

Why should India, Pakistan and Israel have nuclear weapons, when we are told we can't even conduct uranium enrichment? It's only one step towards weapons AND civil power.

Iran is growing economically, it has a young, educated population and vast natural resources. All these things have helped the country emerge from its isolation and become a regional superpower.

I think a lot of the pressure from the West is mainly about containing Iran - the nuclear issue is just an excuse.


My country needs peace to develop and communicate with the world. There is no room for weapons of mass destruction in our defence strategy.

the US has destroyed all our strong neighbours

I think Iran may have considered making a nuclear weapon - it's perfectly normal to have laboratory-level experiments - but has shelved any plans because it's too expensive.

In some ways the US is our regime's best ally, because it has destroyed all our strong neighbours.

Who is threatening us now? We have no hostile neighbours, but there is competition and competition doesn't need a nuclear bomb.

I don't think the Bush administration is capable of bringing any new pressure to bear on the Middle East.

It is already having to deal with a weak dollar, an election and Russian and Chinese growth.

So, I didn't think an attack from the US was likely. I think it's all a game to make energy more expensive for Russia, China and Europe.

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