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Australian voters' panel: Anna Boddy
Anna Boddy
Name: Anna Boddy
Age: 32
Lives: Perth
Works: IT management consultant

I will be voting for the Liberal Party. As I only became an Australian citizen last year this will be my first vote in Australia.

One of the main reasons for my preference towards the Liberal Party is their immigration policy.

I went through the application process twice to get to Australia and I liked the way they matched my skills to a basic need in Australia.

I like the tough restrictions on who can come to the country. Many people see it as discriminatory, but for me this is a way to counter potential discrimination, which happens a lot in the UK.

Through their 'work choices' policies, the Liberal government has enabled small business to grow and large Australian-based business to boom internationally. I feel secure in the knowledge that if I want to work hard and earn good money to save for my future, I can.

The economy is a big issue for me. I think that, although interest rates have risen in Australia, they have been controlled.

This election lacks professionalism and dignity. It's an ego-bashing contest
The instant changes that Labor wish to put in place would create uncertainty in the workplace and I can see house prices dropping dramatically and the rate of building slowing down.

This will increase unemployment, interest rates would rise and small businesses would struggle.

I don't like Kevin Rudd, I think that he is weak and arrogant.

In the future I would like to see Australia having an image of a greener, more eco-friendly country that leads the way in renewable technology.

Neither the Liberals nor Labor have this in their agenda but I believe that the Liberal Party have recognised that this is what people want. I believe that the Liberal party can be persuaded to change their stance on the climate change issue if they win.

This election lacks policy and focus on a specific agenda. It definitely lacks professionalism and dignity.

Australian politicians have no shame in bad-mouthing one another using any medium. It's more of an ego-bashing contest and, to me, this is embarrassing.

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