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Dubai readers react to bridge collapse
Site of a bridge collapse in Dubai
People gathering at the site shortly after the bridge collapsed
Western expatriates in Dubai express concern, but no surprise after the latest construction accident in the city.

Seven labourers - all reported to be Indian - died on Thursday when the bridge they were working on collapsed.

A poor health, safety and environmental procedure leads to all accidents on a construction site, especially in the UAE. All projects in the UAE are fast-track projects, therefore shortcuts are being implemented to save time - hence a lot of accidents occur in the UAE.
Aju S - President, World Safety Organization - UAE Chapter

Whilst this is an awful tragedy, it does not suprise me in the least. My wife and I live in a one-year-old skyscraper next to the Burj Tower development and our building has had two fires and is often suffering from maintenance [problems]. Within 100m of our apartments, there have been several deaths due to collapsing items and we have even seen a cement truck turn over due to the driver falling asleep.
Simon Scott, Dubai

It's a joke, there is no health and safety, no care for the workers whatsoever. They are being paid $2 to $3 a day for working on treacherous building sites. They are living in cramped conditions with 20 to a room, so illness can easily be spread. The Arabs are simply getting rich by exploiting South Asian workers and luring them with promises of being rich. It's nothing more than modern day slavery.
Steven Lynch, Dubai Building Project

This accident is no shock as the conditions of the retaining wall on the embankments was poorly constructed. A year ago, during the piling stage of an adjacent building, the retaining wall caved in with water pressure and a lot of construction equipment was submerged and lost. The fact is, to keep up with the overall focus of the "development of Dubai", timely construction even in poor quality is acceptable.
Name withheld, Dubai

It was an Indian social organisation based in Dubai who visited the site and assisted the injured. They were accompanied by the speaker of the Kerala state assembly who was on a short visit to the Emirates. A human rights organisation should seriously look into the conditions of the workers in the UAE, as it is slave labour at best.
Gary, Dubai, UAE

The City has been built with cheap labour and products that do not meet EU standards but of course the UAE would never admit this. I live in the Springs/Meadows area, one of the better new developments - the quality is shocking. According to Western friends who work in the construction industry, the villas are only designed to last 15 years!
Andrew, Dubai

Was having a drink nearby. There was a loud rumble and then dozens of police cars and ambulances appeared. The health and safety record on these sites is notoriously bad. Western expats I know have had numerous complaints about their newly built homes. It's all about quantity here not quality.
Rob, Dubai

8 November:

It is quite astonishing that even though I live in Dubai, I only heard of this incident through BBC.
Sul, Dubai

We have just driven past the bridge, it is as though nothing has happened. Nobody has been told about it and it appears there is nothing on the news, very strange!
Robert Turner, Dubai

My neighbourhood is large, right next to the beach bordered by 5 star hotels. Every other building is under construction and not one is without luxury. There are thousands of people running around constructing these structures, so many of them on so much less money that I. Today I feel that maybe my lifestyle is responsibile for the conditions these poor people have to endure.
Anthony Temple, Dubai

We live very close to the bridge. It is difficult to hear of these men who lost their lives. They sacrificed so much to come here to send money back home. They leave their families for an extremely hard life of work.
Samantha, Dubai, UAE

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