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Tose Proeski dies: Your reaction

Readers have been sending in their reaction to the death of Macedonian pop star Tose Proeski, a hugely popular singer in the Balkans.

He sang for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.

Your comments:

We will always remember you. You lit our lives; with your beautiful voice, kindness, humanity and your big heart; Tose, you carried us all in your heart, you gave all of your soul for us to enjoy it... Rest in peace, may the angels keep you in eternal happiness and harmony.
Dijana, Skopje, Macedonia

I'm so sad to hear this tragic news, not only was he a brilliant singer but he was so so young...what a waste. Nobody ever said anything bad about him, he was a mature, giving, talented and professional person who did lots of charity work. I feel so much sadness for his family my heart goes out to them. I hope they find comfort in his wonderful music. If heaven exists he is there now singing with a smile on his lovely face. Rest in peace angel...
violeta , london

God take the only ANGEL on the earth. We'll always be with you.
Angel Pavlovski, Skopje, Macedonia

Such a tragic loss of young life.He was talented,handsome,successful,and all in all a kind human being who united the people of the Balkans.Rest in peace.
Amila, Dublin Ireland

We lose the great Macedonian.We lose our legend,our icon, our soul. Rest in peace,great man.
Nikola, Skopje, Macedonia

I can't bellieve yet. It's just unbellievable. We lost the only hope in Macedonia. This is the biggest tragedy for Macedonia. We lost the Macedonian angel. Maybe sometimes God make mistakes. Maybe I'm wrong. The world lost another icon in the music after Pavarotti. But now they're both in the Heaven. Rest In Peace Tose. Macedonia Loves You. All of us!
Mario Anastasovski, Kumanovo, Macedonia

I knew Tose Proeski from the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. He had visited many times Greece to record music or sing live with national stars. Despite not being very known in my homeland, he had a small fanbase due to the fact that he was a fan of Greek music. It's really sad that he had such a horrible death. And above all he was so young. God rest him.
George Papadimitriou, Kastoria, Greece

I just can't believe it! Macedonia lost the best singer and the nicest person they've ever had! I was born in Macedonia and lived there almost all my life. Sadly never had a chance to meet him. He was a great man with a big heart. Rest in peace Tose. Condolences to his family.
Ema, London

How is this can this be, we can not believe it is this true.
Simona, Skopje, Macedonia

Let's not forget that besides being a pop-star, Tose was also a dedicated humanitarian. He was awarded the Mother Theresa Humanitarian Award and was a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. His last concert (October 5, Skopje) was a benefit concert to raise money for a project to improve the quality of primary education in Macedonia. He had a big voice and even bigger heart. He will be greatly missed.
Dijana, Washington, DC

You will forever live in our hearts... Macedonia has lost a big, big star¿ We love you Toshe.
Katina, Skopje, Macedonia

I still can't believe that Tose is dead. I was shocked when I find out but I don't want to believe in that. When I realize that that is true I was crying a really long time like now:(:(:(
Antonija Dimoska, Macedonia/Prilep

Tose you was our god. We LOVE you
Daniel, Kumanovo, Macedonia

We lost a great men with a supernatural voice, I feel like I lost some of my family...
Dijana, Subotica-Serbia

I am very saddened that one of my fellow countrymen has passed away so tragically. He was one of the best singers of our time. My heart goes out to his family and to all of his mourning fans.
Jasmina, Garfield, USA

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Macedonia from 2003-2005. I lived and worked in 2 communities during my time there, one was predominantly ethnic Macedonian, the other primarily ethnic Albanian. One of the things both groups of people had in common was their love of Tose, and their pride in the fact that he was from Macedonia. He will be missed.
Beth, Portland, Oregon

Rest in Peace my angel
Amina, Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina

God called His Angel back to him. We should be grateful for the time he spend with us and celebrate his life the best we can.
DJ, New Jersey, USA

I still can't believe, it is really a big tragedy for me, pop music on the Balkans and all people who had a chance to hear him singing. Rest in peace Tose, we will always remember you!
Rastko, Belgrade, Serbia

This is a tragedy what happened this morning... I can't believe it... all of us just loved him his songs, he brought all of us together through his songs... love you Toshe.
Vaska, Strumica, Macedonia

As the caption says, his fame transcended ethnic division in the Balkans. He was the cutest and nicest of all singers, welcome in any part of the former Yugoslavia, where hatred is ever present. Thank you for the beautiful songs you left behind and sing them with angels in the heaven where you belong. Rest in peace, Tose!
Branka, Sarajevo

This is the news that woke me up, it's the most sad thing that I have heard in my life, he was the greatest singer ever born in our country, I am stunned, rest in peace!!! You where our THE GREAT!!
Vladimir, Prilep, Macedonia

First, condolences to the Proeski family. I'm in shock, Macedonia has lost its greatest cultural ambassador. Tose you will be always in our hearts.
Vojo Mihajloski, Tetovo, Macedonia

Tose was the best singer even seen in our small part of Europe. Clean of everything. No one single affair no drag no alcohol. Die too young and go in history like hero. Tose you are legend now. We love you.
Darko Vulovic, Skopje, Macedonia

I feel like I've lost one of my best friends. Macedonia lost his most popular ambassador
Vlatko, Ohrid, Macedonia

You'll be always be in our hearts. You'll live forever...
Bojan, Skopje, Macedonia

R.I.P Tose Proeski Angels always live on
Nick, Melb, Australia

He was a great singer, I send condolences to his family and friends. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Oumie Fay, Banjul, The Gambia

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