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Hurricane Felix: Readers' updates
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Hurricane Felix has weakened after making landfall in Nicaragua, but still has the potential to cause severe damage with severe winds and the threat of major flooding.

Readers in the region have been describing their preparations and the effects of the massive storm. This page will be updated regularly.


From BBCMundo.com: The city of Managua is calm but the area of Bilwi has been severely affected. The shelters are giving way and are not withstanding the hurricane. The area affected is not very accessible so many people have remained in their homes and we are greatly worried for them.
Maria Guillen, Managua, Nicaragua

From BBCMundo.com: Hurricane Felix caught us by surprise. Not because we haven't been monitoring it -we certainly have - but because people thought that it would be like Hurricane Dean, that it would affect other countries and not Nicaragua this time. The red alert was declared at 0100, meaning the hurricane was approaching our territory. The curious thing is that although there were strong winds, there was no rain. This phenomenon made people relax and not worry. On top of that some people have refused to leave their homes and belongings and go to the special shelters.
Cristian Rios, Managua, Nicaragua

From BBCMundo.com: People have been running since the early hours to the supermarkets to stock up on food. Classes have been cancelled and companies and the government are taking the necessary measures to prevent another Mitch. We are very worried about Felix and need the support of all to face whatever happens.
Rommel Ivan, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

From BBCMundo.com: We feel very worried about this hurricane, because we lived through Mitch. We live near to a river, so we are very scared. May God be with us.
Ramon Almendarez, La Ceiba, Honduras

From BBCMundo.com: We are very tense, waiting. The direction of the hurricane changed in the last 24 hours and is now heading towards the central part of the country. Tegucigalpa is very vulnerable to constant rain. We are in our home with my family, because the government suspended school classes.
Arnold Rodas, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

It's been frantic here at Alton's Dive Centre in Utila, Honduras. All tourists on the island have been ordered to leave with ferries running all day to the mainland. Locals from surrounding Cays have been arriving by boat onto Utila in search of higher ground. All properties and businesses on the coast line are evacuating to higher ground with about 50% of houses now boarded in preparation.

Everyone is eagerly checking for the latest Hurricane Felix reports, to see if the strength will hold or break down as it hits the mainland. It's still unclear whether the Bay Islands will be clear of the eye but we are preparing for the eye to meet us head-on. Our only hope is that tourism quickly recovers on the island.
James Barton, Utila, Bay of Islands, Honduras

We are on the Honduran Island of Utila, one of the Bay Islands. It's too late to get off the island so are going to have to sit this one out. We have all stocked up on food and water and are going to stick together in a big group. A friend has a house higher up so hopefully there will be less risk of flooding. We are all hoping some of Felix's strength will be lost by the time it hits.
Gail McAleese and Natalie Carey, Utila, Honduras

A lot of expectation is in the air. People are stocking up on food and fuel. Memories from Hurricane Mitch linger in the back of our minds. Prayers from all countries are welcome.
Oskar Funes, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Everyone is very panicky in La Ceiba. There were massive queues at supermarkets and in garages and a shortage of bottled water but apart from an easterly breeze no trace whatsoever of an impending hurricane. There are plans to cut the power when the storm hits but it still seems somewhat unreal except that people are nervous. I have been living here a number of years and haven't seen this level of nervousness before.
Rich, La Ceiba, Honduras

The Ministry of Education cancelled classes on Monday in order to prepare the schools to be used as shelters as well as free children up to make preparations at home. It was a smart move. People are taking this hurricane much more seriously than Dean. We all pray that we will avoid a direct hit, though, as that would destroy the lives of most of this city's residents.
Trey, Belize City, Belize

This is the second time in two weeks we have been threatened by hurricanes. In the capital city of Belmopan, five miles from us, everyone is boarding up. It does look like it will pass us by at the moment. Hurricane Dean passed within 150 miles of us but it was very calm in the centre of Belize. Felix looks to be a tighter hurricane and so unless it changes track we should be spared again. Best wishes to anyone caught in its path.
Andrew Hunt, Belize

We were originally on Utila, one of the Bay Islands. We chartered a flight to the mainland to get away from the hurricane only to find it's heading for San Pedro Sula. I guess we're going to wait it out here now and hope for the best! The weather is cloudy with some showers but no real signs of a category four/five Hurricane. Thanks to Thelma (lighthouse) on Utila for getting us off the island - hope she's safe. Utila is very flat and if the hurricane hit it directly, I would not expect it to leave much standing.
Andrew Set, currently in San Pedro Sula

There is an eerie calm over Tegucigalpa, Honduras, as the country braces itself for the strongest hurricane to hit the country since Hurricane Mitch, nine years ago. The clouds are building up, making the calm grey sky more ominous and threatening. There is also an order by government officials to stay inside our homes. All we can do is pray and hope to ride this hurricane out.
Angel Alejandro Rosales, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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