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Do you live in a virtual world?
Second Life screen shot
Shopping can be more fun in Second Life

You can go to university there, set up your own business, become a pop-star and live out your dreams - but can living in Second Life's virtual world ever replace living in the real world?

Almost 10 million people live in the online, three dimensional, virtual world designed, created and owned by its residents - called avatars. From the time of its opening in 2003, its community has grown to include residents from all over the world.

Universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Oxford have a virtual presence in Second Life, and some are even teaching credited courses in the virtual world.

IBM, Reuters and NBC Universal also have a presence in Second Life, and on Monday 3rd September BBC World Service's The World Today will enter the virtual world by broadcasting from Second Life.

Presenter Madeleine Morris's avatar Madz Kohime will be interviewing the founder of Second Life and other avatars in real time using their own voices.

Do you have an issue or a question you would like Madz to explore? What is it like living in a virtual world? Can living in Second Life ever replace living in the real world?

If you have spent any time in these worlds tell us how you found the experience.

Thank you for your comments. We are no longer looking for contributors.

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