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Your encounters with the King
Elvis Presley might have died almost 30 years ago, but his memory still lives on for his fans, but also for those who knew him, or met him by chance during his career.

Here are some of their memories of Elvis.

Patsy Verda Perry knew Elvis before he became famous

Patsy Verda Perry
Patsy remembers Elvis in the days before he became famous

I was born in the same year as Elvis and knew him through some mutual friends.

When I used to visit my friend's house he was often there playing their guitar. He was always there, never at his home.

My friend had an idea that if she let him take the guitar home with him, he might spend more time at his house.

It didn't work, he used to take the guitar home and then come round with it the next day and play it at her house.

I asked her years later if he ever gave that guitar back to her, she said no he never did!

He was really polite and I remember that he loved his mom a lot. One day he was at my friend's house and said he had to leave to 'fix his mom some dinner'.

He left and was back again in 15 minutes. I said to him: "Elvis, that wasn't enough time to get home and fix any dinner". He just turned round and said: "Yes it was! It was enough time to make her franks and beans!"

He asked for my help in getting him a job once. He used to work in a movie theatre and was caught playing with a flashlight and was fired.

Photo of Patsy Verda Perry and her daughter by Barbara Harrell
Patsy Verda Perry and her daughter Carmen Perry Beaubeaux

I was working at the five and dime store at the time, and told him it didn't pay very well but he asked anyway. I asked my manager if there was any work and he said he could use a hand in the stock room, but Elvis never rang or got in touch.

The next time I saw him I asked why he never came round, he said he got work as a truck driver and was earning good money.

The last time I saw Elvis was in 1952. It was in July and he was fixing a motorcycle with his friend.

There was a bus strike on at the time and it was difficult to get anywhere. He said if I gave him a minute to fix the bike he would give me a lift.

Well there was no way I was getting on that bike - I walked!

I remember him as someone who just loved to play and sing.

He used to ask if I thought he was any good, good enough to perform on stage as that was his ambition. I told him he was.

Bill Anderson grew up in Memphis and met Elvis several times

Elvis Presley in 1956
"Elvis was just a really neat guy" Bill Anderson

My father was a Cadillac salesman in the 1950s and early 60s and Elvis came into the dealership quite frequently to buy cars.

One Saturday, I went to work with my father and Elvis came in. I got his autograph on one of my dad's business cards and carried it for many years.

My dad told me one day that he saw an older black lady standing on the corner waiting for a bus at the stop just outside.

She was looking at the new cars in the showroom, when a guy pulled into the dealership, walked in a bought a brand new Cadillac.

The guy was Elvis. He then went outside and gave the keys to this lady while she was still standing there waiting for her bus.

He did things like that all the time, he did it to see the look on people's faces. He just loved giving presents to people and was a very generous person.

I also worked as a news photographer and reporter for many years with a Memphis TV station, and had several opportunities to see and speak to Elvis. He was a very cordial and polite gentleman and very friendly.

I remember the last time I spoke to Elvis. I was covering a story about a fire, it was three or four in the morning and I was waiting at some traffic lights.

It was quiet night but I heard a couple of Harley-Davidsons pull up alongside the truck I was in. One of the riders was Elvis, he was dressed in sky blue leathers. He told me he couldn't go out on his bike during the day as he would get hassled. He had some bodyguards with him and some friends, I told him to be careful and then he went on his way.

Sadly we were also the TV station that broke the news of his death. It was a tragic day.

Ruth Ann Meyers was 11 when she 'bumped' into Elvis

Ruth Ann Meyers in 1958
"A school photo of me at the time I bumped into Elvis"

My Dad was a career army man. We were stationed in Germany for several years as part of the occupation forces. We left in 1960.

My Elvis adventure occurred one Saturday when I was alone on the army shuttle bus. I was on my way to see the Saturday matinee at the local cinema.

I looked up as a soldier passed by me, he stopped for a moment, long enough for me to stare at him, and that was it! He moved on and I went to see my film.

I told my mom later about who I saw. It was Elvis, he'd been drafted and was stationed on a base near to where my Dad was posted.

I remember thinking - what a beautiful human, he really did make your eyes ache.

I was a pretty quiet child, and never said or did anything, but that moment has remained a clear memory ever since.

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