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Thursday, 30 March, 2000, 10:42 GMT 11:42 UK
Your memories of Ian Dury
Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Ian Dury and the Blockheads play the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1980
Your memories of Ian Dury

"Funk/rock" can be a dirty word, but not where this man is concerned. His charm and wit, his strength and determination, the jaunty expression and poignancy of his songs will live on forever. The only man to have ever fused American disco with English pub rock and make it something unique and wonderful! Ian, everybody's gonna miss you mate, and I'm only sorry I never got to see or meet you. RIP.
Dave Strong, UK

Grew up being a blockhead. Met the man himself on numerous occasions and roadied for the band at Dingwalls in 1998. An amazing talent that loved his family and found peace in the end. The spirit of the Halifax advert sums it up. Master stroke of his to get his message into every home.
Trevor Blockhead, England

Genius! He'll be up there swapping wit with the likes of Coward and Wilde - and he won't be second best. Ian Dury - the greatest lyricist ever!
Brendan Phipps, UK

I thought Ian Dury was fantastic and had wondered what had happened to him since his music days. Obviously a courageous man, he was a prime example of not letting adversity stand in the way of his desires.
Kerry, Australia

Speaking "From the wilds of Borneo...", I'd say that no song is as evocative of a time (January '79) and a place (Kent's Bank Secondary School for Boys, Buxton, Derbyshire) as Ian Dury's classic "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick". Even in this tropical climate, when I hear that little ditty, I am reminded of snow. He is sorely missed.
Christopher Smith, Sarawak, Malaysia,

Maybe it is just foolishness in my own head, but the world seems a quieter place without Ian Dury.
David, Scotland

Will we see the likes of Ian Dury again? A man of many talents and a heart of pure gold. Rest in peace. A job well done.
Martin Oliver, England

Saw him in Lyon. Arrived with a bad reputation - based upon his hit 'Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll' but I was very impressed by the quality of his band and his performance.
Mortimer, France

I was a student at Canterbury College of Art in 1972 and have never felt anything but pride in having been at the college where Ian Dury was teaching. Though I seem to remember they got rid of him. I never missed his concerts in Canterbury, with Kilburn and the Highroads and I saw him many times with the Blockheads. One of THE best live performers. I shed a tear when I heard the news on the internet. A Great Englishman.
David Carson, Australia

Circa 1973 - Worcester Teachers Training College - The Cheeks, who later developed into the Pretenders, were playing with Kilburn and the High Roads. I can't remember ever being left with such a powerful first impression of a band (and we saw a few in those days). I was never surprised afterwards that Ian Dury went on to be such a success. What a shame that last years concert at Ross-on-Wye festival was cancelled due to the cancer which has now robbed us of a true genius.
Kelvin Skyrme, UK

I saw him perform at Aylesbury Town Hall at the beginning of his tour with the Blockheads. It was the best live performance that I have ever seen. Micky Jones from the Clash came on stage half way through and just joined in. Music has never been the same since that night. I too had polio at an early age and I know exactly what he went through. What an example he was to us all.
Chris Lodge, UK

Ian Dury. Genius, inspirational, witty, fantastic songwriter, sadly missed. R.I.P. Ian Dury
David McGuire, Australia (but English)

As editor of a national rock magazine back in 1978, I saw a lot of odd albums cross my desk...but none odder or more endearing than "New Boots and Panties." I always had a fondness for both Music Hall (Vesta Victoria, Harry Champion), and was enthralled with New Wave (Elvis Costello). And here was the hybrid. I saw Ian perform here in NY at "The Bottom Line," reviewed his records and only wished America appreciated him just a little bit more. He was a great original. He faced the end with humour and courage. And his music will never end amusing, outraging and knocking out anyone who cares and dares to hear it.
Ron, USA

Clever lyricist, great performer and all round good guy. Watch out St. Peter!
Tony Cox, USA

Was Ian Dury the first (and only?) popular musician to write such extremely rude lyrics that were not in fact offensive? I remember using the intro to Plaistow Patricia at high decibels to shock my parents, only to realise years later that the joke was on me. And was there ever such a master of innuendo? He introduced a memorable series of programmes for the BBC World Service back in the early 90s, playing his favourite music, which as you an probably imagine was highly eclectic but all sheer quality. How about a rerun from the BBC, perhaps on RealAudio on the website?
Anthony Green, Italy

As a musician and writer, I always envied Ian's outstanding wit and simplicity in his lyrics. I remember bunking off school to be amongst the first to get my hands on a copy of New Boots and played it 'til my Mum went barmy! Ian, you were a very charming, witty and lovely man. I only met you the once. Wish I knew you better.
Paul Mitchell, California (Englishman abroad)

Great man, great band, great human being. We will miss him.
John Roberts, USA

Back in 1978 I saw Ian & the Blockheads fronting for Lou Reed. The Blockhead's set blew me away. After that evening I started to seek out the exciting sounds of Ian, other Stiff label members, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, and so on. My tastes in music haven't been the same since that amazing evening over twenty years ago.
Michael Roznowski, USA

As an expat who lived in Thatcher's Britain during the dark days of the 80s, Ian Dury was a breath of fresh air who made you smile at it all. Rest in Peace Ian!!
David Tollitt, Australia

I can still remember walking across the playground when 'Hit me with your rhythm stick' was released way back in '78, blaring out on all the transistor radios... everyone of us school kids had never heard nothing like it. The world has lost a truly great man.
Nick Warne, England

Ian Dury had a lot to do with the horrible school term "spaz" being used less frequently. Got to love him for that! The music and the charitable works speak for themselves. He was an exemplary human being. I will miss him.
David, UK

I remember listening to Radio One in '77. "Clever Trevor" jumped out of all the dreary stodge which was then current. Ian's intelligent lyrics, and knack of attracting superb musicians to work with made him one of the most interesting, original and stimulating popular musicians of the last 25 years.
Andrew Hind, UK

I even got the nerve up once to thank him and shake his hand, should have been the poet laureate of England.
Dave Allen, USA

Ian Dury always made me laugh. Growing up with his lyrics was probably one of the finer parts of my education. Rest in peace, mate.
Tina Cowan, Greece

Walking along a cliff path on a rainy day in the summer, my two small children were fractious and whining until they spotted some insects "in flagrante" rolling around the rocks. When they asked what was going on I explained that the bugs were rolling around having sex. The kids were hugely amused, and without prompting struck up a resounding chorus of Sex and Bugs and Rock and Roll which cheered them up no end for the gruelling walk back home. Ian Dury indirectly gave me one of my fondest family memories.
Andy, UK

Saw him perform on the stiff tour and his mastery with words has always one either smiling or thinking. An original who will be truly missed. Cheers Ian
John Criscitiello, USA

My Aunt was his manager for many years and one day when I was about 15 I was staying at her flat and she was out, the phone rang. "'Ello. Is Jen there?" came the deep, gruff voice down the phone. How I didn't know it was him until he said "It's Ian 'ere" I'll never know but he was very pleased to find out I was her niece and happily chatted to me for a minute or two.
I also remember constantly wearing a Blockheads T-shirt when I was about 4 and 5. He was a lovely man and will be sorely missed.
Katy, England

He will be remembered and missed. My condolences to his family.
Robin Keigher, Canada

Gone but not forgotten. Let's "ave some of that" as Ian would say.
Richard Gough, UK

Goodnight Ian, from one Upminster boy to another. I raise a glass of Rum n' Ribena to you.
Keith, England

Remember him in concert in Perth, most of the crowd were unaware that he had polio when he came on stage, but his humour and songs made a great night. A sad loss.
Peter McMullan, Perth Australia

Ian Dury, you were magnificent. I loved the way you used to drag rhyme kicking and screaming into funk. And I cannot help but smile when I play your music because, above everything else, you were having blast. Thank you.
Peter Smailes, UK living in New York

Ian was a major talent, sometimes vastly underrated. His songs were pure genius, his live shows superb and his acting brought a warm glow to the small screen. You will be missed, I'm off to put on "Greatest Hits" to cheer myself up.
Ian B, England

To some he was a legendary singer and poet, to others he was a legendary bloke and humanitarian. All in all he was and is a legend.
John Kova, Australia

What a brave, intelligent, charming and witty man. I'm "only" an admirer and can feel the loss, so I can't imagine the grief his family and friends must be feeling at this time. I do know that once the initial shock of his passing settles, that he will be remembered for a long long time for his artistic ability. I'm sure he's proud of the mark he's made, and should act as an inspiration to us all. Here's to a real 24-carat diamond!
John Garnham, Scotland

I met Ian Dury briefly, when he was in a play called "The Road" in Stratford. Great bloke. In some ways it's a shame he'll be mostly remembered for "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" - by no means one of his best, despite its success - when he was so much more than 'just' a pop star.
Jon Wallis, UK

Ian Dury was a great role model, a rebel with a great deal of humanity. His lust for life, his eagerness to live for now should be a lesson for us all.
Oscar, UK

I can remember the first time I heard this amazing combination of powerful music and lyrics that made you laugh and cry and sit up and take notice. Growing up in the UK I was privileged to see Ian Dury play live several times...most notably at the Top Rank club in Swansea. I shed a tear today for a true artist.
Peter Rowlands, USA

He was an eloquent, sincere, intelligent man of dignity, but most importantly, seemed to have lost none of his humbleness or humanity. He also created fantastic music.
David Davies, UK

My thoughts are with Ian's family. I am privileged to have seen Ian perform. He brought much happiness into my life, as I am sure he did for others. He will be missed.
Jason, N. Ireland

A Sunday Night At The London Palladium...What a fitting finale from the best in the business. I will never forget that night or all the others. You were more than fair¿ All The Best Mate
Simon Ward, England

What a top bloke, he was an inspiration to so many, both musically and throughout all other areas of his life. I've listened and grown up with the Blockheads. His colour, his personality shined through in everything he did. We should set-up a 'Day to be Cheerful' in his honour - will miss you, here's to you Mr Dury!
Dave Patrick, UK

When someone we don't know personally passes on, it tends not to register. When I heard the news that Ian had died it stopped me in my tracks. That was his power and legacy to us.
David Campbell, Scotland

I was always "partial to your abracadabra". You will be sorely missed. God bless you Geezer.
Kirk, UK

Uni days-Canterbury Odeon 1978-falling over on stage-hanky in hand, Plaistow Patricia, Billericay Dickie, pulling strokes and taking liberties... RIP Mate
Steve Weston, Australia

I had the fortune of seeing Ian about two years ago. His music is something I always turn to when I want to smile - such brilliant lyrics. "If you're dozy here's a tactic: tell 'em all they're too didactic" I'm not sure an Artist such as Ian ever really dies.
Graham Johnson, Surrey, UK

Memories of my latter school years are inseparably laced with the sound of Blockheads
David Flack, UK

I was given "New Boots and Panties" for my birthday when it was released and have been a fan ever since. What a showman - what a man. There's someone whose death really touched me.
David Brew, Brazil

Ian, you were an inspiration to so many of us. Sleep well old son. Till we meet again.
Geoff Saul, UK

I'm absolutely gutted. Ian Dury was the best songwriter of his age. A man who could make you dance and laugh out loud at the same time.
Alan Jacobs, UK

The first single I ever bought as a kid was "Hit me with your rhythm stick". I still turn it up and sing along whenever it comes on the radio. Ian Dury will be missed.
Haydn Lightfoot, UK

Ian Dury once sang between songs:
"When I was young
I made my own fun
And people told me I'd go blind
But I can still see
And I'm 63
But its a little bit harder to find"
A tragedy he never made it to 63; one less reason to be cheerful. I'll miss him.
Julian Mellor, UK

Farewell then cheerful chirpy cockney diamond geezer. Ian Dury was one of the finest poets in the English language.
Craig Turton, Laahhnden

I meet Ian Dury whilst filming The Grand TV series. He was a true gentlemen, witty and not in anyway boastful about his fame. An inspiration to all who meet him. Being from Essex my self I can truly call him, a diamond geezer.
Chris Cheater, England

Apart from his personal courage, for me, Ian Dury's greatest gifts were his wonderful ear for alliteration and his sense of the ridiculous. Who can forget "Home improvement expert Harold Hill of Harold Hill, of do-it-yourself dexterity and double glazing skill Came home to find another gentleman's kipper in the grill, So he sanded off his winkle with his Black and Dekker drill!"
John Kanefsky, UK

He made others feel it was good to be alive. His death leaves us all the poorer
Geoffrey Keating, Ireland

Met him in Canterbury in '69 and he was charming, witty and impressed me with his aura. Cool!
Maggie Fisher, UK

Ian was a one-off and I'm so pleased to have heard and seen him perform. No reason to say "What a waste!" - he lived his life and enjoyed it. Ta-ra mate!
Andy Leslie, UK

RIP Ian. You made a difference.
Hans Vigen, Norway

Dury was a major figure in British popular music, and quite patently a good bloke of the highest order. This is an extremely rare combination. Every time I heard his voice on the radio, my day was made a little better. It's another cliché, but we won't see the likes of 'im again.
Jim, Poland (Englishman abroad)

It is sad news. The regular playing of his classic "hit me with your rhythm stick" on radio Wien used to always bring a smile and a vision of him on the television. I had, indeed, the opportunity seeing him going to the bar in a Hammersmith theatre and yes - a modest "bloke". I hope to hear radio Wien play him again soon.
Kevin Pemberton, Austria

New Boots and Panties reminds me of my school days in late 70's. I played it to death. Ian was a top bloke.
Ave Kemp, England

A little bit of me died today when I heard Ian had passed on. He will be missed.
Julian Pedley, Brunei Darussalam

Some have written that the Devil has all the best musicians - bad news Satan - you didn't get this one. So long Ian - gone but never forgotten
Gary Wickens, UK

Let's have a few jars in memory of a great guy.

Paul Boldrin, UK
Don't let's get maudlin, let's have a few jars in memory of a great guy. Tonight it's New Boots and Panties and no decibel limit....
Paul Boldrin, UK

I've sat here and tried to think of something 'arty' and flowery to say about Ian Dury but that wouldn't seem right. He was a great guy and the world is a sadder place to be this morning.
Simon, London

I had the great pleasure of seeing Ian with the Blockheads at various gigs in the 70s and 80s, and as far as I'm concerned they rank very highly as one of the most entertaining bands I have ever seen. Ian will be very very sadly missed.
Keith Parker, UK

I'm still listening his New Boots and Panties. No matter when body is crippled but mind is bright.
Shimanski, Ukraine

The world will be an emptier place without the verve and twinkle in the eye of Ian Dury.

Glyn, England
The world will be an emptier place without the verve and twinkle in the eye of Ian Dury. I am only one of the thousands who have thought of him as always being there to take the mickey out of me and the System. - See ya later Ian, till then we'll miss you.
Glyn, England

Blue Jean Man. We'll certainly miss Ian's voice.
Gary Hough, England

Hit me wiv your rhythm stick Diamond geezer. RIP
Simon Denton, UK

A huge talent in a sea of mediocrity, you will be sorely missed, Ian.. The world is a poorer place tonight, sleep well mate.
Steve, UK

Good night Funk Prince!

Philip Culp, USA
Ian and his merry bunch of pranksters were heads and tails above all the other UK post punk rock acts to bring their talents to those of us on the West Coast who were starving for something fresh and original. And, next to Elvis Costello, he was the only other name to come from the from the much hyped but ultimately meaningless Stiff Records roster to matter. And matter he does. His music has stood the test of time. Ian, you are missed on these shores as well. Good night Funk Prince!
Philip Culp, Los Angeles, USA

I saw him in Norwich at the UEA before I moved to America. He truly was England's Glory.
Pete Frowen, USA

Shall I mourn your decline with some Thunderbird wine
And a black handkerchief
I miss your sad...Upminster whisper
I miss the voice that cooled my heart
Sweet Ian Dury

Mr. Dury's finest musical hour, in my personal opinion, was when he drummed in the Wreckless Eric band on the Stiff 78 tour.
W W Whatsup, USA

Will never forget "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll". Defined my post Aberystwyth university life in a nutshell. Rest in peace mate...
John Dean, Japan

No reasons to be cheerful.
David Taylor, UK

Today we have lost the greatest lyricist of a generation. The Blockheads are without a doubt the finest rock and roll band I have ever seen or heard & Ian Dury & Chas Jankel were a song writing partnership to rival Lennon / McCartney & Jagger/Richard. You'll be missed mate!
Andy Hellis, UK

One of the cleverest and most original songwriters of modern times - a tragic loss.
Bob Herbertson, Oman

Just the most terrific lyricist and frontman. Great band, great bloke, huge personality and so incredibly courageous. Glad I managed to see his concert at Norwich earlier this year. You'll be missed, mate.
Alex Howell, UK

Top bloke, nuff said.
Pete McCorry, UK

Whenever I see the ticket collector at Fulham Broadway Station I think of Ian Dury's great lyrics and always smile. Great brave guy sadly missed.
Ray P Chiswick, England

Ian's bright outlook to life, despite his illness, has given inspiration to all cancer sufferers, including my father.
Martin McGinn, Scotland

The one and only "Diamond Geezer". We saw the Blockheads at the last gig at Warwick in December 1999. Fantastic, Memorable and never, ever to be forgotten.
Al and Wend, UK

I saw Ian at many gigs as I grew up and he was always brilliant. When I was 12 he let me get up on stage and take a photo of him which I wll treasure forever.
Seppi Preston, England

Ian came on stage at the Christchurch Town Hall New Zealand in December 1981. He survyed the cheering, sold-out crowd and bellowed: ''OY OY!! This is better than Sydney!!!!'' Needless to say the roof was torn off shortly afterwards. Should we mourn his decline with some Thunderbird wine?
Dave Swift, UK

I saw Ian a few times in his Ian Dury and the Kilburns days - and you thought the Blockheads were good! He was simply stunning. I was so tempted to get upset when I heard the news today, but I put on Mr Love Pants and smiled and sang along and chuckled. So don't be sad, listen to his music and thank your God you shared the same planet with such a wonderful man.
Graham Gurrin, Surrey, UK

Ian Dury was the Guv'nor as well as a Diamond Geezer. His music was fantastic and his lyrics were, well absolutely brilliant. His rendition of 'My Old Man' brings water to the eyes. I love you Ian. God Bless You.
Nick, England

'Hit me with your rhythm stick'- what an unforgettable song! God Bless you Ian
Ben Anderson, England

Reasons to be cheerful - one less.
Steve, UK

Hit me with your rhythm stick, was the first song to make a lasting impression on me when I was a kid, he will be sadly missed.
Robert Grundulis, UK

I saw him in the late 70s in Leeds (Janet Mater, if you're out there do you remember the towel fight?). And I saw him 18 months ago in Dublin, just as good! Dealing with polio must have taught him how to cope with cancer. He was undefeated, and a shining example!
Pam, UK

The world is a sadder place with Ian's parting. He was a unique talent in the world of rock music, a world made less witty, less intelligent and less poetic with his parting.
Chris Lonergan, Britain

Top Bloke is our Ian...sad to see him go, guess you could say he's "cruising down carnality canal in his canoe can he canoodle (Mr Love Pants). He will be greatly missed by our posse and his music will live on. I have pictures taken at the Cambridge Corn Exchange December 99. It would be nice to see Chas Chandler & the boys do a tribute gig in the memory of this truly lyrical genius ... Here's to Ian, Tops!
Steve Baker, England

There ain't Half Been Some Clever Bleeders and Ian was most definitely one of them. I saw him live numerous times and each concert was a turbo charged experience. Even those gigs just a few months ago were inspirational, all the more so knowing what he was dealing with. I spoke to him backstage and although obviously drained by the effort of performing, he was still smiling and quipping away.

I cannot pay a big enough thank you to Ian for the pleasure and laughter he gave me from the age of 12 when I bought Hit Me. Like a distant father figure in many ways, his music always lifted my spirits at even the lowest times.

What a waste and we really do mind. We'll all be singing a Lullaby For Ian tonight.

Rest in peace mate.
Simon, England

He was an inspiration. His concerts were a real treat. He will be sadly missed.
Kevin Barrance, UK

Ian was a diamond,a genuine nice bloke. I hope he's having a good jolly **** up, upstairs! I'll miss him lots. God bless.
Alex, England

He's in a better place now, one he knew always existed. It's where he got his spirit.
Mike Fitzgerald, UK

As the man once said, There ain't half been some clever b*stards. The world of music lost one this week
Dave Hallihan, UK

A great musician, writer, and patron of charity - he will be sorely missed. Je T'adore mate
Karen, UK

Who's gonna hit us with their rhythm stick now - gonna miss him
Erica, UK

I saw Ian Dury and the Blockheads at the first Stiffs Live tour in 1979. He co-headlined with Elvis Costello, Wreckless Eric, Nick Lowe and Larry Wallis. Although most of the audience were there to see Costello, Ian Dury played last and blew the audience away with his funny, poignant and sometimes raunchy songs and his anti-rock star stage presence. It was clear that we were in the presence of someone special. The next day you could not buy a copy of New Boots and Panties in the record shops in Glasgow for love nor money and everyone seemed to be humming the refrain from Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll. Ian Dury will be sadly missed.
Martin McMahon, USA

In a music business full of phonies you were the real thing. So long, diamond geezer, and thanks.
David Lee, UK

Ian Dury was a greatly talented man who didn't get the recognition he deserved.A great loss and what a waste!
Lynn, Wales

It is sad that you won't be around anymore. Your positive attitude shone through all the pain all the time. I hope my contribution to humanity can be as good as yours was.
David Hamilton, Belgium

"and the devil drives 'til the hearse arrives" Keep on rockin' Ian
Mc, UK

Absolute legend. We've lost a true showman. Ian Dury and The Blockheads were one of finest live bands I have ever seen. Anyone who has ever seen them live cannot help but come away loving Ian. I feel privileged I was at his last London gig at The Palladium earlier this year.
Lee T., UK

He was the 'Real Thing' - what a contrast to the ultra-bland image-led put-together acts of today. I'll never forget the first time I heard Sweet Gene Vincent, and the emotions it stirred. Such a sad loss.
David Parkins, UK

A huge hole now gapes in my future record collection. Thank you Ian, thank you - you wordmonger, you! Just when you had come again, too.
Stu Neville, UK

I can remember Ian being interviewed on Radio 5 Live about his life and fight against cancer. It was a very moving and lively discussion. Prior to this interview I knew little or nothing about Ian apart from the Rhythm Stick song, but from this interview I got that man was very special indeed.
Alan Cheese, USA

It's always sad to hear of the death of someone you admire, but even more sad when they leave behind a young family. As a father of two young children myself, I found your acceptance of your disease and the fact that you may not live to see your children grow up very positive but also extremely sad. My heart and deepest sympathies go to your wife, young children and also your grown up children. Thanks for brilliant music, memories and rude words.
Dean Prangnell, England

A great great man who could do anything and did everything, including Hollywood!
Adrian Landles, UK

I loved to listen to his music in the late seventies and would like to pay tribute to this great artist.
Mariska van Loenen, Scotland

It never got better than Ian Dury. Maybe we were all still blockheads, but he made us want to be geezers. All the best mate, from your fan...
Mike Fowler, USA

I remember being ten years old and sneaking a listen to some of the ruder of Ian Dury's songs on my bedroom record player. In later life I grew to realise just how tight and proficient a band the Blockheads were and what an incredible combination he and they were. On top of that, he was clearly an incredibly brave and resilient man and I'm sorry I only just missed the Hay on Wye gig last year.
Glenn Archibald, England

Despite everything, it seemed like he was going to go on forever after all, but this sadly was not to be. A great musician and a great man has died. RIP Lord Upminster.
Louis Barfe, UK

New Boots and Panties was the soundtrack to my college days and still sounds as resonant today. We've lost a true rock poet.
Rob Kendrew, UK

I saw Ian in a concert in Hanover in '79 and afterwards he came out on the town with a few of the band and we took him to a club. He did a impromptu version of Clever Trevor - it was superb. The man was a icon to us and the German friends we had. A very brave person. God bless
Chris Andews, England

Ian was such a great entertainer. He was so strong and courageous despite all his setbacks - he just carried on. I will really miss him. God Bless him.
Christine Gibson, London

The music of Ian Dury was no ska, it was no punk. His songs were poems to music. When he was very ill, he continued to go on, for which on deserves respect. A great musican has died.
Michiel Kramer, Belgium

What a legend, what a shame, but his music lives on.
Nigel, New Zealand

The first time I came across Ian Duy was when he did a gig at Essex University in 1976. I seem to remember Elvis Costello was on the same bill. I was told that he was going to make it big and a little while later he was 'hitting us with his rhythm stick'.
Andrew Barker, England

If there is such a thing as modern folk songs, I really hope Ian's become them. Perhaps knowing people would still be singing "what a waste" would be some form of accolade, however small.
Paul Milner, England

I met Ian Dury once in 1979 at a Rock Awards. He was a charming and friendly man. It's a sad loss to humanity as he was such a brave and talented man.
Mark Slater, England

Just listen to New Boots and Panties, it encapsulates Ian at his best. It would make it on to my desert island. Pass it on to your children!
Steve Jennings, Holland

I last saw him at the Norwich UEA a couple of months ago. Although gravely ill, He and the Blockheads gave the performance of their life. I'm sure Ian and the late Charlie Charles are already forming a new band. He will be very sadly missed
David Rudgley, UK

For someone that has given so much, I have too little to say. His song and lyrics have given, inspiration and elation all through my years. I have never met Ian but will miss him as if I did.
simon rankin, scotland

Pop stars tend to be a pretty vacuous lot, pretty to look at but not worth a decent conversation. Ian Dury was a real genius, a man I would have liked to have just listened to and admired, who you know would have treated you like a friend. What a loss!
Peter Provins, UK

He was an inspiration. He was one of the few disabled people who made it big in music. Seeing him work so hard despite everything made me feel that we can achieve our goals in life no matter what stands in our way. R.I.P
Karen, Scotland

I'll mourn your decline with some thunderbird wine.. Goodnight Lord Upminster
Shaun Kierans, UK

A unique talent who will be much missed.
Dinsdsle, UK

So sad that this genius of a man has lost his battle with cancer. May this brave campaigner rest in peace.
vinny turnbull, england

Cool, Brave, Dude We should all endeavour to give our best at all times
Jon Dent, UK

`Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll` would be my Desert Island Disc. Ian`s lyrics combined with The Blockheads' superb music came to represent so much in my life and reflected my generation with such aplomb. A truly diamond geezer. Our loss is heaven`s gain.
Mark Gurowich, UK

Spurred on by his excellent performance on Later, I managed to see him play live on a couple of occasions and instantly regretted not having made the effort sooner. My own mother died last year from the same illness as Ian, which made me want to root for him all the more and has made his passing so much more difficult to bear. Right now, I see him gigging away in Heaven with his own hero Gene Vincent.
Giles, England

Ian was an inspiration to everyone. Not only in the last years of his life but throughout his singing career. Even though I never actually met him I always felt a genuine warmth and a 'what you see is what you get' approach to life when seeing him in concert with the Blockheads or on the T.V. He will be sorely missed.
Mark Needham, England

Dury gave us many reason to be cheerful - I'll miss him.
Mark Laurence Scott, Brit in California, USA

A truly inspirational man-I saw him in concert at the Michael Sobell centre in the early 80s and also remember a beautiful TV documentary about him."Shall I mourn your decline?"-certainly.
Julian, USA

He was a true diamond geezer.
Alex Clay, England

A great British eccentric, a gentleman and a scholar gave us all some reasons to be cheerful.
Phil, UK

I remember first seeing Ian Dury in concert around 20 years ago and had seen him several times since. Only recently we were listening to his songs and saying what a great lyricist and musician his was - absolutely brilliant. A sad loss.
Debbie, Hove, UK

What a crying shame! Ian Dury was an amazing individual who made people realise how lucky they truly were.
Charlotte Factor, UK

God rest Ian. You were a one-off in the highest sense.
Neil Greggor, UK

My then partner and I were fortunate enough to see the Blockheads live in Ipswich in the late 70s. Fond memories include the stunning technical wizardry of the band and the brilliant lyrics of the songs, swinging between knockabout humour and wrenching poignancy.

But, above all, there remains in my mind the image of the fragile star in his colourful ankle-length coat, leaning on the mike stand and his walking-stick for support.

In spite of his obvious disabilities, Ian Dury's monumental personality filled the theatre and his high-octane will stubbornly refused to admit tragedy and turned it instead to triumph. Please, let us not forget this wonderful and brave human being.
Paul Block, UK

Ian's What a Waste set the tone for my experience of post-punk music and lyric. He could make the telephone directory sound catchy and amusing. A sad loss who will be remembered for his two fingered approach to music, and the establishment. He sang recently: "It's what you haven't done that matters when you're old." I'll hold that with me for the rest of my days.
Stuart Blackburn, UK

A sad sad loss. I knew Ian during 70s pub rock era when he fronted Kilburn & the High Roads. A true gent and entertainer par excellence. A later day Max Miller. Goodbye Upminster Kid RIP
Bob Inman, UK

I've seen Ian Dury many times but the most memorable are the two occasions a crowd of friends and I saw him after he was diagnosed with cancer.

It wasn't just his act which was awesome, because it always had been, but the strength of his personality. Here was a man on chemo and morphine who was rocking his heart out as if he was 16. His enormous optimism and generosity of spirit were overwhelming. Everyone I met coming out of the Cambridge Corn Exchange last December were high with excitement - the event made us all feel better about the world. He knew illness all his life and wasn't prepared to let it be his enemy. What an unexpected inspiration Ian Dury was.
David Clifford, UK

Thank you from myself and on behalf of the Total Madness Mailing List by which you are held in the highest admiration. You will be missed terribly.
Erika Neininger, England

I saw one of his last live performances at Hay on Wye in June last year. He was in obvious pain onstage yet gave an incredible performance. There were two encores - the audience wanted more - but he simply ran out of songs. The most touching concert I've ever been to.
Sue Charles, UK

The first concert I ever went to was the Blockheads at Hammersmith Odeon; the first album I bought for myself was New Boots & Panties; a large part of my adolescent years was spent listening to Ian's music. He wrote marvellous lyrics and his songs still mean a hell of a lot to me. I will miss him.
Ian Edwards, U.K

I can still remember the first time I heard 'Sweet Gene Vincent' with its terrific change in pace at a friend's house in Leeds. We'll miss you.
Roger Nicholson, Spain

Ian Dury will never be forgotten. For his music, and his charity work, he gave so much to so many. Forever our poet laureate. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
Stuart H, Scotland

Although I did not know the man, he was in my life, and I lived his music. He will be missed by more people than he will have ever realised. Pleasant dreams, matey.
Bob Young, UK

He charismatically led his band to perform outstanding music but uniquely, he included much humour and wit in his lyrics which to me, was what made their shows so special. Ian Dury knew how to balance fine music with happy lyrics. He will be very much missed.
Jon, UK

My hero, my inspiration, the guy I listened to when I felt down. Ian was so much to me, so much to all of us. Ian helped me, so I helped him. I set up a website at about him, now that he has gone we should all remember his life, his wonderful music. Rest In Peace Ian, we love you...
Paul Wassell, UK

I saw Ian Dury as someone more human than most.
Manuel Martin Fernandez, Spain.

I first saw Ian and the Blockheads in the seventies on Rock Goes to College or some such BBC TV show. It was a revelation - beautifully crafted lyrics and a gloriously tight band. I went on to see the Blockheads live a few times, and although I missed out on a few of the later albums, Ian has a special place in my heart. My childern love the music too, Holly (5) can recite most of Reasons to be Cheerful. One less reason today I guess. Thanks for everything Ian - I'll not forget it. Much love, Dave.
Dave Carss, Scotland

A legend has passed. RIP Ian.
Paul Hunsdon, UK

Ian Dury was an icon of my youth, appearing on ToTP with the Blockheads when I was a nine-year-old. Even at that age his performances and songs made a lasting impression on me and I'm sure I won't be alone in feeling a distinct sense of loss for someone I never knew personally but who gave so much of himself to both popular music/culture and the many isssues of conscience for which he was such an articulate representative. Thanks Ian, we'll miss you.
Paul Funnell, UK

I saw him at the Guildford Festival 1998 and even though he had to be helped on stage and I was shocked by his appearance once he started to perform all the trappings of illness disappeared and we were all teenagers again.
Alison Smith, UK

A man of his time whose music will live on.
Wendie Teppett, London, England

Alas, another one-off and unique talent leaves the music scene making life in the world that little bit duller. A top bloke with a cool attitude.
Alan Reid, UK

A true gem in the world of rock and pop. He won't be forgotten.
Bob, UK

"Hit Me" was the first record I ever bought. "LEGEND"
Craig, England

I attended a concert two months ago in Norwich and apart from being helped on and off stage his illness didn't stop him. He still could put on a great show.
Duncan Palmer, UK

What a waste.
Dom, England

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