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Donkeys with nappies: Your comments
You've been responding to the news that donkeys are to wear nappies in Kenya.

Read a selection of your comments below.

I was interested to see your piece about donkeys and nappies. I think a basket could be designed to catch the droppings, as these are an excellent manure when well rotted down. We keep some donkeys, and collect the droppings daily. I would like to think about a design for a basket that can be attached to the donkey with a strap or rope and would be easy to empty. Let me know if I can help.
Antonia Young, Wiltshire England

I have never heard of such a thing in my entire life. Here in Zimbabwe animals are not allowed in cities and towns. The problem here is it is their mode of transport and they can't forbid their people from earning a living. But if other places are doing it then they can copy though donkeys can really kick.
Phossina Mapfumo, Harare, Zimbabwe

Ooooooh God! This is really interesting!!! A donkey in a Napkin!!!? This is the joke of the year. I thought these are things only seen in cartoons. So what happens when the napkin is full? What does the owner do? And what if the donkey has some kind of diarrhoea?
Samuel Tukamushaba, Kampala, Uganda

Is this a joke or what. I cannot imagine seeing a donkey in pampers or nappies. Sustainable development at its best eh! Sounds like a good idea though.
Justin, Harare, Zimbabwe

Limuru council should get 10 donkey carts.The drivers go around picking the droppings.This should be emptied in a very large pit on council grounds.All grass clippings and other dead plant material be added to it.When the compost is ready council should sell 1 kilo or 2 kilo bags for fertiliser.
Kersi Rustomji, Jindera, Australia

It's absurd, to put napkins on a donkey. I think the prudent thing to do is for the local council to impose levy on every donkey owner. Maybe about 20 shillings per donkey per month. The collected tax could be used to employ our youth who sit idle to go clean the streets littered with donkey refuse. Further more the collected dung could be recycled as a source of energy (biomass).
Daudi Kabaka, Nakuru

My wife and I recently visited the Prince's Islands in Turkey. The horse carriages there were the primary mode of transportation and the horses all came equipped with a bag tied to their rearends, serving pretty much the same purposes that the nappies in Kenya are apparently meant to. We rode round the "Big Island' on one of these carriages and did not find any droppings on the streets. The idea works, it seems!
Khurram Rashid, Karachi, Pakistan

It is an interesting story "donkey wearing nappies" - ha ha ha.
Alex, Abuja, Nigeria

This is fun. Do you think its only donkeys which dirty in the streets of Kenya. What about cows, goats, chicken etc. Is the law going to work on all this animals other than donkeys only? What I think the authorities can do is to impose more tax to all those who have animals such that money is used to pay the cleaners. How many nappies will one buy anyway as long as the donkeys are still living.
Muyama Miria Eunice, Kampala, Uganda

If you use Johnson's baby powder the donkeys will not kick. They like it.
Zacarias Tadeu, Matola, Mozambique

Well, I never knew it had come to this but come to think of it, it can be the ninth wonder of the world with so many donkeys clad in napkins. Its unique. Lovely day.
Elijah Gakomo, Eldoret, Kenya

I've seen chickens wear nappies because the local residents around the farm were complaining about the smell and mess so I can easily imagine a donkey wearing one. However I do agree it is ridiculous and cruel.
Alistair, Edinburgh

It's really not good to put a nappy on the donkey, the donkey can kick very strong once if you touch him/her at the back. A nappy is only meant for human not animals. If they want to keep the town or country clean then they should employ more people for instance to sweep or I mean to clean.
Wilhelmina Eises, Namibia, Windhoek

Wangari, USA

This is a crazy idea.
peter, Bungoma

I think Mr Kuria is mad and need psychiatric review either that or he's very thick. Is he going to pay for the nappies?
Monicah, Tadley

I just dont understand what the council is trying do, the best solution is to restrict (no go areas) the donkeys owners in the city center or create one place to keep them within the City.
Kermundu Justin , Kampala, Uganda

I just cant wait for the adverts of a loving mother donkey wrapping her smiley, yet bemused faced foal in this ridicoulous garment.
Jake, Dudley, UK

On a recent holiday in Fuengirola Spain I noticed that the horses pulling the carts along had nappies on, but they looked more like small hammocks to me. What with that and cows with bad breath what is the world coming to?!
Graham, Selsdon, UK

The town residents must invite the honorable mayor to start this campaign, let the mayor tie a nappy around a donkey to kick-start this noble operation.
Shazid, Bangalore, India

That is a fantastic idea and the Mayor should be commended for taking a stand. I have seen horses wear bags that collect their poop and then they are emptied every few hours. A good example are the city tour horses in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Nick, Los Angeles, USA

I think the idea is absolutely ridiculous, there must be another way. Apart from causing the donkey discomfort, there are other issues regarding the health of the donkey such as chafing and sores leading to infection. What about portable muck heaps? A skip that is put in the worst area and then the manure taken to local farmers.
Becks, London, UK

I have only seen a diapper-clad pet dog, not a donkey. But if that can happen to a dog for the same reason, why not a donkey. Keep Limuru clean.
Chelule, USA

A donkey wearing a nappy? What kind of ridiculous idea is that? That is completely unkind to the Donkey, I am sure that there will be plenty of animal activists on the back of this story! I have just spent two weeks in Lindos, Rhodes and the donkeys leave dropping there but they have someone who sweeps it up behind them, sure it stinks, but it is nature! Leave it be!
Carey, Milton Keynes, UK

I live close to Limuru, though I have not been home in four years. A nappy on a donkey! This is just sheer madness. The mayor should get a mental check up if this is his policy answer to donkey defecation in Limuru Town. Does his Worship also plan to round up all the stray dogs that dot every nook and cranny of the town and put nappies on them as well? I mean, he doesn't want to discriminate against donkeys, does he?
Josh, Washington, USA

All horses in Cuba, pulling carts, have a canvas behind them. I could not decide if it were meant to keep the city clean, or collect fertilizer, so I asked: It is only for cleanlines.
Anibal, Federal, Argentina

If the donkey needs a nappy, why not other pets like dogs and cats as well as hens?
Urani, France

Ridiculous idea to put a nappy on a donkey. The donkey should be taken to the toilet every morning before going out to work. Or maybe tell the street sweepers to "get their fingers out" and start sweeping.
Bill, Chester, UK

Pretty astonishing but foolish!
Asjok, Karachi, Pakistan

While traveling to Europe I have noticed pet keepers clean up after their animals while taking it for a walk. Surely people in Kenya can do the same. A lot easier and much safer than the nappy task. All parties contentment is ensured.
Arif, Dubai, UAE

I have never seen a donkey clad in a nappy. Does the municipality guy know how much a nappy costs? Let us refrain from making impossible rules for the poor trader and farmer.
P. Chienda, Lilongwe, Malawi

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