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Do children get decent schooling?
Children taking part in BBC's Africa Have Your Say education programme in Abuja

The BBC's Africa Have Your Say programme is examining the state of primary school education in Africa. On Wednesday we are asking: Are we giving our children the kind of education that they need, want and deserve?

Children at a school in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, contributed to the show.

Read some of their views below or to hear the whole programme, tune into Africa Have Your Say at 1600 GMT on Wednesday 20 June 2007.

What do the Nigerian children think about the education they are getting?

I don't feel comfortable in class and my stomach churns because I keep thinking that I am going to get into trouble. I want our teachers to just be calm and if we do something wrong, please, please give us a chance to just correct that mistake.
MC, Abuja

I get into trouble if I come late to school - it is not my fault if there are accidents on the road.
Al Hassan, Abuja

If we do something bad then the teacher must tell us, but not yelling at us. Just tell us not to do it again. When they were explaining something to us, I didn't get it and so I asked for them to explain again but again I still didn't get it. Then, when I asked, he yelled at me.
Nelly, Abuja

I don't like it when I don't understand and the teacher says that I am asking foolish questions
Abdullahi, Abuja

I don't like the way my teacher flogs us. There is no light at home and so I can't do my homework but he tells me not to make excuses. Flogging is only for goats and cows.
Anonymous, Abuja

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