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French voters' views: Hazem Eseifan
Hazem Eseifan
Name: Hazem Eseifan
Age: 33
Lives: Paris
Works: Analyst
Voted: Sarkozy

I voted for Sarkozy but with a heavy heart in the end.

I did not want to see him win by a landslide, as I believe he needs a counter-balance.

Maybe this can be achieved in the June parliamentary elections, but if his party makes further gains next month, we'll just end up with him as 'king', and he would be unstoppable.

Sarkozy raised expectations to giddy heights during the campaign. Now he must deliver.

He says he will have a new set of laws in place by the end of the year. If he can achieve that, it would be impressive.

I agree with him on some issues but am opposed to him on others.

I agree with him on the economy but I will be watching closely to see how he delivers on the issue.

The important thing is to ensure that he is not simply interested in making the rich richer and ignoring the poor.

He is trying to bring us closer to the US or British economic model, but as far as I can see this has not benefited the poor in these countries.

He has also spoken about introducing a Marshall Plan for the suburbs. Whether this will work or not, I'm not sure. What is certain is the suburbs need lots of investment.

I don't think he'll change much on foreign policy. What I do see are stronger links with Germany within the EU.

So I have my reservations, but after 12 years of stagnation under Chirac, any change is good.

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