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French voters' views: Helios Chardon
Helios Chardon
Name: Helios Chardon
Age: 22
Lives: Saint Brieuc
Works: Student
Voted: Royal

I am disappointed once more, but now we must look ahead.

Mr Sarkozy made many promises during the campaign. Now we must wait and see if he can deliver.

We must be pragmatic and give him our support. He should be given a chance to get on with his job.

If we are open-minded now, he can concentrate on creating social peace in France.

If he does not succeed or deliver on his pledges then it will be time to demonstrate again.

Although I didn't vote for him, I do see some benefits from having him as president, particularly when I look at his defence and foreign policies.

I am in favour of any politician who wants to make France great again, internationally and domestically, and he says he wants to do just that.

I am also in favour of his plans to build a second aircraft carrier, which Segolene Royal was opposed to.

I would like to see him create a diverse cabinet, with at least a couple of ministers from Francois Bayrou's new party.

I'm not sure if Bayrou himself will, or should, accept a cabinet position, if offered one.

He may not want to get burned by any mistakes this government makes and simply concentrate on the next French presidential election.

I will continue to support him politically. He will have a big say in the parliamentary elections.

As for Segolene Royal, she has a few knives to remove from her back at the end of a tough campaign.

She will carry on representing the Socialist Party I think, unless the older members of the party have anything to say about that.

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