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French voters' views: Josette Gendreau
Josette Gendreau
Name: Josette Gendreau
Age: 59
Lives: Clermont-Ferrand
Works: Teacher
Voted: Sarkozy
The result of the French election is exactly the one I was expecting so you can imagine how satisfied I am.

Nicolas Sarkozy was the only candidate who could be trusted to lead France and he deserved to win.

Segolene Royal never outlined any real policies.

Her tactic of telling voters she "would take good care of the French" backfired, as the French replied "we are mature enough to take good care of ourselves, thank you".

Now Sarkozy is in power, he must concentrate on re-uniting the French.

He was demonised by the left-wing parties throughout the campaign and he must prove he is not the 'scarecrow' or the 'fascist' they have depicted.


He will have to quickly tackle the social and economic problems France has accumulated in the recent years - unemployment, the 35-hour week, the national debt, high taxes, unrest in the suburbs and immigration.

As he suggested in his first speech as president-elect, he must also reassure our European partners as well as our American allies of his position, and Africa must also not be forgotten.

The only fear I have is that the unrest taking place in the suburbs, fuelled by people dissatisfied with the result, will only get worse.

I hope the parliamentary elections in June will give Sarkozy a huge majority so that he can quickly deal with this problem.

But let's be optimistic and as the writer Jean Giraudoux wrote: "This has got a beautiful name, it is called dawn."

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