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Bank card scam woes
Here is a selection of your stories, claiming money was stolen from bank accounts after paying for petrol with bank cards.

I was phoned by my bank last night to say that it looks like my card has been cloned. Someone had used it to withdraw 400 pounds in Malaysia. She explained that it was more than likely to have happened at a franchised petrol station such as Shell or BP which I use a lot. So now I shall be taking my business to supermarket petrol stations and only using cash. I feel like closing down all my internet accounts and reverting back to cheque book banking.
Nick Tompkins, London, UK

I had over 1,000 pounds taken from my account this month from a BP garage in Essex
Brian Stead, Essex

I had my card skimmed whilst using a BP garage - a total of 1200 pounds was taken from my account- I will never ever buy fuel from BP again - I now only buy supermarket fuel - which I consider to be a safer option than franchised companies.
Ty Wheatcroft, Smallfield. Surrey

My mother found out last week that around 600 had been taken out of her bank account in eleven separate transactions spread over the space of 15 minutes. The bank revealed that the money had been withdrawn in Jakarta. She has since discovered the problems emanated from a BP garage in Staffordshire where she used her card to pay for petrol.
Rob Kewley, Staffordshire, UK

Yes, I was hit by this scam, they took the money out on Christmas Day!, mostly knowing I wouldn't be checking my account then. My suspicions were also for a petrol station in Northampton, that I had visited a few days previously.
Ben Brandwood, Leeds, UK

They took 800 using my card, from a cash machine in Eygpt. It makes you feel sick and violated! The worst thing worse, my bank took 2 months to repay the money back to me, and I was treated as if I was a lying - they thought I had either given my pin number to someone or taken the money out myself!

I blame the banks and financial institutions for their lack of customer services. It is a disgrace for these institutions to put blame on a third world country group for their inability to protect their customers in the world's 4th largest economy. After my credit card expired my replacement card was stolen by the couriers and someone managed to activate the card and even change the statement address without any identity proof; the rest is a nightmare on my credit scoring.
Bahee, London

About 500 taken from my bank in late January. Could have been one of 3 garages in Bristol under suspicion. The money was withdrawn in India. Had little knowledge that anything was amiss at any point apart from one garage that took 3 guys to make each transaction...
Andrew Backinsell, Bristol, UK

My credit card was skimmed at our local BP garage before Christmas, along with lots of other people's. They had set up a CCTV camera to watch the PIN numbers being entered, and were skimming the magnetic strip behind the counter. They tried to use my card on the internet, but the bank picked it up and stopped the card immediately. I don't know if the criminals were ever prosecuted, but the garage changed hands suddenly and has all new staff now.
Rob Findlay, Shropshire, UK

I queried purchases for amounts of fuel charged to my credit card in towns I have never visited in my life. Barclaycard investigated but said the card and pin had been presented at the petrol stations so it must have been bought by me. The transactions were for all for around 50, my car holds 30 of fuel maximum! I cancelled my account with them as they have demonstrated they are unwilling to protect me from fraud.
Jamie Bassett, London, England

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