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French voters' views: Josette Gendreau
Josette Gendreau
Name: Josette Gendreau
Age: 59
Lives: Clermont-Ferrand
Works: Teacher
Current voting intention: Sarkozy
I entered into this campaign with an open mind on who to vote for, as I always do.

After looking at all the candidates closely, I have now decided the only one I can vote for at this stage is Nicolas Sarkozy.

We need some law and order in this country and he is strong on this important issue.

As a teacher at a state school, I really notice that there is no longer a culture of respect in our society - and that is not just among students and young people, but among parents and adults.

There is certainly no respect for teachers. Parents and students just go around saying "I have rights", with no consideration for anyone else. I want to see this addressed.

In addition, I'm not even in the worst area, I can only imagine what it is like for teachers in the suburbs of the major urban areas across France.

Mr Bayrou's record in education is not good.

As minister for education, he had huge problems with the teachers' unions, and appeared weak when dealing with them.

So I couldn't vote for him because of that.

However, he will get the vote of many teachers as they traditionally vote for the left, but won't be voting for Segolene Royal.

Like me, they feel she has made too many blunders during her campaign and has no clear idea what she wants to achieve as president.

The economy is also obviously important to me and again Mr Sarkozy appears strong in his proposals for the economy.

If the Socialists or the centrists were voted in, the economy would go into decline.

Mr Sarkozy says he will reduce taxes and that is very appealing.

If taxes go up, it is always people like my husband and I - the middle class - who pay the price.

I also like his proposal on the 35-hour work week. I agree with him that if someone wants to work longer hours, they should be allowed to do so.

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