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French voters' views: Helios Chardon
Helios Chardon
Name: Helios Chardon
Age: 22
Lives: Saint Brieuc
Works: Student
Current voting intention: Bayrou

I will vote for Francois Bayrou.

The issues I consider important for France are foreign affairs and defence.

I would like to see a more integrated Europe with France leading the way. I also want to see a strong France internally and internationally.

I think Mr Bayrou is the best candidate to achieve this, because I think that, for once, France should have a president able to reach compromises.

His critics say that he is not very strong or experienced, and that is perhaps a concern for voters.

However, if he is elected and has the support of parliament, he can assemble a diverse cabinet that represents the values of the left and right.

He has given solutions for tackling the problems in the suburbs by allowing the return of essential public services to these communities.

At the moment, many problems in the suburbs stem from the fact that there is no proper transport, education or employment offices in these areas.

But if the state re-invests in these communities, many of the problems can be tackled, I believe.

Mr Bayrou also comes from a farming background, so he understands the different interests of rural and urban voters, which is important to me as someone who lives in Brittany, but has also previously lived in Paris.

I hesitated earlier in the campaign over who to vote for. I initially thought about voting for Segolene Royal, but I don't like her policies.

Similarly Mr Sarkozy is too tough and goes too far on law enforcement and security.

I'm not sure if Mr Bayrou has a realistic chance of being elected, to be honest, but with so many French voters still undecided, nothing is certain at this stage.

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