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What do Iranians think of the Gulf crisis?
HMS Cornwall
How can the stand-off between the UK and Iran be resolved?

Listeners to the BBC World Service's Persian broadcasts have been writing to bbcpersian.com with their views. These are some of their comments:


I've read some of the comments on the English site. I must say that your government is much more despised than the Israeli and American ones in Iran. Also you must know that British Empire time is all over, the time that you were in charge of Iran. You should know that we are not fearful of any military attack by you, as some of the commentators on English site suggested. We are waiting for you to give you a long lasting lesson, very much like the one you are going through in Iraq.
Saeed Theran, Iran

Iranians protect their country by all the necessary means, but gathering in front of a foreign embassy and causing horror is one thing that all Iranians should avoid. The individuals who are committing these sorts of acts are following their own agenda and resulting in distorting the act of Iranian border patrols in protecting their country.
Hedayat, Iran

I believe the existing conflict should not be escalated any more and the matter should be resolved as soon as possible by sending back the marines to their country and families.
Ali, Shiraz, Iran

Iranian government requires public support, they create a conflict to gain support over a particular cause. Otherwise it was not the first time that British forces have entered Iranian soil illegally. It is neither the patriotism nor terrorism but continues of the old power projection between Iran and US.
Habib, Shiraz, Iran

British government is not trusted by the Iranians over their meddling in Iran politics in the last century. They should apologies for their all imperialistic behaviour first; this might ease up the situation.
Omid, India

Why you brits are thinking that you still can do whatever you want under the US support. There are comments on the English site on taking military action against Iran even using nuclear bomb, you see this is the reason that we should develop a nuclear bomb to stand against such desires.
Reza, Canada


I think Britain and Iran should solve this problem. But it takes time and patience. Iranian regime did this to divert its nuclear issue in order to get people around the world to forget its ambition to get nuclear bomb. Besides, Those students had protest in front of British Embassy are not ordinary students . They are state students (Basigi) and do not represent Iranian students at all. In fact they are spy of Iranian regime in universities.Most students hate Iranian policy around the world.
Anonymous, Tehran

I think the problem was with the maps english sailors were given to. When the Persian Gulf is wrongly changed to the Gulf then it is so possible that the borders are drawn wrongly too. damn the maps!!. Dont' forget millions of peopple died over these borders not so many years ago.
Saeed, Tehran

UK should respect Iran since they entered to Iranian water illigally and I think they should apologize for this and for sure Iran will release them ASAP. But it Britain do not do this, It is likely that Iran put them on trail.
Hesam, Tehran

Let us not forget that the British do not back down. They are doing everything they can to not flex their muscle and we should be very thankful for this so far. just over 20 years ago, they sent their navy to take back a bunch of rocks in the south pole, what do you think they will do when they do not get back their children that have been captured by our iranian forces? I beg the iranian government to release the British soldiers before it is we the people who end up taking the punishment.
Samajid, Tehran

Being a human being first and a muslim second, I want the families of the captured marines to know that my prayers are with their loved ones every moment of day and night. The present Iranian government is hell bent on bringing destruction upon itself; and it will be us women and kids who will suffer the most; while these war - mongering mullahs will safely retire to their bunkers. A majority of us Iranians are much like you in the West. But the sad part is that we had the Islamic Revolution.
Fatima, Tehran

Instead of arresting them, it was better if they issued warnings to these British marines, if they really had entered Iranian territories, and then guide them to the International waters. In such intense situation, it is not to the benefit of Iran to get itself involved in another political row.
Babak, Tehran

Somebody (either Iranians or the British) has made a mistake and it does not need so much hue and cry! The story is becoming more like the arrest of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah in Lebanon, which resulted in a month's of killing in that country. I am very surprised at Tony Blair's remarks, which makes the situation even more sensitive. It is not a positive step towards resolving the issue.
Behnam Beikzadeh

I think it seems impossible to say where exactly these marines where arrested, but I hope the Iranian government would release them as soon as possible, especially because of the current situation of Iran towards international community. I think with regards to the recent remarks by Ayatollah Khamenei who said Iran might resort to illegal means (if the West does anything illegal towards Iran), it might be the case the Iran wants to get some concessions by arresting the UK marines. I hope they act more wisely about this issue.
Nima, Dubai

Although I feel no compassion for the detained British sailors, but have to say that Iran's regime has acted far from expediency. I have no doubt that the sailors will not be subject to any torture and that they will be released very soon. Once again the Iranian regime will survive a crisis created by itself.
Alireza, Tehran

It is not important if the British sailors had really entered the Iranian waters or not. They were detained because of certain political circumstances and they will be released again under new political circumstances. It is useless to argue about the sailor's location. Because everything that happens in our country is politically motivated.
Asad, Iran

The so called Iranian officials are spoiling the reputation of our country. When our own people are getting detained and forced to confess under torture - many of whom later deny their confessions - one can guess how our reputation is going to be spoiled when such an act is done to a foreigner.
Kaveh Ahangar

I feel no compassion for the British sailors. They are transgressors and deserve to be punished. I am completely sure that the British sailors are safe and have not been subject to any torture. In my opinion Iran has detained them in a move to secure the release of the Iranian diplomats (held by the Americans in Iraq).
Mehrdad, Sydney

In my opinion the Brits are exaggerating the situation. With the current circumstances, It is inconceivable that Iran would have detained these soldiers with no reason. Actually, quite opposite to their propaganda, the Iranians are very careful not to give the west any excuse. I think such a risky act by Iran shows that the Iranians have really lost their patience. One should really be bigheaded to come and invade a country from the other side of the world and then to violate its neighbours borders and expect no reaction at all.
Morteza, New York

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