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TKMaxx: Your comments

Hackers have stolen information from at least 45.7 million payment cards used by customers of US retailer TJX, which owns TJ Maxx, and UK outlet TKMaxx.

In a statement to US watchdogs the firm said it did not know the full extent of the theft and its effect on customers.

Your comments and experiences:

I used my credit card in TKMaxx, Doncaster late February/early March 2007 to make a purchase and then a refund (with receipt). My card details were compromised within a couple of days.
Sue Dalby, Doncaster

My wife and I have used debit cards in TKMAxx and I am concerned our details may have been stolen. My wife has recently had 2,000 removed from her account in illegal transactions. This seems to be all to easy to do these days, when security is supposed to be getting better. I must admit I am finding this hard to believe
Mike Oaten, Trowbridge

Last month I was alerted by my credit card company of potential fraudulent transactions. Those that I had details of were in the USA and Stockport (UK) on the same day. There were more that they didn't give me any details of. My wife uses TKMaxx regularly with that credit card. The USA connection would point to this card being one of those whose details were stolen in this way.
Jeff, Wigan, Lancashire

I have been a loyal customer to TKMaxx for its quality and value for money products. No wonder my address was once used to obtain a credit card by someone else although I am very protective with my details, etc. My advise to everybody is to get an Experian subscription as they will alert you with unusual changes on your credit file.
E B , Great Yarmouth

Why oh why has this not been revealed before as the company knew about it 3 months ago? If this has happened at this company how many more stores are going to reveal the same has happened? Nothing is safe any more! We need to go back to cash spending to stop these crooks from operating. Who have they arrested for doing this?
Lorraine Harris, Portsmouth

I shop quite often at TKMaxx in Croydon & Merton stores and in the last 2 months I have been a victim of Identity Theft. Of course, I cannot say the source of the problem has been via my purchases at TKMaxx, it might be worth mentioning that before Xmas I was asked at the payment counter to fill in a form with my address as the store was doing market research on their customers catchment areas. My name and address has been used to open credit accounts with: Virgin Mobile, T Mobile, Littlewoods catalogue, and requests of Credit Card Accounts have been made so far with Asda & Royal Bank of Scotland... This has caused me a considerable ammount of distress, worry and upset, even if, so far,
I have not suffered any actual financial loss.
Luisa Bonora, London

I have just one question. Why are these companies putting their customers at risk by storing card details? It should be a case of process the card then delete the details. Then we won't have to worry about hackers stealing them.
Scott Gipson, St Neots

This must now bring into question the security of all supposedly secure sites, both in store and particularly on the internet.It is obviously impossible for these sites to be 100% secure.
Eileen Spencer, Mansfield

My wife has used cards at TKMaxx, and last August my debit card was cloned, resulting in fraudulent withdrawals in excess of 3,000 from my bank account. The money was eventually reimbursed by the bank. I'm now left wondering if the two are linked. Using chip and pin is not as safe as a good old fashioned signature. I have used cheques, debit and credit cards for over 27 years and it's only since the banks and card companies have been using latest technology that I have been defrauded.
Saad, London

What advantages does paying for goods electronically have over paying with cash? This is also a health and safety issue on a grand scale. The security of customers and employees of any company who do business with each other is clear and in this instance the company has not provided a safe environment for its customers. Where there is blame there is a claim.
Michael Watkins, Leeds

Retail companies should not be allowed to store these details. There are specialist companies who provide payment services who invest huge amounts in security as it is their primary business. The law needs to change to ensure that only these companies can approve and hold our details.
Lee Jalowiec, Newbury

Why are stores keeping our credit card information? I thought we paid at point of sale and the cards went through the credit or debit card computers for authorisation - why would TK Maxx be holding these details? Do all shops do this?
Hattie Ertepinar, London

I have had my card details stolen in February. I used TKMaxx in January for the first time on about 6 seperate occasions. I also returned two items. This is the first time my details have ever been stolen. The card was used in Italy.
Nyell Driver, Leeds

I am concerned about the lack of security regarding my card details. You expect to be able to have complete confidence with the store you are shopping with. It seems to have taken a while to announce this scare.
Eileen Laird, Glasgow

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