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Wednesday, 16 February, 2000, 12:33 GMT
Your tributes to the creator of Peanuts

The creator of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Charles M Schulz, has died aged 77.

His Peanuts cartoon appeared in various newspapers and magazines world-wide and in 21 different languages.

Are you one of the estimated 350m people who enjoyed his work?

Send us your tributes to a cartoonist who brought a smile to millions of readers.


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I'm sure Schultz had a beagle, there is no other way someone could describe so well such a wonderful dog. Every time I watch my dog, standing on top of his house I happily remember Snoopy and all Charlie Brown's gang. The world has lost probably the most amazing cartoonist in the world; but we still have his work. Thank you very much Schultz...
Luis Felipe Bravo, Chile

My mother brought a snoopy video tape home when I was about 6years old. She told me that I would watch this video hundreds of times over and over again and get excited every part of the video. Thank you Mr. Schulz for making memories for me and my family. May he rest in peace.
Suresh V. Rajasinghe, South Africa

The humanity and sometimes painful realities related in the Peanuts strip were of immense comfort to me growing up in adverse circumstances
Kevin Brown, USA
The humanity and sometimes painful realities related in the Peanuts strip were of immense comfort to me growing up in adverse circumstances. As long as a Peanuts book was around, I was never alone. Thanks forever, Chuck.
Kevin Brown, USA

I have been reading Peanuts in the newspapers ever since I was young. It was always "there". It is so hard to believe Charles Schultz is gone and we can no longer enjoy his comics.
Yue Sern Mok, Tasmania, Australia

I enjoyed reading Peanuts and I am sad my children will not have the same enjoyment I had waiting to read the next strip day after day.
Manoj, Malaysia

I want to say "thank you" to Mr. Schulz for leaving us such a wonderful treasure.
Maki Darwin, USA
He was a person who believed in his dream and succeeded at what he loved. For almost fifty years, many people have loved his cartoon because his characters have the same childlike concerns and fears that we all know.
I've had so much familiar attachment to his characters, especially Snoopy, since I was a kid. I want to say "thank you" to Mr. Schulz for leaving us such a wonderful treasure. I couldn't stop crying. This was the second time that I cried over a celebrity's death. The first time was when Audrey Hepburn died in January 1993.
Maki Darwin, USA

Over my thirty-five years, I have managed to collect close to 50 Peanuts reprints books (as well as other memorabilia), many of which I have had since childhood. Reading these books over and over has helped me get through many a rough period in my life. I especially have identified with Charlie Brown and Linus, both for their insecurities about life and their perseverance in the face of adversity.
I have been a big fan of Peanuts since I was a boy and am very sorrowful to see it end. Mr. Schulz will be greatly missed indeed.
Charles, USA

The truth is, the creator is gone, but the creatures will live by themselves. Because all of them has a little bit of your eternal spiritual flame. Good bye Charlie Schulz, Hello Charlie Brown
Sergio Giavarina, Brazil

So funny, eloquent and universal.
Alex Van Massenhove, USA
I still have one remaining glass from the 'Camp Snoopy' Collection, depicting a joyous Snoopy running through a field of wildflowers thinking "civilisation is overrated!". Our family cherishes it. I also loved the strip in which Charlie Brown is in bed thinking: "Sometimes I just lie awake at night and ask, 'Why me?'". The next panel shows God replying, "It's nothing personal, your name just came up." So funny, eloquent and universal. Those are just two examples of a multitude of why Charles Schultz will be truly missed.
Alex Van Massenhove, USA

Does anyone remember Lucy and, I think, Charlie Brown (or maybe Linus) looking up at the stars and one of they wonders (in Schulz's beautiful English) "how many do you think there are?" And little Lucy -- she was really small then -- replies, "Ten?" Peanuts was often poignantly beautiful. And funny. And wonderfully fanciful (special thanks for that amazing dog, Snoopy). What a cartoonist!
Carmen, USA

It always seemed that 'peanuts' would go on forever. Now, with a sudden jolt we have to face this is the end. For as long as I can remember this cartoon strip has given continuous pleasure. To say it will be missed seems trite. I cannot fully express my thanks to this man for the gentle pleasure he has given me for the greater part of my life. Sorely missed.
Brian Henderson, England

The world lost a great cartoonist in Charles Schultz. No one can write a good character like Snoopy, Charlie Brown, etc. Thanks, for the memories, Charles.
Eli Geisinger, United States

Thank you Mr. Shulz for bringing laughs to our lives. We will miss you and never forget you. Peppermint Patty was my favourite along with good hearted Charlie Brown. Thank you for your excellent work. Rest in peace; heaven is just so happy to have somebody like you among them.
Nelly M., Switzerland

Everybody have a little Charlie Brown (or "Carlitos" in Spanish) in our heart. I feel very sad. Thanks Sparky for all the precious gifts.
Jesus Quintero, Mexico

I will always remember my most favourite stuffed animal growing Snoopy dog.
E. Price, USA
My, what a loss...what sadness. I will always remember my most favourite stuffed animal growing Snoopy dog. How I loved him and Peanuts. Mornings will never be the same. Thanks so much Mr. Schultz for sharing your life with the rest of us. You and Snoopy will always remain in my heart. Peace now!
E. Price, USA

In a world all to often ruled by cynicism and 'self', Peanuts brought wonderfully refreshing and unaffected joy to so many people. Charles Schultz and his little family will be missed and mourned by all.
Mark Rees, USA

I will always identify with Charlie Brown, his anxiety and his willingness to keep trying
Steven Dunn, USA
I was saddened this morning upon learning of the passing of Mr. Charles Schulz. PEANUTS and their many adventures have been an everyday part of my life for as long as I can remember. I will always identify with Charlie Brown, his anxiety and his willingness to keep trying. Thank you Mr Schulz, for not only teaching me about life, but also teaching me a little about myself. You are sadly missed, but you, Charlie Brown and his friends will always be remembered fondly. PEANUTS will always have a special place in my heart.
Steven Dunn, USA

My favourite strip was one about 25 years ago where Lucy asks Charlie Brown what are the 3 certainties in life while he starts to run up to kick the football. He replies "death and taxes" but cannot remember the third until Lucy inevitably takes the ball away at the last minute and he lands flat on his back. Then he remembers!
Richard Barnett, United Kingdom

My favourite all-time moment in Peanuts was Lucy shaking her fist at the sky at night, yelling "you stupid darkness" after her brother told her in his profound way its better to light a single candle than curse the darkness. I see myself in both characters and will mourn this special man who made me laugh for most of my 49 years on earth.
Tim Shorrock, USA

Our jump start for the day...we will miss you Charlie B.
Marg Matye, USA

When I was young, long ago, I remember literally rolling on the floor laughing. I was reading an old Charlie Brown book from the 50's. In one strip Charlie and Snoopy are drooling over some chocolates. "Mmmmmmmmm." They each eat one and immediately spit them back out. "Coconut!!" they exclaim. Even now decades later it still makes me chuckle. I know I've done that exact same thing several times. How many people in the world share that moment with Charlie Brown and I?
Osiris Johnson, Hawaii, USA

My two favorites are from Snoopy Come Home and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. My favorite from SCH is Snoopy and Woodstock whistling while preparing their meal in the forest. My favorite from Great Pumpkin is Charlie Brown's famous lyric "I got a rock" I'm deeply saddened to hear of the death of Mr. Schultz. He will be greatly missed.
Kim Dunn, USA

In 1998 Sept, when McDonalds introduced 28 Snoopy with different countries' style, I laughed at the long lines of people buying them. But today I think I have got to love Snoopy. You know I have got altogether 14 different countries of Snoopy.
Irene H P Lee, Hong Kong

Linus and Snoopy were my favourite characters. Their eternal struggle over Linus's blanket fills many warm memories from my childhood. We even had a dog named Snoopy. I suppose many people did.
Matt Tedone, USA

I credit the strip with the fact that it has played a major role in my learning to read
John Karnofsky, USA
I was saddened by the news of Sparky's Death. It feels like I have just lost an old and dear friend. His strip was the only thing that I can say that I have so consistently read over the majority of my life. I credit the strip with the fact that it has played a major role in my learning to read in the first place and the fact that it fostered a love of reading that I still feel today. Mr. Schulz and the Peanuts strip have become an icon of the 20th century. Farewell Sparky.
John Karnofsky, USA

Snoopy is my favourite. He's loveable, cute and funny.
Ching, Malaysia

My favourite strip was the one that went something like this: Linus tells Charlie Brown "I can tell you like the girl with the strawberry colored hair" and Charlie Brown asks "How can you tell?". Linus' reply was "Because when she walked by you tied your peanut butter sandwich in a knot!"
Bill Seeley, USA

No matter how hard he falls after he's been knocked down, Charlie Brown always gets back up. Thus, he is and always will be my favourite. To his loveable creator, I have this to say: "So Long Sweet Charlie Brown." May God bless the Schulz family as the whole world mourns the loss of your loved one with you.
Demara Williams, USA

I shall never forget the time my oldest sister, bound for university study away from home, bestowed upon me her collection of Peanuts books. It was my first introduction to the hopes and fears, anxieties and neuroses of the small children populating that world. At the time, I was just 8 years old. I could relate perfectly to Charlie Brown, whose stomach ached from nervousness just like mine, or Linus, who sought security in his blanket. I quickly read each book given to me (there must have been about 15 or 20) and eventually bought more. I still have them today, and I cherish them. Tonight, it's raining in New York, and a feeling of sadness pervades. But I am grateful for the life of Charles Schultz, and for the wonderful gifts he gave us.
Bill Kravitz, USA

Thanks Charles, for laughter when there could have been tears. I'll miss the little red haired girl.
R Don Martin, USA

Mr Schulz was Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Albert Einstein of the Cartoon world.
Kirit Modha, USA
Mr Schulz was Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Albert Einstein of the Cartoon world.
Kirit Modha, USA

"It was a dark and stormy night", now it is a very sad and grey day.Thank you Charlie for all the joy you gave. God bless you and may flights of angels carry you to you rest.
Garry Chantler, Greece.

Chalres Schulz and his creation Peanuts will be missed for the generation which has read his comic strip for over half a century. His creation will always be remembered with great fondness and mirth.
Romesh, USA

Oh, damn. Me and my brother grew up with Peanuts; it was part of our life. I'll miss him and his work a lot.
Jon Marchant, UK

Charles Schulz had an astonishing gift for conveying a wide spectrum of attitude and emotion with what appeared to be minimal effort. Schulz was, is and will always be, one of my heroes. My proudest possession is a Charles M. Schulz signed original. God bless you, Charlie Brown
John Terris, UK

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Mr Schulz. Your passing made me, a 40-year old man, cry like a child. Charlie Brown will never pitch that no-hitter but you hit one out of the park. May God bless you.
Mike in Boston, USA

Charles Schultz was one of a kind, using everyday common sense to his comic strip that touched millions. He will be sorely missed, along with all of the Peanuts characters who will live on in our memory.
Carolyn Webb, United States

I have been besotted with The Peanuts Gang and especially Snoopy since I was 2 years old. Charles Schulz shall be very sadly missed by myself and my family. I would like to send my condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace Mr Schulz, from one of your devoted fans.
Vivien Taylor, Scotland

I was very saddened to hear that Charles Schulz passed away on the very day that the final Peanuts cartoon strip is published it was only last year that he was battling with cancer and announced his retirement. Now on the day that the final strip is published in newspapers around the world he is pronounced dead. It is a very sad for Peanuts fans around the world.
Gavin Culloty, England

It's so sad but all of us know his work will remain among us through the time Thank you!
Lucas Vicente Fernandez, Brazil

Just as his farewell strip went to the press, there came the news that Charles Schulz passed away. What a sad coincidence, as we, with a smile frozen, see his last comic strip in today's newspapers. He knew he had colon cancer and he sadly decided to retire (we accepted that reluctantly), but I feel you couldn't exit the world, after such a rich legacy, under a better scenario (perhaps to continue to draw and amuse his Maker). He may have just wanted to amuse us all around the world, and he did so well for almost 50 years, but he did manage to contribute so much to our vernacular also. Who can ever forget the characters he created (besides the hapless Charlie Brown, mine was the piano-playing Schroeder who thought that Beethoven was the president of USA).
Riz Rahim, USA

The all time king of the comic strip created some of the best-loved characters with a charm all of their own. It's hard to see how Mr Schulz's shoes will ever be filled. Charlie Brown is fatherless now, long live Peanuts.
Daniel Bevan, UK

I can only recall the words spoke when Abraham Lincoln fell into his eternal slumber: "Now he belongs to the ages." Devastating. But, with the hope that we will remember the lessons he taught, and for all the joy he brought, and for his faith in mankind, I thank you, Charles Schulz. Oddly, it IS a "good" grief.
Adam T. Branting, United States

Thank you Mr Schulz for showing us the simplicity and meaning of life. The world is now a more lonely place.
Yew Weng, Singapore

Gone, but never to be forgotten. Thank you for the excellent humour. May you rest in peace, Mr. Schulz.
Hermann N Hesse, US

When I met my fiance, I soon discovered he was an avid fan and collector of Snoopy memorabilia, which I thought a bit strange for a 27 year old man! Three and a half years later, I not sure which one of us was saddened most by the tragic news of Charles Schultz' death in Snoopy's 50th Anniversary Year.
Caroline Bailey, UK

You were the man who showed the world that comics were a legitimate art form capable of deep personal expression, and you'll be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Sparky.
Brad Brooks, UK

There are two things you ask people of my generation in America: Your favourite Oz character and your favourite Peanuts character. But I think it's safe to say that almost all of us grew up with the stuff, because Schulz' characters transcended the boundaries of generations to win us all over. To a man who made a difference in the world's masses with a few penstrokes a day: farewell Charles Schulz. You will never be forgotten.
D. David, USA

Good grief, Charley Brown! We will miss you.
W Lon Hutchison, USA
We all wanted to dream like Snoopy, but in reality we worried like Charlie Brown. Even so, we learned not to let failure slow us down. Charlie Brown may never have kicked that ball, but he never stopped trying. Thanks Sparky. Many of us will miss you.
Gordon "Gordie" Dufoe, Canada

Dear Charles M Schulz, Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts you left to us. And thank you so much for sharing so much of your humanity. I will miss your gentle spirit and kind heart. I send my deepest condolences to your family. Love always,
Laura Nevins, US

In an increasingly cynical world Charles Schulz wil be remembered as a man who made everybody smile . He will join the great storytellers of childrens/adult fiction into history.
Mick Brown, Australia

Farewell Charles. Prayers for your soul. May your Peanut characters live on to brighten our lives.
Leslie Cheong, Singapore

Thank you Mr Schulz for having brought to your fellow creatures everyday in the past 50 years hope and joy. You are among the great names to be remembered. Your achievement is unparalleled as far as cartoonist is concerned. Now that all your admirers will never be in want of a security blanket even you are not with us, always.
Mukazhi Lau, Hong Kong

The people of the world united in mourning. Rest in Peace Mr Schulz, your parting will be sadly missed and so will your cartoons, especially when Peanuts formed part of one's growing up process.
Lidija Popovic, Cape Town, South Africa

My very first wages, at age 13, were spent on Peanuts anthologies. 22 years later they are still on the shelf here, a little dog-eared and thumbed, but still here. Thanks Mr Schulz. So long, Charlie Brown.
Al Samujh, England

When I met my fiance, I soon discovered he was an avid fan and collector of Snoopy memorabilia, which I thought a bit strange for a 27 year old man! 3 and a half years later, I not sure which one of us was was saddened most by the tragic news of Charles Schultz' death in Snoopy's 50th Anniversary Year.
Caroline Bailey, UK

Seldom has so little meant so much to so many. In the end, those small things that really count. Thanks for reminding us of that. We'll miss you, Mr Schulz.
Gary Bartlett, USA (from NZ)

I'm very sad to hear the bad news. And thank you very much for your peanuts stories. Peanuts is forever for me!
Reiko Watanbe, Japan

I will never forget the wisdom and joy which Peanuts (and especially Snoopy!) gave to me when I was growing up, and continues to do so to this day. I am sure that many others share my sorrow. Thank you Mr. Schultz.
Vincent Tan, Malaysia

The world is a much lonelier place without the gentle humour of Mr Schultz.
Joe Hall, USA
The world is a much lonelier place without the gentle humour of Mr. Schultz. His humour was universal and touched upon the human condition that we all suffer from. We will never forget him and his immortal characters
Joe Hall, Laurel, Maryalnd, USA

Heaven is going to be a better place to hang out, Obrigado Charles!
luiz freire, switzerland

God bless Charles Schultz. His characters reflected his own gentle spirit and love for his fellow man. We will miss Mr Schultz and Charlie Brown.
Frank Crittenden, USA

Thank you Mr Schulz for sharing part of your life with us. Will miss starting my day with a smile and happy feet from snoopy.
Thornton Rose, Jr., North Carolina,USA

Thank you Mr Schulz for the good time! You were a genius and your work will be long remembered.
René Lasanté, Canada

Is it not amazing, that one man with a pen was able to unite the entire world with love, where politics and religion have failed.
H Mac Dougall
I remember Peanuts for the saga about Charlie Brown and the red-headed girl. It reminded me that hope was still alive in those who wanted to love. It is sad that the brain and heart behind Peanuts died a day before Valentine's, but I know hopeful romantics like me will keep his joie de vivre with ourselves forever.
Ren Aguila, The Philippines

I find it ironic that Charles Schulz's very last Peanuts strip came out right when he passed away. He is truly a giant in the field of the daily cartoonist, and just about every cartoonist today owes a huge debt to the style and humanity that is the signature of Schulz's work. He will be seriously missed by everyone who has enjoyed his work.
Raymond Chuang, USA

As a child, I used to spend hours reading my Peanuts books and I still love the cartoons and comic strips. Thank you so much Mr Schulz, you'll be sorely missed.
Claire Spedding, Switzerland

Charles Schulz passing away is like having a death in the family. Every single day of the week and especially on Sunday he was there with his Peanuts cartoons. It was the first thing we turn to look in the newspapers. Thank you, Mr. Schulz for bring much humor, laughter and joy into our living rooms. I join the rest of the world in expressing sorrow. Peanuts will never be the same again.
Fermin F. Torres, New Mexico USA

What a great creator. Some good things come to and end, but somewhere they still will remain, in our hearts forever. Thank you Mr Schulz, a true genius.
Manav Krishan, India

He was a master storyteller. A giant of his medium. One of the funniest and warmest men who ever lived. I do so miss him.
Robert Weichbrodt, Sweden

Is it not amazing, that one man with a pen was able to unite the entire world with love, where politics and religion have failed.
H Mac Dougall, USA

Good Grief! I grew up on Charlie Brown and the gang, watching them grow in number, if not in size. My favourites: Snoopy as the Red Baron, an hilarious figure in his pilot's cap and goggles. He will fly in my memory forever. And Charles Shultz? I will be forever grateful for all the strips that cheered my daily read of events in a sometimes very grim world. So long and thanks.
Eric Watkins, UK

Before I could read I already enjoyed Peanuts. I have been enjoying the comic to this very day! Translation in Dutch is just awesome. Through his wonderful work Mr Schulz will live on, hopefully forever. May he rest in peace.
Helco Prins, The Netherlands

Rest in peace Mr Schulz for your legacy of giving many people smiles and laughter is a rare one indeed. Is there a Nobel Prize for bringing JOY?
Gretl Coudrille, UK

I love Peanuts, my childhood nickname was Peppermint Patty, and snoopy for me is one of my great memories...We love you Mr Schulz
Juliana Albuquerque, Brazil

Thanks for bringing a little joy to every day of my life.
Tim Epstein, England

So Charlie will now never get to kick the ball... You'll be missed.
Chris "Chika" Johnson, UK

I will sincerely miss Mr Charles Schulz...thank you so much for bringing us Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang - they will live in my heart forever.
Sylvia, Hong Kong

I was saddened to hear of the death of Charles M Schulz. A man with a strong Christian faith who had a unique view on life, portrayed through a group of children and a dog. He will be sorely missed.
Steve McIntosh, UK

Thank you for bringing happiness to this world.
C K Yeung, Hong Kong, China

It is quite unique in this world that one man brings so much happiness to so many for so long. Thank you, Mr Schultz, and God bless you.
Ladislav Klaboch, Czech Republic

I was very sad to hear of Charles Schulz passing away. I grew up with the Snoopy cartoons, as I'm sure many people in my generation did, and hope that people will continue to celebrate his work for years to come.
Sarah Thomas, England

I immediately felt a lump in my throat upon hearing the news of Mr. Schultz' passing. Good grief ... Thank you for the Peanuts gang, and God bless your soul.

Mr Schultz brought joy to generations of children and adults alike and will truly be missed. The memories and happiness we've gained from his work can never be measured and will always be remembered: Snoopy, the Red-Haired Girl, Linus and his blanket, Schroeder and his piano, Lucy and her temper, Charlie Brown and his insecurities. Thanks, Chuck.
Edward Lee, Canada

Charles Shulz was an inspiration to probably all cartoonists of my generation. To honour this great man, Internet cartoonists have created a memorial quilt on the net, which can be found at here. He will be sorely missed.
Frauke Nonnenmacher, UK

You will live with us forever. Thank you for keeping us smiling.
Maria Adelia Endres, Brazil

Tears just kept running out of my eyes when I heard the news. I will miss you, Mr Schulz, forever.
Hermia Ng, Hong Kong

I think I can safely say that Charles Schulz is on the short list of immortal people. Thank you for all the joy you brought us throughout these years. God Bless You!
Dalia, Jordan

He knew what was ahead, and wound up his work in a most artistic manner. Thank you for everything, Chuck, and RIP.
Mikael Schulman, Finland

Almost everyone with some command of the English language knows Charlie Brown. Mr Schultz gave us a good laugh, espescially at ourselves. Goodbye, Charlie Brown We will miss you and remember you.
Johan Kotze, South Africa

He was a great writer. He will be remembered and missed.
Anila Sengupta, England

You were a good man, Charles Schultz. You brought sunshine into my life as well as millions of children and adults everywhere, every day, when we read your comics. As an adult, your comic strip told me never to loose that sense of wonder I had as a child. Charlie Brown and Snoopy will live long in the hearts and minds of everyone. Thank you.
Susan S, New Jersey, USA

How can we ever forget you, Mr Schulz.
Kapik Tse, Hong Kong, China

Charles ensured laughter, peace, a new perpective to life with Peanuts. For that, Peanuts will live forever, and perhaps in some because of this, they will feel Charles is dead, but alive. He will always be in hearts. Thank you.
Selena , HongKong

You were family for a long lot of us. We'll cherish your memory.
Dan H, Mexico

In a most quiet, humble and beautiful way, you have shared the love of your Christian faith. What a lesson in living! Thanks for the smiles and see you in the air.
Pietro Arnese, Italy

I still remember seeing my first Peanuts cartoon at a newspaper kiosk as a small boy on summer holiday in a seaside town. Luckily the paper was folded in just the right way. I have followed Peanuts over all the 45 years since. You touched millions of people, Charles Schulz, and your creation will be in our hearts all the rest of our lives.
Ian C Stirk, Japan (UK born)

We will never forget the smiles you have brought to this generation. Long live the spirit of Charlie Brown.
Amy Au, Hong Kong

I grew up reading Peanuts and the strip has undoubtedly touched countless other lives across the world. Thank you, Mr. Schulz for your hard work and career.
H James Drake, USA

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