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Global car industry: Robert Fox
Robert Fox
Name: Robert Fox
Age: 22
Lives: Florida, USA
Works: Sales representative

I am a 22-year-old sales rep and an avid car enthusiast.

I've been working for the automotive industry for over three years now and have been in several states across the US.

I currently work for Nissan, Hyundai, Acura, Toyota, Kia and Scion in the central Florida area.

I've seen how different areas have been affected by changes in the industry.

A few years ago, there was a big demand for SUVs. But as gas prices have gone up, I hear more and more people asking for cars that are fuel-efficient.

This is why the Japanese cars are doing so well - they have really cornered that market.

Unfortunately, there is the perception that there is a lack of quality in the domestic vehicles.

America simply won't let the auto industry die out

But I've always owned domestically-made cars and I've never had big problems with reliability.

American manufacturers have a problem in that they can't easily compete with foreign competition, because they have to pay higher wages.

But although we're not doing so well now, I do believe the demand for American cars will pick up.

I'm working to finish an electrical engineering degree with a major in automotive engineering and design. I want to work in designing computer systems for cars.

And, yes, I do believe there still will be jobs to go to, despite all the challenges of competition in a global world.

To put it simply, America won't let the auto industry die out here. The government won't let the industry die and neither will the people.

We have a great heritage of cars in this country. Whole towns have grown up based around car production. The US simply won't let them die off.

It might take five years for any kind of shift, but I think things will change and American cars will start to do better.

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