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Global car industry: Jenny Elsby
Jenny Elsby
Name: Jenny Elsby
Age: 26
Lives: Nagoya, Japan
Works: Relocation consultant

Travel is a really beneficial thing, and I think this is definitely the upside to globalisation.

I work as a relocation consultant in Nagoya, Japan, looking after all the expats that come here for work, helping them settle down.

Toyota's headquarters are just around the corner, and nearly all of our clients work for that company.

We get people from all over the world, Brits, Americans, people from New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

They come here for a few years, from the various divisions of Toyota around the world to train, to learn and share management ideas.

Our company, H&R Consultants, basically look after them. This involves everything from the very basics of explaining what is bleach and what is milk in the supermarket, to finding a house and a social network.

People who come here seem to go through different phases. Firstly, they act like they are on holiday. Six weeks in and they see the reality - that there are living in a very different contry and have to deal with it.

Something like 90% of people in this region work for Toyota or know someone who does.
It's the little things that get to people - like not being able to make an appointment when your child is sick because the doctor's receptionist doesn't speak English.

Nagoya is a busy, medium-sized city but nothing on the scale of Tokyo. In fact, it used to be something of a backwater.

But then Toyota established a presence here. Something like 90% of people in this region work for the company or know someone who does.

Nagoya become more cosmopolitan in the last few years. You see more Westerners than before, some Western bars. In the subway now the signs are in English were they were once just in Japanese.

I don't think the US workers who are here feel they are betraying their country. They get good packages from Toyota, they all seem to believe in the product.

Of course I'm a bit disappointed that the British car industry isn't doing very well. But there are many Brits and Americans employed by Japanese companies.

I think there are some great advantages to the globalisation of business and industry.

I've seen young people really change from their time here. The come here as young and enthusiastic, and leave much more mature.

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