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Outsourcing views: Prasad Paravatha
Prasad Paravatha
Name: Prasad Paravatha
Age: 29
Lives: Tennessee, US
Works: IT worker

I am a global worker. I have worked in India, the UK and the US. I was born in Andhra Pradesh. I am 29 years old.

I went to Scotland to do a Masters course after graduating from university in Andhra Pradesh. While studying I started working part-time during the weekends.

First I worked for a major UK bank, doing a back end admin job. But the bank decided to outsource jobs like mine to Bangalore. Around 500 people lost their jobs then, but they were given a good redundancy package.

I hope outsourcing will make the world a more balanced and equal place.

My second part-time job was in a call centre owned by a large outsourcing company. Again those jobs were outsourced, this time to Delhi.

Most people were offered a chance to work in other call centres owned by the same employer. I chose not to take up that offer, as I was getting busy with my studies.

In both cases the employers have been helpful to me and my colleagues. Some of my co-workers cried foul, but most of them realised pretty quickly that this is the new reality.

After finishing my Masters I moved to the US and I am now working as a software consultant for a major American IT firm.

I liked the way British public and politicians reacted to outsourcing of jobs, seeing this in terms of economics rather than politicising the issue as seen in other developed countries.

If you take a short term view, outsourcing is beneficial to developing countries, but in the long term it is beneficial to developed countries. I had bad experiences with regards to outsourcing, but I came to realise that one needs to get used to it. Outsourcing is the by-product of globalisation.

The rules of trade and business are changing fast. But this is only the beginning. We will see the real effects of outsourcing in the next 10-15 years.

I hope outsourcing will make the world a more balanced and equal place.

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