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Outsourcing views: Krishnan Namakkal
Krishnan Namakkal
Name: Krishnan Namakkal
Age: 65
Lives: Bangalore, India
Works: Retired

I am 65 years old and I am now retired. I live in Bangalore.

I was a prototype engineer and I used to work for Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

I strongly believe that professional outsourcing improves productivity a great deal and creates more wealth. Anything that improves productivity will go a long way to help the society at large.

The company I used to work for changed the corporate policy to outsource many of the highly technical jobs with amazing results. There was a visible result of improved quality and cost reduction.

It also opened our eyes to a wider world of technology and skill level.

The outsourcing basically released the management from the mundane day-to-day work, so that they could concentrate more on the highly complex aircraft production management. In an aviation industry the manufacturing outsourcing was a win-win situation.
Map of Bangalore

I am more pessimistic about what is happening now in India. Here in Bangalore - the software capital of India, there are plenty of young software engineers.

They are paid very well, but have to work long hours, stretching their days into the nights.

A good majority of these youths have become no more than clerical appendage of the world. It is difficult to imagine the future of these young Indians doing uncreative, mundane jobs.

There is no surprise that there is a frightening increase in stress-related diseases among these workers.

The condition of work is best described as exploitation in a sector, which seems to be totally out of any government regulatory control.

It seems like a repetition of the cruelty towards English workers during the industrial revolution.

If this is the much-vaunted 'progress' of India, the country could have been far better off without it.

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