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'I was injured by a letter bomb'
Mike Wingfield
Mike Wingfield says he has no idea why he was sent a letter bomb
One of the people injured by letter bombs sent to addresses in England and Wales over the past three weeks was Mike Wingfield, from Folkestone, Kent.

He received the letter bomb at his home on Saturday.

The device was contained in a small jiffy bag with a white label, with a post mark that was "not local", he told the BBC.

It was addressed to the "Senior Manager" of a now defunct security company he ran some years ago and which did, at one point, operate from his home address.

'Went bang'

Mr Wingfield, 53, who still works in security, said: "I just came in, picked up the mail, went into the living room, gave my wife the ones for my son, opened the other one, like a jiffy bag envelope-type, and it went bang."

He says his injuries were "superficial" and that apart from "smelling like a hog roast" for a while, the couple were "fine".

"There was glass in my stomach and I had cuts on my fingers," he said. "My wife was deafened for a while after the explosion."

He said it may have been a glass vial that smashed, which he believes may have been square.

After the explosion, Mr Wingfield called Kent Police and his house was cordoned off.

Map of Kent
The bomb was sent to Mr Wingfield's home in Folkestone

Police are now investigating possible links between the letter bomb sent to him and ones sent to motoring-related companies, including the DVLA, in London, Berkshire and Swansea over the past three days.

But Mr Wingfield said he had "no idea whatsoever" why someone would want to target him for such an attack.

"As far as I know we've not done anything against anybody who would have a grudge against anything," he added.

"If I had any suspicions at all, obviously I wouldn't have opened it. I thought it was one of these freebie key rings that are sent out with your company logo on... as a sample.

"You do think about things and try to take extra precautions but changing your life - no.

"If you give in and try to change your life then they're winning."

Mike Wingfield describes the bomb attack

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