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Wednesday, 9 February, 2000, 18:22 GMT
Cup of Nations: Who will win?

We are now down to the last four at the Cup of Nations - and many confident predictions of success have been proved wrong.

Egypt, Morocco and the Black Stars of Ghana are all out and Nigeria have survived, but only just.

Underdogs Tunisia are still in there fighting and South Africa and Cameroon continue to look impressive.

So will Nigeria, who claim theirs is the best soccer team on the continent, win in 2000?

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The cup will remain in Nigeria for the next two years, as a way of not only consoling themselves for their two consecutive absences. They have what it takes to be crowned champions.
Andy, Naija/USA.

We are down to the last four now, and it is pretty hard to say who will win, because almost anything can happen now. However, I will have to go with Nigeria, because I believe after escaping against Senegal, they won't be so complacent. South Africa are a very good team, but I think beating Nigeria in Lagos, is a much harder task than beating Ghana in Kumasi. Cameroon should proceed against Tunisia, but Tunisia stand to surprise me. So I predict that Nigeria will beat Cameroon in the final 2-1 to take the cup.
Bengo, Tanzania/USA

It's going to boil down to a Cameroon -Nigeria final: a true sabre-rattling showdown.
Tangunu Fosi, Trinidad
Tight one. It's going to boil down to a Cameroon -Nigeria final: a true sabre-rattling showdown. Experience and home advantage favour Nigeria in the final - but a physical and offensively vicious and bloodthirsty Cameroonian side will in win 1-0. Unpredictability is, however, characteristically a Cameroonian secret weapon if they struggle to pass Tunisia, then they'll lose the final. If they trounce the Tunisians, then visit Cameroon to see the cup on display. Cameroon is more likely to beat Nigeria than it is to beat South Africa.
Tangunu Fosi, Trinidad

This year Cameroon will be winning because they have again proved how well they work as a team. Nigeria will be second because they are good but are playing more like a collection of individual stars rather than a whole team.
Nanaki Shiko, Japan

I would be very happy if Nigeria beat South Africa, because I personally believe we are the best in football (in Africa).
Supo Famuyiwa, England

Nigerians have scientific passes and they are calm. Many Ugandans support Nigeria and we hope Nigeria will take the cup.
Makko, Uganda
The African cup of nations will be won by Nigeria. Since they are co-host and have more support at there home country. I know be wining Senegal they will also win South Africa
Kakinda Gerison, Uganda

I think the winner of the Nigeria/S. Africa match is the favourite, but I believe, being an underdog, whoever comes out of the Accra game, will win the Cup of Nations.
Kwaa Amoah, Ghana/Canada

I am not sure about the country to win but, Nigeria have the best players in Africa, and there are the 16th best in the world so I'll go for them.
M Owen UK

Nigeria has the innate ability to screw up even the "easiest" matches.
Ifeanyi, Sweden
Nigeria has the innate ability to screw up even the "easiest" matches. This is going to be evident when they play Cameroon in the finals on Sunday They where depressing against Senegal and no sane Nigerian will ever put their hopes on them after the '94 and '98 world cups. They'll come back to win the world cup however in 2002! Mark my words.
Ifeanyi, Sweden

I am hoping for a South African win. The Bafana Bafana can win the cup but I think Nigeria are a difficult team to beat. Any way I am wishing South Africa can pull it off as they have improved very much.
Costa Constantinides, Cyprus

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Considering the elements of substance that make up the bulk of Nigerian team as per individual talents and home advantage which has its own psychological boost. Though the deciding match will be the semi-finals between Nigeria and South Africa in which the two sides will miss each of their key players Austin Okocha and Eric Tinkler respectively, for receiving the march order during their quarter-finals matches. My tip goes for Nigeria to lift the African Cup of Nations 2000 at least to confirm its claim as the best football nation in Africa for now.
Emmanuel Uzoho, Germany

Cameroon has a long history of beating Nigeria. They shall have an easy walk over Tunisia to meet either Nigeria or South Africa in the final. Cameroon is very unpredictable but I believe that their spirit of determination will prevail in the final.
Song Mbuyongha, Cameroon

South Africa will be the new champions
Jasim Qurain, Saudi Arabia
South Africa will be the new champions. Their defence is very strong, their attacking ability is impressive and they can beat both Nigeria and later Cameroon in their road to the cup. Remember that South Africa has beaten Ghana with 10 players in Ghana.
Jasim Qurain, Saudi Arabia

As a professional soccer player, I know it is very difficult to predict which team is going to win. After watching all these matches I strongly think the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon have a greater chance of winning this tournament.
Stan, USA

This is pretty easy. Yes South Africa is playing well, so is Tunisia which Nigeria whopped, but you have to go along with me here. Nigeria is winning this one. Nigeria is one of the best soccer teams in the world. Take it or leave it.

This is Cameroon's year my friends.
Felix Epie, Cameroon/USA
This is Cameroon's year my friends. For the first time after Italia 90, the team seems to be functioning as a unit, with no quarrels over unpaid allowances. I think the final will be played between Cameroon and South Africa, and, boy, what a final that will be. But I think Cameroon wants that cup and they're going to get it.
Felix Epie, Cameroon/USA

Although, Nigeria has a lot of world class players, South Africa may spring a surprise. Nigeria has the tendency to be relax and overconfident. I expect Tunisia to reach the finals.
Joseph, USA

Now that Ghanians has been beaten in Ghana, there is no reason why South Africa won't take the cup home. They will win and win well.
Ibrahim Agyemang, Ghana

I know Nigeria will win, with international and home experience they can do it again.
Peter Olomu-Disi, USA
I think the championship will be decided between RSA & Nigeria. These two are the giants. No doubt about that.
Timothy Nundwe, Qatar

I believe South Africa will lift the cup. They seem to have the zeal and the will to win their matches. Besides having individual quality players, they are currently playing as a team, as it should be.
Kabinga J Pande, Zambia

South Africa will win the Cup for the second time. The pressure is on Nigeria to perform and the calmness of Bafana Bafana will see them through. There is lot of talent which now begins to gel together. I see an Egypt / South Africa final and Bafana will revenge last Cup's defeat.
Trevor Mokeyane, South Africa

I think that South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon and Egypt will reach semi-finals, and South Africa will reach the final and Nigeria will win the cup.
Tesfaye Ayele, Ethiopia

I predict a Nigeria/Egypt final. Cameroon looked impressive for 20 minutes against Algeria, but they can't stand Egypt. South Africa is not very convincing and they'll lose to Nigeria. Nigeria & Egypt have equal chance of winning the cup, but Nigeria has a home advantage. However, the Egyptians fight with spirit. This one is hard to predict
Khaled Mattar, Italy

Nigeria have all the players of good quality and have the potential to be as good as Brazil, if not better. Given the chance for the Coach to have an uninterrupted spell running the team, we can triumph in any tournament.
We have always had luck on our side and I know the players want glory at the end of the day. Nigeria shall will this trophy now and will have a long spell on African football. We shall make it a hat-trick of trophies, you all just wait and see!!!
Efe, Nigeria/England

With the kind of attitude South Africa displayed against Ghana considering the external off-battle they have to fight against unsupportive SA media and local Ghana supporters, South Africa if they maintain their up-form there is no stopping them from conquering the Tournament.
Dalton Mononyane, South Africa

So far in the tournament, Cameroon seem to be in one of those its indomitable moods, so... I think the cup is heading for Yaounde!
N. Khumbah, USA

I strongly predict that Nigeria is going to win.
Ogechi, USA

Predictions are not reliable, but watch out for Nigeria, South Africa, or Egypt. Anyone else has to prove me wrong!
Nwokoma, USA

Nigeria has the capability of winning the Cup of Nations if the players and the NFA don't have any off-field distractions.
Ndubueze Okereke, MD, USA

I believe the Lions of Cameroon are going to be the Champions of this year's CAN. Cameroon's preparation for the competition was the best so far. The coach made it possible for the players to play together a long time during their test matches. The players are also satisfied morally and materially. All this has led the players to have a team spirit.
Eyong Martin Takow, USA

Cameroon looks awfully dangerous. Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt always deserve respect. Tough match-ups are ahead, but I think the Indomitable Lions will roar to bring Lady Cup home.
Paul Yakana, USA

Cameroon is gonna win the African Nations Cup; No question about it, and that's the bottom line. Besides being destined to win it, they've got all the necessary tools required to bring the trophy back home- where it belongs. Peace Y'all!
Edwin Sama, Cameroon

Neither Egypt or Nigeria will win the cup, because they're too confident. Cameroon will win because they are the "BLACK HORSE" at this competition. At the end of the day "The best will be the champion".
Waleed, UK

I think that Egypt will lose this Cup.
Khaled Fouad Khaled, Egypt

I foresee a Nigeria/Ghana - Cameroon/Tunisia semi final. And then a Nigeria/Tunisia Final which the Super Eagles will easily wrap up with a 3-1 scoreline. Don't ask me why because the answer is blowing in your face.
Chifwe Mwale, Zambia

I strongly believe that Nigeria will win but if the unexpected should happen then Cameroon or South Africa can win. I'm a Ghanaian but our poor showing tells me that we are the underdogs.
Paul Opoku Burns, U.S

My heart goes for Ghana, while realistically it could be either Nigeria or Cameroon.
Kwabena Afoom, Ghana
In the game of football anything can happen within the stipulated time. What did Manchester United do last year. I am not very patriotic here but Cameroon is still a side to reckon with. There are more dangerous when their pride is beaten like it was with Togo. A Cameroon - Egypt final is not out of the line. And a Cameroon victory sure. As for home advantage for the Nigerians I doubt very much.
Kigha Godbless Lashengang, Denmark/ Cameroon

My heart goes for Ghana, while realistically it could be either Nigeria or Cameroon.
Kwabena Afoom, Ghana

Nigeria will win because they got the best players and home advantage, or South Africa, cause it has been doing very well.
Lyke, South Africa

I think Nigerian football has risen to a standard to be emulated by the rest of Africa. With the maturity the players exhibit in the field coupled with their individual skills, I believe it will be hard for any team to go past them especially from the Q/F and consider the fact that they are playing at the national stadium where the super eagles have not lost a match for 19 years. I tip them to win the cup.
Sonnie Avens, Canada

This is Nigeria's chance to show what they are made of and to retain what is rightfully theirs.
Funso Ojo, USA

Nigeria will retain the cup expressing some flamboyant football.
Neil Davis, Australia

After years of self imposed bans, Nigeria have every resource at their disposal to be king once more in Africa.
Debo Aderogba, British

The full Super Eagles team has not been beaten at the National Stadium for almost 8 years. Who do you think will be able to break this jinx?
Yomi, Nigeria

Nigeria is playing at home and the look of the fixtures favours them to remain in Lagos throughout. The full Super Eagles team has not been beaten at the National Stadium for almost 8 years. Who do you think will be able to break this jinx? I don't see Senegal or even South Africa doing that.
The Cameroonians tend to have off days at very embarrassing moments. As for the Egyptians, I think the Nigerians have learnt how to take care of North Africans at national, if not club level. Furthermore, their players seem to be in very good form.
Yomi, Nigeria

I think that Nigeria, Cameroon, South of Africa & Egypt will reach the semi-finals, & Nigeria & Cameroon or Egypt will reach the final & Nigeria will win the Cup. But I hope Egypt can do it again.
Yasser Abdel-Rahman, Egypt

Go Bafana Bafana. SA is showing a fine relaxed form combined with lethal spurts of attack. Signs of a champion.
Victor Shiffman, South Africa

I strongly believe that Nigeria will take the trophy. With the qualities of players they have and the fact that they are playing in front of an impressive home crowd they will do the kill.
Usongo Valentine, Belgium

Egypt is the most stable and disciplined team, Cameroon the most unpredictable but still very dangerous.
Mundi, Germany
Nigeria is unpredictable, but when it comes to make the big points, they do. Egypt is the most stable and disciplined team, Cameroon the most unpredictable but still very dangerous, it depends on their daily form and South Africa is good but it all depends on how much room the opponents give them. I think Nigeria and Cameroon will make it among themselves.
Mundi, Germany

Who will win? I think when I see the two qualified teams handshaking, at the end of the final match. This is an African Football Cup - "We are all, the Winner!"
Tajudeen Isiaka, Nigeria

If book-makers opinion were to be considered, Morocco, as African No 1 according to FIFA ranking, should win; but that is now history. However, judging from the matches the various teams (the last eight) have played so far and their current forms, the SUPER EAGLES OF NIGERIA are hereby predicted to win the Unity Cup. This is not a matter of patriotism. Let any team dare the Nigerians.
Samson Ade Onipede, Nigeria

The rhythm inherent in the Nigerian style or pattern of play would surely see them through as the most likely to win
Bassey Offiong, Nigeria

I think Nigeria will meet South Africa in the final, and we will have a home advantage in the final which will take us throw.
Seun, Nigeria

I think the champions will be Nigeria because they have the team and ability to do it.
Anelka Okocha, Australia

Undoubtedly, one of the co-hosts Nigeria shall lift this year's Africa Nation's Cup because they have all the requisite ingredients to do so in the likes of Kanu, Finidi George, Babagida etc., and of course, the vociferous/raucous home crowd behind them wholeheartedly.
OB Silla

I strongly believe Egypt and Nigeria stand a very good chance of winning the Africa Cup of Nations.
Lena Kalake, Botswana

I think Egypt is doing quite well and might win this easily, if not I think it will be South Africa.
Amr, New Zealand

I predict Nigeria to clinch the African Cup of Nations. This is obvious as they beat Morocco yesterday. Nigerians did well, especially their second goal, which I think will be praised by every football fan in the world.
Simon Mkina, Tanzania

I've been following the competition keenly. Even though I support Ghana, I tip Nigeria.
Samuel Eghan, USA

I can see a final: Cameroon - Nigeria or Cameroon - South Africa and I predict that Cameron will win the encounter.
George Azeh, Cameroon

Super Eagles all the way.
Tajudeen Adeyeye, USA

For Nigeria to win the Nations Cup they need to play as a team and they can't be the first to score.
Ryan Truxton, Nigeria
Nigeria has already proven their ability to be the best in this world during Atlanta '96. They could have done it again in France '98, this is obvious from their remarkable 3-2 defeat of Spain. But Nigeria suffers 2 problems, each player wants to be the star, and they relax their game if they take the early lead.
For Nigeria to win the Nations Cup they need to play as a team and they can't be the first to score. Nigeria always plays a better game when they are pressured at the end. That's how they beat both Brazil and Argentina to become Olympic champions.
Ryan Truxton, Nigeria

I think Nigeria is going to win the nation's cup. Practically speaking, they have the best players who play professional football all over the world. So therefore they are going to win. They are also the best African team ever. Up Nigeria!!!
Seyi, USA

The way things are going, it seems Egypt and Nigeria will go to the final match. I think Nigeria will be the champions of Africa. Why? Because of home advantage.
Mohamud Ali , Somalia

The battle line is drawn. To start with, let's dismiss Cameroon; since they could not defeat Togo, I don't think they have any reasonable chances in this competition. Nigeria will have to meet Ghana or South Africa in the next round, and that is assuming they dismiss Senegal as I believe they should.
I favour Ghana over S/Africa b/c Ghana has more at stake (revenge, opportunity as host), and are going to be playing as wounded lions now. So, who will win? Ghana, Nigeria, or Tunisia, whom having qualified by the skin of their teeth should now hopefully find the form to take care of Egypt.
Among these three, tradition and home advantage (if you don't find it difficult to agree that the Nigerian players are playing at home) favour Nigeria. I think Nigeria will defeat Tunisia in the final game to win the cup, and that is not because I am a Nigerian, but b/c it simply makes sense.
Dele Adeyi, Nigeria/USA

Nigeria with their display of teamwork and individual flare will undoubtedly regain their nations cup, which they rightfully deserve.
Paul Mearson, England

The Cup of Nations would be won by either Cameroon or Nigeria. Home advantage would be the deciding factor on who wins the Cup.
The Nigerians stand a good chance of winning it again because their next game is in Lagos, where they have not lost since the early eighties. If Nigeria wins its next game, then granted it wins its next game as well, then they would always play in Lagos.
Cameroon are favourites as well because they looked so impressive against the Ivory Coast.
Daniel Fokum, Cameroon, (currently in USA)

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