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Mid-East views: UK bomb plots
Readers from the Middle East react to the attempted bombings in London and Glasgow.



I was very sad to hear about what happened. For me as a doctor I am very disappointed that so many of the accused are doctors. It's so far from their mission. They are supposed to give life, not end it.

I don't know why an Iraqi would get involved in such a terror attack. I think to a small extent people have the right to fight US forces here in Iraq - less so in Kurdistan - but in the UK? I don't understand the mentality of the person who does this.

I wonder if it is related to the change of British prime minister.

I am not optimistic about relations between east and west. We have a clash of civilisations and you cannot transport one culture onto another. There are such extremists on both sides.

However, I would still love to visit Britain.


I have not been to Britain but my son lives in Manchester with his British wife.

My son said he was surprised that Arabs might do something like that, because it damages the good image of Arabs and Jordanians in Britain.

I tried to explain to him my view - that there is a third party trying to do just this. The third party is the CIA, Israel, America - all people who hate and fight Arabs.

I believe the third party wants to make Gordon Brown continue the same Middle East policy that Blair followed. It wants British people to think: "OK, Muslims and Arabs are terrorists, so they deserve what's happening to them in Iraq and Palestine and everywhere else."

This Jordanian suspect... he's a doctor who studied how to help sick people, so I can't and don't believe he could be involved. There is something missing in this story.

In today's papers his mother says her son is very sensitive and well-educated and couldn't do something like that. And I believe her - not the British police.

I am a Muslim Jordanian and I wear the hijab, so I don't know if I would be safe in Britain after this. And this is what the third party wants.


I was not happy when I heard this news. Maybe people in England think we are terrorists, but this is not the work of Islam.

Whenever any terrorism happens in London, they say it's al-Qaeda. But it might be some other group. I think al-Qaeda has lost some of its strength. I think the CIA, and the British intelligence forces are breaking up their networks.

There is a problem with al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia too.

I have never been to London. But I suspect what has just happened would make it more difficult for me to get a visa - although I am a good person.

I think events like this will make it harder for Arabs to travel.

If I were in London I think I would still feel welcome, because I know through British business colleagues that people in London are very nice, cultured and are educated.


I would like to express my deep respect to the British authorities for what they did to eliminate the terrorist attacks.

What's going on in the minds of those criminals is really evil. I think they want to make the relationship between the Middle East and western governments worse. Most people here condemn such attacks.

However, I wasn't completely surprised to hear about the attempted bombings. It was expected that there would be attacks, especially in western countries who support the American forces in Iraq.

I am an atheist, a Christian really an atheist. I think most Islamic people - not all - support attacks on western forces, but not on civilian targets.


I was surprised about the timing of these events - to coincide with the handover between Blair and Brown. It makes me think there is a game going on to present Arabs to the world, as terrorists.

Maybe people are doing this to force Brown into behaving the same way as Blair in the Middle East - America's way.

All I can say is that Islam is a peaceful religion; those people who call themselves Muslims, they are not Muslim at all.

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