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US mid-terms panel: Kandace Heimer

Kandace Heimer
Name: Kandace Heimer
Age: 59
Lives: Houston, Texas
Works: Retired
Voted: Republican
In 10 words or less:
"Proud Texas conservative Republican and avid photographer"

I am depressed and saddened by this result.

Many people from both parties are blaming Bush for these losses, but I don't.

I also don't see why Rumsfeld had to go, but I trust President Bush if he is looking at new strategies for Iraq.

If that involves replacing Secretary Rumsfeld then fine, but I'll be genuinely sorry to see him go.

I really didn't think the Republicans would lose so heavily. I have to say, however, that the Democrats ran a good campaign.

They got their people out there to vote.

I saw many Democrats coming out to the polls and they were angry with President Bush over the war.

This is why the Republicans lost so many seats.

It also had to do with the fact that the Republican base weren't happy with their own party over issues like tax cuts not being pushed through or prescription drug programmes never materialising.

Also many Republicans, like myself, were unhappy with our leadership in the House and Senate. I think they have been weak and I blame Bill Frist [Republican leader in the Senate] and Dennis Hastert [former Republican speaker of the House] for that.

So once we get over the shock of this loss, I would like to see the two parties working closer together.

I would also like to see the Democrats presenting a plan for Iraq, not just a cut and run strategy.

I also hope they don't start gloating and pursuing an agenda to try and impeach President Bush over the war.

As for the Republicans, we will return stronger in 2008 and turn this defeat around.

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