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Brazilian election: Voters' views
Brazilians are preparing to go to the polls on Sunday for a second round of voting in the country's presidential election.

Eight Brazilian voters told BBCBrasil.com whether they intend to vote for incumbent Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is leading in opinion polls, or his challenger Geraldo Alckmin.

Graciante Modesto da Costa, shellfish picker, Curuca, Brazil

Graciante Modesto da Costa
"Lula has helped us a lot," says Graciante, who lives in the northern city of Curuca and has six children.

"We have to repay those who help us. He is the only president that has cared about people here in the north."

She says that because of the irregular income she earns from the fishing and shellfish trade, the R$95 ($44; 23) per month she receives from the government's social project, Bolsa Familia, helps to feed her family.

Norival Alves, taxi driver, Mococa, Brazil

Norival Alves
"I had intended to annul my vote in this year's election, but at the last minute I decided to vote for Geraldo Alckmin.

"The corruption scandals had taken away my desire to vote.

"I was expecting improvements - more jobs, more schools, better health care.

"But Lula has done a lot less than we expected of him."

Joao Batista Lima, pensioner, Curuca, Brazil

Joao Batista Lima
"I'm voting for Lula because I like the way he administers the country," he says.

"People say Lula's PT party is corrupt. But there was corruption in previous governments. It's only because there is more investigation into it, people are paying more attention to it now."

He says that he did not used to like Lula, but he approves of the social programmes implemented by the current government and thinks that schools are improving.

"Curuca has seen a lot of improvement during recent years, due to all those programmes implemented by the federal government."

Gustavo Luiz Bonow, entrepreneur, Arroio do Padre, Brazil

Gustavo Luiz Bonow
"I will vote once again for Geraldo Alckmin in the second round.

"Lula and the PT party never enjoyed much popularity in this city, as we have not seen any benefits from their time in office.

"I want to see change."

Antonio de Andrade, taxi driver, Serra Talhada, Brazil

Antonio de Andrade
"I am definitely voting for Lula. The opposition has tried hard to convince us that Lula is a thief, but I do not believe any of that.

"If he was, the opposition would have already forced him out of power.

"Everybody has forgotten about people living in the north-east of Brazil, but Lula has not."

Arnido Behling, tobacco farmer, Arroio do Padre, Brazil

Arnido Behling
"I voted for Lula in 2002," he says. "Four years and two bad crops later I am voting for Geraldo Alckmin."

"Lula's time in office has not been not as I expected.

"I have not seen any of the debates or electoral propaganda during this election.

"I decided who to vote for the day before the first round."

Edivanete Nunes de Lima Melo, agriculturalist, Serra Talhada, Brazil

Edivanete Nunes de Lima Melo
"I have been voting for Lula since he was first elected," he says.

"Every time I have the opportunity to vote for him, I will do so because he created the Bolsa Familia and has provided jobs for the poor people of Brazil."

Ana Lucia Furtado, teacher and entrepreneur, Curuca, Brazil

Ana Lucia Furtado
"Lula's administration has misled us. It has been a case of all talk, but very little achieved in practice.

"The poor consider Lula's social programmes to be gifts.

"But they do not realise that these schemes are funded by the taxes we pay. They are being misled."


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