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Eyewitness: Gas canisters flying
A demonstrator prepares to throw a rock at police during violent street protests in Budapest
Violent protests broke out after a morning of commemorations
Police have fired rubber bullets and tear gas on crowds gathered in Budapest to mark the 50th anniversary of the country's revolt against Soviet rule.

Gavin Mason, from the UK, was in the middle of the protests when they turned violent.

I was just in the Deak Square area of the city and it was an extremely chaotic scene.

I saw a man lying on the road with blood pouring from a nasty gash in his leg.

He was screaming at his friend saying that he had just been shot by something.

I'm not sure if he was saying that he had been hit by a rubber bullet or a tear-gas canister.

I didn't see any rubber bullets but there was lots of firing coming from the lines of riot police.

I saw many tear-gas canisters flying through the air and exploding as they hit the streets, which was very scary as I've never seen that before.

I could smell the tear gas and tasted it in my mouth as I turned to run away, along with many others

There were people running everywhere with tears streaming down their faces.

Many of them were families and older people.

I saw a women and two children covering their faces to protect themselves.

I could smell the tear gas and tasted it in my mouth as I turned to run away, along with many others.

As I looked back, I saw police firing water cannons at the crowd.

The crowd ran down a street known as O-Street and went into a bar where the owner was shouting at us to get inside.

A woman there said some of the protesters were using a bus as a barricade.

Many more riot police were standing at the metro station, where there were more and more people with tears streaming down their faces from the tear gas.

It was a very worrying and sad sight.

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