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Sunday, 16 January, 2000, 13:15 GMT
Arkan: Your reaction

Arkan is the first Serbian patriot!

Arkan's death is of no concern to any true Serbian patriot or any Slav wanting to avoid becoming a puppet for the west.
Sabu Simpson


This person was without doubt the one of most vile ethnic cleanser of the Bosnian genocide. It is better that he was killed in this manner as the justice system in Hague is a "joke" one only has to see he derisory sentences being passed to murderers and killers by the Tribunal.

There is no justice here for the Muslim victims in Hague. Justice for the victims is what Arkan got and not what is taking place in Hague.

The EU/western powers are as guilty as Arkan so please spare us your sham regrets.
Sohail Husssain (Muslim in Europe)

Arkan was muderer and criminal, no one in Serbia with common sense didn't like him. Whatewer the reason for his murder was it was right. He was a shame for Serbian people.
Vladimir Srdanovic, London

Arkan was real Serbian patriot. He was ready to tell Serbian civilians in former Yugoslav republics of Croatia and Bosnia to defend themselves, and not to wait to be easily killed like in WW2. He told them they have to protect their homes, where they lived for centuries. And he was ready to organize them and show them how. I do not approve his using same violent methods as Croatian, Muslim and Albanian terrorists, but that was necessary at the time. Maybe he was responsible for some deaths, but he prevented many others by doing so. Simply, being M.Gandhi wouldn't work in front of hungry dogs. His success was not complete because Serbian allies from WW1 and WW2 tuned their backand helped Croatia to wipe out Serbian residents from Krajina.Then NATO bombed Serbs in Bosnia and in Serbian cradle Kosovo and Metohija. So one million Serbs had to move out, but at least many of them are still alive, thanks to Arkan. He was a criminal, but many people making world politics are and they still walk free. He did bad and good things. But his motive was love for his people and not hate for the others.
Milos Krsmic, New Zealand

Arkan's death is of no concern to any true Serbian patriot or any Slav wanting to avoid becoming a puppet for the West. He was most likely killed because he was a gutless, self-serving, weak man. All his talk of how NATO was going to suffer casualties, and how no invading force was going to take Kosovo, and in the end, he tried to seek asylum in one of the countries that attacked his native Yugoslavia. Let his death be a lesson to others: say what you mean, and mean what you say. None of us has any time for this type of nationalistic grandstanding.
Sabu Simpson

Arkan is the first Serbian patriot!

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