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Hatem Shurrab
The Israeli army is still killing us every day here in Gaza.

Hatem Shurab
Name: Hatem Shurrab
Age: 21
Lives: Gaza City
Works: Unemployed

Before Lebanon kicked off, there was a media focus on us. But since it started we have been forgotten.

Of course what is happening there is really painful, we feel we are one people.

We are being oppressed and the Arab world is letting us die.

It's really hard here nowadays. We can't travel because the border is closed.

I graduated last week and now I'm looking for a job.

I was supposed to go to Switzerland for a month to do a course, but I wasn't able to go. No-one in Gaza can leave.

It was disappointing. Now I'm trying to find something here. But even if I do, I probably won't be paid.

The NGOs are still here but they've stopped advertising jobs.

Yesterday I was really worried about it and asked my father what I should do. He said if I couldn't find work I should try to find a scholarship and pursue a master's degree.

Palestinians on average have very good educations because they study to escape the pressure of the occupation.

We get about eight hours electricity a day. Last week it was at regular times, this week is arbitrary, which is bad.

It does mean that instead of watching TV people talk to each other more. Families and neighbours come together and start talking under the moonlight in the gardens.

It is a shame we have no money.

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