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Hu Xiuqing: Construction worker
My name is Hu Xiuqing. I'm from Sichuan Province. I'm 18 years old.

construction worker
Name: Hu Xiuqing
Age: 18
Lives: Shanghai
Works: Construction worker

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Development depends on the basic working done by such ordinary people.
Dapeng Tong,

I wish him the best for his future and hope that he will bring his family into the City soon and enjoy a night out between loved ones
Maryline le Thi, london, uk

I sincerely wish him a bright and happy future. It's a lesson to be learnt from his hard work and honesty.
Asim, Eritrea

What a great idea having these little personal stories showing some real people that lie behind the great macro-economic stories of the day. But isn't it funny that many westerners would love to do the opposite to this guy (leave the city and go back to the country)?
Tim Holton, Rugby

People like this put us westerners to shame when it comes to their hearts of honour & loyalty towards parents and family. The sense of responsibilty and honour in their lives is such a credit to them and their Nation. God Bless Hu Xiuqing and his family!
Mrs H, Horeham-by-Sea

Thanks for sharing your story with us, made me realise how lucky i am to be able to go to university but throwing my life away by not studying hard. I wish you all the best and hope to see have ur own construction firm.
David Yung, hongkong

Development depends on the basic working done by such ordinary people.
Dapeng Tong

Having spent three years in China, I can fully appreciate what Hu Xiuqing has done. He has left his family and friends to start a new life in a strange and alien environment where it is very difficult for non-Shanghai residents to obtain work permits. But he has obtained well-paying work, he is sending money home, he is gaining in work experience and he has career ambitions. Chinese people have a great need to study, to learn, to improve, to generate the best environment possible for themselves and their family (of one) China will, no doubt, rule the world in twenty years as they are fully aware that Knowledge is Power.
Laurian Traylor, Hinckley

This is a great story. It's is the way life was meant to be. Too many people today have so many false values. It's refreshing to see how committed he is to his parents. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from him.
Carl York, Maplewood, Minnesota, USA

Great to see a true story from China. I think this story is totally understandable as in China nowadays living in the countryside is more difficult than living in the city. As an international student in the UK, I realise how lucky I am of having the chance to study abroad, best wishes to this worker in China, take care of your heath.
Gerry Yang, Beijing China

But be aware that education is very important for better future of China. Please do give your children a good education to ensure the further development of the country.
Simon Wong, Oxford

Very hardworking people. Amazing. Keep up the hard work.
Dreghorn Koro, Edinburgh, Scotland

His duty to his parents is very admirable. I wonder if most Chinese have the same character as him. Work hard and take care of your parents.
Harry Tan, New York U.S.A

I came from same home town as Hu. There is huge number of similar stories. They are so poor, so that's why you guys can buy cheap Chinese products and also the reason why so many businesses are interested in China (big market, cheap labour). Working hard and studying! What a great boy! Keep trying and you will be successful one day.
Myint, London, England

This is no different than what we are facing in our country. I have some relatives in my village who have never seen vehicles and are still worshipping the sun and moon as a god. People in this world have to realise these peoples suffering and help for the rural world.
Neelakantha Timalsena, Nepal, Kathmandu

I came from the countryside in China also and stayed in shanghai 6 years before working in Singapore. I respect Hu Xiuqing because he has a dream. Hopefully, the life of the Chinese will become better and better.
Wang Haibo, Singapore

Xiuqing, you are a good son any parent would be proud to have you. Yes, learn all you can about being an electrician, and perhaps try to get some books on electrical engineering. Then aim one day to have your own electrical contracting business, maybe with a good friend or partner. I would like to see you succeed and own your own business one day. Good Luck!
M. Lee, Nottingham, England

I find it funny that I spend 500 RMB (50 euros) in one day in Shanghai while this guy has to work 10 hard days to earn it. Either they pay too little or this is the reason why China is still so cheap.
Pave, Amsterdam

Well done my friend for doing not too bad. Good luck in future and wish your dream career as Project Contractor works out for you.
Shah, London

Thank Allah that Indian is doing well. Our Pakistani economy and dependency on India is so great that this would collapse if India doesn't help Pakistan. At times I am very jealous at the success of India as it always teaches Pakistan how to behave in the world.
Mohammed Azad Multan, Pakistan

Please keep up this kind of reporting. China has 20% of the world's population yet we hear few stories of everyday life.
Peter Briggs, Bangkok Thailand

Hu Xiuqing, I love Chinese dedication to work and duty. They love their jobs and work with ambition not just to earn a living. I am proud of you because to care about you parents and you would like them to learn from you. Go back home and see them, then one day take them to Shanghai. They will be very proud of you and will always wish you the best in life. Hope one day you realise your dream.
Cornelius Engwenyu, Kampala, Uganda

It is wonderful for these rural villagers to be able to reinvent themselves in China's booming economy. Perhaps communism has provided a steady path for upward mobility. Certainly the low wages aren't equivalent to a global standard, but the money this young man is earning is on a par with other Asian construction workers, if not greater than most. Well done the Chinese!
Rodney Deet, Kuala Lumpur

May God bless this young man. Very often, people don't realise how lucky they are, including myself. At times, I feel tremendously exasperated by the inequality of the society, now I know I'm not the only one who faces such tough times.
Nigel, Singapore

Hu represents a class of people that are being despised or ignored in the present China where people are more fascinated with a hot red economy instead of paying attention to the social balance, which poses a potentiall risk for the continuous development of China.
Danny Huang, Auckland

Thank you for sharing your story. Your side comment on construction in the big city not being healthy for you concerned me. I feel that Mr. Hu Xiuqing should take care of his health and remember the phrase that health is wealth. I am sure his family would rather see him healthy than enjoy the extra wealth he earns.
Dilip, California, USA

Recently I visited Shanghai and was amazed by the changes happening in China. They work hard, study and draw on the experience of other nations. I have respect for the Chinese nation think our country should follow this example.
Oksana Lukina, Russia

Thanks to BBC. I'm moved by the story. Look at what our teenagers are doing here!
Wave Forest, East Kilbride, Scotland

It's many years since I was in that part of the world, but to earn the equivalent of 55 per month and send 15 home, and have 15 left in savings, would mean that Hu lives on 25 a month. Its quite astonishing to think that 20 years ago, the cost of living was approximately the same. Best of luck
Maurice Cairns, Newcastle upon Tyne

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