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Mumbai train blasts: Your reaction
More than 160 people have been killed in a series of bomb blasts on trains in the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay), police say.

Hundreds of people were injured in the seven simultaneous explosions.

Here are a selection of your comments from around the world.

I have been trying to call my family in Bombay but the lines are jammed. They live in Goreagon west. My uncles and brothers usually travel back from work/college. Praying and keeping my fingers crossed that they are all ok.
Poonam Shah, Croydon, London

My sister Lynette Martin & her husband Melville Martin live in Mumbai (Bombay) very near the Bandra Railway Station which is on the Western Railway network where all the bomb blasts occurred. I am wondering if they were on any of the commuter trains that were affected. Thanks
Arthur Albert Noronha, Toronto, Canada

I am currently in UK for business purpose. My family is in Mumbai, I am unable to reach anyone over the phone to know about the well being of my family, I am worried and tensed....I would appreciate if the phone lines are restored as soon as possible, so that I can at least call and talk to my family members.
Paramjit S. Gulati, Reading , UK

Despite India having one of the fastest growing economies in the world, their lack of speed in responding to the bomb blasts in Mumbai raises great concern, it is not the first blast to rock Mumbai and yet the emergency services have not learnt any lessons from previous experience, this lack of response has led to more casualties than there may have been, let us hope that India's emergency services learn their lesson for the future. I also hope that India does not rush into any conclusions about who has been responsible for the blasts like they have in previous bomb blasts, they will need to give a measured response.
Asim Hussain, Crawley, West Sussex, England

I just spoke to my friend. Her husband is traumatised from the blasts. He was on the same train when the first class compartment exploded. He saw an orange flame and then smoke. People were jumping out of the running train. When he got off, he saw bodies on the tracks. He took lift on a cargo van and got closer to home. She told me that her husband is too shocked to even believe that he saw it with his own eyes. I don't know when this madness will stop, especially in the name of religion! My heart goes out to all those who are suffering from this terrorism
Harpreet, Birmingham, UK

No I have not been affected, but during my recent visit, I used the Mumbai train system quite a bit. Not anymore...
Kesh, London, UK

First London then Mumbai. What next? All we can do is hope for the safe return of all Mumbaikars to their homes and spare a thought for the one who don't. Today we are all Mumbaikars.
Rohan, Delhi,India

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