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Mumbai train blasts: Your reaction
Scores of people have been killed in a series of bomb blasts on trains in the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay), police say.

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It was the most intimidating experience I ever had. I left for the day bit early and boarded on train which was on the way to borivali. When it was about to reach matunga, local came to halt. I thought it was anormal red signal due to which it had stopped. Bu tafter some time, we felt that it was taking more than normal time to move ahead. People started shouting on motorman as to why it's not moving. He also was not aware of what has happened as the signal system was also not functioning. Then after some time it was told about the horrifying incident. I left the local train and started to move towards mantuga along the track. On the way, we were stopped by railway policemen and were requested not to move ahead. We saw bodies lying around, rescue teams doing there duties. It was horrifying to see the whole picture there. Policemen had seized the area and were not allowing public to move to close to the spot. I had to come back to the office as I could not move ahead. I saw p! eople walking on the road way towards home. Everybody seemed terrified but still the composure and calmness was readble from those faces. Bravo Mumbai !!!! A salute to unity and consciousness people have shown ...which they always...Jay, Mumbai, India

I don't know what these terrorists are up to. Why are innocent people victims. I am really moved and sad. My condolences to the families and relatives of the victims.
S Kumar, Mumbai, India

I am a student in Sydenham College. I left Churchgate station at 5pm after our lectures got over and fortunately reached home at Mira Road by 6pm i.e. just 10 mins before the first blast. Since then I have been calling up all my friends to ensure they are safe. Though due to congestion in the cellular network I am not able to get many of them. Some of my friends are staying back in the college tonight due to fear of further problems and also because the trains are not yet running.
Sushil Gupta, Mumbai, India

Just because 3min late I missed that train which was blasted at Mahim station. I have to stay in the office itself. Where is my husband I am not getting. When he called & confirmed he is coming, I felt relaxed.
Shalini M Jain, Mumbai(Mahim)

I'm a medical student from Kem. I want to inform you that all cell phone lines are jammed. No calls no SMS. But landline phones are working.
Swaraj Hanspal, Mumbai, India

Recent blast. Everybody has their view and comments but the truth is always faded in this media glare. No news channel has a perfect figure for the casualty or hurt. In this alert time when everybody rely's on goverment but not fulfilled. Passengers say nearly for 1 to 2 hr not a single govt official came to the site. Thanks to the people nearby who helped by every means possible. This shows that at any high time no one can rely on this government. I saw people moan I saw people dead. Phone lines are dead.
Hiren, Mumbai, India

I'm stuck in office. It's safer here. But dunno when I will reach home.
Shweta Parande, Mumbai, India

I am not directly affected but i can see people taking a road route to their homes, some are walking many have decided to stay in office, can see many CAB drivers helping people on the way by carrying as many as they can to suburbs
Dharmesh Bajpai, Mumbai

Being a resident of Mumbai and seeing this horrifying act is very painful and seeing innocent and hardworking families going through this pain.
Anant, Mumbai, India

I am travelling in India at the moment. I left Mumbai on Sunday, and whilst the size of the city is daunting, I felt surprisingly safe. Having said that, there was no security on the railways at all. Every train I saw was heaving, so they were an easy target. My thoughts go out to anyone who has been involved or suffered as a result of the blasts.
Tom Long, Chester, England

The scenes are that of horror and frustration, down on the tracks. I am stunned and to think that I would've been on one of those trains that were affected, leaves me numb as this is the time when I return home(in the suburbs) from the city. I desperately want to know that all my family, friends and relatives are well but at this point the phones are jammed and there's no way to exchange news.
Jayesh, Mumbai, India

I personally counted 15 lying in an isolated area. Someone said that 20 bodies have already been shifted.
Sunny Jain, Mumbai, India

Apparently only first class train compartments were targetted. A colleague of mine was on a train right next to one that exploded and says that he saw atleast 10-15 people die instantly.The cellular phone network is also down and most people are having a very difficult time trying to get through to their families and friends who are on the road.The road network in the affected areas is also severely congested with traffic slowing to a crawl.
Rohan, Mumbai, India

Dad was to be at Mahim station at around the time the bomb went off over there. I know this 'cos he had called mom at 6pm to tell her he was leaving work. No news from him since then. And I've been unsuccessful in getting through to any phone line of anyone I know in Bombay. And unable to get through to the Govt.'s helpline either. Does anyone know where they might have put up the list of the injured/deceased?
Rajesh, New York, NY

Just to say I have received a text from my family, they say the land lines are malfunctioning at the moment. People trying to call should remain patient while lines are restored.
Sanjay, Bristol UK

I am safe at bank and I will not move till situation is under control- god bless the soul.
Santosh Chinnaya Shetty, Mumbai

It was a massive blast more than 100 people died, not 7 but 8 blast were there, common people were helping more than that of government one.
Jigar Patel, Mumbai, India

My mum and sister are in Mumbai right now all my relatives are there and most of them are using other forms of public transport to go back. We can't get through on the phone lines including mobile phones and they can't as well.
Karishma, Kl

It is very sad these things happen again and again to a city like Mumbai. In 1992 I was sitting there in a railway station bench when en explosion happened. I know the anguish and pain which could paralyse the city
Michael Vincent Louis, Madurai, India

I have family in Mumbai, in the area's that have been hit by the bombing, we are awaiting to hear from two cousins who use the trains everyday to work from Borivili, we have heard from one of them but no news from the other cousin. All communications are down in India, we have been trying to communicate ever since the news broke out.
Nimesh, Leicester

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