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When he's 64...
Sir Paul McCartney
Sir Paul McCartney celebrating
Sir Paul McCartney turns 64 on 18 June. Do you share his birthday? Were you born on 18 June 1942? Or do you know someone who has the same birthday? Are you or a relative 64 this year and have met the man himself? If so, we want to hear from you.

Back in the 1950s, a younger Paul McCartney put pen to paper and wrote a song about growing old. The song was a gift for his father on his 64th birthday.

It was later recorded by the Beatles in 1967. On 18 June 2006, Sir Paul may be able to answer some of the questions he posed in this well known Beatles classic 'When I'm 64'.

We want to hear from you if you share Sir Paul's birthday. Do you feel older? Are you losing your hair? Do you still get valentines? How does it feel to be aged 64?

Muhammad Ali - 17 January
Christine Keeler - 2 February
Ehud Barak - 12 February
Isaac Hayes - 20 August
Britt Ekland - 6 October
Billy Connolly - 24 November

Ringo Starr was the first Beatle to reach this landmark age. He was 64 in 2004.

Tragically, John Lennon was shot by a crazed fan in 1980 and George Harrison died of throat cancer aged 58.

Your comments

I got to see The Beatles in 1964 here in Chicago, because my mother really enjoyed them. I was only 10, but already a Beatles fan myself. I can remember the nuns at my school telling me to quit daydreaming about Paul! What a talent he is! We are so lucky to have their music in our lifetimes.
Pamela Evans, Des Plaines, IL, USA

We were such a lucky generation to have the music we had
Joan Davison, Clevedon
I will be 60 next year and was lucky enough to have been a teenager in Manchester where we were watched many groups live at local clubs. The Beatles were just one of many groups trying to breakthrough so it was great to watch them from the beginning. Paul and John's music has been with many people virtually all their lives - we were such a lucky generation to have the music we had. Happy Birthday Paul - Let It Be!
Joan Davison, Clevedon, North Somerset, UK

My father Richard Pinkham is 90 years old on 18 June. During the war he was a wing commander and came out of the RAF with a DFC (Distinguished Flying Cross) medal. He still drives - has all his marbles. On Sunday 18th June the family are throwing a special party for him.
Marie Boullemier, Northampton UK

I shall be 42 on 18 June - maybe not 64 and born in '42 but certainly 42 and born in '64! It makes me proud to share my birthday with Sir Paul - I have always been fond of the Beatles, especially Macca's endless talent and contribution to the Beatles. "Will I still heed them, will I still need them, when I'm 42"? Yes!
Gene Robertson, London, England

I won tickets to see Paul in Chicago when I was 12 years old. I have followed his career ever since then. I took my daughter to see him in Chicago a couple of years ago. He is the most talented person ever. I will still need him and feed him when he's 64.
Barb Oldani, Springfield, IL, USA

Paul is a gifted musician, but I particularly want to thank him for what he has done for animal welfare. Happy birthday Sir Paul, and thank you for your continued support for the animal welfare and animal rights charities.
Brian, Bath

My Mum turns 64 on 18 June, and probably doesn't realise she's the same age as Sir Paul (she's a Cliff fan!). She'll be delighted when she finds out.
David Parker, Huddersfield, UK

Paul has actually sat in my aunt's kitchen eating her home-made scones!
Anthea Beaumont, Highworth, Wilts
My husband will be 64 this year & we've just returned from a fantastic cruise holiday in the Norwegian fjords where I found myself humming 'Norwegian Wood' all the time. We've seen Paul twice post-Beatles, once at Knebworth which was a tremendous occasion. My aunt used to live near the McCartney brothers and my cousins went to school with them and were great friends, particularly with Mike. When their mother died I think my aunt took them under her wing. Just think; Paul has actually sat in my aunt's kitchen eating her home-made scones! Paul and Linda married the same year as us (1969) so I've always felt a special bond and was very sorry when she died.
Anthea Beaumont, Highworth, Wilts

My Aunt is 64 on the 18th June. Back on that day in 1942 when my grandmother gave birth to her, there was a lovely lady in the next bed to her, so my grandmother turned to her and said 'what did you have?' She replied a little boy, "I'm going to call him Paul". It was Mrs McCartney! This story is one which is often re-told when my family get together and my one claim to fame! My aunt and grandmother both still live in Liverpool. A great city!
Hazel Harrison, London

I shall be 45 years old on 18th June / Father's Day! Mutual happy birthdays to all other "anniversary of Battle of Waterloo" celebrators! Paul & Linda McCartney lived in Rye and their children were educated at local schools. The story that I heard involved the children being asked to bring in an old shirt to use as a painting overall. Apparently, every time the children tried bringing one in, souvenir hunters would take it from their peg. In the end they had to be given brand new coveralls to stop it from happening!
Carole Benton, Hastings, East Sussex

I had the very unnerving, and yet of course 'fab' experience, of passing Sir Paul on London's Charlotte Street a few weeks ago. He didn't seem to mind me following him, knees knocking, back down the street to talk to him either(!) and offered me his hand as thanks when I told him how much I was loving his latest album. I am a big fan of all of his work and it seems to me to be particularly cruel that he is having such a naff 64th year (having penned such a sweet melody about this time in one's life). I wish him all the best for his 65th year and for the future in general.
Chris B, London, UK

I am a couple of years younger than Paul but have similar symptoms!
Lawrence Harris, Southampton, UK
I have probably never met Paul McCartney, but I lived quite close in Allerton along the road from John Lennon at the same time. My grandmother collected the government savings from children at that time, and knew Paul. Hardly surprising that when Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane came out (my local places) I became an instant Beatles fan. I also went to John's school - Dovedale Primary. I am a couple of years younger than Paul but have similar symptoms!
Lawrence Harris, Southampton, UK

My parents are 64 this year, so are the same generation as Paul. It's a bit weird for people of my age to have heroes who are as old as parents. For me, McCartney is the greatest. He has lived an exemplary life in the public gaze and deserves credit for his music. It's easy to hold up Lennon as some kind of Godlike figure but people forget that McCartney was there too. Happy Birthday.
Jim McDonald, London

My father turns 64 on the same day as Sir Paul. He's planning to rent an inexpensive cottage on the Isle of Wight, and says he'll spend the week with my mother; gardening, cycling, drinking wine and enjoying the company of his grandson, David.

Congratulations to Sir Paul on reaching 64. I too reach 64 this year but not on the same day. Since The Beatles became famous I have followed Paul's career and life because he was my favourite of the Fab Four. I wasn't a Beatles Fan but I love the ballads all the same. Except for a few hiccoughs along the way, Paul McCartney has been like an old friend to all of us born in 1942. We're not perfect by a long shot but we've been there and worn the tee shirt and now we want a long and happy retirement. God bless you Paul and happy birthday.
Jennifer Potts, Reading

I left a letter at their hotel and a week later they replied
Angela Mosimann, Sherbrooke, Canada
Happy birthday, Paul! I met Paul and his late wife Linda, in a shop in Switzerland. My 10 year old son was with me and their son James was with them, also aged 10. I had gone to a jewellers to collect a repaired bracelet and the McCartneys were the only people in the shop. We chatted for a few minutes whilst our sons looked suitably bored. When they left the shop owner was so overcome, he wouldn't charge me for the bracelet, gave me a huge box of chocs and said he was honoured to meet friends of Paul McCartney. I didn't let on it was first time I had met him, though I did see the Beatles live twice. I left a letter at their hotel and a week later they replied. Linda was lovely and I was devastated when she died so young. On leaving the shop, my 10 year old asked loudly, "Who was that old man?" A few years later, the same son became a Beatles fan. I only wish I had thought to ask the shop owner to take a photo of us all.
Angela Mosimann, Sherbrooke, Canada

Paul McCartney and the Beatles' music has been an inspiration to me - even though they only sought to sell records to my dad's generation. All good things must come to end though, and I'm sorry that George and John aren't around to join in the celebrations. I'm still gonna make it to the Matthew Street Festival though in Liverpool this year!
Andy Bird, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire

I was working on the BBC's Jubilee concerts at Buckingham Palace. The night before the concert, Macca had insisted on breaking the midnight noise curfew and wanted to rehearse. He'd been hanging around all day and was adamant. Everything was however, shutting down, so all the hangers on in the auditorium cleared out for the night. Me and my cameraman Ric Clark decided to sit out front to watch Paul, his band and the orchestra rehearse Hey Jude. We were the only people sitting in the amphitheatre. Of course it was amazing - there must have been 80 people on stage and just Ric and I in the front row.
Des Burkinshaw, London, UK

I am a theatre technology student at LIPA (Paul's Fame School!) and was casually walking through the foyer to the college office the other day when I walked past Paul and the LIPA CEO coming in through the main entrance. I was deep in thought about a show I was working on, so kinda did a double-take before realising who it was, but by then they'd walked past me.
Ian W, Liverpool, UK

Paul is one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time and I met him at Waterstones last year. He was genuinely friendly, laid back and took time to talk to a few people that met him that day. His music is a signature to our lives and his kind, easy going manner a testament to the best of Britishness. What makes him stand out however, is his grace and humility.
Jamie Young, Richmond, Surrey

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