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Indonesian quake: Your comments
Sardjito hospital in Yogyakarta. This picture was sent in by Retno Sulistijo
Indonesia's earthquake survivors will need a six-month relief operation costing more than $100m, UN officials have said.

Georg Peterson, from the World Health Organization, said the challenge in the short term was to get people out of the crowded hospitals to prevent the spread of infection.

The quake, measuring 6.2, killed at least 6,200 people and injured twenty thousand in the city of Yogyakarta.

Are you in or from the region? Are you now trying to return home? Are involved in the relief operation?

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your e-mails. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your comments:

My heartfelt condolences to the entirely affect families. I pray that God should bestow his blessing and replenish the lives of the bereaved. Man was born free but everywhere we are in chains. Let us keep peace with our souls and accept this natural calamity.
Eric Mbumbouh, Bamenda, Cameroon

Earthquake breaking 80% a house in my city, the second city in yogya. Thousands people loose their house and thousand peoples are death. Only in 15 seconds everythings is broken. A tears flooding the villages and so many kids looking for their parent. I was wake up so early and I feel that the earth was shaking and I just try to hold my son and taking him out from my house and after 2 second my house is collapse....Everyone safe in my house.. Nobody thinking about what they have and what they just loose but, they just looking for their family. And now in the rain, so many people feel so cold and there is not enough tents to stay. The government help us so late. The sound of the ambulance carrying the death body comes every 5 minutes.... Why all experimental always come to us, comes to people in this country......? I hope help will come soon for lighten the people in my city....!
Naomi O'Brien, Bristol, UK

Thank you for your message during our difficult time
Octa Sinaga, Jakarta, Indonesia
You all, wherever you are, thank you for your message during our difficult time. Please continue pray for us as expecting we are facing more and more shaking in this region.
Octa Sinaga, Jakarta, Indonesia

I feel very sorry for all the people who have lost their loved ones in this disaster. Life will just not be the same for these people again. I think all these natural disasters are indicating imbalance in nature created by humans.
Brenda, Virginia, USA

My hometown is Somalia, I exclaim with great grief that destroys lives and economy of the regions very badly where it affects the mankind. This earthquake is very dramatically, I am very shocked when I heard earthquake I hope all the Indonesia specially Yogyakarta they will overcome this disaster. God save the earth from those disasters.
Mohamud Mohamed Farah, Somalia

I exclaim with great grief that the devastating earthquake destroys lives and economy of the regions very badly where it affects the mankind and their belongings time and again. The global people now are exploring the space to find suitable spot to live over there, whereas, why are they not trying to find controlling formula of natural calamities like earthquake etc.? Can they do so if they sincerely and devotedly wish?
A R Shams, Pakistan

We're still worry if there's another next earthquake. Because there's another one at 9.00pm last night. Even it just a little one. There's issue that Mt. Merapi will burst in a week. God help us...
Evie, Yogyakarta & Indonesia

I have followed the whole situation since it was said that the Merapi would erupt. Now I hear of the great earthquake where a lot of people died. This all reminds me of the time when I have lived in Indonesia and that I could have lost my family if we were still there. At the moment my father is in Indonesia he is a private development planner and has a lot to do after the great Tsunami from last year. Yesterday he went to Yogyakarta I hope he can help and change something on the situation with the possibilities he has.
Simon Poppe, Lüdinghausen, Germany

I have got to know many close Indonesian friends. Most of those people are so friendly, decent and graceful. I hope they will overcome this disaster and hope all people I know and all their families are safe.
Ahmed Tayel, Mountain View, CA, United States

We hope many people will help my region
Agustirto S Sleman, Yogyakarta
This earthquake is very dramatically, many victim in this disaster, especially in Southern Bantul Region, East Sleman, Yogyakarta, Northwest Gunung Kidul, Klaten and vicinity. We hope many people will help my region so that we feel not alone in this situation. This is a sign from God to us. We must believe His Power and Mercy.
Y. Agustirto S Sleman, Yogyakarta

I woke up with shaken and terrible noise coming from the roof, wall and the floor and ground of my house. As I managed to unlock the door and ran outside, I saw all my neighbours on the street shocked and some of them cried, especially the little ones. After the shocked I drove to find my cousins who live near by the beach and found that of my cousin was running in panic because the rumour about tsunami. It was really a heartbreaking experience to see all people were running to save their life. As we passed the destroyed houses and buildings, my heart was in tears. I have never seen such a damage in my life before. Please keep praying for all these victims. Really appreciated it, thank you.
Elvi Zainuddin, Jogyakarta, Indonesia

I am very shocked when I see how earthquake flattened my friends houses. They must live under temporary tents. They have very limited food, clothes and no electricity. It is worse because in last three days, rain often come. Most of them are still in trauma. They are afraid that the earthquake will come again.
Ati, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Currently, my parents who live in Jogja informed me that many, many victims do not get help from the government. The reason is because many of them live in an isolated area. My friend who live in Gunung Kidul said through his cellular phone said that they have to look for foods by their own because the food from the local government is not enough. Fortunately his home is not totally damaged.
Andreas Nova, Jakarta, Indonesia

It is relieving to see some of those who survived
Suray An, Yogyakarta
It's three days after the quake. We are packing all we could to send to the quake survivors. It is relieving to see some of those who survived the tremors (especially in Jogja) rushed to any open shops or department store to buy food, instant noodles, biscuits and other basic needs; then sending them directly to worse hit areas like Bantul, in the southern part of Jogja.

I was touched by the quick response of the local people. Despite the fact that they also experienced the terrible quake last Saturday, they still find themselves better off than others; and do what they can do; chip in; buy foods, pack their clothes, and go to Bantul.

Students of universities in Jogja set up camps to collect any donation they could get from anyone.

I hope that all people in Jogja (the nearest to Bantul) do the same thing. I hope this kind of compassion lasts.
Suray An, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I arrived in Yogya with my family on Thursday, 26 May 2006. Currently I'm studying in Delft, but visiting Yogya for doing the research and also visiting family in Solo (1 hour from Yogya).

I woke up in the morning heard a very loud sound continue with earth quake shaking. I was stay in Jayakarta Hotel, near the airport. Only in few second shaking, I can see blue sky from my room, since all roof was fall. It was really a miracle that I'm still alive without serious injuries, only scratch in hand, back and leg. But it's nothing compared to other victims. Unfortunately my auntie and my uncle are badly wound in room next to mine. The Tsunami issue was also a real frightening moment for me and my mother, who left in hotel while others go to hospital. We were run and scream in the middle of chaos and panic people in the street. I wish no more victims from the survivor and hopefully no bigger disaster come.
Shaista, Delft, the Netherlands

My wife and her family are Yogyanese and since the quake hit she has been in constant contact with them via mobile phone. They are among the luckier ones because thus far none has been hurt and the house still stands although they are joking that if they sneeze too close to the wall then it may collapse. After spending the first 30 hrs outside their home, too afraid to go back inside, they have been able to check the damage and get whatever supplies are available but they are still sleeping on the street outside because of the fear of further after-shocks.
Darrell McMurray, Cambridge, UK

A terrible tragedy hitting as it does the most vulnerable. Hopefully, in future, something will be done to ensure that homes are built to withstand earthquakes.
Ross Gulliver, Denpasar, Indonesia

I have heard from my friend and Javanese massage teacher Edy and his young family. Their house is intact while others around his have been damaged or collapsed. I am still waiting to hear from another friend Antok and his family on what is day 3 now. Yogyakarta has a special place for me. It is where I made good friends there. The tragedy that has taken place is unfathomable, unfathomable. Apart from sending what I can, what more can I do but hope.
Suling, Singapore

I feel so helpless being far away from Jogjakarta. This is my hometown. My heart is with you brother & sister. Kia Kaha, Be strong. Keep praying and knock HIS door.
Indri Donaldson, Whangarei, New Zealand

I pray to the Almighty that the city is restored back to its original self
N.R. Pradhan, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
It was very heartbreaking to see the city of Yogyakarta in a shambles. As a frequent visitor of this city during my stay in nearby Semarang, I can say that it is it is truly a remarkable city where you see traditional and modern structures in perfect harmony. Add to that the pleasant, warm and ever smiling residents eager to welcome one and all. I pray to the Almighty that the city is restored back to its original self and the residents get back to their normal lives the soonest.
N.R. Pradhan, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I have never been there and can only watch this disaster unfold on television. It is heartbreaking to see so many injured people lying outside waiting for treatment. How many of them have lost loved family and friends? Our prayers and thoughts are with the people on Java.
Paintbluecat, Nr. Ireland

My uncle runs a Javanese classical dance showcase in his 'pendopo' (a javanese 'gazebo' like traditional building) mostly for foreign tourists. His house is not far from the pendopo and has been crumbled down by the quake.
Ika Prasetyawan, Surabaya, Indonesia

Isn't it about time we had a proper, well-funded and coordinated international disaster response unit - under the UN or something? I mean countries are always ready to pledge 'x million' but what use is it if it doesn't get there in time?
William Diviney, London, UK

I was really sad when I heard about the earth quake in Yogyakarta. I went there last year for travelling, what an experience. People there are very friendly and helpful. I pray with all my heart for everyone in Yogyakarta. May God give them strength.
Novi Ng, Jakarta, Indonesia

I am here in West Midlands UK reading the news of disaster at Yogyakarta, my mother hometown, where many relatives are still living there. I don't know how there are doing now. I can't imagine how they cope with the disaster. Even the elders had to sleep on the open-sky whilst we are here - and others in big cities in Indonesia - have our own warm bed to sleep. Don't realize that tears suddenly wet my eyes, just imagining how the elderly, brothers and sisters have to stay overnight at the open-sky.....I wish I was there to help.
K Wanengkirtyo, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, UK

My prayers and condolences to the victims and family
Damascena Basuki, California
I was born in Indonesia, and spent three years in Yogyakarta to study. We never had earthquake with such magnitude. Living in California now, we are used to big earthquake, and yet 1994 Northridge's earthquake scared me to death. I can imagine how traumatized people in Yogya now. My prayers and condolences to the victims and family.
Damascena Basuki, West Covina, California, USA

It's a shock knowing the city ruins, when the day before it's still beautiful and peaceful. I've never imagine that the quake would make many victims. The electricity and telephone was off, many ambulance on the street. I realized that it was a great disaster after I heard on Radio that more than a thousand people at that day were died.

Thanks to God, that me, my family and all my friends didn't become one of those victims. Most of the victims are very poor people and their houses didn't build properly. When I write this, the rain is falling... And the victims are homeless and wounded. People near in Parangtritis Beach were isolated, from Radio I heard that they stayed on the hill. Afraid the next quake would cause big waves or the worst, tsunami. I feel really sorry for them, I hope the rain would stop soon, so the number of the deaths wouldn't increase...
Camelia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

People continue to be in a state of shock
Kristy, Yogyakarta
People continue to be in a state of shock. Many are displaced, now housed in canvas tents on rice fields near the homes that have been destroyed. I have spent the last two days in the hospital, witnessing the desperate need of the people. Operations are performed on the floor, atop bamboo mats or mattresses.

The pain looks unbearable. Many children and elders line the streets with boxes asking for donations. Most malls, vendors, markets and restaurants are closed. The once bustling city has turned quiet with mourners and the displaced searching for assistance and support.

The clean up process will be a challenge, considering the lack of tools and resources the local people have access to. Manual labour will take a very long time. I send my condolences to those who lost loved ones, livelihoods and homes. May you receive the assistance that is so desperately needed.
Kristy, Yogyakarta

It was very heartbreaking to see the city of Yogyakarta in shambles. As a frequent visitor of this city during my stay in nearby Semarang, I can say that it is it is truly a remarkable city where you see traditional and modern structures in perfect harmony. Add to that the pleasant, warm and ever smiling residents eager to welcome one and all. I pray to the Almighty that the city is restored back to its original self and the residents get back to their normal lives THE SOONEST.
N R PRADHAN, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

May God bless the Indonesian people and help them bear the loss of lives and economy and also heal the injured ones at the soonest. The UNO and NGOs from worldwide are requested to help them have rescued and aided with food, drinks, medicines and shelters as they have the excellent record so doing time and again in various affected regions of the world.
A R Shams, Pakistan

After reading how bad the earthquake was we were pretty shaken and have a lot of mixed emotions including guilt for not staying and helping. We love Indonesia and its people and have spent a lot of time in Indonesia over the years and have friends in and around Yoyga and our hearts and thoughts are with them and all those affected.
Chris Curtis, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

My sister Sinta is a doctor living and working in Yogya. Only this morning I managed to talk to her
Nila, Singapore
My sister Sinta is a doctor living and working in Yogya. Yesterday we couldn't reach her at all and we were very worried. Only this morning I managed to talk to her. The small team worked from yesterday morning non stop until this morning when they took turns to have shower and a bit of rests. Still there are more patients arriving and the ones already admitted need more help. The hospital does not have enough beds so patients have to lay on the floor in the hall.

The doctors and nurses and trainee nurses worked as hard as they could, still they can't handle everything. There are lots of spinal injuries and complex problems that need help from orthopaedic surgeon, which they don't have.

What's more tragic is: these people are poor farmers living at the foot of Merapi. Their livelihood depends on farming small plots of land. With their injuries, fractures and those with spinal injuries, how would they be able to continue to work and feed themselves afterwards?
Nila, Singapore

I was just about to go to my office when suddenly my house was shaking. My friends and I very panicked so we couldn't even unlock the door to go out. I saw everywhere were damaged very badly: the traditional market, the bookstore, ancient castle of Yogya. I also saw the victims carried with cars to the nearest hospitals. Next few hours, there's a rumour of Tsunami so everybody ran away because many people said, the water has reached city of Yogya. Thank God it's not true at all.
Lia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

My heart goes out to everybody in Jogja and I am still speechless from this horrifying nature. I was born and half of my life I was raised in lovely, friendly, luscious city of Jogjakarta. God Bless to all and I hope that everybody around the world would go hand in hand and help, show your love to others who are in needs.
Agung Wimboprasetyo, Saugus, California, USA

So many people were still untreated and unreached
Panda Bijaksana, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
I was outside Yogya at the time earthquake happen. At around 200 km from the centre of earthquake, we also felt the shockwaves. I went directly to Yogyakarta, and Bantul and trying to save my relatives first. Alhamdulillah, Thanks God, they are all alive, but some of their houses were partially and completely destroyed. Some of my relatives were hurt, and the hospitals were extremely full, so we need to search private doctors. At the moment, the urgently need cooked foods, tents, medicines, and tranpostations for the wounds. So many people were still untreated and unreached. My car was spoiled by blood, but I am happy enough that I could have chance to help others.
Panda Bijaksana, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

When I knew that quake hit Yogyakarta makes my heart down. I had been live in Yogya for 5 years when I studied there...I have a family there, thank God they all survive but not their home. Last night they slept at the ground-park near home with a lot of neighbours around. They scared that quake may repeated... I think everyone who have histories and memories with this city feel sad to hear this....may God bless them and I pray for all Yogya citizens...
Wiwin, Bekasi Indonesia

On hindsight, I wander why the experts did not anticipate this quake in view of the recent minor eruptions on Mt Merapi. Now that this quake has shaken up the ground and release the pressure there, perhaps Merapi will not have the big eruption everyone is anticipating the past weeks. Let's hope so.
Richard Leo, Singapore

My prayers and thoughts are with the families in this very sad times. I have been to Joyga was which for me was a very special place as it is where my mothers family came from and I did not know my grandmother. I will always remember the bond I felt there and warmness of the people and still wish to go there again as a teacher. May you all have the strength to get through this and help each other for by helping each other one can get through it.
Rima, Austin, USA

Just got sms today from a friend who lives in Yogya. Some seconds before the quake, he heard a thundering sound (like the sound of airplane about to take off). The shake is quite strong that he had to grip a pole to stand. Luckily nothing bad was happened to him and his properties. I have, however, some friends in Bantul, whose news from them not yet come until now. I really hope they survive the quake.
Panji, Germany

I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia, and whenever something of this magnitude hits there I am always worried. There are no amount of words that can express my heartfelt sympathies for the anguish and suffering my former country men are going through. It's not bad enough that they suffered through the tsunami, now they must again endure another hardship. God only knows when their suffering will end. Hopefully, with God's generous mercy, it will be soon.
Les Mahler, Livermore, CA, USA

Yogyakarta is my hometown and I have lived there for almost 23 years. When I got a call from my mother about the earthquake I was a bit shocked. I started to keep update the news and try to contact some of my relatives and friends who are still there. My prayers are all with you.
Ony Jamhari, Palo Alto, California

I spent a wonderful month in Indonesia over 5 years ago and spent some time in Yoga. The people were so friendly and welcoming. It's unbelievable how much tragedy they have experienced over the last 18 months. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected. I urge people round the world to make donations to aid charities to help the Indonesian people recover from yet another natural disaster.
Rachel Smith, Burnley, England

I'm in the other island, my dad was called me at 5:59 am 27/05, said that it was very big earthquake and all of my family are safe.50% of my neighbours houses are broken down. the 2nd earthquake was at 8:10 and the 3rd at 10:13
Ardiyanto, Bantul Yogyakarta Indonesia

My heart goes to all the people in Yogyakarta
Nadia Yudhistriati, London
My heart goes to all the people in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is my mother's hometown and I fell in love with it and the people when I went to visit in 2004. I will be visiting my relatives who reside in the Kraton area this July and hope that they have all survived.
Nadia Yudhistriati, London, United Kingdom

My partners brother lives in Indonesia I hope there all ok this country have had a few problems recently, I wish them, all the luck in the world. I hope they find everybody.
Becky White, Basildon, England

My mother, father, brothers, sister in law, my niece, and most of my friends who I was able to contact were all safe. However I was very shocked when I finally saw the news on TV here in Sydney, which shows footage and images of my hometown, Yogyakarta. I could recognize most of the scenes on the news, and it all seemed unbelievable.

Volcano eruptions during my life were also never too massive. I couldn't believe that people actually died in the airport during the quake, famous shopping centres and some large school buildings also got seriously damaged as well, my parents told. My brother went to Bantul this evening, he told me that several casualties he witnessed were actually caused by late treatment. Some injured people were only given bread.

Yogyakarta is not a very large city, but it is neither a small town. I can only assume that due to the massiveness of this disaster that the hospitals appear to be inadequate. It feels very depressing to know thousands of the people I used to live with are now dead, and there is nothing I can do to help my hometown except by sending my prayers and some insignificant amount of financial aid. I wish I was at home right now.
Irfan Sumantri, Sydney, Australia

The disaster was very incredible this morning. The amount of victim will increase. We are still afraid to sleep in the house. Another quake still threaten us.
Johanes Widijantoro, Bantul Yogyakarta

We just hope there won't be any more quakes during the night
Arif Budianto, Klaten, Indonesia
This was definitely the largest earthquake I've felt in my life. I was awoken from my bed early in the morning by what feels like a massive mobile phone vibration. I was in such a state of shock and panic sunk in.

It certainly feels more than the reported 57 seconds and by the time it was finished, we were going round the house to check for damage. Thankfully, our house is still quite new and there wasn't any major damage to the house.

Electricity was instantly down and didn't go back up till midday. The lack of information from TV and internet caused few wild rumours to be thrown, roundabout 8AM. People were running on the streets, crying and shouting that a huge flood was on the way. They said there was a tsunami going in (which to think again, was quite impossible as our town is about 60km from the coast line). However, on the momentary panic, we were also panicking and were thinking to fled to the mountains to avoid the water. But as time goes on, there wasn't any water to be seen, so we calmed down.

We keep on having tremors during the day, with the latest one felt around mid-afternoon. Our dog also seemed to be very scared, he was shaking all day long and couldn't get away from us for a sec.

There are various levels of damage to the buildings, but generally, it wasn't too bad in our town. We just hoped that there won't be any more quakes during the night and beyond...
Arif Budianto, Klaten, Indonesia

I am a Javanesse, who's now staying in Germany. I have been to the city of Jogya for several times, what nice people and surroundings I had experienced it was. I couldn't say more to ease any sadness and grief for those who have lost their beloved ones.
Fahmi, Furtwangen, Germany

My profound regrets to all caught up in this dreadful tragedy. God bless and my condolences to the bereaved. Before we start apportioning blame to whoever we feel is partly or wholly to blame, let's understand this is a natural catastrophe.
Israel Ambe Ayongwa, Bamenda,Cameroon

My heart-felt condolances to the victims of this catastrophe. In just 18 months, Indonesia is again reeling under a tragedy. We in India know the severe pain that comes along with this natural calamity. We pray for your recovery.
C. Sachidananda Narayanan, Tirunelveli, India

I was shock to hear so many damages after this quake. I had been live in Yogya for 4 years. Many friends live there. It was so difficult to contact them. I really hope you all safe. May God always with you all.
Evan, Makasar, Indonesia

My heart breaks for all the suffering. I will continue to pray as I alert my friends to join me. We will send whatever we can to help. God be with you in Yogyakarta and the region.
Maralyn Devlin, Denver, USA

I do not know any one living in Yogyakarta nor do I have contact with any one there, but I share the same shock with the Indonesian people and the rest in the edges of the world. I was really shocked when I heard the size of the quake and the number of people who died as the result of the earthquake. On behalf of the people in East Africa, especially those living in the horn of Africa, I am sending condolences to the grieved families and individuals. May they, the deceased ones rest in their eternal life in peace. Amen
Abdiasis Mohamed Ahmed, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

I live in Solo. I felt the earthquake this morning about 6 am about 5 minutes, though not very strong as I read in the Internet. Up to now (11.30 am), I still feel minor shake for several time. I keep reading the latest info from the Internet to find out the latest situation. I am working in Sukoharjo area, and many people from Klaten have been coming here due to the tsunami rumour. All students here were told to go home early. Hope all will get better soon. Deepest condolence for all the killed and injured in Jogjakarta.
Suryani, Solo

That's the biggest earthquake I have ever known in my live
Putri Bugisan, Yogyakarta
That's the biggest earthquake I have ever known in my live. Some of my neighbourhood's home was totally cracked down and some of them got serious injuries in their head. I listen issues that this earthquake will trigger tsunami from south sea, so I want to leave this town as soon as possible...
Putri Bugisan, Yogyakarta

Minutes before the quake, I woke up I had a strange feeling, I woke up from the sounds of my dog and some birds voices who were restless. I was thinking about what is going on that I felt my bed is shaking besides other things And I quickly went out saw a cloud above the mountain I was scared too much...
Sam Vaziri, Java

I am shocked as the other people who live in Solo in the morning when the earthquake came. I saw many people go out from their houses with afraid and scary face. I heard sounds of shouting tragically.

At first I did not thing it would harm significantly. But then I changed my mind for many things. There is no signal from any television station in my television. I tried to call my friends but I failed. Later I knew that all communication line through Telkom was broken. At now, when I am able to reach BBC.com, I've just realized what actually happen here.
Irfan Zamzami, Solo Indonesia

It made the light fixtures swing and made our palm tree in the garden shake
Paul E Pearson, Malang Indonesia
We felt the shake here in Malang at about 6AM this morning. It made the light fixtures swing and made our palm tree in the garden shake. There was no damage to the house. Paul and Faythe Pearson from Seattle Washington
Paul E Pearson, Malang Indonesia

My daughter Joanna has just phoned to say she is ok. She was on the fourth floor of Happy Land Medical centre being treated for dengue fever. A nurse had just finished taking a blood test when the earthquake struck. She said the walls began shaking, as there was no table her boyfriend threw himself on her on the bed then as soon as it stopped they saw the walls were beginning to subside. They rushed down the stairs into the street, leaving phone and personal belongings in the room. She managed to borrow a phone to call me.
Stephanie Lanceron, France

I am currently working offshore in NE Java on a Seismic Geological survey out of Surabaya, I saw the earth quake on my recording equipment screens ~ it lasted just under a minute & wiped out any data that we received during that time....we all knew it was a strong local earth quake (close 2 the Volcano)
Ian Davis, Bedford UK

I grabbed the phone to call my relatives who live around Yogya - Solo area. Current details from my phoning to add to the news:

Massive area affected from South of Yogya, Yogya, South of Klaten and further on towards Solo, and even now around 7 pm WIB, ambulances sirenes are on all continuously through the roads from Yogya to Solo and Semarang (patients being evacuated from Yogya hospitals to Solo and Semarang, and at times the main roads between Yogya Solo were jammed packed because many traumatic people thought there had been tsunami engulfing the area and they just wished to run as far as possible towards the north (Solo and Semarang). Local police along these roads have tried their best to calm them and taken them in their stations for further advice.

Yogya airport (runway) has been destroyed and no planes could land.

Tamansari, a 300 years old structure has been destroyed. There has been report that both Borobudur and Prambanan temples and others in the area have been damaged although not as extensive as Tamansari.

Some people we know have lost relatives because of the quakes.
Tris, UK

My heart goes out to those lovely people
Trevor McElroy, Nottingham, UK
My wife and step children are from Yogyakarta in the Ponchowinatan district. I have been there many times and my heart goes out to those lovely people. We managed to contact my wife's family and they are all safe though one sister lost part of her home. My wife is going there in two weeks and has friends in the south of the city. We are waiting for news of their safety.
Trevor McElroy, Nottingham, England

Dearest all, In this time of sadness, we would like to express our heartfelt sorrow too, and may the living God console all your sorrows and provide in all your needs. Our minds and hearts are with yours! Cordially, Wilco & family
Wilco Salam Karijodiwirijo, Paramaribo, Republic of Suriname

The situation in Yogya is, more than 12 hours after the earthquake, pretty normal. Electricity, telephone, and even cable Internet and TV function as usual. Pretty good for a developping country after such a disaster. This looks like affect all areas within DI Yogyakarta. I just received a message from my family in Jakarta that my aunt's house was badly damaged, and my father's property (Sejahtera Apartment) near the airport was damaged as well. I would like to know more of surrounding area, especially Magelang (where I was born, and most of my family lives).
William Tanoto, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK

However, news from Bantul - my wife's village/town - is pretty bad. Lots of people being killed, wounded. Numerous houses devastated. Hospitals can't deal with the number of wounded.
Hans van den Broek,

I feel its fate because of Indonesia's geographic location...I pray god they she'd have fewer earth quakes with less magnitude because it looks like earth quake in Indonesia inevitable
Krishnakumar Natarajan, San Jose, United States

I am very sorry for what has happened please may God rest those who perished in eternal peace. And can the Government do possible of evacuating people from around mountain areas and we know it is not easy to resettle public once settled.
Papa Salla, Uganda

As a poor and developed country which owns the frequently disaster... We only can hope more aids from west such as US

More and more people here expressing their shock and grief
Bambang Aris Sasangka, Solo, Central Java
Usual life is still normal at Solo, 60 km east of Jogjakarta, which also felt the strong earthquake this morning and some aftershocks from morning to noon. But more and more people here expressing their shock and grief because of reports on the growing numbers of casualties at Jogjakarta area. Many people who have relatives or friends at Jogja and the surrounding areas which hit worst by the earthquake were nearly histerical because they cannot immediately reach their families or friends there by any means of communications.
Bambang Aris Sasangka, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

I live in Yogya and was awakened by the quake. Helped at the hospital and toured the now run-down city. There is a lot of fear and the city was in panic mode all day. People continue to be on edge. Most have spent the day on bamboo mats outside with friends and family awaiting other shocks or follow-up quakes. houses, fences, malls, hotels: demolished.
Kristy, Yogyakarta

My family living in the affected area: Bantul region (south of Jogjakarta). I spoke to them over the internet as I believed there would be no mobile phone service. My sister said that many building damaged, the road were split and airport been closed due the cracking runway. It was happen when people on breakfast so many managed to run. The house in a good condition but the roof tile were cave in. Many plates and pottery smashed on the floor. I am watching the news from local media (Liputan6, Detik and Kompas) to monitor the latest situation.
Ambar B Corbridge, Weymouth, Dorset

My wife just spoke to her mother in Solo, which is to the north-east of Jogyakarta, but luckily the shock there was a lot weaker and not affect that city. It is still shocking though having been in Jogyakarta and seeing places you stayed in and visited, damaged that much.
Alexis Terry, Ipswich, UK

We have witnesses a massive earthquake October last year. The devastation of such a naural disaster is horrific. We are still in the process of recovery. At this moment we can only hope that th damage because of this natural disaster is minimum and all responsible agencies in Indonesia including Indonesian government will do the best to provide relief to quake ridden people. God save the earth from these disaters. Aamin.
Mohsin Abbas, Lahore, Pakistan

I had the great fortune of living in Yogyakarta, Java 20 years ago and still remember the kindness of its people and seeing Mt Merapi - quietly smoking. Today, after last years horrific Tsunami (my wife spent 3 months on Red Cross relief there), Merapi threatening to explode and quake after quake, my heart goes to those kind people who have had to endure so much. "tida apa apa" means something along the lines of what will be will be - I know they not only have the kindness but bravery and endurance to rebuild - they have successfully done so many times before in seismically active Indonesia.
Spencer Campbell, Burington, Ontario

Yogya holds a very special place in my heart. It is where I first learnt the Indonesian language almost 8 years ago, its where I begun my love of Indonesian culture and arts and it's where I meet my wife. In a country that has suffered so many natural disasters and man-made calamities over the last decade, this is another tragedy that was not needed. Our prayers are with the people of DKI Yogyakarta and also with those who have lost loved ones.
Alun Evans, Bukit Sentul, West Java, Indonesia

The international community should act swiftly to alleviate the pain of the victims. People should not remain stranded because of slow measures. Let's hope the response will not be as cold and as it was the case in last year's earthquake in Pakistan in which international help was not massive despite the urgent calls from Aid organisations like Oxfam.
Abdelilah Boukili

We have witnesses a massive earthquake October last year. The devastation of such a natural disaster is horrific. We are still in the process of recovery. At this moment we can only hope that the damage because of this natural disaster is minimum and all responsible agencies in Indonesia including Indonesian government will do the best to provide relief to quake ridden people. God save the earth from these disasters. Aamin.
Mohsin Abbas, Lahore, Pakistan

I have been living and working in Central Java for 5 years and am originally from the UK.
I awoke this morning with the feeling that there were waves running across my spine
Thushari Abey, Sonosewu, Central Java
I awoke this morning with the feeling that there were waves running across my spine. It was as if the ground had turned to liquid, it was moving. I immediately realized this was an earthquake. My alarm clock read just before 6am. I remained in my bed with the waves running through my body, calm (or maybe in frozen panic) listening for the sounds that would indicate the severity of the damage. I heard no crashing of masonry collapsing - that was a good sign. The air was filled with the shouts of my neighbours. I sighed in relief - there were people still alive. Once the ground stopped churning, I ventured outside into the street. The street was filled with people in their bedclothes. Nobody was hurt. We were lucky, living about 60 miles from the heart of the earthquake.
Thushari Abey, Sonosewu, Central Java

My hometown is Klaten, which is so close to Yogyakarta and affected by the earthquake as well. At first, when I heard about the earthquake in Yogyakarta, I didn't think it was so huge like this. Its a shock for me. Because, we never experienced this kind of earthquake before. After several times trying to dial home, finally, I can reach my father. He said my family is OK, though my house having some damages. Hopefully, people in Yogyakarta will always be strong in undergo this situation. Yogyakarta always special for me,in where I spend my time studying and learning.
Sholi, Nagoya, Japan


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