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Last Updated: Monday, 22 May 2006, 12:53 GMT 13:53 UK
Remix the BBC News 24 countdown
Pictures of the countdown on BBC News 24
BBC News 24 recently unveiled a remixed version of the music they use to count down to the "top of the hour".

It's one of the most aired pieces of music on the BBC. We also made the music available online and is now proving incredibly popular.

The track was composed and has been updated by David Lowe, who's produced music for many shows on the BBC.

While David may be a very successful and accomplished composer, you may have your own idea of what the theme should sound like.

We asked if you could do any better?

Using the 3-minute version as your inspiration, we asked to hear your remix of the News 24 countdown.

Some of the best we received were used to introduce the Six O'clock news bulletin on BBC News 24 every Friday.

Send your remix to yourpics@bbc.co.uk
Please note we are no longer accpeting any more entries.
Thank you to everyone who contributed their music.

Listen to some of the entries we received:

Click here to listen to Adam Dyer's entry

Click here to listen to David Trigger's entry

Click here to listen to James Mobbs' entry

Click here to listen to Kevin McAndrew's entry

Click here to listen to Adam McClean's entry

What do you think of the entries we've received so far? Which is your favourite? Do you think they're good enough to play at parties?

I didn't think it was possible to make the BBC theme any more of a messianic rave than it already is - but you two have achieved it! Fantastic!
Steve Paine, Cambridge, UK

The original s superb, but David Wartnaby's version runs it close. We want downloadable/buyable versions NOW!!!
Matt, Sheffield, England

I love the remixes that people have submitted. The first one is upbeat, hip-hoppy and in tune with the young people - which is cool! The second one makes good use of drum beats and is very beaty. Great work!
Alison, Birmingham

Michael Wood, that is just fan flippin' tastic! Keep up the good work!
Peter Young, Birmingham

David Wartnabys re-mix is a Tune! It rolls up nicely and brings you to the pips very nicely, very good. I quite like the new studio backdrops as well. ttfn
Graeme Finch, Welwyn Garden City

Nice one, Michael! Your version ROCKS!!!!!!
LH, Tyne & Wear, UK

Congratulations on the News 24 theme. I hope that any incarnation complements it rather than tries to shadow it. Dave Lowe's tune has become a bit of a legend amongst music technlogy and media students. It is easily the most recognisable of ANY news theme tune because it has a very modern and dynamic sound. Couple that together with the amazing and dramatic looking video, it's great to watch if you happen to see it whilst is on. A brilliant piece of work
Ross Armstrong, Birmingham, UK

Fantastic piece of music, and I'm proud to show off the theme tune to people in other countries!
Rocky Binney, Sheffield, UK

Could the BBC release the theme tune as a single? Would you buy it?
Tim, Hampstead, London

Yes, yes, yes!! Finally the theme has been made available to download. Thanks to both the Beeb and David Lowe also well done to BBC News 24 for having such a catchy theme.
Gareth Rose, Ebbw Vale

This is a great mix, but is it only going to be available by web stream? It's really poor quality and impossible to enjoy the music! Please, release it on CD or at least at higher quality!
Andrew Thompson, Oxford, United Kingdom

I live in Canada and was surfing the web and just came upon this piece. No doubt, the most captivating news sound bite in the world.
James L, Vancouver, Canada

This music is amazing. Much better than anything American news outlets dish out. The next best is THE MISSION on NBC.. but this is by far even better than that. Way to go!
Eric, Dearborn, Michigan

Its a style of news like no other! Its smart, funky, immediate and attention grabbing. The BBC 'IS' the news. David Lowe has done exceptional work over the last few years....dont EVER get rid of it!
Thomas A Evans, Aberbeeg, Gwent

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