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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 May 2006, 20:41 GMT 21:41 UK
News 24 'releases' countdown music
News 24 studio
It's one of the most frequently played pieces of music on TV - and certainly the most often heard on our digital news channel, BBC News 24.

Now the music that counts down to the top of hour - alongside pictures of BBC correspondents working at home and abroad - has been remixed to add more punch and pace.

And it's not just a matter of the 20 or 30 seconds you see as the next hour approaches. To mark the occasion a 3-minute audio version of the music has been produced - and posted on this website.

It's hoped the 'release' of the music will satisfy the viewers and BBC staff who've asked to get their hands on a copy.

The track was composed by professional musician David Lowe - who's produced themes and background music for programmes including Eastenders, the Really Wild Show, the 2006 Winter Olympics - and the Six O'Clock News.

But what do you think? Does the music on the news get your pulse racing, or grate on your nerves?

I love the BBC News Countdown, however, the new 3-minute remix might be a problem for the "news in 3 minutes"!
Daniel Middleton, Oxfordshire

This 3 minute mix is amazing - when will the BBC release it in decent quality!
Christopher, London, UK

Can we have a hardcore version please?
James, Plymouth

Well done BBC! I liked the original version but this version is way better! It would be great if it was released as a single!
Kieran Cox, Croydon, London

A very catchy re-mix. Perhaps there could be another version that could be used during the daytime with vocals to make it a little lighter. The countdown has to be one of the great things about BBC News 24, a rolling news channel needs something substantial at the top of every hour, despite what others may say.
Andrew, Manchester, Lancashire

Brilliant! Would it be possible to loop this 24/7 so we don't need to watch any real news at all?
John, Bristol

Fabulous! I wish you would release this and the other, previous countdowns on CD. Surely you should consider it, after all, there are now loads of people asking. Come on Auntie! You could make some money out of this one!
Colin Butler, Leeds, UK

I'm afraid to say this is so dated and very 1994 (ie post cod-rave). For a really awesome piece of news related theme music, check out Scotland Today's ambient piece during the subsequent weather forecast. Sublime!
Sandie Smith

I can't stand this music. It totally lacks any sort of decent harmonic progression or melody. It is effectively a collection of sound effects. It could be compared to the recycling of glass bottles at the bottle bank. Surely we could something a bit more sophisticated than this - something that uses 'real' instruments?
David Barton, Gloucester, UK

This is the most fabulous bit of music anywhere in the world, BBC News are doing so well with connecting with all ages with this really contemporary music and those great pips throughout - those orchestral themes of the rivals just don't compare! Long live the BBC News doots!!!
Chris Neill, Belfast, NI

Without a doubt the best piece of music on TV.
Joseph, Kent

I love the BBC News 24 countdown "peeps"! I watch them every hour!! The re-mixed version is much better, and more detailed than before. If it is released on CD single soon, I will definately buy one! It would be nice if the old version was released with it too.
L. McGann, Stowmarket, Suffolk

Nicely done! Changed enough to make an impact, yet still instantly recognisable as BBC News.
Russ Nicol, Twickenham, Greater London

I really like the music... however the one thing that I can't get used to is the very last pip... I always expect a long one, as per the time signals on the radio!
Jonathan, Bury St Edmunds, UK

I absolutely LOVE the BBC News music. Its brilliant. I always have a little jig before the serious business of listening to the news starts. Cant wait to hear the funked up version!
Jeannette Best

I think the New BBC NEWS 24 Countdown music is FANTASTIC! The remix is brilliant and the BBC NEWS 24 channel is much better to enjoy now with the new music. Well done to the BBC and their hard work. (Great choice David Lowe)!
Christopher Mooney, Glasgow, Scotland

Apart from wanting to burst into "Love is in the Air", I think it's a stunningly atmospheric sequence which succeeds in creating a sense of anticipation. A classic!
John, Maidstone

If I am not mistaken this music has been used on the BBC World service for some time - I travel abroad a lot and when you wake up in a strange hotel and put on the news it makes you feel at home - much better than CNN with their barbie dolls and plastic men !
Piers Catton, Gosport

Although the new BBC countdown music is brilliant, I much preferred the one used in 2003, and add the music used in BBC Four "The World", which I think sounds far less complex, but as great as the BBC News countdown. But overall, well done to BBC for maintaining their "coolness", (especially the dance remix one on BBC One).
Lennard Somera, Birmingham, England

I really like the theme music to news 24, I wish you could release all versions from when it first started on a cd single so people can buy it in the shops. why not add the countdown videos on as well and make a dvd single. I think people would buy it.Please please release it as a single
NIGEL RIGGALL, Preston Lancashire

I've always loved the BBC News music. When I was younger, I used to watch BBC News 24 every hour, just so I could catch the music and hopefully, see a large portion of the countdown. Once, it was played for quite a while and it felt like my birthday. The release of this music is fantastic. Thank you.
David, Essex

Wowsers! Why, Auntie, you are really spoiling us with these groovy remixes. More whoosh, more funk and now we've got a three-minute version, too! And a cunning way of keeping some of us watching, as well - I keep almost going off to do something else, then sticking around for 59 minutes past the hour. If only you'd done this a few months ago, we could've entered it in the Eurovision Song Contest and a actually stood some chance of winning. "Europe Rocks to News 24" - ah, if only...
Adam Westwood, Aberystwyth

Bill Bailey does a skit about the BBC News Theme. He says it sounds apocalyptic (which I guess is appropriate).
Aidan Folkes, Reading

Certainly the best David Lowe countdown since 1999 but can News 24 please now make the headline bed and title sequence music/visuals more lively too??
Sam, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Who cares about music? I just want the news.
Simon Wade, Colchester, UK

Try putting things like Prescott smacking that chap for throwing an egg at him. Make us laugh. I don't know, film Mr Blair falling over or Mrs Thatcher threatening to make a comeback. But keep it short. It's news we want, not a fashion show. But keep up the good work BBC - we love yer.
Alan Hudson, Grantham

I've always loved the theme music to BBC News. The past few years, it's been getting a bit funkier and now, it's ultra-funky. It's great. The only problem is, the funkiness disappears almost immediately once the headlines start getting read. Doesn't sound quite right all put together. On it's own though, I'm loving it.
Matt Morelli, Bedford, United Kingdom

Its really, really good, and catchy, do you plan to release it? Please do!
V Popovic

I think the new music is great. Keeps all the good beat of the last one with a little added pizzazz. Great news music - builds anticipation, sounds urgent and important and goes very well with the pictures too.
Kate, Slough, UK

I love it. It's big and the beat is just right it really hit the spot, well done.
Pete Clarke, Swansea

Far too long BBC. I nearly fell to sleep watching this. I strongly suspect that the BBC have done this to fill in, or to cut the cost of broadcasting actual news rather than to try to spice things up. It's news what we want - not jingles.
Alan Hudson, Grantham

Very nice! Well done BBC
Mark, London

This has got to be the best thing you have done BBC News 24, at last making the countdown music available to listen to in its full form. The remix is fabulous and I'm sure the already large number of people who enjoy the countdown sequence will now grow. Well done News 24 and well done David Lowe! Keep it coming!
Ryan Matthews, Pontefract, West Yorkshire

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