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Cuba: Is it time to lift the embargo?

Why make innocent people suffer for a difference in opinion, and paranoia, over a political ideology?
Wendy, UK

No way. The Cubans can't be trusted. Besides, who wants communism on their doorstep?
Dr, Kris, UK

Two of the comments Talking Point received. Read more below.

Background ¦ Your reaction

The Background:

The economic embargo that the US imposed on Cuba 37 years ago should be lifted, according to a state governor.

George Ryan, the first US governor to visit the communist-run country since 1959, does not support Fidel Castro's government but says the people of Cuba are suffering.

"The embargo should be lifted, not only for the harm it does to the Cuban people but because it gives an excuse for Fidel Castro," said the governor of Illinois.

Critics of the sanctions say the Cuban leader uses the embargo as a scapegoat to deflect blame for Cuba's struggling economy.

Although there is growing support in the US to end the sanctions, powerful Cuban exiles in Florida bitterly oppose any efforts to help Fidel Castro.

What do you think - is it time the economic restrictions on Cuba were lifted?

Background ¦ Your reaction

Your Reaction:

It's an American embargo. If you want to trade and do business with the communist go ahead. For those who have taken a tour of the sunny beaches how many of the Cubans outside your resorts fences did you meet? Most Cubans I've met in Houston have no desire for the embargo to be lifted. Who to better know then Cubans on what to do about Cuba. After Raul takes over and the communist party lets the people of Cuba elect their on leaders then I am all for lifting the embargo. If communism is so good let the people elect them. Look at Russia, the people elected communist to the Duma.
Eddie, USA

Of course the embargo should be lifted - it's one of the reasons Castro has been able to hold on to power so long. Now that the Cold War is over, the USA's self-righteous paranoia is a much greater threat to world peace than communism, which outside of China is now surely a spent force.
John Luby, Scotland

Any economical embargo hurts innocent citizens and make their oppressor more stronger and powerful.
Layla, USA

No, it's the strong Cuban conservatives in Florida that keep the embargo, out of spite for being kicked out
Patrick, USA

I have been to Cuba twice and find the Cuban people to be wonderfully warm and helpful. They do not 'hate' Americans; they even use American dollars in stores and hotels. They are well informed but still do not understand the bigotry of people like Jesse Helms. My daughters live in the States, and could not visit us for a little holiday. Americans who wish to visit Cuba have to come to Toronto or go to Mexico. They have to have pieces of paper stamped so that their passports do not show evidence of their visit.
When the USA puts in sanctions against China, the infamous trampler of human rights; when the USA pays their United Nations fees; and when the USA abides by the majority vote, 157-2, in the United Nations in 1998, to abandon the sanctions, then I will change my views.
Jim Waterworth, Canada

Yes! Lift the embargo on Cuba. But more importantly, it's time for the rest of the world to embargo the United States. Let the corrupt American government know that we won't trade with them until they stop murdering their own citizens and treating African-Americans like slaves.
R. Vratha, Australia

I just find it strange that Americans appear to be so intolerant as far as politics goes and tolerant of cult style religions.
Adrew Ward, UK exchange student in US

Having just returned from holiday to Varadero, I found the Cuban people to be very friendly and obviously suffering from the embargo. I believe the embargo serves no purpose in this modern day and should be brought to an end.
Jeff Waddle, Britain

If there hadn't been an embargo for so long, my guess is that Cuba would not be communist by now. But it has given Castro an excuse for portraying himself as an heroic figure fighting against the mighty oppressor, which has only served to maintain his popularity in his country. Come on, stop this cruel, silly and counterproductive nonsense of an embargo!!
Ricardo Molina, Spain

When you lift the embargo, the communism shall go away too.
Floor Vermeulen, The Netherlands

Yes! Cuba is an amazing country with generous people and a live hero, lifting the embargo will help them to prosper and stand strong with their views and ideas.
Katerina, Russia

The differences in political ideology should not be used as a reason to perpetuate sanctions on Cuba. The people who suffer are the peasants and helpless. I think it is time to tolerate different political views and live in harmony as we enter the next millennium.
John Wasu, Zimbabwe

Amazing that the USA considers Cuba an ideological threat.
Michael Grazebrook, UK

NO! It is not time to allow trade with Castro! Never! He oppresses his people! Why should we help him?
Eric Weinmann, USofA

The embargo hurts the most vulnerable people in Cuba - children and the poor. It would be surprising to find anyone who thinks Cuba poses a military threat to the mighty USA. The embargo also hurts the US image. It makes the US look vindictive, paranoid intolerant of different ideological systems and still trapped in a cold war mentality.
Ndungi wa Mungai, Australia

While I do think Cuba abuses it's citizens human rights appallingly, America is abusing it's citizens human rights also by not allowing them to trade with who they chose. In fact most governments are abusing human rights every day, Castro is just what every politician wants to be : A medieval king! No wonder his peers are jealous.
Alex Stanway, England

As an American I am embarrassed that we are still engaged in the primitive practice of putting economic sanctions on countries with which we cannot agree with politically. If we wish to deter them we can enforce a strict arms embargo on them rather than causing their people to suffer under economic blockades. This practice merely gives more power to their leader and inhibits progress. History will show that when people are more independent financially from their government, ideas flourish and with those new ideas, a change in the system. While it may be a slow progress, it is still nevertheless progress.
John McShea, Japan

You know the problem of the USA? They are worried that Cuba will prosper without the embargo, and that will be a bad example for the other Caribbean countries. Even in its current pathetic situation, Cuba is still doing better than many countries in the Caribbean and 'Big Brother' does not like that happening right under his nose, else what's the point in laying the red carpet for China and still maintaining sanctions against little Cuba.
Martin Assensoh, Ghana

Although I feel some of the sanctions against Cuba should be lifted for the sake of the people, I cannot believe the comments from the Europeans. Our forefathers all fought together in the same wars for the sake of freedom and democracy. Unlike some countries, we are not fooled so easily. If you look at what is going on in Russia at the moment, the people want communism back because our western democracy and capitalism efforts have not helped the average person at all. We do not want communism at our back door plain and simple. We stick by our principles instead of just giving in under pressure. If that makes us bullies, then so be it. A leopard cannot change its spots. Castro will never change. Maybe all of you that are anti-American can start a letter writing campaign and get him to reconsider democracy.
Glenda, USA

The US has been punishing the Cuban people in one way or another since the 18th century! I am always amazed at how intelligent people actually believe Cuba to be a threat to the US. The sole reason for US sanctions is that private power in the US cannot tolerate a real "free market" and unless US corporations can exploit the resources and workforce of Cuba, then nobody will. Claiming that Cuba is a "danger" is ridiculous, does anyone really think that Cuba could attack the US? Look at a map, Cuba is minuscule and helpless. Turkey is a far greater threat yet we don't hear talk of sanctions do we? Instead the UK and US continue to sell tons of weapons to the Turkish regime.
Hugh Gleaves, UK

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I remember seeing pictures of the Cuban missile crisis when I was a child and had no idea that we were still embargoing Cuba. Of course we should stop the embargo, they haven't done anything wrong recently have they?
Steve Nicholls, UK

Why does the UK always have to follow what the USA does? This country should make its own decision on whether the embargo should be lifted. If it is willing to have the head of a Communist nation stay at Buckingham Palace (China) then why not trade with another Communist nation.
Animesh Singh, UK

If George Ryan's logic is that the embargo against Cuba should be lifted because the Cuban people are suffering, then why not also lift the sanctions against Iraq, which have had the same effect on the people there, especially children, without harming their leadership in the least? In fact, embargoes and sanctions such as being used by the West are inevitably and purposefully draconian punishments that harm only a populace, and US politicians know this quite well.
James Cronin, USA

It's funny that Americans say their nation is open to all beliefs, yet they are still acting like fascists when it comes to communism. And it's not the Cubans you have to worry about, it's Fidel Castro; not all leaders represent their people. My message to America would be: Wake Up And Stop Acting Like A Totalitarian State! That's right, you're acting like the very type of people you're trying to stop. Wake Up!
Shawn, Canada

My feelings are mixed on the embargo. Born in Cuba, I came to the US with my parents in 1960 at the age of 4. My grandfather died in Cuba for lack of medicine a few years ago. Should I blame the embargo or the communist system? I blame the communist system because the medicines were available, but not for him. I blame the embargo because he could not go to the corner drugstore and purchase them.
Michael Espinosa, Miami, USA

The USA's embargo is a cowardly act against the people of Cuba. It isn't as if the Cold war is still going on. Cuba is not a threat to anyone.
Malcolm Butler, UK

Please do not let the innocent people suffer just because the people on top of them has not fulfilled their wide bellies.
Edris Mohammed, U.A.E

The embargo should not have taken place anyway. Especially, now, after the end of the cold war, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason for it. But, of course, US government does not like countries which dare to oppose them. I do not agree with communism but what US is doing to Cuba is unacceptable. And by the way, it is also time to give back to Cuba the occupied bay.
K. Tsembelis, UK

When I first came to the US (from the UK), back in 1983, I sort of understood the official attitude of the US government towards Cuba; after all, there is this aggressive communist dictatorship, causing trouble all over the world, sitting right off the coast of Florida. But then the Berlin Wall came down, and the world changed. Cuba, all of a sudden, looked terribly pathetic, isolated and, increasingly, broke. Today, with Cuba a threat to nobody except themselves, I think the US looks more paranoid than sensible in the matter.
If it's all abouts winning over the hearts and minds of the Cuban people, putting them in the same category as Castro himself is not the way to go about it. But if it's all about the US making a point, I think they got it! I'm not necessarily advocating a complete lifting of all sanctions, but it is most certainly time to ease off a bit and start the process of preparing for a post-Castro regime.
Mark M. Newdick, USA/UK

The embargo does not hurt the Cuban people. It is the perverse and sinister government of Fidel Castro that suppresses all private economical enterprise, allowing foreign investment only for his convenience
Dr. Willian Strauss, USA

Whoever still has any doubt whether it is time to lift the embargo or not, is kindly invited to come and live in Cuba: this hasn't got anything to do with politics, but with 11 million people facing an everyday problem of food, clothes and medicine. I always thought these were human rights, too.
Fran_se De Cupere, Belgium

It will be a good-will gesture to end this 37-year-old embargo, by doing so, you are definitely opening up a new chapter in U.S-Cuban relations. This embargo is pointless now.
Tajudeen Isiaka, Nigeria

The only thing sustaining these vindictive and murderous sanctions, is the petty political point scoring of paranoid Republicans.
Vernon Hunte, England

Why trade with and diplomatically respect China but not Cuba? If there is any ideological difference between the two it is that at least Cuba's regime is honest about socialism, as opposed to China's hollow pretensions of socialism to preserve an authoritarian imperialist, regime. Treating China with more welcome than Cuba is ideologically indefensible and the embargo against Cuba is therefore not merely outdated, but hypocritical. It is time to face reality and treat Cuba like the ailing neighbour it is.
Michael Polenz, USA/Germany

The questions implies that the sanctions are justified!!! An example of American Hypocrisy and Imperialism. Cuba has been under siege by America alone, because it wouldn't follow what it was told to do. Of course, as we are still chatting about this issue at the dawn of a new millennium, I do wonder if there is such a 'New' World order, more like its all still the same........
Zafar Nadeem, England

The Unites States has no reason to lift the embargo of Cuba. When Fidel Castro dies, we ought then to re-evaluate our position and renegotiate with the new head of the Cuban government.
Jared Pettinato, USA

Lift the embargo. As much as I hate Castro, the reality is other countries are doing business with Cuba . This is no different than recognising Communist China. Of course with over 1 billion people the potential earnings are greater than Cuba and in this "bottom line" world that is what rules.
Tom Vannini, USA

I have been privileged to visit Cuba on at least 8 occasions. The country has a wonderful mixture of Spanish and Latin American culture. The people are extremely warm, friendly and hospitable. The standard of living is extremely low and compares equally with many African countries that I have visited.
However, the free education system has allowed even the poorest to have an excellent education and doctors, scientists and engineers are abundant. It seems completely illogical that in this modern age, that a country with the sophistication of America can keep Cuba down and deprived from the undoubted benefits and an increase in the general standard of living that their nearest neighbour would bring.
Gary Fitzgerald-Smith, UK

As a Cuban born American Citizen I endorse the Rath Andor letter, it is great! In regards to the notion of Cuba manufacturing medicines, Why our fellow countrymen are always asking their relatives in this country for medicines as is impossible for them to get any there? They don't even have Aspirin!
Jorge B. Figueroa, United States

About time too. Now perhaps we could use some of that determination and money it took to keep Cuba isolated in fighting the international drug ring, or would that be too revealing?
Ken Sanderson, UK

The embargo should stay. People think that if the embargo is lifted there will be automatic political and economic improvement. The United States has been trading with China for years and the economic and human rights benefits have never materialised. The fact of the matter is this: Fidel Castro is a butcher and if sanctions are lifted, he will only use the increase in hard currency to further oppress the Cuban people. The US had its chance to destroy Castro in the Bay of Pigs, but JFK caved under pressure. Lifting the embargo will only perpetuate Castro's grip on Cuba. It is time for America to support a democratic election in Cuba, only then will the Cuban people truly be free.
Mark Chmura, USA

It's about time that people realised that the majority of problems in Cuba have not been caused by Communism but by the embargo enforced by the West against the country. The intentional economic weakening of a country based solely upon political mismatches is morally indefensible.
Adam Wood, UK

What threat is Cuba to America now? Once the embargo's lifted, Castro probably won't last six months....
Scott D. Ash, USA

Time and again the US has "found" an enemy, be it Cuba, Vietnam or more recently Yugoslavia. There is no need for over-reaction anymore. The US can do better things like lifting sanctions on poorer countries, rather than "identifying" their foes.
Kiran Thyagaraja, India

Cuba, these days has changed a lot. We have many good things and many bad things, just as in any other country. We have adopted a system of living very different from any other country. It might not be the best, but it suits us. We ask others not to interfere with us and neither will we interfere with your lives.
Carlo Domino, Cuba

People which were communists know how communists beg for any kind of support to maintain their power. In this sense I don't believe e-mails from Cuba. On the contrary, who knows how to get rid of communism these days? May be lifting the embargo might help once. But it will last longer.
Petr Kral, Czech Republic

The embargo against Cuba is nonsense. About ten million people suffer just because the US has personal problem with one man, Castro. The Embargo proves nothing except increasing the suffering of Cuban people. The Embargo has never worked and it will never work against any country. People like Yelstin and Gorbachov also once were communists but now considered by the US democratic leaders. Castro was in the same category and now he is changed. Communism does not exist any more. Therefore we can not accuse him for being communist. It is time to forgive and forget. LIFT THE EMBARGO!!!
Kiros, Ethiopia

Had so many of the people with brains in the US State Department not been fired for their alleged "Communistic" views in the early 1950s, the legitimate aims of the Cuban people would have been recognised, Cuba would have been closed down as a playground for the Mafia, she'd never have fallen under Soviet influence, and this whole mess could have been avoided!
Nigel Baldwin, United Kingdom

Four decades of embargo did nothing. It may have served the purpose of a handful of American big shots but Cuba and Fidel are still "alive and kickin'". So why continue? Saddam is also still "alive and kickin'". Who suffers are the common people and not the Americans nor the dictators.
Naeem Nabi, Canada

Why are the Americans still sulking about Castro overthrowing their puppet regime? They also have this political narrow-mindedness over anything slightly left of centre. Just lift the ban an stop being this high and mighty international bully.
Niall, Scotland

Why is Cuba everyone's favourite dictatorship? Pinochet is kidnapped yet Castro is the darling of the Islington set. He's a bloody dictator pure and simple. If Britons and Europeans want to go there on cheap hols in the sun, go ahead but remember what your tourist pounds and euros are going to support.
Peter Kohler, USA

The US likes to crush what it doesn't agree with or what it doesn't like - hardly democratic.
Jamie C, UK

Dave Adams & Larry T of the USA need their heads examined. Cuba a Russian base?!? The Russians cut off economic aid to Cuba several years ago, and the only foreign military base in Cuba is the United States base at Guantanamo Bay! As for the US looking after "its side", Cuba is a sovereign nation, not part of the USA. Larry T obviously thinks that if you live on the same continental shelf as the USA, you do as they say. Castro is an anachronism and he surely will not last much longer, but even Castro was advance on the fascist stooges who were in power (with US support) in the fifties.
Steve Dowds, UK

I am a Cuban who immigrated as a political refugee to the USA and now live/work in UK. The only way the system in Cuba will change for the better is to let its citizens have full access to the rest of the world. Improvements in health and education may be great, but a dear price to pay for having no personal freedom and rights of expression.
Alberto Garciga, UK

Lift the embargo? I cannot see what objectives it was supposed to serve in the first place! It seems that whoever refuse to pay their homage to the US are invaded, or sanctioned when invasion's not possible. Cuba, Vietnam, Yugoslavia... same story everywhere. I don't support communism, but democracy means that people can have whatever they want- even something opposite to democracy itself.
N. Misoulis, England

The one person that probably doesn't want the embargo lifted is Fidel Castro. The US has successfully kept him in power since The Bay of Pigs. No other left wing leader has managed to stay in power so effortlessly for so long. The US, for many reasons, most of which are invalid, is the most hated nation on earth. Therefore any leader that stands up for himself and his people against US aggression/interference is a hero, and if they win as Castro did then they become almost divine. If you freeze that episode in time via a complete blockade then the cult of personality increases not decreases. So in every single instance the US did the exact opposite of what they should have done to achieve their aims, but then foreign policy was never the US's strong point.
Graeme, England

In today's world this embargo is outdated. The world with information free flow eventually gets unified. The country, which has kept this embargo so long, has flirted with China with similar ideology as Cuba. Worst of all it has supported dictatorial regimes in Middle East, Monarchies, Military rulers in Africa and Asia. There is no sanctity for this embargo. Hence it should be lifted.
Harish, India

Cuba is a Russian base. It is a strategic base of operations. People should consider that in answering questions about opening doors to Cuba.
Frankly, I think it would be good if there could be some good economic trade with the country. But, make no mistake about the fact that it is a Russian base despite what you may think, have read, and it is not 'pro American'.
Dave Adams, USA

After years the pride of the US should be satisfied. As you know an embargo produces more civilian casualties than a real war. So where is the morality of big brother? Are human rights better protected in mainland China or Vietnam. Of course, a billion consumers is more important than a little island.
Pierre C, Belgium

You Europeans have all the answers! The United States is always wrong in your eyes. Do us a favour, you look after Europe and we will take care of our side. We do not let wars flare up ever week in North America. PS why should the USA make the first move we have the money and the power! If you want to trade with us you play by our rules or you do not play at all
Larry T, USA

If the American embargo against Cuba is directed at bringing democracy to Cuba why isn't there embargoes in place against countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt? What hypocrites !!
R A Kasilingam, Australia

The fact that Fidel Castro is still in power, even after 37 years of U.S. economic sanctions is a sure sign of the sanctions' ineffectiveness. Lifting the sanctions now might help to keep Castro in power, but maintaining them is unlikely to cause a change in government. However, Cuba is in dire straits economically, primarily because it is caught in the grip of a failed Communist system. Only when the Cuban government embraces democracy and free-enterprise capitalism will Cuba be able to prosper.
Jeff, USA

It is definitely high time for the lifting of the embargo. Rarely discussed in my country are the underlying reasons the embargo was put into action, namely the anger and embarrassment of several large American corporations at the ouster of their Cuban patron by a ragtag group of socialist revolutionaries. This was further complicated by the nationalisation of the Cuban economy. Compensation was offered in the form of the value that these corporations paid in taxes to the Cuban government (which ridiculously undervalued their holdings). It should also be remembered that the revolution was largely a popular one, and that the average Cuban welcomed the removal of Battista. The embargo was wrong when it was imposed and it is equally wrong now.
Patrick B. Hill, USA

Lift the embargo and whatever other silliness our (US) government has placed on the backs of the Cuban people. The idea that the US was threatened by Cuba was rubbish from the start. Castro and Marxism will be washed away very swiftly if the Cuban people are allowed to join the rest of the worlds prosperity.
Larry Schatz, USA

LIFT IT!!!!!! and USA, stop acting like a spoiled child!!!
Mike, Singapore

The Americans are sure sore losers. Castro wins, so the Americans make all of Cuba suffer. It happened in Vietnam as well.
Eric, Australia

Yes, time to lift embargo. First result: Castro would go, given external influence. Second: How beautiful for West Nations (eg USA, UK) to take their useless products to a virgin market!!
Gonzalo L__, Mexico

The American government needs to take a close look at who exactly it is they are trying to punish. A communist doctrine ? Or the Cuban people.. It certainly shouldn't be the latter.
Carl, US

The UN should stop this illegal embargo against Cuba. America doesn't like Cuba because it has resisted American imperialism for 30 years and has been an example of independent development.
Adrian Gourlay, England

The embargo should never have gone ahead in the first place. US paranoia about communism started it but those fears have proved unfounded in Cuba. (Cuban missile crisis was more due to US pushing Cuba towards USSR than Castro being pro-USSR).
Matt, Ireland

Yes, it is definitely long past time to end the US embargo against Cuba. For one thing, the embargo has clearly failed in its stated purpose -- to force the Castro dictatorship to liberalise its politics or force Mr. Castro and his thugs from power. There is no evidence to suggest the embargo has helped the people of Cuba at all, but there is some evidence to suggest that it may actually be hurting many of them.
An important point needs to be made. Latin American leftists and even Canadians have long since abandoned the ridiculous belief that Mr. Castro is a great humanitarian who has been forced to behave like a thug because of US hostility. Mr. Castro's regime began slaughtering, harassing, and jailing its opponents before the US embargo began. Mr. Castro is a profoundly wicked man who has transformed his beautiful country into a tropical prison, filled with people so desperate to escape that they routinely brave choppy, shark-infested waters in small boats and rafts in the hope that they will reach freedom.
The embargo should go because it has not worked and while Mr. Castro remains a terrible threat to his own captive people, he is no threat to the United States or anyone else.
Rath Andor, USA

We don't have an embargo against China and Vietnam.
John Spook, USA

The lifting of the embargo would help the economies of both Cuba and the USA. It would also help prompt gradual reform of the Cuba. Lifting the embargo would in no way help Castro, it would force him to begin to accept free market principles. The embargo is an embarrassing hang over from the cold war. It should have been removed a long time ago.
Callum, England

Any embargo, other than weapons, punishes the citizens, not the government.
Bob Payne, USA

Yes, they should.
For humanity, this is calculated human suffering by a nation that preaches peace yet is silently spiteful to one of its closest neighbours. Cuba has a lot to offer the world not just cigars. Its doctors and scientists have already developed one vaccine for meningitis and that stops the suffering of thousands of children and their parents around the world.
For the US, the communist threat is over and they won't be parking any nuclear weapons on your doorstep. Not that it makes one bit of difference to us, we've still got them parked on our doorstep but they're not pointing at us anymore.
Mike Thomas, UK

Communism has failed globally. Paraphrasing those politicians who supported our trade with China it makes sense to engage Cuba economically and diplomatically press for political change. Cuba should be brought back in from the cold.
Malcolm McCandless, Scotland

The embargo against Cuba is stupid, vindictive and petty and has achieved nothing except make the United States look ridiculous. Castro has many faults but I take my hat off to him and the Cuban people for holding out against their overmighty neighbour for so long.
Janet, UK

Yes, it is about time these sanctions were lifted. This must be the worse case of sour grapes in history and if the US was to actually trade with Cuba they might just find that they have out-grown communism.
Rod Maxwell, Scotland

I think it is time to end the embargo. You can't punish Cuban people for what their government is. There is not enough medicine currently coming in to Cuba to help sick children. They can't be punished for something they have nothing to do with.
Steven Minogue, Ireland

Yes - Marxism is no longer the threat to the World that the McCarthiest Fifties perceived it to be. Open up trade and pure capitalist economics will cause the Cuba to enter the 21st Century with a hope of becoming democratic .
CG, Scotland.

The fact that I can send this is surely proof that the government is no longer any threat to the US or anyone else. Please lift the embargo for the sake of my country.
Pedro Ustulez, Cuba

Cuba without the support of the Soviet Union is harmless, even if it retains it's Marxist government. Lifting the embargo would do no harm.
Angelo Moronne, USA

The fact that the embargo has been in place for so long shows what control the Us has over other countries fortunes. Without it the Communist regime would be swept away and Cuba could return to being the powerful cultural and economic power in the region that it once was.
Manuel Ufdiva, Spain

The US represents the most powerful and successful economy in the world today. Surely the US has nothing to lose and much to gain, by adopting a more charitable and magnanimous attitude towards a people suffering real hardship as a result of these sanctions.
J Keen, UK

The time is long past. The US government has not been listening to the international community on this issue, not even to an ally such as Britain. Instead it has doggedly gone on with an action which has hurt so many, because of it's hate of Castro and what he stands for. Whatever anyone's personal political beliefs, I find it hard to imagine that progress can be made with the present situation in place.
Help Cuba to take its place on the world stage, enter into dialogue as those in N. Ireland or the Middle East are trying to and only then can they claim to be taking the humane as well as the purely political actions to resolve this. I hope those in the US won't be overly sensitive and take these comments personally, as seems to happen all to often on this forum.
Chris C, UK

Really why this economic embargo was imposed on Cuba? Is Cuba a threat for US or in fact is a very good model of society that US wants to collapse so it will not be an example for other nations? What is the quality of living in US compared with that of Cuba? Where there is better health care for example? Have you ever heard of sentence penalty in Cuba? While the society of ''justice and democracy'' in USA is full of crime. Why the sentence penalty was re-approved just after the Vietnam if not to make the US public opinion to approve violence. During Vietnam war there were many demonstrates against the war, while during the ''humanitarian'' efforts of Nato no. Just think about it.
Defkalion Tsagarakis, Greece

Is it time to lift the embargo?

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