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Edinburgh Fringe: What will you see?
Actor Aidan Quinn
Aidan Quinn is one of the Hollywood stars in The Exonerated
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe starts on Sunday, with organisers saying terrorism will be one of the major themes.

Comedian Stewart Lee is among those who have adapted their acts since last month's bombings in London.

Meanwhile, British comics Bill Bailey and Alan Davies will appear in The Odd Couple and Hollywood celebrities are expected to star in the off-Broadway hit set on death row, The Exonerated.

If you are going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, what are you planning to see? Send us your comments and experiences using the form.

You can send pictures of the festival to yourpics@bbc.co.uk

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

This is my first visit to the Fringe and am just back from seeing Bella and the Beautiful Knight in the Gilded Balloon today. I found this an excellent play and I thoroughly recommend it.
William Falconer, Glasgow

I've only seen one show so far this year, Gamarjobat, a Japanese comedy duo who do some fabulous physical comedy - farce and a play- in mime. Saw them last year and I'll see them next year if they come back.
Sara, Edinburgh

Saw a great show entitled Minor Irritations. It is a fast paced comedy in a Friends-esque setting. This has a young cast and is a new play, exactly what the Festival should be for. Guys like these need our support and for your money, you won't see anything better.
Alison Whittle, New York, USA

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has become far too big and expensive. This makes choices difficult and one can end up paying to see a lot of rubbish. Much of the so-called comedy is not in the least funny and some of the plays are utterly boring. Fortunately, there is some real talent. A must see show for those interested in dance is Venezuela Viva, which is excellent value for money. How I wish that all the shows were as good value.
I Guthrie, Edinburgh

I'm looking forward to seeing The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis
Bill Caldwell, Dudley, UK
I'm looking forward to seeing The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis, which won a sell out show award in 2004, and The Hiding Place being performed by Saltmine Theatre Company in Charlotte Baptist Chapel. These two productions, from this highly talented company, present an ethical message of how faith and forgiveness can impact lives for good.
Bill Caldwell, Dudley, UK

I'm looking forward to seeing solo bassist Steve Lawson for the first time. A combination of fine live looped bass and solos with biting wit.
Gareth J M Saunders, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

I have just seen SEDOS' production of "Six Degrees of Separation" and "Sexual Perversity in Chicago" which is at the Roman Eagle Lodge venue in Edinburgh. Don't miss this fantastic American double bill! Brilliant characterisation and wonderfully simple staging. A must see!
Harry Blaze, London

We're planning to see Jerry Sadowitz's magic show. As a comedian he's bawdy, offensive, and not very nice but as a close up magician he's talented and oddly charming.
Sarah Lewes, Lancaster

I would thoroughly recommend I'm Not a Billy, He's a Tim at the Gilded Balloon for a funny, thought-provoking and realistic portrayal of small-minded bigotry in Scotland. This will ring true to anyone brought up or living in the Central Belt. Also the Bicycling Comedian in the same venue for a good laugh and a good old tear-jerking corny American ending. Worth avoiding - The Boy Who cried Whale in the Belly Button.
L Millar, Glasgow, Lanarkshire

See and hear Monteverdi like you never have before
Joseph Smith, Bronx, NY USA
I am looking forward to seeing Artek's "I'll Never See the Stars Again." at St. Cuthbert's. I saw this wonderful production in New York City where it received rave reviews. The singing is excellent. See and hear Monteverdi like you never have before.
Joseph Smith, Bronx, NY USA

Check out Weapons of Laugh Destruction in the C venues. They are a hoot!
Karen Smyth, Canada

'Richard II' and Edward Bond's 'Lear' at Augustin's. Promises to be a high quality double bill. I've seen several other plays the company have done and they always produce shows of the highest standard.
Alex Nice, London, UK

Yin-Yang superb! If you see one show - make it this one!
Ann Robertson, Perth, Scotland

The Night of a Thousand Jay Astons is a must for anyone who remembers Bucks Fizz - Hilarious.
Drew, London

I was always advised to 'take a risk' and not go for something well known, so on Saturday night I took myself to the famous Grassmarket area and saw a one-man comedy play by William Stitt called 'Is this the bus for Queensferry?'. I nearly wet myself - it was so, so funny (even for a German!). So follow the advice and try something new!
James Schidt, Essen, Germany

Go and see Love Sick at the underbelly. It's a very good quirky love story.
Marilyn, Durham England

Sometimes the gems are things you'd never have chosen for yourself
Dorothy Rothschild, Fife, Scotland
I'm a reviewer, so I see what my sub editor assigns. Oh, all right, I do get some choice in the matter, but most of my favourites from years past aren't here this time, so I don't mind a random selection. Sometimes the gems are things you'd never have chosen for yourself!
Dorothy Rothschild, Fife, Scotland

I saw Abnormally Funny People at the Pleasance Dome on Saturday night. Exceptionally hilarious; disabled people on stage talking about their disabilities and life in general. A warm audience, lots of political incorrectness and people who aren't afraid to laugh about issues that others may find offensive. A great show, credit to all in the production team. I'll have to get myself across to check out a few more events!
Melissa, Glasgow, Scotland

Dalton Trumbo's Reluctant Cabaret is excellent - saw them during the opening weekend and almost cried laughing!!
Suzanne Watts, London, UK

I went to Edinburgh for the first time this weekend and not only is the Festival great but the city as well. Highlights included Catch-22, Mikey the Pikey and Brendon Burns...the variety of shows is wonderful.
Oliver, London

Daniel Kitson is fantastically funny, intelligent, odd and addictive. Saw him at his preview last week and will be going back to see him during his time at the Festival.
Jacqueline McArthur, Falkirk, Scotland

You'll find me anywhere but the popular shows
Chris H, Edinburgh (for the moment)
I've only been doing the festival for five years as running a venue and even in that time I've seen the over commercialisation of what should be Fringe. Too many big names, too much money and too much follow the leader, too many venues chasing the money rather than the fringe. You'll find me anywhere but the popular shows.
Chris H, Edinburgh (for the moment)

Saw a preview of The Improverts - some top notch improvised comedy in the style of Whose Line Is It Anyway? It's done by students, some of whom are wittier than some of the proven comedians performing elsewhere.
Jordan Dias, London, UK

I will try and see a few shows but for me, the spirit of the Fringe has been hijacked by mainstream comedians charging high prices shows in huge venues. I see Jimmy Carr is playing a couple of dates in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre - hardly a "fringe" venue!
Muzzy, Edinburgh, Scotland

I'm looking forward to catching yon famous bloke in Gigli Concert, local talent in The Day They Shot John Lennon, comedy courtesy of Will Smith and to round off my Fringe this year, I'll be going along to the Surprise Film at the Film Festival - will it make me walk out? Who knows!
Fiona, Edinburgh

Danny Bhoy is very funny and very handsome, which makes for an excellent show! Saw him on Saturday and he was great. He's always a sell-out so book early. Also, I'm looking forward to seeing the film Festival which apparently shows the dark side of the Fringe. I'm sure other Edinburgh locals will sympathise with the hell of trying to walk down the High Street during August.
Polly, Edinburgh

Go check out the Riot Group if you like incredibly well written, well acted intelligent theatre, Pugilist Specialist two years ago was the best play I've ever seen premiered. Gutted I'm not there!
Justin, France

For me, the Book Festival is the highlight
RA, West Lothian, Scotland
For me, the Book Festival is the highlight. Richard Holloway in particular, the outspoken Episcopal bishop, is an unmissable event.
RA, West Lothian, Scotland

There's nothing like when it's over and all the luvvies clear off back to London, leaving their leaflets and flyers blowing about the streets. Residents can then enjoy shows and films that were hits at the festival returning at a fraction of the inflated ticket prices.
Steve B, Edinburgh

I would urge everyone to go to see comedian David O'Doherty's show "Grown Up" - have seen him the last three years and he never fails to deliver. Stewart Lee last night was hilarious - and the people behind me walked out so if you fancy a bit of controversy, this could be for you! Looking forward to Richard Herring as well.
Mary, Edinburgh

Your fringe diarist, venue manager Charles Pamment needs to leave his cynicism behind in London. Edinburgh has not been dozing for a year - never mind the recent summit events (including the anti-poverty march), never mind the biggest New Year celebrations in the world, what about the hundreds of cultural events and festivals that keep Scots awake for the other 49 weeks.
Nicky and Tom, Edinburgh, Scotland

Saw Adam Buxton's preview show. Top notch, if you're looking for something very funny, different, featuring a wee bloke with a big beard - GO SEE.
Lynn, Edinburgh, Scotland

It's not as though there is absolutely nothing worth seeing on the Fringe
Cath B, Germany
It's not as though there is absolutely nothing worth seeing on the Fringe - with all these performances, that can't be so. It is rather that the event lost much of its meaning and appeal ever since it was "hijacked" by comedians from London with their heads up their backsides. So, for some controversy I'm looking forward to "Death of Klinghoefer", for a real buzz there is the Verdi Requiem and no end of early morning recitals to clear the head and excite the soul. Finally, you cannot beat the Book Fest for ideas and discussions on all kinds of contemporary problems ranging from poverty in Africa to East/west divides to the future of Scotland.
Cath B, Germany

I'm looking forward to some comedians make biting comedic chestnuts about Islam, like they regularly do about Christianity.
Jeff, London

I'm looking forward to seeing the best act of the lot. Except that unlike others, I'm keeping an open mind till I get there! But I know that the five best acts will be exceptional.
Ro McKenzie, Waterlooville, Hants

I am looking forward to seeing Alexander Perkins from The Office in Squatting. Also the 21st Century stones.
Lynn Friend, Gourock

I'm looking forward to the World Premiere of "Serenity" at the Film Festival on Aug 22nd. If there's time I'd also like to see "Europe's worst techno-band", Die Clatterschenkenfietermaus.
Geoff Taylor, Bury, UK

The street performers, the satirical plays, and the beautiful people walking along the streets of Edinburgh.
Adi, Aberdeen, Scotland

It's one of the few times when decent bands play in Edinburgh
Mike, Edinburgh
I'm looking forward to it all, especially going to see the Pixies! It's one of the few times when decent bands play in Edinburgh and it gives all unsigned/non-established bands, like my own, a chance to perform in front of large crowds. Its a brilliant event that I hope gets bigger and better every year.
Mike, Edinburgh

I urge anyone going to Edinburgh to check out Patrick Monahan's 'Roadmap to Peace'. I was lucky enough to see a preview, the man will be a household name this time next year.
Mike, Crewe

Planning to see David Strassman the ventriloquist. Managed to catch his show preview in London last week. Lots of new characters and of course the foul mouthed Chuck Wood
Richard Philips, UK

Would love to go and see Stewart Lee talking some sense amongst the current madness about British multiculturalism and religious pluralism, and the Incitement to Religious Hatred legislation. Can't make it up there though! D'oh.
Chris, Jersey

I'm looking forward to the tourists clearing off and a sense of normality being restored. Only joking. I'm looking forward to seeing the Pixies at Meadowbank, and Franz Ferdinand at Princes St Gardens. I was looking forward to Brendon Burns, but I saw him last night and he was fantastic.
Richie Bisset, Edinburgh, UK

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