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Mo Mowlam: Your tributes
Mo Mowlam
The former Northern Ireland secretary, Mo Mowlam, has died.

The popular MP died in a Kent hospice and had suffered from a brain tumour.

Ms Mowlam was MP for Redcar but was well known for overseeing the negotiations that led to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.

What are your memories of Mo Mowlam?

This page is now closed. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

Your tributes

I was lucky enough to meet Mo on a number of occasions as I did my school work experience with her Redcar office and she was a neighbouring MP to where I lived. She inspired me to continue with my love of politics with her approachable style and loving nature. She will be sadly missed by those who loved and admired her everywhere.
Sue, London

A remarkable woman and wonderful role model
Gill Massey, London
Mo Mowlam was a remarkable woman and wonderful role model. Nobody made politics more human and accessible to the ordinary person than she.
Gill Massey, London

Mo's political achievements will, I am sure, be remembered for years to come. However, my heart was touched by the woman who fought cancer and still managed to smile! My thoughts are with her friends and family who, I am sure, will be missing her all ready.
Joanna Lewis, Wimborne, UK

I was lucky enough to serve Ms Mowlam in a restaurant frequented by many politicians, when she was Secretary for Northern Ireland. No matter how busy she was, Mo always had time to say hello to the staff and ask how they were. It was a pleasure to serve her. Despite the overwhelming responsibilities of her office and recovering from cancer, she was a ray of sunshine. A cheeky smile and a wonderful sense of humour. Quite unique! She will be deeply missed and my thoughts are with her family.
Emily, London

She was someone the public could trust and understand
Helen, Sutton, Surrey
Mo was such an amazing fighter, not only throughout her illness but she openly spoke out against injustice and was willing to be perceived as perhaps somewhat defiant and daring. She was someone the public could trust and understand. She will be so missed.
Helen, Sutton, Surrey

The sad loss of a wonderful woman. It's clear that she touched a great number of people and I think that anyone you speak to today will have a good word to say about Mo. I think that speaks volumes for her, it's not a response you would get for many people and certainly very few politicians.
A Wilson, Chipping Norton

I thought she was very witty for a policitian. She appeared to have a magnetic personality and I liked hearing her discussions and talks very much. She will be missed. Our condolences to her family and friends.
Babita Mitchell, Munich, Germany

Sadly I did not know Mo in person, but felt that I knew her from the warmth she exuded every time she was broadcast on TV and radio. Humanitarian and gentle, quick-witted and full of life. A light has gone out too soon.
Fiona, Edinburgh, UK

History will judge her kindly and so it should
Chris Mackie, London
I met Mo on a train from Bath Spa to London Paddington a couple of years ago. It was a remarkable experience and one I will never forget. History will judge her kindly and so it should. A hero in the truest sense of the word.
Chris Mackie, London

A terribly tragic loss - Mo was a unique politician in that through her honesty, integrity and courage she made the public feel that she was "one of us" and not "one of them".
Dan Ray, Ipswich. UK

Mo Mowlam did more in Northern Ireland during her short posting than most politicians that were there for years. She was a brilliant and funny woman and I am truly saddened by her death.
Helen Buckley, Manchester

In this time of spin and presidential style politics there are very few politicians with integrity and with the strength to stand up for what they believe in. Sadly in the last few weeks we have lost two of the finest examples in Robin Cook and now Mo Mowlam. Tough, determined but always approachable and always with a smile. God Bless Mo, you were what politicians are meant to be.
Paul Hayhurst, Manchester, UK

I was very luck to meet Mo Mowlam three years ago at a private function. I always remembered the advice that she gave me that evening, which has greatly helped with my life. I am terribly sorry to have heard of her tragically early death. All my thoughts are with her family. She will be greatly missed.
Maria Allen, London

I heard Mo Mowlam speak at the Durham Union debating society while she was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, she was brilliant. The place was packed, but she made the audience feel incredibly special and as if only you were lucky enough to hear what she had to say.
Tim, Norwich

Her spirit and resilience throughout her illness was humbling
Kate G, York
What a woman. She was a courageous and approachable politician who did more for this country in her short lifetime than most. Her spirit and resilience throughout her illness was humbling. She was an inspiration and will be sadly missed.
Kate G, York

She was an incredible, friendly lady. When I joined the Labour Party in 1997, she personally telephoned me at home to thank me. She gave me about five minutes of her time. We chatted about Northern Ireland, Tony Blair and television. She was lovely.
Penny, Salisbury, Wilts

I was at university with Mo in Durham. She was a beautiful, slim young woman with long blonde hair. She was popular and courted by many young men, including myself. Like my wife Vicky, whom I married in 1972, Mo was involved in student politics and continued her genuine care and concern for social justice throughout her career. I never met her again after we left Durham, but admired her contribution she made to peace in Ireland, and the way her concern for others and her personality were never eclipsed by ambition.
Robert Wright, Kensington, London

For a short while I worked alongside Mo in a House of Commons office. For years afterwards she always remembered, whenever we met. She was gorgeous, gutsy, genuine and great fun. In her politics, as in her life, her bravery shone through. Her death, along with that of Robin Cook, is an enormous, irreparable loss to us all.
Celia Ellacott, London (from France)

I can't express how sad I feel, a truly good person who wanted to a make a difference in a positive way and did just that. My sympathies go out to her family and friends.
Kate Kaplan, Washington DC , USA

She was an inspiration - someone you could really trust. What a fine legacy. Rest in peace Mo.
Emma, Singapore

A very special lady who I shall miss very much. There is such a lot I could say which will be said by far more articulate people than me. Our country has suffered a great loss.
Melissa Fay, Guildford, Surrey

If Mo Mowlam was prime minister then Britain would not be in the mess it is now.
Carl, Birmingham

I would like to send my sincere condolences to Mo's family. I remember her very up front approach to Cancer. Society is poorer for Mo's passing.
Claudette, UK

She is a tribute to all women who aspire to great ambitions
John Elton, Chesterfield, UK
Mo Mowlam was a remarkable gal. She is a tribute to all women who aspire to great ambitions. It was tragic that she left politics as a result of exasperation, which only goes to show that ability can only count when it is allowed to flourish undiminished. Accolades provided afterwards are mere decoration. We need more of these "straight talking gals"
John Elton, Chesterfield, UK

Two great politicians who fought for a fair and just world have now died. This is a sad day for all. They must be remembered for their strive towards honesty, fairness and justice for all.
DP, Rainham, UK

I went to see Mo at her Redcar surgery when she was an MP there. I was considering taking up journalism as a career, and asked her advice. She didn't have much nice to say about journalists but advised me to go to uni anyway. Which I did, and I have never looked back. Thanks Mo!
Peter Traynor, Leeds

Mo Mowlam, an outstanding and unique person who will be sadly missed. Condolences to her family.
Helen , Dumfries and Galloway

While I would not give most Politicians the time of day, Mo Mowlam would be welcome to come in for a cuppa tea and a gab any time. Rest in Peace kind and brave lady.
Ross MacDonald, Edinburgh

Mo Mowlam embodied all the characteristics that a politician should have and is an inspiration to us all. She had a deep passion for the public, a brilliant mind and a razor sharp sense of humour. Her presence in British politics is a loss to us all and my thoughts are with her family and friends.
Lord Raj Basi, London,UK

I had the chance to meet Mo when I worked on a summer placment with the Labour Party in 1996, when she was Chair of Young Labour. She had the great gift of making you feel the centre of attention, as if you had known her for years. The people of Northern Ireland owe her a debt of gratitude, which I know many of them appreciate. I'm sure she'll soon be shaking things up in heaven.
Rob Lawson, South Shields, UK

Mo was Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland when I was studying politics at Queen's Belfast. She came to spoke and was intelligent, approachable, interesting and funny. She gave everyone there hope for the future in Northern Ireland. Her days as the Secretary of State saw the biggest steps towards full peace in the Province. She was an inspiration in politics and will be sadly missed.
Ian, Leicester, UK

She inspired many people with her courage, wit and honesty
Ian Greenop, Mitcham. Surrey
Much respect to the memory of a very special lady. She inspired many people with her courage, wit and honesty. My condolences to her husband,relatives and friends.God bless you Mo,this country is a poorer, sadder place without you.RIP
Ian Greenop, Mitcham. Surrey

Thanks Mo. You did a great job in difficult circumstances for Northern Ireland - and for yourself - and you are virtually the only politician I would shed a tear for. Slan abhaile.
Sinead, England

I always thought of her as a great role model for people like me. She was one of the political greats who was always on the news throughout my teenage years and always doing something positive. A great loss to the country.
Dawn Hazle, Nottingham, UK

A strong and warm politician, who connected with the people like few of her colleges. She will be missed.
James Clark, Brighton & Hove

Mo was a bright light in a very dark place during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Things were better for having her here and she should be proud of what she achieved for the people of NI - more than any other in my view.
Alan Ledlie, Belfast, NI

It is with great sadness that I learned of Dr Mowlam's death, her life touched us all - the oft quoted "general public" by her straightforward look on life in general and politics in particular, so often ignored by her fellow MPs. An immense loss to this country now that it finds it self tested by so many conflicts. Mo Mowlem showed us the way in Northern Ireland - is there anything more complex than that? We are indeed, as a nation, greatly lessened by her death.
Geoffrey Stanier, London

One of the most remarkable public figures of her generation. She will be greatly missed, and the country is a poorer place for her passing.
Kes, Bampton, Devon

An amazing lady, witty, charming and extremely clever. Someone we can all learn from. A person who will be greatly missed by all.
Margaret Hughes, Denbighshire

Charismatic, honest, straight talking, an excellent negotiator with the bonus of a superb sense of humour. Attributes rarely found in politicians today. I was greatly saddened to hear of Mo Mowlam's death and wish to send my condolences to her family and friends.
Chris Penny, Felixstowe, Suffolk

Another sad loss for us all. My heart goes out to her husband Jon who had to make the very hard decision to follow her wishes. You will be greatly missed Mo. Rest in peace.
Kim B-H, UK

It is sad to hear about the passing of anyone and especially someone who worked through a lot of personal difficulties to try and achieve something for the good of others. In a world where many actions are selfish it was nice to see a politician who seemed to want to do good and not just advance themselves.
Andrew Lee, Edinburgh, Germany

An astute and clever politician
Dave Hughes, Brentford, UK
The world has lost a wonderful brave person, and an astute and clever politician. We are all worse off now that she is gone.
Dave Hughes, Brentford, UK

A most remarkable woman. Admired for her strength and courage-she will be truly missed.
Janette Spottiswoode, Sandbach, Cheshire

Mo was a wonderful woman, with great passion and determination, and she help in bringing much needed peace to my country, Northern Ireland. I pray for peace in the hearts of all her family and friends.
Geoff Smith, Jakarta, Indonesia

No matter how you fell about the position of the Peace Process in Northern Ireland, you can't argue that we are not in a better situation than say 20 years ago. Mo kicked that process off, EVERYONE in Northern Ireland should be grateful for having such a brilliant person help us.
Ken, Northern Ireland

Fate honoured me with a seat next to Mo on the Heathrow-Edinburgh shuttle about 4 years ago. The warmth, sincerity, humour and candour with which Mo recounted her thoughts was hugely enjoyable and touched me deeply. My sympathy to family and friends.
Guy Slatcher, New York City, USA

I met Mo Mowlam when she attended a lunch with my boss. She was so friendly and polite and took the time to talk to me which really stuck in my mind. My condolences go to her family and friends at this very sad time.
Heather MacArthurton, Finchampstead, England

What more of a tribute to Mo can we give than for all our parties to get round the table and complete the 'Peace Process' and end all hatred and bitterness in the province. Mo Mowlem in her short life showed us the way and treated everyone as a human being!
PJ, Belfast

I had the pleasure of meeting Mo Mowlam a number of years ago through my work and she was a remarkable woman. She entered a room completely full of strangers but immediately put them at ease and spoke with genuine depth and feeling. She was a rare individual these days - a politician with a conscience which she stood by and her own views which she was not prepared to compromise. Her huge popularity is testimony to the fact that she will sadly missed by many.
Robert Heathcock, Cheriton, Hampshire

Mo was deeply loved and respected, and deservedly so
Andrea McCulloch, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham
I met Mo very briefly at a Labour Party gathering some years ago. What a breath of fresh air she was and what an inspiration to all women in politics. When news of her condition broke it was headline news in the local press, despite the fact she ceased to be a constituency MP up here in 2001. Mo was deeply loved and respected, and deservedly so.
Andrea McCulloch, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham

I just want to say what a sad day for everyone. An amazing woman, I saw her speak at a Duke of Edinburgh Award conference in Belfast, the most interesting, caring person to speak; a great loss. My heart goes out to her family.
Diane Brooks, Runwell, Essex

I think that Mo was a fantastic lady. She excelled in everything that she did; but most of all, she touched the hearts of all the little people; with her sensible, no-nonsense views and advice. We loved her to bits.
David Taylor, Newmarket

One of the very few politicians that one would trust. She had too much integrity to stay at the top.
Alan Parsons, Burton on Trent

She transcended the chasm between politicians and ordinary people, and this was because you knew she actually cared. No soundbites, spin or rhetoric; just plain, to the point common sense, but always with an undercurrent of warmth and empathy. She'll be very much missed.
Johnny Crowe, Newcastle Upon Tyne

She truly was a breath of fresh air in Ulster
D Hunt, Belfast
I found Mo Mowlam to be the first Northern Ireland Secretary I could actually listen to without detecting any pomposity or ignorance in her words. She truly was a breath of fresh air in Ulster. May she rest in peace.
D Hunt, Belfast

An outstanding politician of great integrity and honour whose honesty, wit and warmth endeared many to her. A woman of great substance yet with great humanity and humility - she was indeed a great role model for us all. Though her legacy lives on, she will be greatly missed.
John, Farnborough, England

Mo Mowlam always struck me as an extremely genuine person, serious as far as politics were concerned but she always had a mischievous air about her. Politics will never be the same without her.
Cheryl Seales, Staines, UK

I met Mo Mowlam twice through my job. She was a very warm, friendly and open lady. I thought she was lovely. Mo Mowlam will be greatly missed, they don't make them like that anymore.
Peter Austin, London

She was such an exceptional role model not just for politicians and women but all Irish people. She changed and saved lives with her spirit to succeed. She ignited the Northern Ireland peace process by taking the road less travelled and it worked.
Liza, Dublin

Mo spanned the political divide
David Ormsby, Lowestoft, Suffolk
Mo spanned the political divide. She was admired by all parties, and more importantly, and rare for a politician, the public. She is now at peace.
David Ormsby, Lowestoft, Suffolk

When a stranger makes you feel genuine sadness at their passing then you know the world has lost something special.
Mark, London, UK

A wonderful woman, with that much needed touch of normality which British politics now lacks. I often saw her shambling about London with her husband, shopping bags under her arms, coat askew... Oh, she'll be much missed.
Barry Hodge, Brighton, UK

Another great loss to the Labour party. I heard her speak in Coventry Cathedral some years ago. Already a huge fan of hers, I was completely captivated by her integrity, honesty, warmth and humour. She will be greatly missed.
Liz Watson, Coventry, UK

I have never before felt the loss of a public figure before - so why do I feel this loss so strongly? Mo, I never met you but you have touched my heart and may your memory never fade.
Steve Hamilton, Warlingham

Just want to say what a great beautiful person Mo was. We in Ireland are so grateful to her for helping the Northern Ireland peace process so well. She was such a fun and bright person and so optimistic. I hope she has peace now. We won't forget her.
Jackie Kennedy, Dublin, Ireland

Mo was a great champion for older people
Age Concern Teesside, Redcar
Mo was a great champion for older people and friend of Age Concern Teesside, special memories of her involvement and launch of Age resource in Teesside with a particular friendship with volunteers
Age Concern Teesside, Redcar

I am truly sorry that this remarkable woman has lost her battle. My greatest sympathies go out to her family at this tragic time. This country has lost a wonderful person.
Katie White, Retford

I'm so sorry to hear this news. Mo was one of the very few politicians I would have placed my trust in. She struck me as down-to-earth, straight-talking, courageous and someone who was prepared to do what it took to get the job done. A great loss to politics. My sympathies to her family and friends.
Fiona, Livingston, Scotland

I lived in Dublin during Mo's time as N Ireland Minister. She was an inspiration and gave real hope for peace. I am so very sad to hear of her death. A truly brave and remarkable lady.
Ursula D'Arcy, Dublin/Portsmouth

For the first time in my life I feel a genuine sense of loss for someone I didn't know personally. The country will be worse off for its loss. I know what it's like to be robbed of someone with so much life at such an early age; my thoughts go out to her family.
Carl Duringer, UK

Her way with people made her unforgettable for all the right reasons
Richard, London
A politician that the ordinary person loved, why? Because she was honest, down to earth, hard working and most of all human. Her way with people made her unforgettable for all the right reasons. Thanks for all you did, you will be missed. Shame, you would have made an excellent Prime Minister.
Richard, London

Charismatic? Certainly. Brave? Undoubtedly. Sorry we have lost you Mo. Us ladies have lost a role model extraordinaire! Sleep peacefully courageous lady.
Sue Stevens, Reading Berkshire

A shinning light of goodness, a wonderful, kind and brave woman, with real soul.
David Payne, Swansea, Wales.

I saw Mo at her "audience with.." in Blackpool last May. She was remarkable. One minute she gave the audience an insight into extremely sensitive negotiations with the IRA and then she was on the subject of her column as agony aunt for Zoo mag! She showed those privileged enough to be present her immense intelligence, very unique whit and obvious love and understanding of life. I was fortunate enough to meet her after the show where she signed her autobiography for me showing great compassion for my sick father who was unable to attend due to ill health. Lovely, lovely lady. So sorry she's not with us any more.
Tony Crawford, Blackpool

Her warm, courageous and humorous personality was unique enough to bring a smile to the face of so called hard men. If only we had more like her.
Syl, Dublin, Ireland

Can you imagine if every government in every country had just one Mo Mowlam. What a different world we could have. Will the men ever wake up and get their act together. In a few years in Northern Ireland, she dispelled prejudices on both sides. It is a measure of her huge warmth and integrity that as a politician she leaves a job respected, loved and warmly remembered by all sides. I sat behind her at the U2 concert in Slane and she knew all the words and danced the whole night long. What a woman!
Mairead, Dublin, Ireland

Someone who put others first and really made a difference
Mel McGrath, London
I met Mo a few times at work and feel very privileged to have met her. Only two months ago she organised a charity night with Eddie Izzard in London to raise money for her charity Mo Mo Helps, and she was there chatting to people and being so friendly. This is what I will remember, someone who put others first and really made a difference. She was a remarkable woman, greatly admired and rightly so. Best wishes to her family.
Mel McGrath, London

An incredible woman who has inspired me over the years both through her no nonsense approach and the way that she coped with her illness. The World is a poorer place without her.
Justin Peckham, Newbury, Berks

As someone who served as a soldier in Northern Ireland I saluted her in everything she did to bring about peace
Paul Richardson, Middlesbroug
I never agreed with Mo all the time. But she was a great woman and statesperson. As someone who served as a soldier in Northern Ireland I saluted her in everything she did to bring about peace. I saw her in a restaurant some months ago, I only wish now I went and spoke to her. Absolutely gutted, rest in peace
Paul Richardson, Middlesbrough

I had the great fortune to meet Mo during a recent visit by her to Newtown in Powys (Mid-Wales). She was an amazing woman. Sadly many of our politicians today lack her honesty and common sense.
Wayne Jones, Newtown, Powys

What a truly wonderful lady who spoke her mind and was not afraid on the consequences, this country needs more people with her forthright approach. She will be sadly missed and our thoughts go to her family - God bless
Pauline Ainsbury, Bedworth, Warwickshire, England

I never met Mo Mowlam but somehow still feel as if I have lost someone special. She was one of the few politicians (perhaps the only one) who I trusted and genuinely admired and felt grateful to. Best wishes to her family in their time of loss.
Lesley, Kenley, England

Farwell Mo Mowlam - you have left a lasting mark on society especially the work you did in my birthplace in NI. To your husband Jon and your loved ones I send my deepest sympathy and I am sure they will find comfort from their memories of you. Fly like a Dove dear Mo and watch over us from above.
Margo, Australia

She showed courage and strength all through her time in government
Marie Turner, Bournemouth, Dorset
Mo Molam was one of the most committed, dedicated people in Parliament. She showed courage and strength all through her time in government and she will be sadly missed.
Marie Turner, Bournemouth Dorset

Although not a follower of politics very much, would always make the effort to watch Mo Mowlem, she had something which endeared her to the normal woman in the street, she had a good sense of fun, and was down to earth. Had a lot to offer, a great pity that she died so young.
Judith Barnett, UK

Mo Mowlam left the people of Northern Ireland a legacy that old and young in Northern Ireland will always remember. She has made a difference to the world. I regret that I never had the honour of meeting such a wonderful person.
Tracie, Antigua, and Barbuda (originally from Belfast)

Mo Mowlam was a rare breed. A politician of great integrity and principles like her late colleague Robin Cook. What she achieved in Northern Ireland was outstanding and will go down in history. She has left a legacy and we owe it to her to see it completed. She will be sorely missed. R.I.P
Chris, London, England

A sad day to lose such a great person. She was a genuine inspiration to all and a true example of how to live a life. If only we were all so unselfish to give so much to others and live such full lives there would be no problems we could not overcome. We were fortunate indeed to have had Mo for the short time we did.
Keith McDougall, Wokingham, UK

A truly remarkable woman with strength that we can only dream of. The world is a diminished place without her. She was, and will continue to be, an inspiration to all.
Gail Watt, Aberdeenshire

Mo will be sadly missed. Never have I seen a more capable person in the role of NI Secretary and one who took the bull by the horns and dealt with people. Her passing so young is tragic and a loss to good political debate.
Phil Pinnington, London, England

She inspired many young people with her strength and humanity
Ross Renton, Hatfield, UK
She was a pearl in the sea of politics. She inspired many young people with her strength and humanity. I hope her memory lives on and her contribution to Britain is appreciated.
Ross Renton, Hatfield, UK

Mo Mowlam was one of the more recognisable and liked figures within the New Labour government, her tireless work as Northern Ireland Minister to bring a peace agreement will be remembered and talked about by people both in England and Ireland for many years. She will be missed by all, if there were more politicians like Mo, maybe more people would show an interest in politics! And more people like her, the world would be a better place.
Philip Carr, Bootle, Merseyside

Although I never knew her personally; I heard and read about her when she was the Secretary for Northern Ireland. Her early death brought tears to my eyes as l realise that one of the people that actually care about other people and want to make a difference in other people's lives just died. It is said that the good people always die early while God waits for the not so good to repent. May Your soul rest in perfect peace Mo!
Kazzim, North London, UK

She was funny, cheeky and charming
Kelly Griffiths, Richmond, North Yorkshire
I had the pleasure of meeting Mo at a by-election in Richmond in the 80s, I was 7. We canvassed the area for what seemed like months, putting leaflets in every letterbox. She was funny, cheeky and charming. We kept in touch for a few years. I looked at her with admiration and as an amazing role model both then and now. I'm proud to have met her. Mo Mowlem has left a footprint on every heart that she ever met.
Kelly Griffiths, Richmond, North Yorkshire

I believe Mo's courage was inspirational to many, man and woman alike, she was the kind of politician that we need to see more of today, and a person that I would have loved to meet, I'm sure all those who were close to her must be immensely proud of her. She was and is a figure head of our time.
Trish Bayley, Broadstairs, Kent, England

I had the privilege of meeting Mo Mowlam at a lunch my company held at the Ritz in June 2005. Without exception, everyone at the event thought her talk was great. She kept us amused for a good 4 hours with lots of insights into politics and her time in the Cabinet. Condolences to her husband Jon, whom we also met that day.
Sharon Berry, UK

Amazingly intelligent, witty, forthright - Mo Mowlam was everything a politician should be. She had integrity and the ability to relate to real people and real situations. She will be sadly missed but long remembered for these qualities and more.
Denise Burgess, Maidstone England

She was extraordinary. A truly beautiful spirit. I hope her example will inspire for many years to come. My condolences to her family and friends.
Linda, Manchester

Mo Mowlam was a great source of inspiration to me as I was growing up (I was 13 at the time of the Good Friday Agreement). Her candour and courage were clearly displayed when voicing her opinions, and whether you agreed with her or not, she always raised the bar of a debate. She was clearly a very strong woman, and the way she dealt with her illness has inspired me in the way I deal with mine. I am so sad to hear of her death, she was too young, but I hope that she will live on in the people whose lives she changed for the better.
Becky, London, UK

She'll always be one of my favourite politicians. She brought a sense of fun to Westminster, while at the same time being a brilliant politician. She'll be greatly missed.
Dave Godfrey, Swindon, UK


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