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Star Trek's Scotty: Your tributes
James Doohan
Actor James Doohan, who played the chief engineer Scotty in Star Trek, has died at the age of 85.

Doohan - whose character Montgomery Scott became immortalised for responding to the command "Beam me up, Scotty" - had been suffering from pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease.

The Canadian-born actor was a master of dialects from his early years in radio and tried seven different accents for the part.

The actor's ashes are to sent into space on a Falcon 1 rocket at his request.

Thank you for your tributes to James Doohan. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

Your tributes:

James Doohan as Chief Engineer Mr Scott, represented everything good we strive for - loyalty, honour and desire to be the miracle worker. He showed us that no matter how impossible things were, he would always hold the ship together and ultimately save the day thus making a difference!
Major Frank Karayianes (USAF), Lakewood Wa, USA

He will always be affectionately remembered for the worst Scottish accent ever heard!
Bill, Lanarkshire

The original series is my favourite of the Star Trek series. I met Jimmy on two Conventions and he was great. He isn't really dead, because I'll ever remember him - and all of his fans. It is wonderful that his ashes will be send into space. Beam Scotty up!
Petra, Germany

I watched the original series as a child and fell in love with it then
Cary Carpenter, Rome, NY USA
I watched the original series as a child and fell in love with it then. Scotty isn't really dead as long as we remember him. Here's to ya,lad.
Cary Carpenter, Rome, NY USA

RIP, Jimmy! I met Jimmy at a convention in San Jose, California, in 1992. Someone took a photograph of me sitting on his lap. I did get the photo blown up, and he autographed it five months later. He even remembered me! This is a memory I will cherish forever. What a great man he was. I am glad I had the opportunity to see him at several conventions. May God bless him and his family!
Lisa Catelani, Rohnert Park, California, USA

I never had the honour of meeting Mr Doohan. I remember tears in my eyes when I found out that he had Alzheimer's. Those tears came back a few days ago. Thank you, Mr Doohan, for being an inspiration to all of us. We miss you. Go boldly.
H Kazmi, Silver Spring, MD, USA

A wonderful actor who brought life to a much loved role. He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by his fans. Rest in peace Mr Doohan.
Min, Dudley, UK

Scotty was always my favourite character on Star Trek. I discovered later that James Doohan was a Canadian, not a Scot. He was wounded in the war while landing on the beaches of Normandy. A hero on TV, the movies and real life.
Bonnie, Kitchener, Ont, Canada

For me, Scotty was always the heart of the show
Sudhir Menon, Singapore

My older brother and I first started watching Star Trek on Singapore TV around 1967 or 1968. For me, Scotty was always the heart of the show. RIP in space.
Sudhir Menon, Singapore

My favourite line was, "Captain, there be whales here." James Doohan was a very beloved actor. As some others have said, I grew up with Star Trek. Scotty was the nuts and bolts that held the show together. I think it's wonderful that his ashes will be sent up into space. What a lovely way to be honoured.
Margaret, Minneapolis, USA

The man who used to beam others up has finally been beamed up himself to a better place. May he live long and prosper there.
Carl Jones, London, United Kingdom

First, my deepest sympathies to the Doohan Family. Having met Jimmy several times at various Trek Conventions. I can honestly say that out of all the actors from the series, Jimmy embraced his "role" to all of his fans with such zest and fervour! He was always willing to sign each and every autograph and take those cherished photos! Enjoy your well deserved rest from this mortal life; your spirit will continue to boldly go where no man has gone before!
Rick Mena, Houston, TX, USA

Many thanks to the Miracle Worker who not only offered hours of entertainment to me and my family, but also helped to inspire imagination and creativity in my life. It is fitting that Mr Doohan's ashes be sent into space. "Jimmy, may the wind be at your back."
Holly Kee, Johnston City, Illinois, USA

I was amazed to hear Mr Doohan being interviewed on TV speaking with a Canadian accent
Tom Clark, Manchester
Many years ago I was amazed to hear Mr Doohan being interviewed on TV speaking with a Canadian accent. Until that moment I'd been convinced that he came from Scotland! I regret that I never met him at any conventions I attended, but I did speak to many con-goers who had, and they spoke of his good humour, his approachability, his love of people and life.
Tom Clark, Manchester

You are a great inspiration to us engineers. When we build the first warp drive it will be because you showed us the way.
George Cardenas, Los Angeles, USA

Have known Jimmy for almost 28 years. He has always been a kind and generous man. I will never forget that twinkle in your eyes and the devil grin on your face.
Kelly Nelson, Waterloo, Iowa, USA

I think that it is wonderful that 'Scotty's' ashes will be sent into space. I grew up with him saving the Enterprise week after week and it is only fitting that he keeps travelling through the final frontier.
John Gibson, Montreal, Canada

Cheers to you Jim, thank you for breathing so much life and spirit into Scott. Thank you for helping us look ahead and not behind.
Randy Kiessig, Mountain View, CA USA

James created a character that helped inspire a generation
Alan Martin, Bedford, England
I remember the first Start Trek episode being transmitted on the BBC. It completely changed the standard of sci-fi shows both technically and with its moral conscience. James created a character that helped inspire a generation to work in engineering and push the boundaries of what we believe we can do.
Alan Martin, Bedford, England

Star Trek's attraction came from people wanting to think that humans are capable of something much better than they are doing right now. If this typecasts an actor I think it is a nice thing to have happen. It was so refreshing to watch the show and travel along with the crew and try to believe that somehow we humans had progressed to something of a higher plane.
Doug W, Chicago, USA

Thanks for the memories James, I was chuffed to bits when the Star Trek movies were made, you were a star. Take care matey.
Chris, Mansfield

It is very easy for people, including myself, to habitually criticise the United States nowadays. However, the original Star Trek really was one of America's finest achievements because it went far beyond a television series and inspired curiosity, awareness and humanity which many of us cherish today and will try to pass to our children. James Doohan will not be forgotten for that.
Saied, Oxford, UK

Jim you were always one of the brightest stars in the firmament. There will be an extra bright start tonight. Miss you Jim. Loved meeting you on several occasions.
Lisa Mawson, Andover, Hampshire

I had the pleasure of escorting Mr Doohan and his wife aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) while there was a science fiction convention in Norfolk, VA. He was one of the most pleasant people I've met, and knew a great deal more about the ship I served on than I did! Godspeed to you, friend.
Robert, Greeley, CO, USA

Today's scientific community would be a mere fraction of itself had Doohan not inspired so many
Oliver, Germany
I am fairly willing to bet that today's scientific community would be a mere fraction of itself had Doohan not played such a convincing character, and inspired so many to take up science. Rest in peace.
Oliver, Germany

I was heartstruck by the news of his death. As long as I can remember, Star Trek was a part of my life. Right from the start Scotty was my favourite. I cannot tell you how much we will miss him.
Marc Ghijsels, Antwerp , Belgium

Peace be with your family James, they must be so proud of the influence you had on a whole generation. Thank you.
Sian Brady, Stroud, England

I was raised on Star Trek. My mother and I used to watch it every weekend, and when the movies were on, my sister and dad knew better then to annoy us. Scotty was my favourite character, always injecting levity into the show and movies. Rest in peace my friend, you never knew how many lives you touched.
Robb Dunphy, Dublin, Ireland

The first time I saw James Doohan was on a re run of Star Trek as a child. Being of Scottish descent, his character, Montgomery Scott, stuck on me for the next three decades!
Jason L, Chiba City, Japan

James was part of my childhood and has greatly influenced what I watch now on TV. I am a Trekkie and proud of it. God bless you James.
Joann, Hull

He was always available for autographs
Terry Wallbridge, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
James will be missed, he was always a gentleman. The last time I saw him in Victoria he threw out the first pitch at a charity baseball game. He was always available for autographs. To the stars and beyond, have a great trip.
Terry Wallbridge, Victoria, Canada

I'm so glad his ashes are going into space. I can't think of a better place for them. I'll feel better knowing he's up there looking down on the Earth.
Michelle, London

"I may be a captain by rank, but I never wanted to be anything more than an engineer." I second that notion! I am also an engineer. He was one of the reasons that I became an engineer. This one for you Mr Scott!
Tony N, Roanoke, VA

James Doohan has given me many hours of enjoyment playing Scotty in Star Trek. I've met him twice at conventions and found that he was indeed a nice man who gave a lot of love back to his fans. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Dorothy Warren, St Louis, Mo, USA

God bless you James and thank you so much for the memories and imagination that you have given us, the Trekkies.
Erran J Elixiash, Singapore

I modelled my career in engineering on his
Bruce, Tokyo, Japan
Scotty was the miracle worker, the ultimate engineer. I modelled my career in engineering on his. If they ever build a warp drive or a transporter we'll know where to find him. Rest in peace, Jimmy.
Bruce, Tokyo, Japan

I had the pleasure of bumping into Scotty about 4 or 5 years ago, pushing a shopping trolley in a local supermarket! He seemed pleased to be acknowledged, and was very warm and friendly even in that situation.
Simon Buckmaster, Redmond, USA

I can't believe how sad this has made me feel. I'm nearly in tears as I type. I've loved Star Trek ever since I was a little boy watching it with my father. Now my children sit with me and watch the episodes on DVD.
Darren, Chelmsford

I learnt my most important engineering principle from Scotty, estimate the work and times it by three. "It will take twice as long as that, Captain, but I'll do my best." Thanks for giving thousands of us the desire to be engineers. Rest in peace, Scotty
Dave, Prague

I am unable to hear a Scottish accent without thinking of him
Rene, Kelowna, BC, Canada
His humour was unforgettable. Even in other shows (Knight Rider 2010, where he played himself) he managed to make us all laugh. I am unable to hear a Scottish accent without thinking of him. He sails different seas now; so a strong wind at your back and clear skies, our beloved Engineer. You will be remembered.
Rene Kabis, Kelowna, BC, Canada

I guess he just didn't 'have any more power to give', enjoy your shore leave Scotty.
Howard, Toronto, Canada

May the stars welcome you with open arms. You'll be missed here on Earth. To his friends and family I shall add his name to my prayers of comfort.
Craig Montgomery, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

James was an iconic gentleman, that made us all dream to the heavens for the final frontier. God Bless him, his family and may the continuum of his humanity rest well within our hearts for better tomorrows.
Curtis Joseph, Toronto, Canada

As a Trekkie and geek I know your influence on our community and I had the fortune to meet you at a convention. A great man.
Harry, London, UK

He influenced a generation of sci-fi fans
Mark Newbold, Staffordshire
What a star, what a gentleman, what an actor. He was a Canadian war hero, flew bombers, landed on D-Day and acted in thousands of radio plays. He influenced a generation of sci-fi fans, gave Nasa engineers the inspiration to start their careers and millions of us a lot of pleasure. But he'll always be our Scotty, and I think he was just fine with that. Fill the bellows for Abide with Me. You will be missed Commander.
Mark Newbold, Lichfield, Staffordshire

May your journey beyond the final frontier be a peaceful one.
Gawain, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

The man was an icon to generations of astronauts and engineers alike. And he was a good human being. Like many have already said, I had a chance to talk to him once at a convention. He was nothing if not very pleasant and friendly. The world is a little colder do to his passing.
Steve C, Berlin, New Jersey, USA

My thanks to not only a talented actor that helped create the legend that is Star Trek, but also a true gentleman who cared compassionately for his many fans.
Simon, Southampton, UK

Would there be as many engineers in the world today if it was not for Scotty, I wonder how many Scots work at the ESA or Nasa for that fact?
Thomas Mulhern, San Francisco, USA

Mr Doohan was one of the most wonderful things about Star Trek- his is one of the characters that set the show apart from being just a silly science fiction show. He will be greatly missed.
Sam Atwood, Boston, USA

I am a Scot living in USA. Whenever I am asked to say something 'Scottish' I always reply 'the engines canny take it captain'. Everyone always smiles. From now on everyone who hears these words from my lips will remember James Doohan and smile.
Robert Heron, Salisbury, USA

Warp speed to the great beyond, Scotty
Brian Adams, Milton, USA
Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our entertainment history. Warp speed to the great beyond, Scotty. The pipes are playing for you.
Brian Adams, Milton, USA

A true gentleman both on and off screen. Scotty, you will be missed!
Rich, Reston, Virginia, USA

You had a big impact on my childhood, and for that you have my eternal thanks. Rest in Peace James.
Ian, UK

In addition to creating a truly unique and completely loveable character in Montgomery Scott, Jimmy Doohan's own charm and charisma and genuine caring for his fans made him arguably the most beloved actor on the Enterprise. His presence will be missed in this world but no doubt welcomed with great delight in the next.
Ellen and Brad Ashton-Haiste, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

I've been a fan of the original series for as long as I can remember, thanks for all those fantastic lines.. "She cannae take it anymore...!" You'll be missed.
Drew, Ashford, Kent

Always the loyal hero both on the show, to the franchise itself, and its many fans
Isaac, Miami, Florida
Always the loyal hero both on the show, to the franchise itself, and to its many fans. He was always willing to make guest appearances on the Next Generation and conventions. Thank you sir for being a wonderful part of our lives.
Isaac, Miami, Florida

Scotty, you will be sadly missed, maybe you can change the laws of physics now you've passed your final frontier.
Steve Farmer, Birmingham

Meeting you was one of the high points in my life. Know that you will always be in our hearts and touch us all for years to come. Here's to ya laddy!
Brian Graham, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

I'd like to say thank you to James Doohan, for all the wonderful memories; Scotty was my favourite character on Star Trek. His death is a terrible loss for many "Trek" fans who no doubt feel as I do, that yet another of part of our childhood has been forever lost. He will be greatly missed by many people around the world. Sic itur ad astra, Mr Scott.
V Herrick, Los A, USA

I can't imagine another actor who could have pulled off the role of Scotty as well as Mr Doohan. Additionally, anyone who watched the animated version of Star Trek quickly realized what a master of dialects he was by the number of parts he voiced over. God Bless him.
Clay Redden, Prattville, Alabama, USA

Third star to the left, and straight on till morning.
Gerry, Livingston, Scotland

May you boldly go where no man has gone before
Jon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
I have been a huge fan of the original Star Trek since it debuted on NBC in the 1960s. Scotty was always a favourite character in the series, I think that after Kirk and Spock he was the next most important character in the show. God Bless You Scotty! May you "boldly go where no man has gone before".
Jon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

20 years I saw him at Chicago Ohare airport, he stopped signed a photo that he took out of his briefcase and then talked to my wife and I about the next movie that he was shooting. He was a great guy. Down to earth, funny, had a twinkle in his eye when he laughed. He will be missed!
Steven Johnson, St Paul, Minnesota, USA

As in Star Trek 2, where Scotty played the bagpipes when Spock was laid to rest, I too will remember that tune. God bless you James, and rest in peace. My most heartfelt respects to the family, and the extended family of Star Trek. Live long, and Prosper...
Chris Vallette, Layton, Utah, USA

Doohan portrayed not just an engineer but a justifiably proud one, one who knew his ship like the back of his hand. If Star Trek's underlying message was that humanity would prevail over its own self-destructive tendencies and build a bright future, Scotty's message was that nothing beats a little ingenuity when the moment calls for it - but also that ingenuity, like chance, favours the highly prepared.
David, Urbana, IL, US

"Scotty, you've been beamed up, forever." God bless you, always.
Anna Little, Los Angeles, USA

Thank you James and Star Trek for helping the more philanthropic humans get off the planet, once in a while. Warp 9 Scotty. God Bless.
Pete, Winston Salem, NC

James, you brought inspiration to millions. It was all worth it. Thank you, and rest in peace.
Alek Hayes, London, UK

A genuinely nice guy. I met and interviewed him in the 1980s. Kind and patient.
Richard Hunt, Rocklin, CA, US

Restu Pace. Tonight the bagpipes play for you.
Doc Kinne, Ithaca, NY

RIP Scotty. Have fun checking out the final frontier.
Leona, Brighton, UK

God be with you Jimmy and god bless your family. You were a great man and actor.
Scott Fennell, Palm Coast, Florida, USA

Scotty, you have been beamed up to the big man in the sky, god bless you.
Michael Hickland, Belfast

Thanks for everything Scotty. Now we can all say "Beam me up Scotty" when our time comes.
Paul Bray, Byske, Sweden

Warp speed Mr Scott
Robert Sharpe, Hull, Yorkshire
Mr Scott has left us and I am crying now, May the great bird of the galaxy bless James Doohan. The word is given, warp speed Mr Scott! God Bless.
Robert Sharpe, Hull, Yorkshire

I met him at a convention in Sacramento 2 years ago. A great man. Even though he is Canadian to me he will always be a Scotsman.
Neil, Sacramento, California, USA/ UK

Live long and prosper Jimmy - you gave so much, to so many, for so long. "She'll blow apart Cap'n!!"
Richard, Hamilton, New Zealand

He's really not dead.. as long as we remember him. Salute, to one of the best.
Tim Longo, Boonton USA

Jimmy, may you rest in peace. The cast and writers of Star Trek inspired millions with a vision of peaceful future where beings of all races, creeds, colours and planets could live a peaceful coexistence, I pray your legacy as Montgomery Scott is never forgotten nor the dreams of that future. "The word is given..." God speed
Blaine Vande Berg, Howell, Mi, USA

The first time I saw Star Trek was in 1969. I have always enjoyed the original show and cast. Mr. Doohan, you will be missed greatly. Thank you for everything you gave us.
Maurice Gray-Maranville, Los Angeles, CA USA

The Star Trek crew were my family when I was growing up. God Bless and I hope that we all may meet up again - next time round Scotty.
Lindsay Cossey, Eastleigh

You made science and technology exciting and cool
Ric Brown, New York City, US
You made science and technology exciting and cool. You really inspired more engineers, scientists, and scholars than will admit it.
Ric Brown, New York City, USA

When NASA says "we pulled a Scotty" when referring to how they underestimated the lifespan of the Mars Rovers, that says it all.
James Lewis, Redmond, WA

Thank you for giving us one of TV's greatest legends and so many one-liners. May you find peace beyond the final frontier, old friend.
Johnni, Edinburgh, Scotland

James Doohan, although Canadian, portrayed a canny Scottish space engineer. His role in Star Trek was a joy to behold.
Philip, Glasgow

The world and Star Trek will not be the same without you
Andrew Forbes, Scotland
RIP Mr Doohan, we will never forget you. Thank you for the hundreds of hours of enjoyment you brought to us with Scotty and other characters. The world and Star Trek will not be the same without you.
Andrew Forbes, Scotland

Even now, I cannot believe that there were only two series to make this man's character iconic. RIP Scotty - you left a mark on all of us.
Sim, Plymouth

I was sad to hear that James Doohan had reversed the polarity of his dilithium crystals for the last time. Respect is due to a fine comic actor and possibly the most patient man who was ever born. Anyone who hears "Beam me up, Scotty" from random passers-by every three minutes for well nigh forty years of his life without committing mayhem with a high-powered assault rifle deserves some kind of award.
Stu West, Glasgow

Last year I finished my PhD in astrophysics. If it hadn't been for Star Trek and Scotty making science seem interesting I wouldn't be where I am now. Thanks for inspiring me Scotty/James and all the others who watched too.
John Eldridge, London

Bye Scotty, I hope you've been 'beamed up' at last.
Ricardo, Brazil

There was absolutely no pretence or snobbery about the man
David Easley, Dubuque, Iowa USA
I met Mr Doohan at a Star Trek convention in Memphis, Tennessee in the early 1990s. He was very pleasant to speak with and he autographed my script of the "The Trouble With Tribbles" episode. There was absolutely no pretence or snobbery about the man. He will be missed. Godspeed!
David Easley, Dubuque, Iowa USA

Deep sympathy to his family and friends on the sad loss of a great actor, will be greatly missed.
Heather, Hull

I guess everyone's turn to be beamed up comes. I just never thought Scotty would leave the controls. RIP Mr Doohan; we'll never forget you!
Caera, San Antonio, US

We cannae take it - Scotty - he's dead Jim! He will be much missed but now immortalised to us die hard trekkers. God bless you James. Mind your head!
Chris Davis, New Milton UK

My favourite line of Scotty was, "I know this ship like the back of my head." RIP James Doohan.
Daniel, USA

I guess it was Mr Scott's turn to get beamed up. We'll miss you, Jimmy.
Tom Marshalek, Bloomington, IN USA

Part of my childhood has just passed away
Andrew H, Wombourne, UK
This show was a childhood must see. Part of my childhood has just passed away. You really can'nae change the laws of physics.
Andrew H, Wombourne, UK

And so we bid farewell to one of the 20th Century's most recognised actors, as well as a brilliant dialectician.
Dave, UK

So Scotty has crossed the final frontier. RIP Jimmy, you will live forever in the memories of millions of Trekkies worldwide.
Stephen, South London

Star Trek was perhaps the greatest inspirational programme ever! So much today has been possible because of its ideas. James Doohan will be greatly missed.
Mark, Ware

I feel like an old friend has gone. Scotty, Bones, Spock and Kirk were very much a part of my teenage years, and I still reckon that the original Star Trek was the only one worth watching. One to beam up, Scotty.
Andy, Manchester

He may have not been Scottish in real life but he certainly has Scotland in his blood
Tony Hall, Hornchurch, England
James Doohan was a great actor. He may have not been Scottish in real life but he certainly has Scotland in his blood.
Tony Hall, Hornchurch, England

Thank you for such wonderful performances and memories throughout your life.
Richard R, London

The Enterprise with be a cold and empty place without its Chief Engineer. One of the greatest Scottish characters ever portrayed on TV. He will be sorely missed.
John G Keeley, Dumbarton, Scotland.

He played probably one of the most memorable characters of the whole Star Trek franchise. He will be remembered for years to come.
Joe Clift, Edinburgh

Doohan's character Scotty served as a role model and inspired me to study science
Rob Schmidt, Livermore, CA
As a technically-inclined young boy who had lost my father, Doohan's character Scotty served as a role model and inspired me to study science. I went on to a career as an officer in the US Navy, eventually serving in the Reactor/Engineering department of - what else - the USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65), and at least once, in a lighter moment, got to put on a fake Scottish accent when saying, "Achh - the engines can't take nae more!" Thanks, Scotty and Godspeed!
Rob Schmidt, Livermore, CA

James Doohan was probably the finest actor in the original Star Trek series. He created the character of Scotty, and his performance seemed so effortless and very authentic. That is a hard combination to achieve, but Doohan did it time and time again.
Robert Ciccotosto, Palmyra, New Jersey, USA

God Bless you Scotty. May you continue to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Joe Doody, Glasgow

Thanks for being a great actor, and for creating such a memorable character. Rest in Peace.
Jan, UK

Without him, the warp drive won't be the same again
Irfan, Derby
I watched him and loved him as much as I enjoyed watching the Star Trek series and film. I was shocked to see that he is gone. Without him, the warp drive won't be the same again.
Irfan, Derby

James Doohan was a wonderful man - he will be greatly missed. I had the pleasure of meeting him several times at conventions. He was always amusing, charming, and very outspoken! This is sad, too, coming so close after the deaths of Michael Billington and Ed Bishop. I would like to think of them all together in a better place.
Gail, USA

The Engineer of the Enterprise - Scotty - had the great line "Ye canna change the laws of physics" which will live forever. In Star Trek, James was never the lead but crucially he was the one I remember most fondly and he will be sadly missed.
Paul Israel, London, UK

I grew up in India watching Star Trek. I can't forget the moment I was waiting to watch the series each week. Scotty was a great actor.
Yogi Selliah, Toronto, Canada

At last Scotty has himself been 'beamed up'
David Campbell, Ayr, Scotland
As a Scot whose own father was a ship's engineer, I came to admire our Scotty's ability to save the warp engines and the dilithium crystals on a weekly basis. At last Scotty has himself been 'beamed up' and long may his fame and prowess with the horsepower be celebrated. God Bless.
David Campbell, Ayr, Scotland

Scotty has made the journey into the transporter for the last time. He will be missed by a lot of people. He never let his success go to his head and was always willing to take part in the comedy moments on screen. I tip my glass to someone who can show us all how to deal with success and failure with humanity and warmth.
David, Durham, UK


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