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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 July, 2005, 10:41 GMT 11:41 UK
What do you think of BBC policies?
BBC chairman Michael Grade
Are you happy with the service that the BBC provides?

Chairman Michael Grade and BBC governors answered questions from members of the public during a special meeting on Tuesday evening.

Mr Grade promised to remove all repeats from BBC One and BBC Two within 10 years but says this will depend on the corporation receiving adequate funding.

Governors were also quizzed on chasing ratings, impartiality, accuracy and the licence fee.

Did the BBC Chairman and governors satisfy your concerns? Does the licence fee provide value for money?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

The licence fee would be good value at twice the price given the TV, radio and online output of the BBC
Charlie, Somerset
The licence fee would be good value at twice the price given the TV, radio and online output of the BBC. The thought of allowing advertisers to influence what is shown and then getting the similar drivel to that produced by ITV and Sky is appalling!
Charlie, Somerset

My message to BBC bosses? Simple, less EastEnders, more wildlife, more history, more politics, more great dramas (not set in the Victorian era) etc. We don't need 'celebrities' hoovering-up the licence fees, we don't need quiz shows and we certainly don't need endless soaps. The BBC is set aside from all other broadcasters in that it does not have to rely on advertising to fund it. As such it does not have to produce lowest common denominator television. The BBC has a chance (unique in broadcasting) to shape society, not reflect it.
Chris H, UK

Yeah right! Like anything new will come of this. The BBC has refined to a high art the masquerade of a "caring, sharing, listening" organisation by offering numerous feedback forums to give people a false sense that what they say can make a difference. The BBC is concerned with one thing only - continued funding via the anachronistic, unjust, licence fee tax. It is about time the "Great" British public woke up to this fact and start caring about fighting for their rights and their freedoms.
Leroy, Surrey, UK

How about including isobars on the weather maps so the thousands of us water sports enthusiasts out here can judge when swells are likely to hit the UK. Very useful for surfers, wind surfers, kite surfers, sailors etc. Please do not dumb the weather down.
Col, UK

Firstly, the BBC needs to educate the public as to how good value the licence is. Tell them how much they pay for the "The Free ITV programmes". Even before you've paid a 1 a time to get on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, TV advertising has added over 250 to the average shopping bill. Forget chasing ratings and give us quality programmes. Remember that those watching on Saturday evenings are an older audience and would prefer quality entertainment programmes that they used to see. Let's see modern versions of The Two Ronnies and Val Doonican Show with today's quality performers, ie the ones who sing live! Finally many of us have to put up with crime and anti social behaviour, we don't want to then see it on our TVs! Scrap reality TV, cheap tacky TV.
Gary, Aylesbury, UK

The only programme worth my licence fee was Dr Who - and it restored my faith in the BBC to produce high quality drama. Other than that, their output is total drivel. And why on earth hasn't EastEnders gone the same way as Brookside and been given the chop?
Steven Davies, London, England

I don't know about not showing repeats. Most of the time they are the only programs worth watching. There is some excellent output on Radio 2, 4 and 5 and the website is generally, very good but it is all tarnished by the sheer drivel that is churned out at so-called prime time. Also the presenters, most of them are simply moronic, biased or both. Comedy is reduced to politically correct garbage or "post watershed" simply because the content is bolstered by bad language. On the more positive side, at least they are encouraging people to switch off and do something better with their lives.
Trevor, Colchester, UK

Restore current affairs coverage to peak time viewing like it used to be
Andrew Briggs, Caldes de Malavella, Spain
Stop trying to compete with the trashy commercial channels. The BBC is a public service broadcaster and has no business engaging in ratings wars. Stop dumbing down formerly world-beating programmes like "Horizon". The BBC does not provide one serious science programme any more and it's about time this was addressed. Stop treating your viewers as if they were all 14-year-olds with IQs in double-figures. Chuck out the reality and makeover shows. Start actually listening to your viewers' complaints. Establish a proper forum for viewers' concerns (there is none at the moment). Restore current affairs coverage to peak time viewing like it used to be. Stop inflicting z-list "celebrities" upon us every time we turn on the TV. We want information, not rampant egos or airhead presenters. Start including something actually educational in children's programmes instead of embarrassing drivel and imported cartoons. The BBC website is wonderful and of extremely high quality. Why can't its television programmes be the same? Educate, entertain, inform. Remember?
Andrew Briggs, Caldes de Malavella, Spain

I'd like the BBC licence fee to become a pay-as-you-watch scheme, so people who watch little TV pay less for the licence, and telly addicts more.
CJO, Dereham, UK

If you take all of the BBC - that's Radio as well as TV - then the licence fee probably does provide value for money. It's nice to know that I'm not the only person who has had enough of reality TV so maybe the message will get through to them. Finally - end the dumbing down. I'm all for science programs but not ones that seem to have been made for American TV and repeat the same fact every couple of minutes.
Steve, Cheltenham, UK

The UKTV channels are part owned by the BBC and presumably getting a huge income stream in addition to the licence fee. For those who don't watch these channels they are a series of advertisements interrupted by programming. Each episode of "Band of Brothers" had 5 ad-breaks so let's not hear this nonsense of not showing commercials. Be honest and look at different funding means so the licence fee can be scrapped.
Jim Kirk, Basildon, UK

Scrap the National Lottery programs. All we want are the numbers! Preferably mine.
Ben, Yorkshire

There needs to be a real review of the editorial position of the news. We should have either genuine impartiality or a selection of different programmes/reports from a mixed variety of partisan positions. The current pretence that it is 'neutral' when it has a centre-left bias should be challenged.
John, UK

I for one do not begrudge paying my licence fee
Mark, Stevenage, Herts
I think people should stop knocking the BBC. It is the only broadcaster that puts out shows of any quality. Yes we could do with less repeats (but sometimes repeats are good if they are of the right shows) and definitely less reality television, life is hard enough without having to watch someone else's misery every night! But, compared to the likes of the declining Channel 4 and ITV who put out end to end rubbish and cheap TV, the BBC are a shining example. I for one do not begrudge paying my licence fee.
Mark, Stevenage, Herts

Why is the license payers' money being spent on BBC3, etc when I can't even get the channel? Spend time sorting out BBC1 and 2 first? And no more "Keeping up appearances" please!
Laura, Cheltenham, UK

If I want a left/liberal/PC view, I will buy the Independent or the Guardian. What the BBC sees as 'middle of the road' is actually skewed in favour of painful PC and softy-liberal attitudes. It panders to minorities and the Welsh and Scottish populations, but England and the English rarely get a mention. Too often it is keen to give the Labour government's line on almost every subject, eg global warming, Europe and so on. And if I see one more programme about Africa, I'll scream! It's almost as if Tony Blair has told you to popularise his G8 promise.
Andy, Manchester, England

We need repeats, I often miss certain programs and forget to set the video. Not everyone has access to all the digital channels that show the repeats and some shows are not repeated for along time. It is also sometimes good to watch classics like "The Good Life", "Dad's Army", "Faulty Towers" etc. What will happen to them if the BBC doesn't repeat them? I agree there are currently too many but I think they have a place.
Ian C, Hampshire, UK

Why will it take 10 years to remove all repeats from the BBC? That's another 10 years of paying the extortionate licence fee which we see nothing for. Have you tried to find something to watch on Saturday or Sunday? Before 6pm you're lucky if there's anything but sport on then after that there's nothing more that the usual evening drivel of soaps, awful game shows and yes repeats, oh and if we're really lucky perhaps a premiere of a film that's about 10-years-old!
Julie, Sheffield, UK

'To The Ends of the Earth' represents all the BBC can achieve when it really wants to. Less of the cheap, tacky, lowbrow, barrel-scraping rubbish and more of this kind of quality drama! Audiences are not stupid, they are just treated as such too much of the time!
Phil Ford, London

I feel more and more alienated by the choice of programming on mainstream TV these days. The endless stream of mind-numbing reality shows continues unabated, we're suffering from soap overload and home/self makeover programmes. Oh and hours and hours of sports drive me nuts too.
Paul, Colchester

Put something worthwhile on a Saturday evening
Trem, Wolverhampton
Put something worthwhile on a Saturday evening, get rid of the stupid lottery program, a 5 minute slot at a regular time would be good. Some more commissioned films/drama at prime time on BBC1, not confined to BBC4. And a neighbours omnibus on BBC3. And give question time a better slot! Less of the rubbish half hour makeovers too, have a look at C4's Grand Designs!
Trem, Wolverhampton

I am an expat currently working in Germany. Before working here I worked in Saudi Arabia and used to listen to the BBC World Service on a satellite radio, at that time the service was free. Since working in Germany the service is no longer free (although CNN and CNBC are) and now it seems to be just another rolling news program, which in the evening repeats itself verbatim after one hour. What happened to the variety of content that was broadcast (free) when I was in Saudi (2002 to 2004)?
Richard M Wells, Chepstow UK

Why do they insist on making inane drivel for the dummies in the audience? We do not need more talent(less) shows such as Celebrity Come Dancing or Fame Academy. We do need more drama (which the Beeb can do very well), history and science. Please don't treat us like kids - that's for the competition to do for you.
Paul Robinson, Grimsby, England

The weather map makes me feel sea sick when it moves about. No more Fools & Horses or Last of the Summer Wine. No more reality TV and less of Eastenders. More quality drama and documentaries please.
Robert Bramham, Doncaster UK

What's the matter with repeats? How many of us can watch TV 24 hours a day? If I see something I want to watch it's often clashing with something else or too late at night. I may record it, but never find time to watch it. Repeating non-watershed documentaries in different timeslots is fine by me. Also, how about doubling or trebling the licence fee so that ALL telly can be advert free. Then we can spend a lot less on shopping for stuff we don't really want!
Clive, Cardiff, UK

Please ensure that all licence fees are spent within the BBC and not spent in general Government spending. Do not stop BBC productions in favour of buying in ready made programmes. Stop the repeats. Stop dumbing down television in general.
Chris Kisch, Milton Keynes, UK

I only have 5 words to say to the bosses - Keep Up The Good Work
Chris E, Norwich, England

If the BBC is not receiving adequate funding, then how were its directors offered substantial bonuses when many employees are being made redundant? Wouldn't that money be better channelled into improving the service?
Andy Bird, Cheshire, UK

I would like BBC to change its cold-war attitude to China and be more impartial when reporting current Chinese life. If it keeps on holding superior and satirical attitude toward Chinese development and events, I am afraid BBC will lose the vast audience in China and BBC can not call itself an impartial and justified media without reorganisation of the 1/4 world population. CNN is doing better than BBC in this matter.
Cynthia Yuan, Surrey

Turn off BBC1 and start again. Regurgitated programmes are boring. Eastenders - presumably the flagship of BBC1(?!?) is now plagued by laughably improbably storylines. With exception to the abundance of Sport's coverage (which is of course not written by the BBC but by the competitors themselves) the channel appears tired and defunct and (on the whole) now lacks inspiring, intriguing and ultimately entertaining which so many other channels seem to effortlessly provide.
Adam, Nottingham, UK

It is really sad but I think the first time that I watched BBC this year was when Doctor Who started, one of the few TV shows worth paying for and I think Lenny Henry show and a couple of Have I got New for You. I missed Jerry Springer the Opera as I wanted to see what the fuss was all about please repeat this on BBC3 or 4. I think there was news that the BBC were going have some good stuff in the Autumn including Little Britain which I look forward to. Now I am only watching CSI which is on Five (should be BBC) and living TV and it is really annoying with these awful adverts. One good thing about the BBC is that there is no adverts during shows. Come on BBC more Doctor Who etc. and all listed above.
Erik, Glasgow, UK

I wouldn't mind so much if the licence fee was not compulsory
John Armagh, Benfleet, Essex
It is a continual irritant that regular BBC1 programmes are shunted over to BBC2 when some sporting event comes along. If this is going to happen then why on earth can't our programmes be permanently shown on BBC2 rather than messing the viewers about? The number of times I have missed a programme or sat down to watch a recorded programme only to find I have recorded half an hour of sport is really annoying. I wouldn't mind so much if the licence fee was not compulsory - but I do ask myself what exactly I am paying for?
John Armagh, Benfleet, Essex

Please could you have a 20 year ban on showing "Only Fools and Horses" - we've seen it enough times now. Also, the new weather map is a great improvement on the last.
Simon, London

Something really needs to be done about the trailers. There now appear to be three 'full length' trailers between most major programmes. And some of them are repeated so often as to count as brain-washing - the 'Casanova' one earlier in the year being a notable example that must have caused a few TVs to be kicked off their stands. It nearly drove me mad, and certainly drove me away from the BBC for a while.
Tom, Portsmouth

More real entertainment with actors, documentaries and the like please
Corinne, Havant, England
On prime time BBC1 last night we were invited to watch a man unblocking drains. Is this where the quality of programming is going? More real entertainment with actors, documentaries and the like please, less of this cheap reality TV rubbish. You can consign it all to where the man sent his drain blockage.
Corinne, Havant, England

The BBC enjoys a favoured position of not needing to fund its activities through programme sales. There is therefore NO excuse for the very poor quality programmes currently broadcast. Mostly idiotic, lowest common denominator style broadcasting aimed at the brain-dead. By doing so, the BBC are opening themselves up for criticism about why they should have a licence fee at all.
Bil Ali, London, UK

Keep up the good work.
James Barnard, Hatfield, Herts

There should be a limit to the number of times a programme can be repeated - once or twice is acceptable. And the practice of filling spaces in the schedule with repeats of "Only Fools and Horses", clearly under the impression that it's a ratings winner however many times we've seen it before must cease forthwith. A once great TV comedy series, I now hate the sight of it and reach for the "off" button immediately.
Kate Tudor, Reading, England

Reality TV is taking over the box. There should more comedy. And your weather map is not bad, but confusing.
Andrew, Poole, Dorset

Repeats are fine in moderation; it is when there is not a single new show on in an evening that it becomes a problem. Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Blackadder are great shows and should be introduced to new audiences. Incidentally if the licence fee is abolished it would be the worst thing to happen to TV in this country.
Dan Crowley, Redhill

All the best programmes are on BBC3 & 4 which we cannot get in the Isle of Man
Janet Bailey, Isle of Man
Please BBC, stop dumbing down BBC1 & 2. All the best programmes are on BBC3 & 4 which we cannot get in the Isle of Man, as the BBC has not seen fit to enable us to receive it. At the moment I watch 1 hour of BBC a week - Top Gear - and listen to the radio the rest of the time. Radio 4 is the best thing about the BBC at the moment - and this website of course! Please sort out the Freeview service by making it available to everyone!
Janet Bailey, Isle of Man

Stop giving us second or third rate regional variation programmes that result in films, or other decent broadcasts, shown earlier in England being too late to watch over here!
Paul Schneider, Blackwood, S Wales

Please bring back the quality to some of your key programmes. Panorama 'We have a conclusion we like and here's a bunch of facts bent to fit it' and Horizon 'We'll tell you this several times very slowly but with increasingly whizzy graphics' are a mere shadow of their former selves.
Iain, UK

Steptoe and Son, Are you being served?, Porridge and Only Fools and Horses are classics. You have not made a classic sitcom in years. The repeats are the best thing on the box. Reality shows just make me switch to UK Gold. The licence fee has been spent on pandering to teens who go clubbing and don't watch TV anyway.
Sakib Salesevic, Brixton, London

I watch absolutely nothing on ITV, and little on Channel 5 - the BBC is easily the best channel, and that is because of the unique way it is funded. A specific complaint I have had is why, when cinema attendances are at record levels, does the BBC think that Film 2005 is only worthy viewing for insomniacs - an earlier showing please!
Richard Winfieldale, Derby

The new weather maps with the wind arrows upset my eyes and make me feel sick
Sylvia, Bath
As I have to get up early in the mornings I would like to see BBC News return to 9pm from 10pm. The new weather maps with the wind arrows upset my eyes and make me feel sick. Please can the BBC reinstate Test Match cricket as a 'crown jewel'? It is really unfair on those of us who, for whatever reason, cannot receive Sky.
Sylvia, Bath

With the continuing rise in subscription and pay tv packages where customers are paying a premium, would it not be better if as opposed to consumers paying twice for the same thing; the BBC took a percentage of the ridiculous profits made by the likes of Sky?
Karl Flinter, Hemel Hempstead

I would be quite happy to see adverts on the BBC if it removed the licence fee.
Paul Collier, London UK

Having lived abroad for many years, I really appreciate the very high quality programmes the BBC puts out. However, like many others, I think the recent "reality" shows detract from that quality. I would also prefer that you vary your major presenters instead of using the same ones, ie Alan Titchmarsh and Anne Robinson, ad infinitum - give some others a chance!
Linda, Liverpool

No more make-over, DIY or reality programmes... PLEASE!
Andrew, Bristol, UK

You're never going to please everyone all of the time! Repeats can be justified - just not continuously
Keith Legg, Dalgety Bay, Scotland
You're never going to please everyone all of the time! Repeats can be justified - just not continuously like Only Fools & Horses. Reality TV sometimes works - Strictly Come Dancing, for example, has increased the number of people dancing - and sometimes it doesn't. The only way to see is to try.
Keith Legg, Dalgety Bay, Scotland

The BBC is way ahead from any continental or US stations. Please keep it that way.
Richard, London, UK

The BBC seems to be totally unaware of its instinctive bias. It is not up to the BBC to decide what is right and wrong, but to report the news fairly and even-handedly.
Tim, London, UK

Take a few more risks
Shaun, Wimborne Dorset
When producing drama the BBC tends to concentrate on making what it can sell to the U.S market like classic period dramas. It should be prepared to take a few more risks. One of the BBC's strengths in the past has been its ability to attract the best script writers Britain has to offer. It should find and use that talent to produce new, innovative and exciting drama. Quality will always sell.
Shaun, Wimborne Dorset

The "no repeats" idea sounds good. If that could be applied to BBC3 then that would be excellent! At the moment the channel's full potential is being squandered at our expense.
Wai Ming Lee, Oxford, UK

I don't think repeats are the problem with the BBC. It's nice to watch a classic once in a while, like the current repeats of Men Behaving Badly (although I agree it shouldn't be in prime time). I think the main problem is the variety. I think there only needs to be one show per genre unless another show would add something substantial. I think the BBC could have a role to play in reviving the music industry if it showcased good music instead of chart rubbish.
Rikki, Essex, UK

Please do not deprive us of repeated viewings.
Please do not deprive us of repeated viewings. If you insist on never showing any repeats, you should make your archive freely available.

For my licence fee I want to see programmes that I look forward to. How about a bit less of the 'gritty drama' full of screaming low-lives and a few more 'Terry and June style sitcoms? The middle classes still exist, you know. What about ditching those brain-dead 'what not to wear' shows in favour of science-based documentaries (and please no more about how we are all going to die from Tsunami/global warming/unstoppable disease/rogue asteroid). And finally, why does almost every show have to have a vote-line?
Hazel, Cheshire, England

No more repeats, says Grade. There are so many programes I haven't seen, or would love to see again. There are so many wonderful programs that deserve repeats. If you won't show any more repeats, you should make your archive freely available.
Sarah, UK

I would like to ask which part of the BBC schedule is public broadcasting I cannot get anywhere else for free? The best of the output (documentaries) are usually from independent companies that anyone could commission. I would also like to ask what the governors are going to do to tackle the institutionalised-leftism that is rampant in the BBC newsroom? Every story is seen through the prism of liberalism, perhaps not deliberately, but the unconscious bias is there for all to see.
J.G., Scotland, U.K.

My message to the BBC Chairman and governors is this. Read the comments on this page and act on them!
Barbara, Perth, Scotland

Let's have more quality TV along the lines that you used to do (and still do for culture and history) e.g. good science (a range of programmes not just the current dumbed-down Horizon and Rough Science stuff), good documentaries, good current affairs/analysis and finally let's have a much broader cross section of viewpoints not just the "green/NGO/Guardian" slant all the time. The Beeb used to set the standard for this sort of stuff but now it's often just a poor second, if at all. I know the argument is that these programmes are expensive to make but lots of money could be saved by eliminating BBC3/4/News24.
Pete, UK

The BBC should have a digital channel similar to Sky Mix entirely for repeats of recent programmes. This would allow those people with digital access to catch up on programmes they have missed, forgotten to record or were unaware of until told about them the next day, while not detracting from the output on the main two channels. This channel should replace BBC3 - it is unacceptable that so much money is being spent on new programming for digital channels not everyone can get.
Anthony Walker, Oxford UK

More repeats of makeover and bric-a-brac shows - please!
Dave, Grimsby

Less reality/makeover/car boot programs
Al, Skipton, UK
All sport to be moved to digital channels. All entertainment programs to be on analogue channels. DAB radio to be 256Kb coded instead of the pathetic 128Kb or less that is delivered at the moment (Quality not quantity). Less reality/makeover/car boot programs. Less soaps. More quality drama and documentary. Lord Reith must be turning in his grave at the current schedules. Where is "Inform, educate and entertain"?
Al, Skipton, UK

Why can BBC world advertise whilst BBC 1 and 2 cannot? Clearly I would not mind a bit of adverts if the quality was improved! However BBC world does show any quality despite the adverts.
David J, Bradford, UK

Stop producing programmes that appeal to the lowest common denominator. Some people in the country do like to watch quality, rather than inane drivel!
Des, Hull

Almost every time I turn on the TV, there is some self-appointed 'expert' telling me what to do. It's either home makeovers for the weak-minded, financial advice for the spendthrift or scruffy herberts telling us what to wear. This is TV for morons, and it has to stop. Not long ago, BBC TV was the place to find quality programming, now it's just cheap rubbish.
John, Stockport, Cheshire

Bring back proper comedy. For example "Are you being served?", "Allo Allo", "It ain't half hot mum", "Terry and June". Start standing up to the PC brigade. Get rid of the useless make over programmes, clearly saving a fortune in the process. Also, please explain to me why you have to make so many redundant to cut costs, then reward the directors with massive bonuses for the drivel that we have to put up with?
Paul, Wales

1 - Scrap the licence fee and allow SKY to compete on equal terms. The viewers are quite capable of deciding whose programmes they wish to watch. 2 - Can we have some unbiased news reporting, please? I for one am fed up with news coverage which seems to have the same editorial slant as The Guardian.
Alan, Northampton UK

Why have programmes such as Panorama on so late at night?
E. Sloan, England
No more "Reality" TV. More of the wonderful wild life programmes i.e. Big Cat Diaries, hope there is a follow up to the Elephant Diaries shown recently. Why have they stopped Flog It? As to the Lottery Draw why not just draw out the numbers and be done with it instead of having a game show involved. Also why have programmes such as Panorama on so late at night? Programmes such as this are educational and should be viewed by the younger generation instead of repeats all time.
E. Sloan, England

Can we expect to see less imported American programming and more home grown entertainment which I believe is far superior!
Colin Steadman, Birmingham, UK

The BBC is fine on the sports, children and comedy front but it needs to put on more serious programmes on the flagship channels. Panorama has been consigned to a graveyard slot, Newsnight is on too late for many, nature documentaries are few and far between whilst Discovery is having a field day with factual documentaries about engineering, social and scientific issues at the BBC's expense. Along with many comments below, I think that the "improvements" genre has been flogged to death - the only ones left to do are personal finance and cars!
Alex, Aylesbury, UK

The licence fee is simply a tax that should be abolished. If the BBC need to raise more money then they can start charging a subscription for those who want to receive it - and for those who don't want to pay (whether in the UK or abroad) - they should not be able to receive BBC TV or radio - simple!!!
Paul D'Arcy, Fulham, UK

What is wrong with the new weather map?
Paul Nethercott, London
I totally agree with the desire to get rid of the endless amounts of repeats that viewers have to endure, particularly during the summer months. Just because a show is deemed as "classic", that doesn't mean that it has to be shown endlessly! And what is wrong with the new weather map? I think it is far clearer and informative then the previous version - if people don't like it, then they can avoid it or change channel!
Paul Nethercott, London

As a foreigner (Frenchman) who has travelled around Europe I can tell you that the BBC provides the best service in the world. Maybe the British people can't see that as they are used to BBC's quality standards. I just hope they will continue forever.
Xavier, France

No more "Fools & Horses"? No more classic comedy repeats? No second chance to see classic drama? I do not object to repeats when they are good quality - and the BBC has had some very good programmes - and not overdone. I would rather have that than the BBC straining its brains and turning out masses of shallow trivial glitzy tacky low-brow drivel (and I include wall to wall sport broadcasts in that) just because it has slots to fill on One and Two.
Dave, Evesham, UK

I have to say I do not think that the license fee represents value for money as far as what TV programmes the BBC serves up. I rarely watch BBC TV. However, given the other fine services they provide (such as this website and radio) I'm still happy to keep paying up.
Ben, Durham

I rely on the fact that good programmes will be repeated
Rachel Pearce, Matlock, UK
I am frankly dismayed by this move. I rely on the fact that good programmes will be repeated. I find the assumption that we should all spend extra money over and above the licence fee to view programmes originally broadcast e.g. at mealtimes very offensive. A good example is Dr Who, which is broadcast at teatime on a Saturday. This means I will either have to record it or never see it. Also think of the documentary series, for which it is very difficult to guarantee to see every episode. It is disappointing to think that if you miss some episodes you will never get the chance to see it again. Not all of us get Freeview, you know. Obviously the repeats get overdone in the summer, but none at all will be disastrous for me.
Rachel Pearce, Matlock, UK

Why does the BBC show the same sporting events on both the BBC terrestrial channels at the same time?
Paul Doherty, Leicestershire, UK

Please, stop showing repeats of Only Fool's and Horses....enough is enough! I can't take any more!
Anon, UK

As a public funded organisation, the BBC should stop trying to follow trends set by other networks and offer more educational, subjective and thought provoking programmes. If the public want to watch reality shows, makeover programmes and other drivel there are many networks that cater for such mindless entertainment. On politics can the BBC portray a more balanced view rather than giving the image of being fair when it's not! The BBC is not a platform for the opinions of its journalists. Be more professional.
Jay Kandy, London

I would just like to thank them for a great website and to say to them, please keep up the god work.
William Watkins, Perth, Western Australia

Do us all a favour and scrap Eastenders.
Keith, Essex

There is nothing wrong with repeats of quality programmes on BBC1 and BBC2 if they are the only way I can watch programmes again without the "logo" graffiti that so irritatingly interferes with my enjoyment of the other BBC channels. Removing all repeats from BBC1 and BBC2 is retrograde if that means being replaced by more of the tat element we have had to suffer for far too long on BBC1 and BBC2 in the many derivative "reality" and "makeover" strands. And if you could stop the continuity announcers' inane chattering all over the closing credits ... but miracles take a little longer.
John H, Wigan, England

What happened to Saturday nights, from 2pm to 10pm BBC1 is just not worth watching anymore. Even the news is bad now.
Spencer, Surrey

Stop repeating programmes days after they're first shown
Trevor, Cambs, UK
My message to the BBC bosses? At a time when you are forcing staff into redundancy and producing interminably mindless 'reality' and 'makeover' drivel while paying presenters and newsreaders a king's ransom, why are you awarding yourselves handsome bonuses? If it wasn't for the fact that the licence fee is a compulsory tax on people who don't watch your programmes you'd have gone bust years ago. As for the interminable self-advertising between programmes, scrap that too as I am not even remotely interested in going digital until such time as it is provided free (I cannot get Freeview in my area). Also, stop repeating programmes days after they're first shown (Top Gear). If I miss it the first time I can record it.
Trevor, Cambs, UK

Please - no reality TV. The one thing I can say about the BBC is that it hasn't dumbed down to the level of other stations. Please let's have more shows that challenge us mentally or give a higher level of information.
Pauline, Suffolk

If the BBC is to keep its funding via a licence, then the corporation must cease its obsession with 'ratings' and concentrate on its public broadcasting agenda and offer product that appeals to all walks of life. Gay people and disabled people all have to pay for a TV licence yet programmes dedicated to these groups are virtually non-existent. If the BBC does not start catering for ALL groups then I do not see why they should enjoy the privilege of a licence fee and it should be left alone to finance itself and struggle like all the other channels.
Matt, Nottingham, UK

I'd like to know why we are paying a licence fee that pays big bonuses to its executives rather than providing a decent service. The best thing about the BBC is its website!!!!
Lianne, Manchester

Why are there so many repeats?
Nichola Feeney, Dundee, Scotland
Why is the licence fee more than the price I paid for my television? Why are there so many repeats and because of this, would it be acceptable to pay for next year's licence with a photocopy of this year's cheque?
Nichola Feeney, Dundee, Scotland

Save us from the unending diet of dreadful (but cheap to make?) "reality TV" shows, home makeovers and bric-a-brac fortune hunters.
Andy D, Oxford, UK

Of course the licence fee is value for money. Obviously the BBC should not rest on its laurels and continue to strive to produce good quality programmes on both TV and radio but to suggest that it offers anything but value for money is poppycock. Also please, please, please keep adverts off the BBC, they are increasingly obtrusive and more regular on all other channels, that has to be worth the licence fee alone!
Martin, Basingstoke, Hants

For heaven's sake PLEASE get rid of the embarrassing load of tat fronted by Z list "celebrities" that is the National Lottery Draw, and replace it with something which is actually worthy of the airtime and a 5 minute draw.
Dean, Maidenhead, UK

Yet another meeting to decide that they are overpaid and that the outcome should be less spending on the areas that matter, like actually producing something decent to watch! Or just spend loads of money developing a fancy weather map that no-one can understand...now that is value for money.
Matt C, Ipswich

It's a fine statement to suggest that all repeats will be removed from BBC One and Two within 10 years. But currently some of the repeats are far better than the existing programmes or endless coverage of golf, snooker etc on BBC Two.
Tom, Ipswich, UK

No more repeats, promises Grade
19 Jul 05 |  Entertainment

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