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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 July, 2005, 09:10 GMT 10:10 UK
Olympic winner: Your reaction
Lord Sebastian Coe, right, president and chairman of London 2012 bid, shakes hands with IOC President Jacques Rogge
Has the right city been chosen to host the 2012 Olympics?

London has beaten Paris for the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

This comes after other contenders Moscow, New York and Madrid were eliminated in the first three rounds by International Olympic Committee (IOC) members.

Is London the right city to host the 2012 Olympic Games? What will the decision mean? Do you live in a city that bid for the Games?

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Every Olympics since Atlanta has paid for itself. What people complaining about costs and debt fail to recognise is the huge increase in revenues that will come with all the tourists etc. and the corporation taxes etc. that result from all the money they pay. This will be great for London and the UK.
Adrian Turner, London, UK

I think that it was an inspired choice, and a brave decision I had a feeling that the Games would go to London. (Although I did think Madrid might have got one in there). Good on ya London!
Warren Butler, Hamilton, New Zealand

I can't wait! This blueprint will enhance UK sport for generations to come. Seb Coe and his team have done a fantastic job.
Colin Field, Nottingham, England

Yes it was right to be London. There will be a lot of doubts over the coming years. But come 2012 it will all seem worthwhile.
Mark , Sydney , Australia

French supporters gathered at Raffles City Plaza show their shock when the decision is announced
We were very careful not to be too arrogant and confident that we would win
Thierry Aballéa, Paris, France

Every Olympics since Atlanta has paid for itself. What people complaining about costs and debt fail to recognise is the huge increase in revenues that will come with all the tourists etc. and the corporation taxes etc. that result from all the money they pay. This will be great for London and the UK.
Adrian Turner, London, UK

I think that it was an inspired choice, and a brave decision I had a feeling that the Games would go to London. (Although I did think Madrid might have got one in there). Good on ya London!
Warren Butler, Hamilton, New Zealand

I can't wait! This blueprint will enhance UK sport for generations to come. Seb Coe and his team have done a fantastic job.
Colin Field, Nottingham, England

Yes it was right to be London. There will be a lot of doubts over the coming years. But come 2012 it will all seem worthwhile.
Mark , Sydney , Australia

The voting was so exciting this time, I was on pins and needles until the final winner was announced! Congratulations on a first class bid, we'll be watching ya in 2012!

I was glad to see Londoners so happy. I also want everyone to know that the joy and gains of this Olympics would not have been possible without African countries support for the London bid. Hope Africans will be treated with more respect in this country and valued.
Olusegun Adekoya, Dartford, UK

This Scot working abroad couldn't stop grinning all day - Fantastic news. Well done Coe (Conservative) and Blair (Labour) - see we are united already!
Stephen Morrison, Sacramento California

Fantastic, I'm yet again proud to be an [adopted] Londoner. And thanks to all the magnanimous messages from the USA - I wish people like you could influence your government's policies.
Pamela Brooke, London, UK

Congratulations to our friends in the UK! Best wishes for a safe, spectacular and positive Olympics. I hope I'll be able to afford to visit and see some memorable sporting events and enjoy some good ol' British food.
Elaine, Ranco Palos Verdes, California

Brits pride themselves on cynicism and perhaps rightly so but for once let's cast away all our pessimistic predictions and commit ourselves to a fantastic games in 2012. People said we'd never win it and we did - that same turnaround in both attitude and results needs to be applied to the gloomy naysayers who are certain that we won't be able to cope with the greatest sporting show on earth.
This is a fantastic opportunity, not only for the lasting legacy it will have on an area which desperately needs revitalising but also because it gives us a chance to unite behind London and hopefully provide a catalyst for a change in the national mindset, where we can genuinely be proud and supportive of what we've achieved whilst still retaining our world-renowned cynicism and disbelief. That truly would be an Olympian feat!
Jack, London, UK

As many others, I am really happy not having the Olympic Games in Madrid. This way we will avoid a waste of money and we will all live in a friendlier city.
Fernando G., Madrid, Spain

Congratulations to our friends on the "Sceptred Isle". Pity so many of the comments from your own citizens are less celebratory and seem focused on taxes and traffic disruption. Lighten up, after all you won!
John Brazel, Kentucky, USA

Why are so many people still so negative - this will have a great effect on one of the most deprived parts of the UK - it's fantastic.
Simon, London

Why are so many people moaning? This will reinvigorate one of the poorest areas in the UK. It benefits the UK, the kids and business as well. I'd rather kids be interested in sport than the violent culture that pervades the youth today.
AC, London, UK

Traffic, tourists, dirty pavements and more traffic! Yay! To say I'm exhilarated at the prospect of having to deal with all these things in just seven years would be an understatement.
Rush De Cock, London UK

Thrilled to see London get it, but like us in Liverpool and the City of Culture stuff, the building work will not be done by local people and the year after no one will care one iota , so again the host city failing to get the most out of it
Craig, Liverpool

As a French taxpayer I am very pleased to be able to congratulate London on winning the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games. If France had won it would have been paid for out of our pockets
Terry Duplock, Albi, France

Very pleased for London. Let's just see if we can accomplish this without a) going massively over budget, b) having contractors down-tool for more money than originally agreed, c) excessively taxing the public, and d) asking if we could have an extension to 2013.
Andy McCormick, London, UK

Positively homesick for the UK as I lap up news and photos from the celebrations. Bravo to the bid team - the 2012 Olympics will be one to remember!
Jacqueline, New York, USA

As an English girl living in France, I feel extremely proud that London won.
Donna, Lille, France

A sad day for sport, compared to other European cities London is: expensive, dirty, has poor food, poor accommodations, people forgot about what hospitality and sport are about. The Olympic games for London mean only business. I will not come and I hope that many other Europeans will not come in sign of protest.
Gianfranco Roselli, Catanzaro, Italy

Lets get the British attitude right and fully support this once in lifetime experience
Henry, London, UK
Well done to all the candidate cities in making this the most keenly contested rights to host the Olympics I have ever known. Lets get the British attitude right and fully support this once in lifetime experience and show the world the dynamism of our people, multicultural aspects of the city, the passion for sports and above all the friendliness and ability to show everyone how to have a good time. Every part of Britain even Ireland will enjoy the knock on effects of visitors and being in the spotlight. To our fellow Europeans please join in this magnificent experience and help us make it a fortnight to remember, and to the Parisians - don't worry, it's only a train journey away.
Henry, London, UK

It's fantastic news, but let's get over the celebrations and start the building work as, knowing the British, we'll still have teams of quangos arguing over the plans (but still claiming their expenses) two weeks before the games start without having laid a brick.
Simon, Manchester, England

How illuminating to see all the US comments being so supportive and sportsmanlike. Well done London (my home town!) and thank you to our American friends for their good grace. I hope you enjoy 2012, and we justify your praise !
Jason Locascio, Birmingham, UK

I wonder how many lives could have been saved in Africa from the money used on the bids? Kind of puts things in perspective - A week is a long time in politics.
Brian, Yorkshire, England

Problems in planning and construction at Ground Zero are still unresolved
SGT Albert Llaga, New York City
I was one of the majority of New Yorkers who never wanted the Olympics here. Our mayor and deputy mayor were delusional in pushing for this in the first place. Problems in planning and construction at Ground Zero are still unresolved yet the city's administration main concern was building a stadium.
SGT Albert Llaga, New York City, USA

This is excellent news. If it gets kids interested in sport and away from their computer games, then the financial cost will be more than outweighed by the savings to the NHS due to a fitter, healthier population. Well done Seb!
Mike, Canterbury, Kent

Congratulations to our friends across the 'pond.' There's no doubt you will host a spectacular event, one that will be long remembered.
Linda, USA

I'm sure Blair will offer Chirac his consolations by inviting him out for a slap up meal.
Bernard Clark, Stuttgart, Germany

Congrats London! The New Yorkers gave it a great shot, but clearly the best bid won. No hard feelings, hopefully we'll bring it back to the States in 2016!
John, Gainesville, FL USA

To all those who are complaining that London is sucking the rest of the country dry, note Newham is the third most deprived borough in the UK and anything that can be done to help renovate and invigorate it and the surrounding boroughs is something to be applauded. If you are going to complain about tax rises why not complain about taxes on petrol, alcohol, and nicotine. At least these taxes will help one of the poorest boroughs.
Rajesh Morar, East London

The Olympics is going to be on my door step when I'm in my early 30's so it seems stupid not to try and qualify for an event. Even if it's just so I can say I was a contender!
Ant, London

People would support the success more if they didn't expect London to be covered in rubbish afterwards
Dr Christine M, Northumberland
In my workplace, people have said they would support the success more if they didn't expect London to be covered in rubbish afterwards. After tonnes were left after only one day at Live 8, can you image the amount left after two weeks of the Olympics too? This waste will just end up slowly decomposing in our landfills, wreaking environmental havoc.
Dr Christine M, Northumberland

I'm thrilled, delighted and proud of the whole bid team. We're already planning to take our kids who will be 14 and 10 to see the games in 2012. Well played London!
Tricia Pedlar, Melton Mowbray, UK

I have mixed feelings. It's a great boost for Britain, but it really is time that this Government concentrated on the basics - cleaner hospitals, acceptable class sizes, good quality affordable transport. They are very keen to get involved in the international issues but I often feel that our domestic problems are being neglected.
Annette, Warwick

As a Welshman living in London I am delighted that this city is able to hold the best sporting event on the planet. Well done London, you make me proud to be British.
Richard, London

My University was offered a 50 metre swimming pool if London got the 2012 bid. We'd most likely be used as a base by one of the foreign teams. So, yes, the benefits of the Olympics will spread far outside the M25 but maybe not all the way up North.
Tom, Maidstone, Kent

I know London will host a spectacular Olympic Games. Congratulations! Condolences to the other cities. There's always 2016.
Shawn, Washington, DC, USA

London is the most exciting and cosmopolitan city in the world, and will host one of the best Olympics ever. It's a proud day to be a Londoner.
Michael Robinson, London

Fantastic new. So thrilled for Britain and only hope that the press are not negative about it!
Jo Kingswell, Winchester, England

All the focus and attention will be lavished on the bid areas for years to come
Nick James, Bexley, Kent, UK
Most people reacted with groans and "oh no" when it was announced in my office in central London! A few were pleased, the rest of us are contemplating where to move to - well away from the chaos that will be London and its preparations. Also very unfortunate for everyone in the rest of Greater London where there's no planned Olympic activity - all the focus and attention will be lavished on the bid areas for years to come.
Nick James, Bexley, Kent, UK

A quick straw poll of my office finds that 90% of us don't want the Olympics. The transport system will never be ready in time, there will be massive disruption to our daily lives, plus we have to foot the bill for this. To all those of you north of Watford who are moaning that only London will benefit, why not start campaigning to get the games moved to the place where you live and work and see if you still feel the same then!
CJ, London, UK

Congratulations London! All Britons should rejoice today. As a second generation Brit living abroad, I've done two things already: E-mailed my one Londoner relative reserving a room in his Islington digs, and sent a thank you note to Willy Kaltschmitt, the one IOC rep from Guatemala, where I live!
Edward Pearse, Antigua, Guatemala

I think all of those who are crying patriotic cheers about this should pay for it. I am not patriotic, and I hate sport so why shouldn't I have a whinge?
Eileen, London

I am working in Switzerland, and I have never felt so homesick as I do now...Well done London, and Great Britain. We really deserve this. It is absolutely fantastic news!!!
Lisa Manton, Bern, Switzerland

I heard about the celebrations in Trafalgar Square while listening to the radio news this morning. Did I hear right? Were they really playing Walton's music to "Henry V"?! What a way to celebrate triumph over the French by reliving the Battle of Agincourt! A great day for Britain, and the perfect excuse to lure me back over the Atlantic in 2012 and join in the fun and games.
Anne Harris, British Columbia, Canada

Congratulations London! This is one Scot who can't wait to take part and doesn't care about what it costs. The whole of the UK should contribute as we will all benefit from the knock on effects of tourism and publicity. It's an amazing accomplishment by the bid team and Londoners, of all people, should be celebrating!
Marina, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Fantastic news. Ignore the moaners. Let's all have a party.
Jeremy, Trinidad

I live 10 minutes from the proposed Olympic village and think that the result is fantastic news for all the boroughs involved, the local residents and the whole of the UK. Vast swathes of the Lea Valley that are in effect wasteland will be transformed and will create a lasting legacy for London, the country and especially the residents of one of the most deprived areas in the UK.
Jonathan, Stratford, London, UK

It's fantastic news, I'm still in shock! I wonder how much I can rent my East London home out for during the Games......!
Jane, East London

This is great news both for London and the UK. People said that London could never hope to hold such an event and it shows what can be achieved. This will be great for children, for London and the UK as a whole.
Lee, Tokyo, Japan

Great news for London but rather than put up our taxes to pay for it should we not ask the French to support us with a cash donation as they have nothing to spend the money on they put to one side for their Olympics? This would enable them to show solidarity with another EU member.
Harry Lewis, Stratford

I am so very pleased that London has the Olympics. I an Australian who has been living in the heart of London for the last 2 years and over that time I have fallen in love with this city. The build up to hosting the Olympics will be a wonderful time for London. It is an event that that brings the population together, allows people to focus on a positive event and provides an opportunity for everyone to incredibly can be proud off the city they live in. Well done London you deserve it!!!!
Mavourneen Ryan, Perth, Australia

Stop moaning and enjoy the party
Chris, London
I'd rather have increased taxes paying for rejuvenation in a much needed part of the city than have increased taxes AND increased insurance costs paying for the crime that may just be replaced by ambition and drive as a result of investment where it's needed. Stop moaning and enjoy the party.
Chris, London

Well done, London. Congratulations! You are eligible to host the Games. You are gentle, you love sports, you are one of our best friends.
Tae Eok Kim, South Korea

The committee clearly thought that our cuisine was tastier than that offered by the French!
James Murphy, Dorset

Why on earth are all these people complaining and whinging and whining? Can they not be overwhelmed and excited at the fact that for 2 weeks the world will be focused on the UK and London in particular? I think it's sad and very chilling to hear these miserable excuses for British citizens moaning about the taxes. It will make a minimal impact. This will be the most amazing event ever staged in the UK, and I myself can't wait for 7 years time!
Peter Fletcher, Leicestershire, UK

Absolutely delighted, how nerve wracking was that? I have been glued to my computer all morning hoping against hope that we could somehow do it. The tension I felt was unbelievable. What a fantastic feeling. Right at the critical point my lap top froze only for me to receive a text which simply said we have the Olympic Games. Such joy, well done to all those that represented the country's bid. You have made us all so very proud.
Kevin Baber, Bristol

First there was Nelson, then there was Gary Rhodes, now there's Seb Coe!
Jason, Shepton Mallet, Somerset
The poor French! First there was Nelson, then there was Gary Rhodes, now there's Seb Coe! Good news, but let's make sure this is a success and not a poorly planned tax burden! Remember the Dome?
Jason, Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Unfortunately there will always be those who will complain about success. Thankfully I am not one and am looking forward to an Olympics to beat all others. Where do I get my tickets?? Congratulations to all involved
Clare, Reading, UK

Exactly how will this benefit the UK as a whole? Another kick in the teeth for the rest of us, and a bonanza for the property speculators inside the M25. The South East is a bottomless pit, sucking the rest of the country dry, and this appalling decision will accelerate the process.
Alex, Macclesfield, Cheshire

I hope a good job is done for the sake of national pride
Akhan, Southern England, UK
Congratulations! Good for London on its success. Thank God I don't live there and have to face up to the disruption it is going to cause. It is interesting to read the comments here that it's the Londoners who are not celebrating. I hope a good job is done for the sake of national pride because we do not have to look very far from Stratford to remind us of another monstrous waste of money (The Dome).
Akhan, Southern England, UK

Is this really a balance of opinions? I can't understand that such a large proportion of Londoners are so tight and uncaring. This is about being a good host, neighbour, leader, participant - all the greatest parts of humanity.
Will, London

Way to go London. I recently visited London and Beijing, the two most deserving cities to host the Olympic summer games.
Alan Soslow, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, USA

Congratulations from across the pond. Well deserved and all the world will disprove the lies about British food. Way to go!!
Oscar Acuna, Newport News, USA

Not only are we in Scotland expected to pay for the clean up after the G8. Now we will also be asked to pay more taxes to ensure that the South of England and in particular London enjoy the Olympic lime light. Benefits, yes for London and surrounding area, but I doubt if any real benefit will be allowed to cross the border let alone migrate to the North of England.
Tom McGinness, Perth Scotland

I am really depressed at this news. Get ready for more rip off Britain. Prices will go up to pay for this rubbish. Don't also forget the ever widening north south divide. London gets all this investment where it isn't needed. Millions of people starving in the world and we are more concerned with people running and throwing things...
Nazia, Batley

Congratulations London! You have a wonderful city with great people. Well deserved!
Nicole, New York, USA

We must ensure the government foots the bill and lottery money, which would be given to prize winners, is not seized.
Paul Collier, London, UK

A well deserved victory
Jamie Hoag, Washington, DC, USA
Congratulations to a first class city on a well deserved victory. The world looks forward to celebrating with you as your guests in 2012.
Jamie Hoag, Washington, DC, USA

I hope Londoners who do not want the Olympics will be able to opt out of the additional council tax premiums? How do they expect pensioners to pay this ludicrous tax?
Jessica, London

Most of the people in Trafalgar Square don't live in London, no wonder they are so happy! Why should Londoners have to pay for it? I never watch the Olympics, never have never will, yet I am expected to give my hard earned money to pay for it. Hope the Olympic athletes enjoy their Olympic village, which I understand is to be situated in one of the roughest areas of the East End of London, perhaps I should bid for the security contract, that's going to be worth a few million!
Jennifer Purcell, London

Congratulations London! We stayed up to midnight here waiting for the news to come through. This is awesome for the East End, London and the UK. Really great news - can't wait to see the regeneration get underway - what an opportunity!
Mike, Titahi Bay, New Zealand

I think this is amazing news for London and the rest of the UK. To all those commenting on the tax, and the money be spent on it, lighten up will you! Yes, so we'll have to pay a little more from our wages... who cares?! The legacy it will leave behind will remain with London, and the rest of the country, for generations to come. I for one will be proud to have been part of it.
Emily, London, UK

This is a disaster for the citizens of London. We can now look forward to thirty years of extra taxes to pay off a one-month jamboree whose events most of us won't be able to pay to get into. The promised infrastructure improvements should have been done anyway - and are far too late in the day. If London's record of infrastructure project management is anything to go by, the Olympics will end up late and over budget (e.g. Millennium Dome and Jubilee Line extension)
Vernon Marriott, London, UK

Fabulous!! I'm shaking and crying! Well done to everyone involved - let's make it the best ever!
Kath Simpson, Swansea

And just how do they intend to fund it?
Paul, Glasgow, UK
Congratulations? ...and just how do they intend to fund it? I don't fancy fitting the bill. We are being taxed to death as it is. The stealth taxes will continue to rise and even more so now. When you take these into consideration, Britain is one of (if not) the highest tax paying countries in Europe. So please forgive me if I am not as euphoric as the rest of you. Bad luck France.
Paul, Glasgow, UK

What appalling news! Yet another ego trip for Tony Blair and Ken Livingstone at the expense of London council tax payers, who I suspect will still be paying for it 20 years from now.
Roy, London, UK

As a Brit abroad I can only say this is absolutely brilliant! Well done to all concerned in our bid, you've all been outstanding. The icing on the cake is the fact it is at the expense of France. Never mind M. Chirac, perhaps it's just because of the Finnish vote or because the delegates aren't keen on French cuisine!?
Gary Williams, Brussels, Belgium

I am French and living in London. It's the most international and cosmopolitan city on earth, there was no better choice to host an event which brings the whole world together. Even the cuisine couldn't be more international. So Jacques, keep on eating snails, shut up and resign please..
Fan, French in London, UK

5,000 groaned and I cheered!
Nick Baker, Paris, France
I have just had an exhilarating time standing in front of a big TV in the centre of La Defense, Paris. 5,000 groaned and I cheered! Immediately the French TV was complaining about Les Anglais and their dirty tactics. Sour losers or what? Oh to be British today. M Chirac was a liability and Blair was an asset, Seb Coe led a brilliant campaign, sitting on the shoulder of the French and then accelerating away on the home straight. Well done Seb!
Nick Baker, Paris, France

There is only one reason that I will not be celebrating this win - Ken Livingstone! This will just be another excuse for him to increase the taxes that we already pay. I will be moving North!
Neil, London, UK

The best city won. Let's hope we can live up to our expectations with the transport system in London.
Andy C, Sunderland

Woo hoo! Well done UK on Olympic bid.
Richard Sweetman

From now on, there'll be a new expression 'sick as a Paris!'
Ronnie Simkins, Fulmer

I could not be happier with the result!
John Rafanello, Philadelphia, USA
Congratulations to our friends in the UK on winning the 2012 Olympic Bid. I could not be happier with the result! Best wishes to all!
John Rafanello, Philadelphia, USA

Congratulations, London!! Best wishes for a wildly successful 2012 Olympic games.
Wendy, Virginia, USA

Absolutely fantastic. This, if anything, can make a difference to this country and on a personal note, my daughter will be 10 in 2012 and I hope she'll get inspiration from this. Top job to all involved (with the possible exception of the politicians, who even now are working out how they can turn this to their advantage).
Alastair, Brentwood, Essex, UK

Well done London! I'm very proud of our city and can't wait to welcome the world in 2012. A well timed boost for deprived areas of East London and the country as a whole.
Dan, East London, UK

Absolutely fabulous! I'm not even particularly a sporting fan, but this is so wonderful for London, and Britain, and the British people!
Nick, Newbury, Berks

Fantastic news, not just for London, not just for sport, but for business. I work for a structural engineering company with hundreds of employees in the UK that will benefit greatly from the construction of these fantastic new sports venues. Well done GB Team, this will do our economy no end of good!
Rob Clark, Bath, UK

My sympathies to the British taxpayer, who is now forced to fund this morally bankrupt track and field meet.
Doug Stephens, Toronto

Congratulations to the bid team
G, London
Fantastic news. Now everyone should quit carping and unite behind the games to show the rest of the world why we are called Great Britain. Congratulations to the bid team and thanks for all your hard work.
G, London

Having just returned from Paris, seeing the Eiffel Tower draped in the Olympic 2012 flag , I really couldn't believe we'd win. WELL DONE to all!!
Jan, Stockport, UK

Lack of public support? The office in which I work has been buzzing since 12:50! Let's take the opportunity to encourage the young people to run, swim, cycle etc and meet their potential and get this country on a healthy course. Well done Seb and co
Alan, UK

Congratulations and thanks to the team who worked tirelessly to achieve this decision. I am delighted.
Sheila Lawlor, Liverpool, England

This will unite Britain
Will, London
Amazing!!! Just spoke to my brother who is in Paris. They are understandably depressed, the reporters there are all saying the decision defies logic. This will unite Britain, it will make us all feel proud to be British once again.
Will, London

Now that we've got it, let's make sure we put on a good show!
MBB, London, UK

Good news - but the real work starts right now, and we can't have Crossrail delayed any longer for a start. With seven years to prepare, there won't be any excuses for failure.
Ken, London, UK

Delightful stuff. Now watch as the sceptics are proved wrong
Chris Mudima, Sawbridgeworth, UK

Fantastic result! We have some brilliant athletes in this country and this will inspire those youngsters coming through to really work at their chosen sport
Sara, Godalming, UK

I think France should have won, as that would have meant the French having debt problems not us. The money should be used for more important issues, not a 2 week event, where the UK probably wont even get a single gold!
Alex, Derby, UK

I cannot wait for 2012
Stephanie Lawrence, Bradford, England
Well done London!!! You were the best and have worked so hard I cannot wait for 2012. This is such a fantastic thing for not just London but the whole country. Well done.
Stephanie Lawrence, Bradford, England

This is a momentous occasion for every Briton. We should take pride and every one of us should do our best to make this the best games the world has ever seen. Well done but now the works starts to create that legacy.
Jamie, Fleetwood, Lancs, UK

What amazing news - well done London - let's make it a truly remarkable day and Make Poverty History as well and July 6th will go down in history.
Gillian Heyworth, Belfast

I'm about to be made redundant but hopefully the good news will bring about oodles of job opportunities!
Surprised, Poole, UK

Absolutely fantastic news. All the plaudits to Seb Coe and the team for an excellent job. If we can deliver the Games as well as we bid for them, they will be one of the best ever!
Dave, Wokingham

This is such good news. We all stopped work here, and watch the TV as the result came in. A cheer went up when London was read out. Now, let's show the world what we can do.
Danny Winbourne, Sunbury on Thames, UK

Is it as much a surprise to everyone as it is to me? It's just amazing and fantastic that we can hold our heads high again
Jennifer, Nottingham

Well done everyone, this is great news for London and the UK - I'm happy to pay more council tax for such an amazing privilege!
B, London, UK

At long last we have a sporting spectacle that our country can get behind, and prove to the world we can put on a show.
Adam, Eastbourne, UK

Well done London. This is demonstration that hard work really pays off. It will be interesting to see how they manage to improve the transportation system on the capital.
Paola, Milton Keynes, UK

Fantastic!!!!! Now we can show the world what this country can do - and I implore the naysayers and curmudgeons to get behind this. It is the greatest thing that has happened to the UK for years
Gary Aldam, Bishop's Stortford, UK

Well done to all those who made this possible
Karen Saint Mart, London, England
WOW!!! Well done to all those who made this possible. I grew up in East London in the early 70's and it's still the same now. This will inject some much needed cash and attention to a very misunderstood part of London and hopefully inject some pride in its local people and a positive outlook to the visitors who will be passing through, during this tournament, and that will hopefully change the face of the East End for the better.
Karen Saint Mart, London, England

Congratulations to Lord Coe. No doubt there will be challenges to overcome but I'm certain the benefits will outweigh those.
Jo A, London, UK

Winning the Olympic bid goes way beyond sport and London. The whole of Great Britain will be lifted by this fantastic news.
Ian Davies, Milton Keynes

Where will the money come from I ask? Maybe the government can sell some school playing fields to housing developers and get the money that way? What about an increase in VAT to 25% on sports equipment or tickets to sporting events?
Stuart Hadley, Birmingham, UK

Maybe all those idiots having a party just down the road from me in Trafalgar Square would also like to pay my, and all my colleagues, additional council taxes for the next 30 years? I know of hardly anyone in London who supported the bid, and I'm absolutely livid that Londoners (who are the only people being asked to pay for the thing) were NEVER given the opportunity to vote on it, whether by referendum or whatever. I'm gutted.
Andrew Whiteside, London, UK

Great news! Worthy of a truly cosmopolitan city and the hard work put in by all!
Sue Gurney, London

Well done London, I'm sure the games will be very successful and to those knockers of the London winning the bid, go get a life.
John, Jersey CI

Excellent news about the Olympic Games. It is about time we hosted the biggest sporting event in the world! Hopefully we will be left with some world class sporting venues when it is over. Beating the French is the icing on the cake!
Anna, Aberdeen, Scotland

This is just fantastic! I don't very often get emotional but had a tear in my eye when I heard the decision. Wonderful news and congratulations to everyone involved in the London bid!
Helena Madgwick, Aston Clinton

Fantastic - what a great event for our children to look forward to and enjoy!
Gill Hemmings, Staffs

Well done London. Not only are you the best choice, but also I believe that Chirac's attempt to smear you backfired. It isn't hard to imagine how the IOC looked at what he said and voted to disagree. Have a ball in 2012, the world will be watching (and eating British food)!
Jeff, Bay City, USA

What a great choice, congratulations to Lord Coe and the countless other people involved in turning this dream into a reality. Now is the time for the country to embrace this opportunity and make the games the most successful yet.
Robert Askew, Stevenage, England

They say this is great for the country. Not at all - this is good for London. The rest of the country will be ignored as per usual.
Steve Baker, Aberdeen, Scotland

This is great news! It's about time London held a major sporting event again! This will be great for London, the UK and the people! Victory is even more sweet as we have beaten the French! A great day to be an Englishman!
Matt, UK

Ah Mr Chirac, we may not have the best cuisine in the world but we still deemed more equipped to hold the Olympics than you. It was worth it just to beat the French! Seriously, I think the Olympics in London will leaving a lasting legacy for our future men and women.
Vicky, London

London is the city that will use these games to better itself. They deserve the games, because they addressed the needs of the city and committee. All the best from NYC!!!
Patrick Daly, Brooklyn, USA

The worst possible news for the British taxpayer and everyone living north of Watford.
Brian, Edinburgh

Great! We can't afford the basics in life for our people. But with the Olympics, governments get to waste even more money and don't forget Ken's promise of "Olympic Tax". Spend, Spend Spend! Tax, Tax, Tax!
Stuart, UK

What a great choice, congratulations to Lord Coe and the countless other people involved in turning this dream into a reality. Now is the time for the country to embrace this opportunity and make the games the most successful yet.
Robert Askew, Stevenage, England

Congratulations London! While there can be no denying the merits of London's bid one has to wonder if Chirac's unfortunate and ill-timed comments had some influence on the voters.
IR, Wilmington, De. USA

Up will go our council taxes to host this rubbish. Bad luck France!
John, London, UK

The decision means that Chirac's face will look like the snails that he eats! Actually it's very good for London because of the legacy that goes well beyond sport.
D Ball, Wokingham, UK

London was certainly the best European city in the final five. I'm glad London got it.
Jared C., Paulding County, Georgia, USA

Well done to all concerned, this is just what we need to give the country a boost.
Neil, Peterborough, UK


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