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Live 8 accounts: Johannesburg

We asked readers of the BBC News website to tell us about their day at a Live 8 concert.

Kabelo Mofokeeng, a photographer, only had to walk out of the front door of his office to attend the only Live 8 concert in Africa - Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown, Johannesburg.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela 'shaped beliefs'
Zola is an inspiration to everyone who grew up in a township.

I was so glad to hear that he was playing at Live 8.

He is one of my favourite musicians because his message is uplifting and unifying.

People were walking round smiling and laughing. Everyone was happy to be there. The atmosphere was great.

After the concert, many family cafes and other establishments had organised live music.

The party will continue long after Live 8 finishes.

For me, it might be a long night partying!

The important message

The big screen link-up with Will Smith was good. It showed that the other Live 8 concerts were focusing on the issues at hand - the children dying and the poverty.

Africans also have to think about their own actions.

CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644197" STYLE="rightarrow">TOKYO: Chie Kobayashi CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644237" STYLE="rightarrow">JOHANNESBERG: K Mofokeeng CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644129" STYLE="rightarrow">BERLIN: Khy Griffin CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644025" STYLE="rightarrow">LONDON: Rebecca Dean CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644545" STYLE="rightarrow">ROME: Thomas Rocchi CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644249" STYLE="rightarrow">MOSCOW: Misha Kozyrev CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644183" STYLE="rightarrow">PHILIDELPHIA: Jackie Clark CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644187" STYLE="rightarrow">EDEN PROJECT: H Karniewicz

Much of our produce is exported. On the other hand we consume a lot of produce that has been imported to Africa from other continents.

That just doesn't make sense.

Trade is such an important part of this Live 8 message. We have so many resources but we have to use them in the right way.

I am part of the next generation that can solidify the changes that have been started.

South Africans are always celebrating their young democracy. We need to spread that message of democracy and also education.

Nelson Mandela spoke after the concert. I have heard him speak many times before but I always look forward to it.

He is often among the people, restoring hope that may have been lost.

It reminds me of the many times growing up that I listened to his voice and was inspired.

He has shaped the beliefs of my whole generation.


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