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Can Bush rally US support for Iraq?
President George W Bush
Has US President George W Bush persuaded the American people to support the war in Iraq?

President Bush made a live TV address on Tuesday evening urging Americans to stand firm, saying the sacrifice "is worth it, and it is vital for the future security of our country".

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair endorsed President Bush's position saying it was "vital" that the US-led coalition remained in Iraq until the country has stabilised.

What do you think of President Bush's Iraq strategy? Has he convinced Americans to support his policies in Iraq?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Bush has realised he cannot extricate the US from Iraq, he never had a formal planned exit strategy.
Paul, Worcester, UK
Bush has realised he cannot extricate the US from Iraq, he never had a formal planned exit strategy. The American people are finally waking up to the fact that their country will be embroiled in a guerrilla war for years to come, all because Bush and his cronies thought they could liberate the oil reserves of Iraq for themselves.
Paul, Worcester, UK

I support President Bush. His intentions are good. Because of 9/11 the American people gave Bush a blank check to go out in the world and destroy enemies who would plan to harm the US. No man is perfect and as long as 9/11 sits in the minds of the American people they will not pull the rug from under him.
Edward, Detroit, USA

The views of the silent majority are not represented here. They were however, represented very clearly in the election results. You who disagree with Bush and his policies are a minority, deal with it.
Roy, USA

The texts of the Bush & Blair speeches were fundamentally different. Bush talked about the sacrifice (of the lives of young Americans) being vital for the future security of the USA. Blair talked about remaining until Iraq is stable. It appears that the UK has a 'get-out' clause that the Bush administration hasn't. That in part is why support, even from Republican voters, is waning. It's the old Vietnam 'domino theory' speech in new clothes. That only washed for a while and so will this version.
Clive, Milwaukee, USA

No, I don't think so. Bush's ever shifting rationale for invading Iraq has finally caught up with him. His audacious attempt to once again link Iraq to the 9/11 tragedy does not pass the test for most Americans. It's clear that Bush and Blair made a monumental error in going to war with Iraq as evidenced by its disastrous consequences. Instead, they should have focussed on capturing or killing Bin Laden (who is the real mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks) and his al-Qaeda cells in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
John McVeigh, Long Beach, USA

The US troops should remain in Iraq as long as necessary, while other countries should pull out their troops. British presence is not even recognised, let alone appreciated, so why bother. Bush's re-election was not a victory, but punishment; punishment is that Americans need to shed blood and cash for Iraq at the cost of social security, Medicaid and education.
Ada, Acton, London, UK

On the political front: what do Kurds, Sunni Arabs and Shia in Iraq have in common, other than mutual distrust and a bloody past? I would say "nothing". On the military front, when will an under-trained, under-equipped, low morale and heavily infiltrated Iraqi armed forces be able to stand on its own against the insurgency (and the sectarian militias)? Not for a good many years to come, if ever. Is it "instant gratification" to expect some solid improvement after two years? If this had been a corporate acquisition, the CEO of the acquiring company would have long since been sacked for his failure to turn the acquired company around.
Tim Makinson, Dunedin, New Zealand

His attempt to re-establish connections between Iraq and 9-11 and global terror was a slap to the face of the American people, who are not likely to forget that Iraq was NOT a breeding ground for terrorism until George decided to attack it. His ratings are plummeting (with good reason), he's facing growing resistance and losing confidence within his own party and, if things keep going the way they are now, Republicans may lose heavily in the 2006 mid-term congressional elections.
John Muller, DuPage County, Illinois, USA

The US president must put the same effort in establishing peace that he put in rallying support for the war
The US will win. But for the sake of a balanced world, the US president must put the same effort in establishing peace that he put in rallying support for the war. Succeeding in doing that will make him the remarkable figure of the 21st century.

Bush under estimated the insurgency. This war is costing too much money and too many lives and the Bush supporters know it now. Now we have no choice but to continue on or all those lost lives would have been for nothing. It would have been nice if our government and military had been there to defend us from attacks before 9/11.
Steve, Madison, Wisconsin, US

Unfortunately, President Bush is a visionary long-range thinker in an era where the world expects instant gratification. Real time media that focuses on the negative and often ignores the positive makes any long range strategy very difficult to sell when that strategy requires under-going short term difficulties. If people bother to get behind the "bleeds it leads" and "good news is no news" media pressure, they might find some encouraging facts like the following: Transfer of sovereignty was made on schedule. Elections were free and fair and a resounding success. The majority of the Iraqi people have embraced democratic reform. The anti-Americanism of today is similar to the anti-Americanism during the Reagan years. It shows that pacifists are afraid of tough decisions like the ones Reagan made in the 80's.This president also makes tough decisions.
Doug, USA

America was right to go into Iraq, for if a war's cause is to remove a dictator then it is to make the world a better place. No leader should be allowed to control his people's right to freedom life and liberty. People should realise that believers of Islam do not mix politics and religion and those extremists fighting in Iraq have been brainwashed with radical teachings that breed hate and discrimination since birth. Their minds are set to wreak havoc wherever they may be. America must persevere so that the civilised world would show that it is not intimidated by such way of thinking.
Pete, Davao, Philippines

One wonders if it has ever dawned on the Bush administration that if he expects Americans to "stay the course" he might disclose what that course is. Blind faith got us into this quagmire.
Steve Hunter, Seattle, USA

Initially I was for the invasion of Iraq based on the "intelligence" put forth by the CIA and other such groups. Since then I have become more and more disillusioned with the war and the series of lies, half truths and political spins that have been created to maintain and perpetuate this Middle Eastern maelstrom. Bush demonstrated in his speech that he delusional and completely and utterly out of sync with the reality of the situation in Iraq.
Luciano, Orange County, U.S.A.

To Dan in the USA: What part of the long, hard road in the war on terrorism didn't I understand? First, the assumption that terrorism could be defeated. Second, that the Iraq war was the logical next step in defeating terrorism. Third, that the reasons for terrorism aren't being explored or discussed. I agree with Kim in Memphis. Let those that are so hawkish on the war go fight it. There's no bravado in shaking your fist from the relative security of your home.
Dale, USA

I was starting to like Bush when we went into Iraq but my support for him dropped as soon as the bodies started piling up. How many dead will it take for him to admit that he screwed up? Maybe he should resign as the American people have become more and more critical of the war. He did it because he had a score to settle with Saddam and he knows it, so why won't he admit it?
Tim, Michigan, USA

Quagmire Accomplished! The entire George W legacy can be summarised in those two words.
Robert Smith, Dallas, Texas, US

I believed President Bush has made a right decision on invading Iraq when it was controlled by Saddam. Under Saddam's regime, Iraq was a haven for terrorists, he provided these terrorists with shelter and financial support. For the American people, you cannot sit and wait for another 9/11 to happen again. For those whose believed President Bush made a wrong decision, please ask yourself a question: "Why did 9/11 happen to the US?"
MP, Little town, Japan

It's clear that our military is overstretched and our forces in Iraq are too few
Kit, Memphis, USA
Bush encouraged supporters of the war to hang a flag this weekend. I have a better idea. Why don't the Americans who support the war enlist in the armed services today? It's clear that our military is overstretched and our forces in Iraq are too few. It seems to me that most hawks would rather fight the media than the insurgents.
Kit, Memphis, USA

Bush might get some support if he promised to replace the troops with members of the National Rifle Association.
Gary Chiles, Wellington, New Zealand

Can Bush rally US support for Iraq? Bush has done nothing but divided our country and he has made no attempt to unify.
KJ, Sebastopol, USA

From BBCArabic.com: The American project in Iraq has failed and it will impact on future US relations with the Middle East. America is unable to achieve victory in Iraq, save for its propaganda, which is one of its many tools.
Wahjeeh Kamal al Deen Zaki, Egypt

From BBCArabic.com: More than two years have passed since the occupation of Iraq and we have not seen any evidence of the involvement of Iraq's old regime in any terrorist activities against America, neither have we seen any trace of weapons of mass destruction which America claimed they were in Iraq. What America has succeeded in is managing to provoke millions of Muslims around the world against it and transforming Iraq into an open battle ground for training what American calls 'terrorists'. They will spread around the world and make it less safe.
Mohamed Abdullah, Mexico

From BBCArabic.com: There is no doubt that all the American sacrifices in Iraq are necessary, because the aim of the war deserves these sacrifices. Have you heard that the price of a barrel of oil has reached $60?
Haider al-Maliki, Iraq

From BBCArabic.com: Thank you courageous president; you faced down the whole world in order to rid the world from terrorism, Wahabi extremists and those who have supported them amongst the weaker Arabs. Iraqis are grateful for your courage and support. You are a true leader.
Hassan al-Saadoun Diyala, Iraq

From BBCArabic.com: I would like to thank Mr Bush. I say to Arab leaders: Reform before it is too late.
Bader Humoud, Kuwait

From BBCArabic.com: The Iraqi people will never forget the sacrifices of members of the coalition in Iraq in their efforts to bring about democracy and to expunge terrorism. We will also always remember the role played by the Arab dictatorships in their efforts to destroy Iraq.
Muthafar al-Anzi, Iraqi in Denmark

After 9/11, the US president said the war on terror would be a long hard road - what part of that didn't you people understand?
Dan, USA
Right after 9/11, the US president said the war on terror would be a long hard road. So, exactly what part of that didn't you people understand?
Dan, USA

Bush is using a proven tactic. It does not matter that Saddam had nothing to do with terrorism. Tell it loud, tell it big and tell it often, and people will believe you.
Robert Arisz, Amsterdam

Once again while all these brave American soldiers do the rest of the worlds dirty work, we get all these pacifists on here blaming Bush. Each and every one should be ashamed of themselves.
Bob, Carmen, Mexico

At this point, staying in Iraq is "throwing good money after bad". Nothing Bush says can change that. To save the Bush administration's pride, the US will have to stay until the end of Bush's term. It will be up to the next president of the US to pull out the troops, under the familiar slogan: "peace with honour."
Robert, El Prado, USA

Mine is a country with a certain anti-American sentiment. Nevertheless I for one and the majority of my compatriots discern between the Bush administration and common people of USA. My sympathies go with brave American grunts who are sent thousands of miles to fight for what is a questionable cause. The whole world can clearly see that public support of this war is on the wane in USA.
Egor, St Petersburg, Russia

There is a war going on but only one country is rattling its sabre and dragging one or two along with it. The war was illegal from the outset and I believe more and more Americans are beginning to realise that. They are paying the price with the blood of their countrymen. The more the people of the US realise the price being paid the less they will be inclined to listen to rallying cries such as "the price is worth it!" The price is only worth it because it is not the sons and daughters of politicians who are putting their lives at risk but the sons and daughters of average US citizens.
Karl Lynch, Belfast, N Ireland

Like many Europeans, I think that Americans have been slow in getting the message about the reality of the Iraq disaster, helped initially by a very non-critical and deferential American press. Now they are beginning to see the light and make themselves heard, as they did so nobly when the reality of Vietnam sank in. As for Blair, remember he was returned to power with a mere 36% of the vote and that vote was for the party - not the man. The majority of the British public abhors the events of the last year and we look to the American people to reinforce our anger and frustration.
Kennedy, UK

With the majority of American news media owned by companies with a vested interest in towing the line how can he fail? The distinct lack of an independent media voice can only lead America to believe what it's told (true or not), to the extent that, six months ago, a large percentage of Americans still believed Saddam had WMD!
Karl Flinter, Hemel Hempstead, UK

I originally supported the war in Iraq, if only to remove Saddam Hussein. However, my support has declined due to the massive blunders committed by the American military. It is clear that, although the US Army is very good at blowing things up, they have little or no plan for the future. Until they make one, George Bush and John Howard do not get my support.
Mark, Brisbane, Australia

Bush is a broken record with a failing needle.
David O, Berkeley, CA, USA

I completely agree with our president. I just wish Europe could understand that there is a war going on.
David Harvey, Coquille, Oregon, USA

Repetition will not transform propaganda, rhetoric and misleading statements into reality
Lorraine, Chicago
He said nothing that hasn't been said before, and America is increasingly not buying it. Repetition will not transform propaganda, rhetoric and misleading statements into reality.
Lorraine, Chicago, IL

The truth is the US has no intention of leaving Iraq anytime soon. Why do you think it is building monster military infrastructures in Iraq? The insurgency is providing a great alibi to stay there: "We are fighting the terrorists abroad". Look at whose gotten rich in the last four years and you'll know who is behind this administration's decisions: The oil and defence industries.
JP Denes, Houston, Texas

How dare Bush again attempt to link Iraq to 9/11. If he had poured all this money into Afghanistan: toppling the Taliban, finding bin Laden and rebuilding the country, the world have been a safer place and moderate Arab nations would realize we could help them and then cooperate with us in the war on terror.
Alex Reid, Los Angeles, USA

I must say America is a great country! However, I truly disagree when the middle class and poor family kids goes to war and sacrifices themselves because they took an oath to protect and serve this great nation. I would like President Bush and his supports the Republicans send their kids to fight terrorism; unfortunately, that's not what's happening. Very sad.
Rachel, Kansas City, KS , USA

The Americans had there chance to bring their soldiers home at the last election and they decided to leave him in power! Where is their common sense?
James, Toronto Canada

Let us face it. To withdraw now is a matter of pride for America and its allies. They will never be able to enter into any country as they did into Iraq. Bush and Blair got us into the war because of the way the upped the ante before war. If they did not go in then it would have been loss of face and been seen has a victory to Saddam. That is all this has been about - pride.
John, London UK

The only people who can stop him through any means are the American populace
Isaac, Kingston
No matter how much those of us outside the United States may disagree with his warlike policy, we are powerless against it. The only people who can stop him through any means are the American populace, and they decided they liked his policies in the last election.
Isaac, Kingston, Canada

What people don't understand is, 1,764 good Americans have died over in Iraq. But think back to the 1940's - during WW2, on the Battle of Tarawa. We had over 6, 000 American soldiers dying in 1 week. Don't get me wrong these are two totally different wars. But we were fighting for the same purposes. To free innocent people form an evil dictator. I feel Bush is trying the best he can to help the Iraqi people. And I appreciate his work.
Matthew, USA

If President Bush sincerely believes that Iraq is the core of the terrorism problem, he is sorely mistaken. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. How stupid does President Bush think we are? I find his foreign policy to be highly offensive and his patronizing, condescending attitude nauseating. The U.S. declared war on Iraq, not the other way around. How sad that tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis have died at the hands of the American military. Is President Bush the bully in the school yard? I think so.
C. McCormick, Calgary, Canada

Isn't it about time we stopped talking about winning the Iraq war and started talking about wining the Iraq peace? If the forces in Iraq spent more time and resources on establishing and maintaining a secure infrastructure for the people and less time hunting "insurgents" the majority of Iraqis would see the benefit of the regime change. At the moment all the American Army presence appears to be doing is further inflaming a hot situation!
Maggie Buckley, Reading, UK

I find it funny how he describes Iraq as 'the latest battlefield in the war against terrorism' because it was precisely his efforts that made it so. We have already been told how there was no link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. Bush gave them a battlefield and now we are seeing the consequences.
Tomas, Dublin, Ireland

No-one can bring peace to Iraq except the Iraqi people
Siva, Canada
No-one can bring peace to Iraq except the Iraqi people. Bush's ideology will be a failure - supporting Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan where there is no democracy.
Siva, Toronto, Canada

I just listened to the speech. It was very moving. However, I'm worried by one theme. First Bush repeatedly referred to his aim to defeat the "enemy" abroad in order to protect American citizens at home. Is this goal justifiable without the explicit agreement of the international community through the UN? Can the methods of terrorists justify the retaliation of "civilised" nations against entire countries with tragic "collateral consequences"? In short, do the ends justify the means when innocents are at risk? Would we sit back and allow a president to say these things if he did not happen to be the president of the USA?
Dominique, London, England

I think the most haunting legacy for George Bush and his hawks will come down to these three things: 1. The "Mission Accomplished" PR stunt. 2. No weapons of mass destruction, instead we got weapons of mass deception. 3. The US Supreme court picking the president instead of the people.
Jim, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

The most tragic thing about Bush's speech was his comment that he considers only two outcomes in Iraq, either "victory and glory" or "misery and humiliation". By doing this he is effectively "upping the ante" and obstructing the consideration of a more peaceful way to end this horrible situation.
Andy, Garelochhead, Scotland

I can't believe so many people just want to up and leave the Iraqis to fend for themselves
Scott, USA
I'm not ashamed of being American or of my president. I can't believe so many people just want to up and leave the Iraqis to fend for themselves. The war in Iraq is being won. I can't believe common sense is so hard to obtain for some people. Rome wasn't built in one night. Even God took a week to create the world. God bless our soldiers, our president and God bless America!
Scott, USA

To Scott, USA: I'm sorry to say that you have no common sense. Bush has not done anything to make Americans look proud. All he has done is to drag a once respected and admired country through the muck. China has a better view worldwide than America, and that's sad.
Suzanne, Ontario, Canada

One has to ask Iraqis: Are they better off now than they were when Saddam was in power? Shamefully not.
Mack Mobarakbad, Jackson, USA

All he offered was more of the same, and all except the most blinkered can see that's failing. He doesn't have to convince the 40% who are his true believers. He will never convince the 40% who know he's wrong. And the remaining 20% are turning away from him. It's only a question of time before the next president engineers an ignominious retreat.
Mick Verran, Boston, MA, USA

My friends are quickly dying in places like Baghdad and Mosul to satisfy what purpose?
John Moyer, Canada
I'm a USAF veteran who left the US to avoid getting sucked into another Bush misadventure. This president says he supports the military yet won't provide us the basics like flak jackets and extra ammo. My friends are quickly dying in places like Baghdad and Mosul to satisfy what purpose? I see no purpose. If Bush is truly presidential he'll admit his mistake and withdraw. Unfortunately we are talking about a man who has never admitted making any mistake as president. His speech is just one more failure to add to the list of Bush failures.
John Moyer, London, Canada

Bush took an oath to protect the American people and he's doing that. The continuing insurgency is bad news for the people of Iraq and tough on the US armed forces, but the war is being waged well away from US cities. How many of those think that people like Zarqawi would be happy to go home and stop fighting if the US left Iraq? With no war in Iraq he'd have time to plan more Madrid bombings, more attacks in Israel and fly more planes into Western cities. There's a finite number of fanatics willing to blow themselves up and while they're doing it in Iraq they're not doing it here.
Peter, Nottingham, UK

The people of Iraq need protection until stability returns
Brian, Dublin, Ireland
This is not about Bush anymore. Something has been started, and no matter if you agree with it or not, it needs to be finished. The US needs to stay the course and clean up the mess it started. To withdraw now and leave Iraq in anarchy and chaos would be the worst of crimes. If the US withdraws now it will be sending a clear message that they only acted in self interest in the first place. It may seem attractive to opponents of the war so that they can say "you see, I told you so". But there is more at stake here than politics and pride. The people of Iraq need protection until stability returns.
Brian, Dublin, Ireland

Once again President Bush makes links between the attacks on the World Trade Center and Iraq. Whatever else one can say about Saddam Hussein, he kept Islamic terrorists down with a very firm hand, now Iraq is crawling with them. Well done, Mr Bush, you have helped to create an Islamic terrorist movement in Iraq.
Charlton Marshall, London, UK

Let's face it, the decades of war going on in the Middle East and the United States boils down to one thing - crude oil. I don't think war is a good solution to any problem. Far too many innocent people are killed. Chances are that once this war is started, it will simply inflate becoming tougher to finish.
Saurabh Thakur, Bedford, UK

He says it's worth it, and if you own shares in oil companies, maybe it is. But if your kids are the ones being sent into Iraq to blow up the homes of locals and get shot at by the people who live there, it doesn't seem like such a good deal.
Jon, Guildford, UK

The fact that Mr Bush has to resort to his tired mantra of 9/11 and the false notion that there is an Al-Qaeda/Saddam connection shows his level of desperation. I suppose time will tell, but I don't think those of his flock, disaffected by the lies and death associated with the Iraq invasion, will be swayed.
Joe Teixeira, Newburyport, MA, USA

Bush got what he wanted already - a second term
Garrett, Paris, France
I do not believe that the US intelligence was not aware before the invasion of what would happen in its aftermath. I give them much more credit than that. It was simply not part of the strategy to inform the US citizens (the rest of the world was aware of the scenarios). Now the all-too- predictable roosters are coming home. Bush got what he wanted already - a second term.
Garrett, Paris, France

I think the truth of the invasion will eventually be known by a greater number of people. He and Blair have hidden agendas, but they cannot fool all the people all the time.
Dac Combellick, Kansas City, USA

Bush does not attack North Korea because he knows it has WMDs. He attacked Iraq because he knew it did not. He has made Osama bin Laden very happy - no one person has done more to create a terrorist breeding ground than George W. I fear that Americans must now reap the terror that George and his hawks have sown for many years to come.
Peter Filicietti, Bangkok, Thailand

Are we overlooking the fact that the first anniversary of the "handover of power to Iraq" has passed and we are still fighting? It's about time we lost support for a war that should never have been fought in the first place. The war in Iraq has been based on misinformation and President Bush should be ashamed, not making listless speeches about sacrifices.
Jayne, Otsego, MI, USA

Living in Chicago, my perception of the Iraq War is rather 'blue state-ish'. No one around here supported the war, and Cook County (which incorporates Chicago and its south suburbs) voted 83% for Kerry. The point: I don't think I know anyone that thinks highly of Bush, so I don't think anything that man says will be seen as more than patriotic silliness.
Conor, Chicago, USA

It's not America's war, it's Iraq's war. They're a sovereign nation now and will defeat the insurgents (eventually!). We're just there for support and advice. That was Rumsfeld's line on the Sunday talk show. No timetable for withdrawal of course.
Patricia Barry, Kansas City, MO, USA

If the war truly was a good decision, we wouldn't need to be convinced
Adam Wickliffe, Anderson

The president seems to believe that by addressing the nation from a military base that he will make those who question his strategy also begin to question their patriotism and "support for the troops." The opposite is quite true as the president has dutifully failed to convince the American public that his war was a good decision. If the war truly was a good decision, we wouldn't need to be convinced. It would be self-evident.
Adam Wickliffe, Anderson, SC, USA

George W Bush should study the speech General George Armstrong Custer gave to his troops after he led them into the Battle of the Little Bighorn. But I expect we'll get the more modern Vietnam-ization speech. If he really wants to rally support he should fire Rumsfeld.
LG Mix, Seattle, WA, USA

Bush calls the bloodshed in Iraq "Worth it". Worth what? Worth the thousands of innocent civilians killed? Worth the 1,700 US soldiers killed? Worth the absolute mockery of stability in an occupied country that was far more stable and safe under a dictator? Mr Bush how about you send your children to war, watch them die and then say "It's worth it".
Ron Burgundy, Milwaukee, USA

Bush lost my support after his 2002 State of the Union address, when he went on about Iraq's WMD threat to us. Having been in the Middle East a number of years, I knew this man was lying to the nation. Just glad to see this country is slowly coming to its senses and realizing the rubbish that is coming from this administration.
Scott Peck

If he does so, he can have the winning salute and that will tighten the future relation between US and Iraqis
Kazi Firoz, Kosice

I think GW Bush made a big mistake by invading Iraq on false information and still he is making wrong decision by showing firm type decision. He should be more diplomatic rather than war. What is the problem to let the former Baath Party work as a party in a new democratic Iraq? What is the problem to leave Iraq now handing over the power to UN or even the OIC?

If he does so, he can have the winning salute and that will tighten the future relation between US and Iraqis. Communists, secularists and al-Qaeda are now the insurgents in Iraq. If the Baath party is allowed to work as a legal party, al-Qaeda will ultimately be defeated. I think the Bush administration has a lack of knowledge in realizing facts.
Kazi Firoz, Kosice, Slovak Republic

Invading Iraq was the biggest mistake that this man has made. Unfortunately he did not go in there for Saddam or oil, he went in to satisfy Israel's desire to see Saddam gone since they perceived him as a threat. Thank God things are not going well in Iraq, as this will not make it easy to invade Iran and Syria, just what Israel was wanting.
Ghassan Al-Hardan, Tampa, FL, USA

I think he already has when he won the re-election. All the leaders who went for war got re-elected. Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Prime Minister John Howard of Australia. All these won the re-election without the support of the media.
Jacob, Austin, USA

It is far too late. Many of us on the progressive side actually now want Iraq to be a complete failure, if it will prevent more bloodshed in future US invasions. So nothing he can say except, "I'm sorry, we're putting Saddam back in power" would make me happy.
Christine, Dallas, TX

From the beginning, the war was not justified. We did not need to go to war. Bush's lack of understanding (ignorance/arrogance) of other countries and cultures contributed to his failing in Iraq - miscalculating the aftermath.
Bill Boudreau, Oklahoma City, USA

Yes. Bush is a far-reaching strategist who realizes change takes time and sacrifice. Was World War II won in a matter of months? It took years. Bush is Napoleonic in his strategies: he knows that attitude, presence and courage can win a war.
Quint, USA

Most of us (Americans) are appalled at the actions of our would-be emperor. Surely, this is America's darkest hour.
Dan S, Santa Monica, CA

Just like Japan, Germany (and all Western Europe, followed eventually by the liberation of Eastern Europe) and S. Korea, the democratic and more peaceful re-development of the countries and regions took decades. The results have been spectacular. The whole Middle East has suffered a century of mishaps and misrule but this region too can be relieved of its dictators with democratic forms of government replacing it. President Bush is a visionary but most people can't see it right now.
Janet, Edmonton, Canada

The effort to "win the peace" was grossly misjudged
Bryan Gury, Raleigh, USA

The invasion of Iraq may have been planned with the best of intentions but it seems clear that the effort to "win the peace" was grossly misjudged. We've turned what might have been a showcase for democracy in the Middle East into a breeding ground for the next generation of terrorist. Quagmire accomplished!
Bryan Gury, Raleigh, NC, USA

President Bush is beyond regaining support for anything long-term in Iraq or Afghanistan. Whether or not US citizens agreed to go into Iraq in the first place isn't important. Most US citizens want to get our troops out of Iraq as soon as possible. If Bush wants to win back some support, he will either have to talk about a quick exit plan or change the subject and talk about domestic issues, which he's been avoiding since the election.
Brandon, Stevens Point, WI, USA

He doesn't have to "rally" this American. George Bush is fighting the hard fight and making the hard choices. We had eight years of Clinton, the do nothing if it hurts my polls president. We need adult, courageous leadership and we have it in George W. And besides, we love how he absolutely infuriates the rest of you lot!
Peter C Kohler, Washington DC, USA

Mr Bush really has nothing new he can point to that will improve his support. The platitudes aren't working any longer and the Iraq elections are old news. There were no WMDs and more Americans believe he lied to us than don't. Under the circumstances he's lucky to have the support he does. Unless he plans to announce some startling changes in direction I wouldn't expect him to garner any sustained increase in support from a rehash of the same old routine we've heard for years now.
Richard M Cordaro, Cleveland, Ohio USA

I do not believe President Bush could do or say anything that would rally me to support his flailing Iraqi war. He has never provided a clear plan that would lead to success. Every step has been lacking, from leaving Iraqi boarders open, to nobody paying attention to their antiquities, to not providing troops with proper armour! The list of short sightedness is tremendous. His strategies have failed in Iraq, in addition to failing many at home! I will listen to his speech tonight but do not anticipate any substance.
Stephanie L, Miami, USA

I have not lost my one degree of my 100% support for America's military personnel everywhere! Mr Bush, did not have my vote at election time and he does not have it now. He has proven himself to be un-trustworthy, arrogant and manipulative. I want America to have a President, not a front man for the party.
Paul, Gainesville, FL, USA

No. Every day more and more Americans are seeing through the misleading statements the White House has used since 9/11 to support the invasion of Iraq. Support for the war is waning even amongst Republican politicians that originally supported it vigorously. As proof that a majority of the American public is finally starting to see through the Administrations distortions, polls show that more Americans now blame George Bush than Saddam Hussein for the situation in Iraq. Not only does this indicate that increasing numbers of Americans are fed up with Bush, but it shows that the support Bush would take for granted from his 'base' is severely crumbling.
Jeff, Baltimore, MD, USA

All Americans want to see the job done and done right
Brian Quinn, Pittsburgh
It will be a tough sell. The media is flooded with negative images and very little positive substance. Americans are tired of the fighting and people dying. However, all Americans want to see the job done and done right. If this speech is a big gloss-over without presenting a clear, actionable plan then it will be a big blow to the American mindset concerning this war and to this administration.
Brian Quinn, Pittsburgh, USA

I believe he can if he finally has a formula for victory and starts telling the truth. It's about time that he speaks frankly and honestly to the American people and the population of our allies that also have soldiers in harm's way.
Chad, Dallas, TX, USA

It seems like the US really has no "strategy" in Iraq at this time - the current mantra being "we will pull out when the Iraqi people can defend themselves". Unfortunately, not even the US army can defend the Iraqi people, so clearly there is need for a re-evaluation by the White House.
Daniel M, Philadelphia, USA

The Iraq situation is a tough one, with Iraq's innocent caught in between the barrage of force from both sides. Peace will come at a cost, even if it is Mr Bush's unpopular action in the Middle East/Near East. I trust, when power has shifted from the hands of the American troops to the Iraqis, peace and stability will rest on their shoulders rather than Bush's.
N Hackman, Philadelphia, PA

Not sure there is any evidence that Bush has made any impact on the perceived terrorist threat to the USA. What he has done is amass an enormous deficit whilst making the US less popular globally. With oil at $60 and the US SUV manufacturers being hit hard, difficult to see any economic upside. Add in North Korea rubbing salt in the wounds and Iran not following the script, not sure what he was hoping for. Did he have a strategy at all? Best he can do he appeal to the old patriotism line. Whatever you think of Americans they are amazing patriotic. Whether they will be tolerant enough when they have to pay the bill time will tell, but he's had his two terms so not really a concern I suspect.
Bruce, Calgary , Canada (ex UK)


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