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Richard Whiteley: Your tributes
Richard Whiteley
Richard Whiteley has died at the age of 61.

The Yorkshireman became a household name as the host of Countdown - the cult game show that launched Channel 4.

The presenter, known for his loud ties, self-deprecating humour and puns is believed to have clocked-up more than 10,000 appearances on television screens.

Thank you for your tributes to Richard Whiteley. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

Your tributes:

The love and respect he and Carol Vorderman had for each other was obvious on screen
Simon, Gosport, Hampshire
Like everyone else I was very saddened to hear of Richard Whiteley's death. He was a truly natural television performer whose apparent bumbling style endeared him to viewers across all age ranges. I have many happy memories of watching Countdown from the very first night of Channel 4's existence. The love and respect he and Carol Vorderman had for each other was obvious on screen and was one of the show's many strengths, and my sincere sympathies go to Carol as well as Richard's family. I do hope Channel 4 will be brave enough to continue with Countdown - I am sure Richard will relish the chance to watch it himself for a change.
Simon, Gosport, Hampshire

I can't believe how unbelievably sad I feel. I have never felt sad about the passing of a famous person other than the Queen Mother. The world will be a sadder place without him. Thoughts to Katherine and his family.
Gemma Grey, Hungerford, England

Richard was loved by so many people and will be fondly remembered for his ties, humour and cheerful manner. Our sincere condolences to Katherine, his family and the Countdown team. He will be sadly missed.
Lily Bartle/John Underhill, Chepstow, U.K.

I loved every minute of every show. My family and I are so upset and feel such a sense of loss. Condolences to all who were close to Richard especially Kathryn - you were obviously made for each other.
Stephanie Hunter, East Malling Kent

Weekday afternoons will not be the same in our house. RIP Richard.
Kristina Righart, Manchester, England

I've grown up with him on the television, through Calendar and Countdown
Celia Robinson, Durham
How sad that someone so cheerful, gentle and warm has died at such a relatively young age. I was born in Sheffield in the 70s so I feel that I've grown up with him on the television, through Calendar and Countdown. It was a real shock to hear of his death; he will be sadly missed.
Celia Robinson, Durham

Weekday afternoons will not be the same in our house. RIP Richard.
Kristina Righart, Manchester, England

A fantastic man who clearly loved his job, and a nice guy to go with it. I loved Countdown, and found Richard a joy to watch, he made my afternoons. He will be deeply, deeply missed. Thoughts to Richards family and friends at this sad time. Rest in Peace.
Emma Brooks, Caterham, Surrey

Afternoon television will be poorer for this loss. A wonderful gentleman.
Carol Kendall, Redcar Teesside

Countdown has been part of our lives for years and Richard will be sorely missed
Bob & Jill Gilbert, Nailsea, North Somerset

I remember as a young lad watching Countdowns first episode. Although I enjoyed working the maths out Richard always made the quirky humour of the show all that more watchable.
Glen Banyard, Ely, Cambridgeshire

He was much loved and valued. he will be greatly missed. what will we do without him. God Bless Richard.
Janet Allotey and Leroy Smith, Scarborough

I am sad and will miss him as much as any dear friend
Margaret Addie, Kelso, Scotland
My hubby and I have watched Countdown for years and our afternoon tea time will now never be the same again. How we will miss the jokes only Richard could tell, the jackets, the ties, the magic of the interplay with Carol and the guests in Dictionary Corner. My heart goes out to Carol in the loss of her special friend, and especially to Kathryn in the grievous and untimely loss of the love of her life. I really enjoyed it when Kathryn was a guest in the Corner: it was obvious that she loved him to bits and that they sparked each other off as a couple, so different yet so ideally suited. Gosh, I am sad and will miss him as much as any dear friend, but my feelings are as nothing compared to Kathryn and Carol. God bless you both in these coming days. Thinking of you.
Margaret Addie, Kelso, Scotland

I can't believe that Richard Whiteley is no longer with us. I remember watching him on the first episode of Countdown and on many more along the years. He never had an edge - always pleasant and courteous and with a wicked sense of humour. Our screens will be a sadder and less joyful place without him. My thoughts and prayers are with Katherine and his colleagues at Countdown - especially Carol.
Beverley Price, Nupend, Glos, UK

My Wife and I were very sorry to hear about Mr Whiteley's death. We have always enjoyed his programmes right from the start. He was a real Gentleman, not many around in this world. He will be sorely missed, best wishes from us to his partner, family and all at channel 4.
Mr & Mrs Thomas Bell, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire.

The death of this truly lovely man - a gentleman, will leave such a gap in so many people's lives. He gave us all so much enjoyment. Heaven will be a brighter place with Richard and his ties!
Josie Dyson, Shirrell Heath, Hants

If Countdown carries on it will never be the same
Andrew Marriott, Oxford
I grew up watching Richard on Calender when I lived in Mansfield. It was so sad to hear of his passing. He made you laugh and sometimes cringe with his jokes but his friendly face on Countdown brightened up your day because he always had a smile on his face. If Countdown carries on it will never be the same. Well Richard, we will miss you but you won't be forgotten. Rest in peace mate.
Andrew Marriott, Oxford

Another well loved yet under-rated Yorkshireman is taken from us. Consonant - vowel - consonant (R-I-P) Sir Richard
Adrian, Paisley, Scotland

I was absolutely addicted to Countdown and couldn't wait to see it each day. It was superb entertainment. Richard and Carol were always so natural and happy. I find it hard to believe that Richard has died so unexpectedly at such a young age. I never met him but feel so sad. I send my heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends and all those who met him.
Rosemary Cook, Hastings, England

I remember watching Countdown on the day Channel 4 started, and I watched it every afternoon when I got home from school with my Mum. It was a good show because of the game itself but a great one because of Richard Whiteley and those truly awful jokes. I still catch it when I can and will miss his humour and humanity. My Muhn passed away a few years ago but the publicity around Richard's death has brought back very happy memories.
Neil, Abingdon UK

I still can't believe it. Thank you, Richard, for all the fun and laughter you gave us. Deepest sympathy to Kathy, Carol, friends and family.
Alison, Manchester

A true gentleman, who will never be forgotten. Goodnight Mr Countdown, Let it be your epitaph. No one should take it over.
Val, Leighton Buzzard UK

Countdown will never be the same without his ties and jackets
Lisa, Glasgow
Such a lovely genuine and funny man will be sadly missed by all, Countdown will never be the same without his ties and jackets.
Lisa, Glasgow

I went to a recording of Countdown two years ago and I met Richard. Such a warm hearted gentleman He will be sadly missed. And I will miss seeing him twice daily on television! For I watched the morning show as well as the teatime show. Goodbye Richard.
Wendy Parker, Lincoln

Have there ever been more tributes from "ordinary" people following the death of a celebrity? I think that says it all about how much Richard was loved, and what a genuinely nice person he was.
Ian, Edinburgh, UK

He was a grand lad Richard, if all Tories were like him they would probably still be in power, I might even have voted for them myself. Richard Whiteley is the model that we should all aspire to emulate, so pleasant, so generous of spirit, he'll be sadly missed.
Ray Levitt, Barnsley, Yorkshire.

Awful ties and awful jokes and awful poetry one of the greatest men of modern television. There will never be a replacement to the Countdown king.
James, Westminster, London

We've watched Countdown since we arrived from Zimbabwe to live in Jersey. We've had so many happy hours and also conflicts with our grandchildren who wanted to watch CBeebies. We shall miss him and his lovely sense of humour so much. Our deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
Trevor and Margaret Hodgskin, Jersey, UK

I am late with this tribute because I have been in shock since I heard the news of Richard's death. Being 56 years old I feel I grew up with him rather than just watching him on the television. My two daughter's born in 1970 and 1977 are devastated too because like me they felt they knew him personally and there is no else I have watched that has had that effect across the generations. Very sadly missed. Goodnight and God bless
Hilary Sunderland, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

The news of Richard's death came as a terrible shock. We feel as if we have lost a member of the family.
Robert, Haslemere, England

My daughter always kissed him goodbye through the TV screen at the end of each show
The Morgan Family, North Yorkshire
'Uncle Richard' - as he was known by our young children will be sadly missed. They have grown up watching Countdown all their young lives. My daughter always kissed him goodbye through the TV screen at the end of each show. We are very lucky to live in a village close to his beloved home and regularly saw him doing his weekend shopping but sadly never had the courage to say 'hello Uncle Richard'. He was a true Yorkshireman and we will all miss him.
The Morgan family, North Yorkshire

A wonderful, wonderful man who will be sorely missed. My thoughts and sympathy goes out to Kathryn and Carol and all of the Countdown team. He was an inspiration to us all.
Liz Pond, Bournemouth, England

What more can I say than these wonderful tributes. Countdown was my "guilty" addiction which I am now proud to shout from the rooftops!
Catherine Hunter, North Yorkshire

There was such a warmth about Richard Whiteley, sadly there is not many people like him only wish there was it would be a much nicer world.
Margaret Turner, Bury, Lancashire

I feel like a part of me has died with Richard, he was a wonderful, charismatic gentleman loved and adored by millions. Channel 4 will never be the same, my thoughts also go to his partner and son but also to Carol who will be lost without him. Rest in peace.
Karen Holmes, South Yorkshire

What a dreadful shame this brilliant man will be loved and missed by all. Many can admit that he and Carol brightened up tea-time with an intellectual, mind stimulating show and down to earth sense of humour. Will be missed.
Alan Texan, Preston, Lancs

Although I never met him, I was genuinely shocked and upset when I heard the news. God takes the good young.
Rachael, Cambridge


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