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What next for Michael Jackson?
Michael Jackson arrives at court during his trial
The music icon Michael Jackson has been cleared of all 10 child abuse charges.

Mr Jackson, who has remained silent at his Neverland ranch since the verdict, was thought to be considering his next career move.

Jackson's acquittal paves the way for his lawyers to reopen a lawsuit against production company Granada over Martin Bashir's controversial ITV documentary, Living with Michael Jackson, which sparked the criminal investigation.

What should he do now in his career? What is your reaction to the verdict? What did you think of the media coverage of the trial?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Fair play to the jury - they didn't let the pressure of the case get to them and meticulously analysed all the evidence. In my view, Michael Jackson has rightfully been vindicated - he has nothing to prove to his doubters. Let him get back to doing what he loves - making top class music. The media owe him an apology as they are partly to blame by making up 'sensational stories' about him. He has been through an awful lot and we can only just imagine what he has had to endure. He is still the King of Pop.
Dharm, Birmingham, England

I am pleased with the decision, it's time to leave this man alone as he is obviously an easy target. I never believed for one moment he was guilty, but he needs now to rebuild his life and change the way he lives it.
I would like to see Michael Jackson restart his career and I will be the first to buy his work whether I like the music or not and this is done in support of this man. I wish happiness and peace to him now and in the future.
Kevin P, Bedfordshire

I like Michael Jackson as a person. He is a personification of innocent love for children. Let us keep him that way. The trial has brought untold misery to a great man. We are living in a dangerous world of political correctness.
Rkrao, Cambridge, UK

Mr Jackson should now take a long hard look at himself and his future. He should concentrate on his children and the media should now leave him along to get on with his life.
Debbie, Edinburgh, Scotland

Now the attempted destruction of MJ is thankfully over, perhaps he would be wise to surround himself with better advisors and true friends who will take better care of this venerable, kind, but naive 'man-boy'.
Deanna, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

What does this man have to do to prove he is innocent
Alan, Glasgow, Scotland
The media coverage was and still is a disgrace, what does this man have to do to prove he is innocent! He is the greatest music artist of all time and the media got it completely wrong.
Alan Anderson, Glasgow, Scotland

I am no MJ fan, I had completely forgotten about this trial until I saw the verdict on the BBC. But MJ is innocent - he's a man trapped in a dream world and child's mind. He never got a chance to grow up properly and living at Neverland doesn't exactly help as well. I would advice him to change his behaviour and concentrate on his kids and family - they need him more than all these people.
Miriam Chilongo, Lusaka, Zambia

Justice at last! I have no interest is his music or his career, but from the evidence presented, I thought from the start that he was innocent. Another case of trial by media.
Bob, Croydon, Surrey

Having just read the comment about Jackson's lack of testimony, I would just like to say that he did not have to say a thing. Innocent until proven guilty means the prosecution have the burden of proving all. Rich or poor, anyone can sit back and let their lawyer do the talking. There simply wasn't enough evidence.
Becky M, Nottingham

I never believed that MJ was guilty of the charges. What he does in his private life, compared to our lives, seems "not normal" but does not constitute guilt.
Ann , Manchester

I feel sorry for Michael Jackson in many ways, despite his money and talent he does not seem that happy. Although he has been cleared he has at least shown very poor judgement by sharing his bed with children. I do hope this episode will enable him to change and perhaps he can settle down to more 'conventional' relationships in the future or he will risk more of the same in the future.
Chris Parker, Bucks

After so much time he's been cleared, now he has many personal and financial matters to deal with, we all hope that this will not be the end but a deserved new beginning, time to leave Neverland behind and come back to reality.
Richard, Basingstoke, England

Now the show-trail is over, I trust he'll sell the Beatles catalogue to pay his legal fees and I hope he'll use this experience to write a good album and buy a huge fence. I bet he's sick of people right now.
Bob Duffy, London

Christian Tiburtius, Reading UK

I never thought that a jury in California, so obsessed with celebrity, would find him guilty
Jane, Winchester, UK
I never thought for one minute that a jury in California, so obsessed with celebrity, would find him guilty. That said, the prosecution did not prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. I think there are doubts in everyone's minds, except perhaps the blinkered fans.
Jane, Winchester, UK

This wasn't a trial about justice, it was a trial to see how much money the media could get out of Michael Jackson
Nick Foy, Liverpool, UK

He is innocent according to 12 men good and true, so that's that....however, he remains the weirdest man on the planet
Mark Duke, Dubai UAE

Justice was most certainly done! Now leave the guy alone!
Kirsty, Leeds, UK

The verdict was fair, though difficult. The very nature of the charges suggests an intent on the prosecution to get him at all cost. The media coverage was always bound to be lopsided; Michael Jackson has been the subject of negative press coverage for years.
Joseph Ovat, London

I know they say that high profile icons are always being cleared. Have they thought about how many high profile icons get accused just because they are famous and there is money to be made? How much money will the accuser see from interviews and their versions of events?
Silvana, Luton, England

Mr Geldof , Get Michael on the Live 8 Philadelphia show doing what he does best - music
John Morgan, Sidcup England

Having worked on his History Album launch. I have always been a supported and believer that he is someone special and innocent. I am so happy that he has now been freed to get on with his life.
Gary Smith, London, England

I just hope he (and everyone else) can put all this behind him and now concentrate on what he does best - Music.
Soong, Brighton, England

I just wonder how much money will be made after this circus?. And when will there be a movie made?
B, Kent

I am not a fan of Jackson's music but the trial was fair. I have to say I have no time for those of you who are condemning him. You have no more idea if he is really innocent or guilty than I do so shame on you for trying to play God, if it was a relation of yours would you be so quick to judgement.
Martin, Dublin, Ireland

The suing tendency in United States is ridiculed by the world
Shanthi T Adiyat, Qatar
I hope justice took place here. I also hope some one is accountable for the cost involved to the State and public. The suing tendency in United States is ridiculed by the world. If it was suing for the benefit of extracting money, then Arvizo family needs punishing. In the meanwhile I hope social service makes sure Jackson gets the best mental care possible.
Shanthi T Adiyat, Qatar

As mentioned above only a few people really know if the verdict was right or wrong. The lawyers on both sides being the only winners! Also extremely worrying was the crowds outside, people who had left their families, jobs some to travel from half way around the world. The majority appeared to be middle aged, how empty and sad are their lives. In the grand scheme of things M. Jackson is/was a pop star. He hasn't discovered a cure for a fatal illness or a plan to end starvation in the third world.
Anne, Edinburgh

I am glad it is over and perhaps we can start watching some real news on BBC rather than this nonsense.
Amir, Doha, Qatar

I am glad they found Michael not guilty. I don't know if he did or did not do what they said he did, but a jury decided in his favour, and I am happy for him, he has always been an idol for all the youngsters, and now he still will be.
Paolo Tresoldi, Doha, Qatar

Of course he was found "Not Guilty." He's a multi-millionaire.
James Gallagher,

Justice I feel was not entirely served
Shree Waghorn, Kent
It is not surprising he has got off, yet there was some damning evidence against him. Justice I feel was not entirely served.
Shree Waghorn, Kent

I wonder what the verdict would have been if the jury had the option of 'not proven' available to them?
Kevin W, Reading, UK

I understood the charges; I understood Michael Jackson. He was raised well, despite his fame which would cripple most of us. Justice has prevailed. Let Michael go on to do what he does best, wonderful music and adventure to you and me through his creative mind. May God Bless the artist in all of us.
Elmer Maki, Garden City, Michigan

The question - why Jordan Chandler received an out of court settlement and then declined to testify in court - remains.
Andy, Bolton, UK

Well done, Jacko. But you need to learn the lessons from this trial and change the way you live your life. And a decent, new album wouldn't go amiss either.
Andrew Bloomfield, Crewe

Based upon the evidence, or lack of it, that the public has heard, the only reasonable verdict for the jury was 'Not Guilty'. However, I still would not leave my son alone with him in Neverland!
Alan, Basingstoke, UK

The emotional torment and pressure while going through this sort of thing is unimaginable
As someone who's also been tried and cleared of Child Abuse I feel so relieved for Mr Jackson. The emotional torment and pressure while going through this sort of thing is unimaginable. The media and public show no compassion or forgiveness. With this accusation (of child abuse) you are definitely guilty until proven innocent. Thank God I wasn't in the public eye. I should think Mr Jackson will now need a long period of healing himself. God bless you, Mr Jackson.

From the start I knew they would not convict, beyond reasonable doubt is not exactly the simplest of things for any prosecution to show, the jury chose to err on the side of caution. You cannot put a man away for life based on flimsy evidence made worse by the fact that the plaintiffs are serial liars who have perjured themselves in the past. Only Jackson truly knows if he is innocent or not. Long live to American justice though.
Peter Nkhoma, UK

This trial has surely proven to Michael Jackson that his way of life is more trouble than it is worth. If he has been the victim of gold diggers, then he should stop making himself vulnerable and change the way he lives. If he carries on his weird behaviour towards children then he clearly isn't in control of that part of his personality, in which case he has a serious problem. Time to prove you can behave normally with children, Michael.
Emma, Netherlands, (Ex UK)

Being found "not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" is not the same as being found innocent.
David Wood, Maccesfield, England

If only journalists could be made to pay for the way they destroy other people's lives
Paul, Hereford
Let's remember where this started - Martin Bashir, gained Mr Jackson's confidence and then spun an interview to betray him. If only journalists could be made to pay for the way they destroy other people's lives the world would be a far better place, and we might have some real news coverage again than the 90% propaganda we have now.
Paul, Hereford

If public opinion has passed judgement on MJ, it is difficult for the juries to decide otherwise. Sneddon is a righteous man. He was just doing his job.
Murzali Ali, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bravo American Justice System! This is clearly a victory for an individual's right to live life on his or her own terms. Just because Michael's lifestyle appeared weird and 'whacky' to some stuck-in-the-mud, conservative extremists like Tom Sneddon, their hate-induced campaign of targeting MJ with malicious and baseless prosecution could never have been justified.
Anand Kapoor, New Delhi - India

The cult of celebrity reached an all time low that night
Keith Hall, Ryton, England
The cult of celebrity reached an all time low that night as TV 'News' stations decided that the verdicts warranted a live broadcast to the viewing nation. Whilst the need to investigate such charges is absolutely necessary , and also to publish the verdicts, I can't help but feel that TV Stations are fostering this cult and in doing so acting irresponsibly. That some of the cameras focused on a woman who thought it necessary to release a white dove each time one of the verdicts was announced is mind boggling, not only because her actions were meaningless, but because it seemed to suggest that this was a rational act by a rational person.
Keith Hall, Ryton, England

Justice is done. The 15 year old and his family and Sneddon should pay back the costs of the trail and then there will be true justice. Michael should now be left alone to do what he does best write music and perform.
Sharran North, Galatas, Greece

It's about time the witch hunt of Michael Jackson is abandoned. He's clearly not guilty, foolish yes, but definitely not guilty.
Shaku, Melbourne, Australia

Michael I have always believed that your conduct was unparallel, and your intentions very good. May God richly bless you brother.
Sosten Musiniwa, Harare, Zimbabwe

I agree with the comments that say that evidence was not strong enough to convict Michael Jackson. However, I am of the opinion that there is no smoke without a fire, and there has been a lot of smoke over the past years.
John, Geneva, Switzerland

Justice is served Michael. I wish you all the best in going on with your life that has been traumatized by this.
Firdaus, Singapore

His fairy land world is finished
Dave Gale, Chepstow
Jackson may have come free from court, but he has lost a lot more in the real world. His fairy land world is finished.
Dave Gale, Chepstow, Monmouthshire


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