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Which city deserves the Olympics?
London 2012 handout photo of Dame Kelly Holmes showing her support for London 2012's Olympic Bid
Which city do you think should host the 2012 Olympics?

London, Madrid, Paris, New York and Moscow have been told how their 2012 Olympic bids are coming along in a key inspection report.

It does not directly rank the bids, but the findings will guide the 117 IOC members when they choose the host city in Singapore on 6 July, as strict bidding rules prevent them from visiting the cities themselves.

Which city do you expect to win the 2012 Olympics and why? What does your favourite have that the others don't? Send us your comments.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Now Athens has the facilities and has always been the spiritual home, the games should surely return there every four years
Nigel, Redhill, UK
As an aspiring Olympic hopeful a few years back, I would have been really disappointed to have had my probably only chance at it take place in wet, miserable, overcrowded old London. Now Athens has the facilities and has always been the spiritual home, the games should surely return there every four years, rather than impose this huge financial burden on a different country each year. I have never understood; if you have the facilities, why build them all over again?
Nigel, Redhill, UK

The money (taxpayers' money, by the way) that New York is spending to accommodate the 2012 Olympics would be better spent on housing and education. Let Paris, London, or Moscow have it.
Anthony Miller, New York, USA

I think Paris should have it. They actually have integrated public transport so might be able to handle it. They'd end up having to delay events because of a leaf on the Olympic track, or a signal failure etc. Vive la France et al.
Chris Mullan, London, UK

If London doesn't get the bid will the east end remain an eyesore?
Paul Doherty, Leicestershire, UK

In 1948, as a favour to the Olympic Committee, we staged the Games even though our country was bankrupt and exhausted. The Olympic Committee has not repaid that favour yet. It owes us massively. Will it have the moral courage to grant us our long overdue repayment?
Colin, London

Having watched Liverpool recently win a game which didn't kick off until 10pm and ended with fireworks at 1am (imagine the rules and regulations that would stop that here) and then at 1am the fans set off to celebrate I can't help wondering why it should be held in a country where the bars shut at 11pm. That will look great, all these visitors leaving events and being told that it's last orders and haven't you got a home to go to? Contrast it to places like Barcelona, Madrid, Paris etc where they are living in a 24 hour culture and not a 12 hour one.
Derek, Scarborough, UK

The US, Russia and Spain have all had the games in fairly recent times so perhaps it's time for London or Paris
Andy Davies, Glos, UK

I vote for Moscow. It seems like a city that could use an 'injection of enthusiasm' to the spirit and the economy.
Timothy Spruill, New Hampshire, USA

What's the matter with you miserable lot? London deserves to host the Olympics. I mean about 2 million people are behind the bid months before they reached the target. We can transform this city to become of one of the most attractive cities in the world. We have a superb plan for transport and the facilities are just great and everyone will benefit from them including children. We will be showing how much we really love sport and the Olympics. I back the bid and I'm proud. I'm 16 and I've never seen the Olympics in my city and if we did it would be the greatest sports event I've ever seen and it would be great for the children who can't afford to see the Olympics, at least they'll have the atmosphere around them to enjoy. It will also be great for tourism. Come on London!
Tameena Hussain, Berkshire

The Olympics would be a disaster and an embarrassment for London
Ian, London
Wasn't Montreal bankrupted by the expense of holding the games? Does anyone believe that the parties responsible can build a new tube line in seven years? The Olympics would be a disaster and an embarrassment for London.
Ian, London

Madrid should win it. The other four cities are grey, cold and drab.
Gareth, York, UK

A great idea, education is in a mess, crime is rife, and we are in an unnecessary war with no end in sight, along with a whole host of other problems. What better time to pump yet more public money into London for the Olympics.
Oliver, Bingley, West Yorkshire, UK

I think we should be concentrating in getting our schools, hospitals and public services in order first, and not wasting hard earned tax payers money in silly games...
Ash Patel, London

I would recommend against choosing New York: the subway system is totally antiquated (compared to London or Paris) and would not be able to handle an Olympic event.
Sylvain, New York, NY, USA

I would love London to host the Olympics. It would confirm its identity as a great and truly international city. Unfortunately, but maybe in true British fashion, compared to Paris, Madrid and New York, the whole issue appears to be underplayed here. London should organise more events that show that the people here really are backing the bid and will do everything to make the 2012 edition the best games ever.
Ed Karten, London, England

Please not New York! They want to do it in Manhattan and this island is way too small and crowded with a very old infrastructure as it is. We're struggling just to survive and they want to spend taxpayer billions on a stadium complex when the schools are doing without the very basics and cops, firefighters, teachers and other valuable public servants can barely make it on what they are paid. Let Paris have it, and spend the $6bn they want to spend on the stadium where it will really serve the public interest.
Evelyn, New York, New York

No one in their right senses would think our summer weather was appropriate for outdoor games
Pleasance, New York City
As a New Yorker I say please let it be anywhere but here. I hope the judges come to New York in the summer and feel our oppressive heat; high 90s with humidity to match. No one in their right senses would think our summer weather was appropriate for outdoor games.
Pleasance, New York City

London just can't cope with the influx of people on its creaking transport infrastructure, not to mention the inevitable price hike all over by greedy business owners that won't go back down after the event. London just doesn't deserve it.
Joseph, UK

Moscow deserves to win the 2012 Olympics. Moscow has some of the toughest athletes in the world. I was born in Moscow, too. If Moscow doesn't win then I hope that Madrid wins (only because I am learning Spanish).
Michael Chernyavskiy, USA, KY

Get real. Paris is a lock. This is all about America-bashing (as most international forums are nowadays) and Paris is the gold medallist at that sport.
Jack Kross, USA

London! England would make a great host, as we have loads to offer. It would be a great boost to our tourism and global image and an even better opportunity to demonstrate our spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.
Kiran, UK, Bristol, UK

Of this list, really it is no contest. The greatest city in the world, New York. Of course.
Jason, Detroit, USA

The games would help launch us forward and get a bit of pride back
Drew, Glos, UK
Being in the tourism industry, and being a citizen of the UK, I would very much like to see London get it for the revenues it could bring, and the memories and legacies it would leave, not to mention it would very likely put work my way. However, the greatest thrill for me if it comes to London is that it would be one in the face for all the naysayers, whingers and doom merchants in this country - one activity in which we have unfortunately already won the gold! These are the people that are holding the country back and the first to complain about it. The games would help launch us forward and get a bit of pride back. London 2012 - Back the bid!
Drew, Glos, UK

I'd like Paris to get it. We could go for the day and not have to put up with the extra congestion. Everyone would be a winner.
Mark, London

I hope London does not get it as every other part of the UK will lose out as the money is channelled to London for sport.
George Mackenzie, Dundee, Scotland

Based on current European economic trends, France will be in some considerable difficulties by 2012, struggling with a public debt crisis, an ageing workforce and poor international competitiveness. On this basis, those who urge allocating the Games to a city in the developing world as a badly needed boost to investment are right. Paris is the one!
David, UK (currently Netherlands)

The UK and London are just too congested! Paris has shown it can handle big events with style...they should get it!
Len Williams, Brighton

My humble opinion would be to give it to Moscow or secondly London. We should strive to allow a country that has not had an opportunity lately to be the host nation. Also, I do not think New York is ready for the games when it still has a lot of work involving the World Trade Centre rebuilding.
Paul, Gainesville, FL, USA

I am going for Moscow. We need to give the Russians a boost and I think this would do it. Moscow is beautiful and would be a better fit for the Olympics than Paris. New York is already a pain to get anywhere the Olympics would make it impossible.
Rev. Ballard, Vancouver, USA

Anywhere but Paris
Brian, Kansas City, USA
Anywhere but Paris. I plan on attending, and I don't want to subjected to daily transit/hotel/taxi strikes.
Brian, Kansas City, USA

Anywhere but NYC - it would be a nightmare for all the people living there. Plus the new stadium is a cash cow.
Mike Daly, Miami, FL - USA

You can be patriotic and support London's bid all you like, and so you should. But London is deluded if it thinks it can handle the games- the transport infrastructure alone is a disgrace - people can't even get to work let alone the pressure in hosting transport to and from such a major sporting event with so many hundreds of thousands of visitors. Even if the infrastructure was upgraded it wouldn't be enough in time. Get real.
Lisa, London UK

In my view it is Madrid that be given the right to host the Olympics! Sunny and wonderful, the people are great, just the perfect place!
Miriam, Madrid, Spain

I believe Paris would be the best choice but wouldn't mind seeing Moscow host the games given that the city's last attempt was somewhat lessened by cold war boycotts.
Jim, NJ, USA

Our council tax bills would take the pressure
Cat, London
Not London! The city's transport infrastructure can't even cope with getting people to work every morning, let alone hosting such a big event. And of course our council tax bills would take the pressure...
Cat, London

Anywhere except where I live is fine by me.
Gary Chiles, Wellington, New Zealand

With all the Anti-Americanism going on around the world it is doubtful that New York would get it especially since all the other candidate cities are in Europe. London or Paris are both fine choices.

If London does win get the 2012 games what chance do we have of actually staging them. Just look at the Wembley saga which now appears to be behind schedule and over budget. And do you remember the Dome? Personally I really don't care who gets them as long as I'm not expected to pick up the tab.
Mike, Eastleigh, England

Security is the key issue nowadays, and in that regard, London is not ready!
ASDR, Mississauga, Canada

As a Brit living in the US, of course I'd like to see it happen in London, but let's get away from the financial side of running the Olympics and how everyone wants to host it so they can make some money - let's return to basics and keep in Athens...after all it was their idea!
Tony Ambler, Austin, TX, USA

As a public school teacher in the city of New York, it is disgraceful to see that the city government would rather spend billions on an event that will most likely not bring in a profit. Any and all funds going towards the Olympic bid (and, heaven forbid, the Games) would be better spent on education, low- and middle-income housing, and reinforcing the city's aging infrastructure.
Kristin, New York, NY, USA

Any city but New York. I have my fingers crossed that NY does not win.
Karen Ladson, New York, USA

Any city but Paris!
Jean Kaszacs, Paris

Any city but Paris! The unemployment rate in 2012 will probably grow to more than 15% given the lack of economic reform here, and you can imagine how many strikes that will lead to!
Jean Kaszacs, Paris, France

Madrid! It's a great city with great transport, facilities and people. Let's go for tapas and a beer. Cheers!
Sara, Madrid, Spain

New York, for one it's the capital of the world and secondly as NYC represents world unity - the UN is located here. After all isn't that what the games are really for?
Christopher Brescio, New York, USA

Moscow as I think it will boost the economy of Russia.
Lulama, Moscow, Russia

London should win it of course but it won't with such typical negative attitudes that I have read already from the gloom merchants. Cheer up you miserable sods, get behind your capital and be a little more patriotic and cheerful.
Luca, London, UK

New York all the way
Henry Albertson, Chambersburg

New York all the way. The city is making great strives, such as building new sport facilities and subway lines. It is also adding hotel space and reconfiguring traffic. If it is this dedicated before it wins, what will it be like after it wins? If you don't give it to New York, give it to anyone but Moscow. I don't like the idea of a man who won't let his people vote for their regional governors have the Olympics in his capital city.
Henry Albertson, Chambersburg, PA, USA

London deserves it. It has as much to offer as any other city that has hosted the games and when nobody else wanted the Olympics it was London that stepped in and kept the Olympic dream going. Don't believe all you read - there are plenty of people who want the games in London.
Sue Rowland, London

Any Englishman with an ounce of pride in their country, or the slightest interest in sport must surely support London!
John, England

As a New Yorker, I can tell you that there is zero interest in hosting the 2012 Olympics here. From what I gather, Parisians want the games more than anyone else, so let them play host.
Steve S, New York, USA

I want to see the Olympics come to London, it would regenerate East London and it would give Londoners everywhere a story to tell to their grandchildren in the future. It will come at a price though as small business will be destroyed if London does get it. But if London does get the 2012 Olympics, the French will say it was a great victory for Europe, just like they did when England won the Rugby World Cup two years ago!
Dean, London

It has to be London. Although the residents of London will have to pay for it out of their council tax for the next ten years.
Paul Collier, London, UK

It amazes me that London is even bothering to bid. Paris should get it
William, London

Certainly not London. The government will try to do everything on the cheap, the transport infrastructure won't be able to cope, in terms of the way we run the thing, it will be tacky and tawdry, in fact, it amazes me that London is even bothering to bid. Paris should get it.
William, London

I have witnessed first hand how Olympic Games that are well organised can transform a city for better. For this reason, I don't believe that any of the candidate cities (except perhaps Moscow) deserve the Games. They have all hosted the Olympic Games already and do not need the investment the Games will bring. The Olympic Games should be used to boost up and coming cities in the developing world, such as Rio de Janeiro.
Edward, Barcelona

On a recent visit to Paris it was impossible to miss the banners and signs that adorn most public buildings. The events on the Champs Elysee this weekend summed up the real enthusiasm and marketing savvy that the Parisian bid team have. In London it's very easy to miss the fact that we are a candidate city. I think this visible support will mean a lot to the IOC. This coupled with the obvious advantages that Paris has in terms of infrastructure makes Paris the obvious choice, if not the one we're looking for.
Anon, London, UK

Athens and stop wasting money
Mike, London, UK

As long as I'm not paying for it then I don't really care, so anywhere other than London basically!
Neil, London, UK

Being one of the fattest nations in Europe, the London Olympics will perhaps inspire us to get off our overfed backsides and get out to use the new facilities which will become available afterwards. The government should organise more get active programmes to get everyone involved nationwide, not just Londoners. If Anglesey gets the Island games in 2009 we could start the ball rolling!
W Jones, Menai Bridge, North Wales

Madrid deserves to organise the 2012 Olympics.
Manuel Alvarez, Madrid, Spain

London is a great city, despite all its problems. I think its people have the ability, skills and expertise to accommodate a successful Olympics and make all of us proud.
M Salhab, London, UK

If it's held in Paris it'll probably be cheaper for us to get to than if it's held in London.
Griff, Cardiff, Wales

We would win hands down if the vote was based on the number of miserable wingers
Anthony, London, UK

London. No doubt. We would win hands down if the vote was based on the number of miserable wingers. This is the one chance we have to actually improve our transport facilities, our infrastructure, etc. Go London!
Anthony, London, UK

London technically has the best bid, with improvements to transport and a legacy that will benefit generations. However, the emotional factor of Paris losing two previous bids will play into the IOC hands, even though their bid is not as inspiring or far-reaching as London's.
Darren, London

It should be an honour to host this event on the basis of the best bid
Howard, London

I don't think any city deserves the Olympics. It should be an honour to host this event on the basis of the best bid. I think London and Paris are the front runners, but that hasn't stopped the committee making some odd decisions before! Madrid are an outside bet, I can't see New York or Moscow being chosen.
Howard, London, UK

I hope Madrid gets it. It is far better than holding it in boring old London.
Ryan, Londonderry, N Ireland

Let's hope it's not London as we will not hear the last of it for the next seven years. As far as I am concerned it can be anywhere else.
Adrian Cannon, Edinburgh, Scotland

As a Scotsman living in Paris and after seeing Paris's contribution along the Champes Elyees yesterday and London's bit of waste ground, still with all the weeds, there is absolutely no contest. Paris is a 100 years ahead in every respect. London - eat your heart out.
Coineach Watson, Paris

The message to the people of East London is clear. If we get the Olympic Games, then you can have nice tubes and sports facilities, or rather you can have them after a few thousand athletes have used them. If we don't get the Games, you can get lost.
Simon, Watford, England

I think London will receive a major and well needed boost in sport and tourism if it does win the Olympic bid. It deserves it just as much as the next city.
Ross, UK

Since Athens now have modern facilities they should be hosting the games forever, at the end of the day it was the Greeks who invented the games. However since unfortunately this is not going to be the case Moscow should host the games. The Russians have the money, space and can prove they can organize events like this, anyone remember the 1980 games?
Richard, London, UK

Paris! It will be the kiss of death for London if it wins this. Massive debt for years, the new sports facilities will not be widely available to ordinary citizens after the Olympics are finished and the disruption will be a hard burden to bear for residents and existing businesses in the years of preparation. I hope Paris wins as most of the "successful" cities in recent years have found being host to the Olympics to be a massive "white elephant". London has enough problems as it is.
Steve Foley, Reading

It's not so much who deserves it as who wants it, and it looks to me as if Paris actually wants it.
Christian Tiburtius, Reading, UK

I don't care who wins it, as long as it isn't London.
Stephen Stumbke, Walthamstow, England

I don't suppose that there would be much support for our smallest city, St Davids in Pembrokeshire to host the games? Anyone?
Matthew Gordon-Jones, Taliesin, Machynlleth

I think New York should be awarded the Olympics in 2012. The people of New York have had a hard time of late, and need something to look forward to.
Brian Pardew, Birmingham UK


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