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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 May, 2005, 11:03 GMT 12:03 UK
What should be in the Queen's Speech?
The government will reveal its priorities for the next session of parliament in the Queen's Speech on Tuesday.

Crime, welfare and public service reform are high on the agenda along with key policy papers on council tax, pensions as well as nuclear power.

Several bills will return to the Commons for consideration including the proposal to introduce identity cards

The government will also reveal plans to tackle issues such as immigration, MRSA and anti-social behaviour.

What would you like to see included in the Queen's Speech?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

I'd love to see less lip-service to limit CO2 emissions, and some real action, such as serious investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transport. With real political will, they it can supply most of our energy needs. Fossil fuels are just that - old, outdated means of energy supply. New technology can easily replace them.
Fred Smith, London

Reform of the voting system
Alex Davies, Exeter
Reform of the voting system in this country, from our current one, to proportional representation. If a party gets 20% of the votes, it gets 20% of the seats, you can't say fairer than that.
Alex Davies, Exeter

I'd like to see Parliament pass a bill that finally allows for indexed pensions for all Commonwealth countries including Canada.
Alastair, Victoria,BC Canada

"My government will leave the EU" would be very nice!
Chris B, Doncaster, England

I would like to see legislation barring Scottish and Welsh MPs from voting on English matters in the Commons. This would stop the government railroading unpopular controversial Bills through Parliament
Steve, Lancashire, UK

I believe the Lords Reform Bill is a brilliant idea. I also think the Identity Cards bill and the bills to combat MRSA are good news. Even though some bills are to the right I believe Labour is taking a step to the Left. I would prefer them to abolish the Monarchy though.
Ben Whisker , Wakefield, UK

Nationalise all of the utility and transport companies, give pension fund back full tax free status. Introduce a life time driving ban on third offences.
R Cowlard, Warwickshire

Increased pensions, so that the UK pension is amongst the top pension in Europe not amongst the lowest.
Melvyn Wilson, Doha

I can not see how Mr Blair has the mandate to do anything with only a 61.3% turnout and Labour only getting 35.2% of that turnout. The smallest share of the vote of any winning party since at least 1951.
Mark Rimmell, Twickenham

Pomp and pageantry rubbish. A puppet speech that holds no meaning in this day and age. It does not matter what is in the Queens speech - in my view, governments mislead the population throughout their term. Manifesto promises are broken and u-turns are made on policy. A manifesto should be a contract, break it and suffer the consequences.
Neil, Currently working in India

A real commitment to nuclear power
Pete, Liverpool, UK
I'd love to see less pandering to eco-box ticking renewable energy and a real commitment to nuclear power. Fund it properly and it can be made safe. Starve it and when the fossil fuels run out we'll be falling back on outdated technology.
Pete, Liverpool, UK

Restore full tax relief on pension fund investment income as part of concerted strategy to fix the pension problem. Raise significantly the inheritance tax threshold to exclude the majority of ordinary people.
Simon Prendiville, Bradley Stoke, England

How about a bill limiting the Prime Minister to a maximum of two Parliamentary electoral terms?
Chris Wain, Salisbury, England

The health system, especially the state of the hospitals, lowering of council tax, controlling crime, especially among the youth as well as the education system are areas that I think need highlighting, and some serious reform made to.
May, Liverpool

How about reform of the electoral system. Democratisation of the House of Lords. Oh, and her abdication too.
Tom, Falkirk, Scotland

How about we let the Queen write her own speech for a change?
Gareth, London, UK

Three key issues. Improved funding, debt reduction and support for the Third World. More investment in transport and infrastructure to help the environment. Improved pensions for the elderly which are not means tested.
Kenny, Wallington, England

A serious and structured approach to the problem of global warming
Anna, Abingdon, Oxfordshire
How about a clear concern for environmental issues which were shamefully side-lined in the election campaign? A serious and structured approach to the problem of global warming, such as workable and practical reforms of (for example) the public transport system and waste disposal should be of primary concern.
Anna, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

How about the right to choose between special school or mainstream provision for parents of children with special educational needs? With so many special schools closing across the country (usually against the wishes of parents, teachers and therapists) the choice is effectively removed. Since you need a statement to attend special schools, statements are harder to get, so the 'demand' for special school reduces, so more close. Without a statement, there is no legal case to answer.
Nicola, Kent, UK

I could go on for pages, but three immediate practical measures: 1) Free nursing and personal care for all elderly people in need, no means testing. 2) Allow asylum seekers to work legally (and pay tax). 3) Allow councils to invest in council housing without having to go through stock transfer.
Ben Drake, York, UK

Get the traffic moving on the roads
Brian W, Chelmsford, UK
Get rid of speed cameras and parking wardens and get the traffic moving on the roads. Cap council tax rises to the rate of inflation minus 1%.
Brian W, Chelmsford, UK

New restrictions on banks and loan companies who offer loans to customers clearly unable to repay them and to increase the time that people can cancel loan agreements. This would help many people already struggling with high levels of domestic debt.
Ron Harley, London, UK

How about more police, cleaner hospitals, lower taxes, school discipline and controlled immigration?
Jonathan, UK

How about a law that says all politicians must answer a straight question with a straight answer?
Peter Watkin, Milton Keynes, England

Abandon plans for ID cards. Oppressive and ineffective.
Andrew, London

I would like to see her personally hand out Asbos to the rest of the Royal Family.

How about plans to solve the housing shortage? If we don't do something about the problem of house prices, we will have an entire generation of homeless people soon.
Graeme Phillips, Guildford, UK

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